Wednesday Updates. Clinton Fever Breaks.

C.J. Parrish, in a letter to the C-J, shakes blowhard legislators to their core by shedding light on the reality that it, you know, actually takes a man to create a baby… so men should be held responsible. That sound you hear is the tiny lipstick mafia (nod to the former Bitch Caucus) in Frankfort cheering as people like Jody Richards cower in fear. [C-J]

Speaking of blowhards. If you missed the comment wars on Page One last night, don’t forget to check both of them out today. Hilarious. Absolute hilarity. Did you know we went into Iraq to kill Saddam, not to allegedly go after al Qaeda? That’s the new talking point. [Here, Here]

Someone named April saw Bill Clinton in Paris. Photos, personal freaking out over him. A great read about what it’s like for a non-politico to attend one of our crazy politico functions. [April’s Website]

Who in their right mind believes that Steve Beshear will be able to lure Volkswagen to open a manufacturing plant in Kentucky? Really, who? Or are we just Negative Nancies? [C-J]

Speaking of people who aren’t in their right mind. Is anyone paying attention to this weird phallic building the Webb family wants to bulldoze an entire block in Lexington to erect? Barefoot & Progressive’s Joe Sonka has been leading the fight to wake people up. Check it all out. [H-L, B&P]

Reminder: UofL Student Walk Out Wednesday

This is a reminder for the media executives who don’t want their reporters covering anything other than the weather, march madness or George Clooney coming to Maysville.

As we reported weeks ago, students at the University of Louisville will protest Governor Steve Beshear’s lovely handling of higher education cost increases in Kentucky this Wednesday by walking out. At 1:11 P.M. this Wednesday, March 26, 2008, students will gather in front of the UofL President’s Office at Grawemeyer Hall (near the intersection of 3rd St & Eastern Pkwy).

From a Facebook group set up for the event:

The University of Louisville consistently places the burden of our state’s budget crises on US – the STUDENTS. This is completely unacceptable, and we are calling on the university administration to explore every option available as to ensure tuition rates DO NOT increase above the rate of inflation for the 2008-2009 school year.

All UofL students are urged to walk out of their classes on Wednesday, March 26th, at 1:11 pm, and attend a rally in front of Grawemeyer Hall near the The Thinker in protest of our university administration’s constant refusal to include OUR VOICE in matters that affect OUR lives.

The skinny:

  • What: Students to walk out at UofL
  • When: Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M.
  • Where: Rally in front of The Thinker / President’s office @ Grawemeyer Hall

So, media, show up. Give the everyday student in Kentucky a voice.

WANTED: You, for Your Slave Labor (Repost)

Haha so, funny story, we still need to hire a creative and capable advertising executive to grow our media sales team.

Could that be you? Would you relish the opportunity to work with some very sexy and powerful bloggers and politico/media types?

We’re obviously a flourishing media operation with trillions of dedicated readers per day so it’ll be easy for you to sell a highly educated and web-savvy audience to advertisers.

We’ll offer a generous commissioned sales package to start with serious opportunity for growth. You’ll offer a great sense of humor (must be fluent in LOLcat) with real world ability to deliver the goods – AKA you’ll be able to force some old codgers who don’t have a clue how to spend ad dollars to spend their ad dollars on the internets and teevee.

Send your cover letter (yes, it’s required, don’t accidentally “forget” to include it), a resume that makes sense and 3-5 strong references to Jake. We promise not to tell your current employer that you’re job shopping.

ALERT: World Ending Soon, You’re Effed

The end is nigh.

Start hiding money in your mattress.

From those who want to do some presidentin:

“Our economy is in a shambles,” Obama said at a town hall meeting at a community college near Pittsburgh. “This economy is contracting, it is heading toward recession. We probably already are in one.”
Clinton, meanwhile, told reporters in Washington it was a time of economic “stress and uncertainty” and said there was “urgency to continue the action that was started yesterday.”

