Don McNay in Editor & Publisher Again

For the second time in a week Don McNay is in Editor & Publisher.

Here’s an excerpt:

NEW YORK – Syndicated financial columnist Don McNay is continuing to write and comment about America’s financial crisis.

Yesterday, for instance, he taped a segment with WTVQ-TV in Lexington, Ky. And this morning, McNay was scheduled to appear on 1190 KEX News Radio in Portland, Ore.

In his most recent column on the financial crisis, McNay wrote: “The leadership styles of President Bush and Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson have contributed to the problem. Great presidents reassure the country in times of crisis. Look at Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.


Don is becoming a regular financial expert out there in the real world. Pretty fancy for a Kentuckian.

Special to Page One from the Attorney General

The following column is special to Page One from Attorney General Jack Conway.

Let me first say that it has been heartening to see communities across Kentucky pull together to help those in need following the devastating windstorm that swept across our state on September 14. Families were put to the test with damaged homes, loss of power and in some cases, the loss of life. As Kentuckians so often do when faced with adversity, we responded with kindness, compassion and concern for our neighbors.

Before the windstorm hit Kentucky and before Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas, I formally requested that Governor Steve Beshear declare a state of emergency and implement the price gouging protections of Kentucky’s Consumer Protection Act after receiving numerous reports of price gouging and rationing across the state on September 12. I felt it was important to get these protections in place as soon as possible to not only protect consumers but to put wholesalers and retailers on notice that we will not tolerate excessive profit taking as a result of this emergency. We even set up a special email,, for consumers to report possible price gouging. In fact, our office received more than 2,000 emails and phone calls. Please be assured, we took this information seriously and responded quickly.

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Wednesday Update Dept of Man, What a Week!

What happens when you live in Pineville and you and your dad get charged with buying votes in an election? You testify against your pops, of course. Meanwhile, this happens every day in all 120 counties in Kentucky. It’s what we call political reality here in the beautiful Commonwealth. [H-L]

Governor Steve Beshear’s E-Transparency Task Force will meet tomorrow, October 2 at 10:00 A.M. Members of the public are encouraged to attend for the public unveiling of Kentucky’s Open Door website, which will be officially launched in January 2009. The task force’s preliminary results will be unveiled on the state’s website on October 6. [Press Release]

Fancy pants Don McNay was featured in Editor & Publisher! Check it out. Dave Astor wrote a column about the financial meltdown and Don was the big dog in the story. Nice shout-out for Don. [Editor & Publisher]

In the spirit of all this crap that’s going down with the University of Louisville. Take a look at this story of a public employee protected by the First Amendment for speaking out against what they perceived to be wrongdoing. UofL should take notice. [Law Professors]

Also, have you seen the cover of the latest New Yorker? Haha, we almost peed. It’s a watercolor of Sarah Palin, America’s most esteemed and fancy governor, lookin out her winder with some binoculars at the foreign land of USSR Russia or whatever. Aww, poor Sarah. [The New Yorker]

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Tuesday. Economy Dead. UofL Still In Turmoil.

Why did Congressman John Yarmuth (D-Not getting drunk at the neighborhood restaurant or country club and driving his car home every evening) vote the way he did on the financial bailout package? Find out here. He explains it all. From Henry Paulson sucking really hard to government needing to act. [C-J]

McConnell is the political arsonist who has set the U.S. ablaze; now let’s watch him burn in his own inferno. Matt Gunterman always knows how to mop the floor with Mitch McConnell when he’s feeling down and out. SNAP! [Ditch Mitch]

In Memory of Heidi Caravan. We’re pretty depressed over the news that Heidi Caravan lost her battle with cancer yesterday. Hits really close to home. We all loved Heidi a great deal. Bless her. [The ‘Ville Voice ]

Hahaha. Put your beverage down. Sarah Palin, during her interview with Katie Couric, was asked about supreme court cases. The only case she could name was Roe v. Wade. Then she went silent. Didn’t even try to spin. How hilarious is this? God. We can’t wait for her to debate Joe Biden. [Huffington Post via Joe]

Another way to curb state vehicle abuse. About half of state government vehicles in Kentucky will now have “How’s My Driving?” bumper stickers. In addition to installing GPS equipment on many vehicles, this is a great move. Holding drivers of state vehicles accountable is the right thing to do. [Mark Hebert]

Leland Conway: Get your facts straight, buddy. Lying doesn’t cut it. And you’re definitely lying. Fact of the matter is we know Kentucky Democrats ARE racist because THEY ADMITTED THEY VOTED ON THE BASIS OF RACE. 21% of those who agreed to be exit-polled during the May primary admitted it. Don’t lie and say there’s no proof. You’re not Brett Hall, so don’t act like it. [F-Bomb’s B.S. Site]

Meanwhile, Republicans paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky are spinning out of control. Trying to blame the financial crisis on everyone from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi. Some day reality will hit pretty hard for these folks when everything they’ve got disappears and they realize they’ve been supporting a sham. [This, This, This, This, This and This]

Geoff Davis Does the Right Thing

Kudos to Rep. Geoff Davis and others who voted against this crazy economic bailout. He’s correct– it’s not the responsibility of taxpayers to bail Wall Street out.

Congressman Davis stated, “This bill did not adequately protect taxpayers in Kentucky and across the nation. It is not the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for mistakes made on Wall Street. While the legislation that was considered in the House today was an improvement over the unacceptable three-page proposal offered by Secretary Paulson, it still would have given the Treasury Department unprecedented authority to intervene in the private markets.


Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Does Damage Control

God. These bitches are insufferable self-haters. Living in the wealthy east end of Louisville apparently makes it okay to self-hate and make shit up. It’s hilarious to watch then spin out of control about how cervical cancer “is not a woman’s issue.” The scary women! The scary trial lawyers! Oh my! [EITB]

Wondering how that Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll was conducted? The C-J published an FAQ of sorts. Pay close attention to the hilarious last sentence, Republishing or broadcasting the poll’s results without credit to The Courier-Journal is prohibited. Like the C-J would EVER credit any other publication for any reason. Haha. [C-J]

The Wall Street bailout helps Jim Bunning but hurts Mitch McConnell. And as a result all McConnell and his henchmen can do is complain about how terrible and awful and mean and awful and mean and terrible Bruce Lunsford is. Did you know he eats babies? And old people. [H-L]

“Dr” Ted is still as crazy as ever. Don’t you love how he perpetuates the Bruce Lunsford memes? He probably can’t even tell you what happened with Vencor. Nothing was Bruce’s fault, which is why McConnell hasn’t run ads about it (despite his wife sitting on the board). It’s laughable that anyone would be pushing such drivel. [The Bridge]

What was that about clean coal the other day? You folks were telling me how awesome it is and how it’s already changing the world. Never mind that it doesn’t exist. And. Oh. How clean coal is like healthy cigarettes. What Al Gore says. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Like Hebert says, JAMAKAIN!!!!’s lead over Barry O is shrinking. Slowly but surely. He’ll still win but it won’t be a super-tight race. McCain led Obama by 19 not long ago. Now he’s only leading by 12, according to the latest Bluegrass poll. [Mark Hebert]

In case you’ve forgotten or missed it: University of Louisville’s administration is retaliating against individuals perceived to be critical of anything happening at the University. Students, faculty and staff are being threatened with their jobs ad their education because they’re merely suspected of having spoken with us or reporters. Not exactly a great way to handle the problem, Ramsey & Willihnganz! [The Latest UofL Scandal]