Peep the front page of the Huffington Post:

Oh Snap Monday! Stock Market Dies Edition

Governor Steve Beshear admits one of the following: he’s a hack who will break the law like woah and doesn’t want to be caught or he has no idea what on earth email is. Take your pick. Ralph Long chimes in, too. [H-L, Ralph Long]

Kentucky and Indiana are in a unique position with the Democratic presidential primary this year: bend over. Both Barack Osama and Hillary Clintoon are going to kill us all with their commercials, bumper stickers, yard signs and door knocking. Words of advice: act like you do when the Jehovah’s Witnesses show up. [C-J]

In case you didn’t know, Wall Street is dying and you’re going to lose your house like right now. Bear Stearns is being snatched up by JPMorgan for a mere $2 per share. Bear Stearns was at more than $170 per share last January, for reference. So, hopefully, some more crap will go down and we’ll not only be able to buy a new condo for cheap but also take several vacations this year. Cross your fingers. [Financial Times]

And the Fed has cut lending rates to financial institutions to 3.25%. World. Is. Ending. [Yahoo! Business]

Well? Crackhead or Leprechaun? We pick crackhead. How bout you? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Now Louisville’s Chris Thieneman says he’s potentially back in the congressional race since he didn’t file proper paperwork to withdraw. All we can say is this is a jacked up situation. Rick will probably have more on this later today. [Hebert]

Greg Fischer: Indiana Businessman

Kids, this is politics. Not everything is going to be positive. And there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth– even if it’s scary. We’re not being biased just because we want to dish dirt occasionally (or all the time). So, in light of the reaction to our story about Greg Fischer’s passive-aggressive email blast yesterday, I figure it’s a good idea to make a few points.

Since the Fischer campaign seems to be sensitive about Greg being an Indiana businessman, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at some history. For reference: The campaign’s manager got testy when I questioned Fischer’s motives for building a company in Indiana instead of his home state of Kentucky. See his comments here:

AJ // Mar 11, 2008 at 4:35 pm

Dude, Jake, do just a tad bit of research (aka Google). Dant Clayton is located right here in Louisville. And the video documentary was made by a Louisville native too.

jake // Mar 11, 2008 at 4:44 pm

Dude, AJ, he founded a company and headquartered it in Indiana instead of Kentucky. That’s well-known.

AJ // Mar 11, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Uh bro, your uh, referring to the former SerVend I take it, and yes that’s well known. Dant Clayton is located though in Louisville; just setting the record straight.

Never got an answer to my question, “Why couldn’t he open up shop in his own state? Taxes?” But I found some interesting stories in the Business First archives which may help with an answer while at the same time making it clear just how much cash Fischer invested in Indiana’s economy– not Kentucky’s.

Read the rest after the jump. Juicy, juicy!

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Al Gore Has $$$$$$$$$

Did you know?

Former Vice President Al Gore got woah loaded after the presidency was stolen from him in 2000. Basically, I want to grow up to be just like Al Gore: disgustingly wealthy with all kinds of free Apple products.

If any friendly Republicans would like to help us (okay, just Jake, forget Rick– he’s on his own) get sickeningly rich by talking about the melting polar icecaps, well, that’d be just fine.

Email me here. Get rich quick schemes welcome. So are anonymous cash donations and free Apple products. (Hint: MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram, 15″ glossy, please.)

Check it:

Gore Invests $35 Million for Hedge Funds With EBay Billionaire

By Miles Weiss

March 6 (Bloomberg) — Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore left the White House seven years ago with less than $2 million in assets, including a Virginia home and the family farm in Tennessee. Now he’s making enough to put $35 million in hedge funds and other private partnerships.

Gore invested the money with Capricorn Investment Group LLC, a Palo Alto, California, firm that selects the private funds for clients and invests in makers of environmentally friendly products, according to a Feb. 1 securities filing. Capricorn was founded by billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, former president of EBay Inc. and an executive producer of Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary film on global warming.