TGIF. Where All The White Women At?

Speaker Jody Richards and Brent Yonts are sponsoring a bill to cancel Bobby Sherman’s 8 billion dollar pay raise. Or $62,160 pay raise, to be exact. Because that shit is crazy and a total scam. Sources are now telling us Sherman agreed to a contract that would keep his pension exactly the same as if he’d retired now.  But we’ve seen no evidence. [PolWatchers]

Wonder why like 66% of Americans have more confidence in Barry than Gramps when it comes to the economy? Maybe it’s because Gramps said he didn’t know much about it? Or maybe it’s because Gramps’ running mate is a complete embarrassment? [Mark Hebert]

David Boswell was lying about not having seen the DCCC ad. I received an email from a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer who was coordinating with Boswell’s people on the response to Guthrie’s reaction. I KNOW he’d seen the ad when he said he hadn’t. [PolWatchers]

First Lady Jane Beshear is hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Event tonight. At Turfway Park in Florence. 6:30 P.M. Horses and Hope Breast Cancer Awareness. [Press Release]

Thursday Night Deep Thoughts with a known homosexual and Joe Sonka. Joe asks, “Isn’t it amazing how Sarah Palin makes any hack reporter who interviews her look like Mike Wallace?” And the homo said, “She should make an appearance on The View with those mean bitches. That would be priceless.” [Barefoot & Progressive]

Bruce Lunsford unveiled his Bill of Rights for women. The event was an inspiring success. According to those in attendance, Bruce didn’t stick to his script at all… and everyone at the event left impressed. Great move on the Lunsford camp’s part. Guess who didn’t show her face: Jennifer Moore. Hypocrite. [Kentucky Women]

Our Intrepid Reporter brings you Sarah Silverman in the Great Schlep. Fly your Jewish butt to Florida to talk nanna into voting for Barack Obama. Also, this is not safe for work and it is absolutely hilarious. Jews Vote. [The Great Schlep]

Thursday. Economy Dead. Money’s In The Mattress.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden was in Jeffersonville, Indiana yesterday. What’d he do when referencing Kentucky, which is just like half an inch away from Jeff? He talked about golf. Golf. Some golfers. That’s what he talked about. Okay, and the economy. [PolWatchers]

This is hands-down the worst thing ever. EVER. We are not okay with crap like this being on the internets. Gag. [Perez Hilton]

Oh snap! The Courier-Journal editorial board invokes Homer Simpson (we almost peed) in a story about the U.S. Senate race. Maybe Mitch McConnell really should remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. And maybe he should remember that Homer once said, “Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.” [C-]

The foreigns are paying close attention to our failure of an economy. Their newspapers have put together a fancy question and answer list for other foreigns to read over. Talking points, you know. Those foreigns are interesting like that. [The Guardian]

Yeah, the Sarah Palin effect is being overplayed by Republicans. And Jim Gooch being quoted in a story about the House leadership races is hilarious. We’re disappointed Ryan didn’t ask him about coconut cake. [H-L]

Three mine foremen from Harlan county were indicted. Over a little thing called being corrupt, stupid and, oh, turning off a mine fan while workers were still inside a mine. Who wants to take bets that the Mine Safety & Health Administration will figure a way out of this one? [C-J]

Speaking of indictments… Owen County Judge-Executive Bill O’Banion and his deputy Renaee Gaines were indicted on charges of theft and misspending of public money. This all stems from an audit performed by Crit Luallen’s office earlier this year. [C-J]

Wall Street Deregulation Is Your New Bicycle

Did you know? Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning are flip-flopping opportunists!

Dun dun dun…

At least when it comes to banking deregulation that literally choked our once-flourishing economy to death.

Check it.

But there was little dissent in 1999, when Sen. Mitch McConnell and the rest of Kentucky’s congressional delegation voted to deregulate Wall Street banking and investments. They — and most other members of Congress — brushed aside concerns that deregulation could create massive financial institutions that would be “too big to fail,” requiring a government bailout if they started to stagger.

“You could deal with one company for all your financial services needs,” Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., said at the time, praising the Financial Services Modernization Act. “All the other major countries already have their financial industry set up that way. We’d just be catching up.”

If that’s not enough to make you sick, read this additional excerpt:

McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, collected more than $4.3 million in donations from the financial sector in the last 20 years, according to a report issued Tuesday by the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan watchdog group.

That sum means McConnell ranks eighth-highest in Congress for money taken from the financial sector, not counting senators who are running or have run for president and therefore have collected far more for nationwide campaigns, including Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

McConnell has been individually feted in New York City by major banks, including a 2005 luncheon given in his honor by UBS and Citigroup, which raised at least $60,000 for his campaign fund. Former Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, who sponsored the Wall Street deregulation bill and then left Congress to become an investment banker at UBS, helped organize that event and donated $4,000 to McConnell.

Among others in the Kentucky delegation who voted for Wall Street deregulation in 1999, and who are still in Congress, Bunning got $2.4 million; Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Hopkinsville, got $697,116; Rep. Ron Lewis, R-Cecilia, got $551,266; and Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Somerset, got $406,765, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Totals are for donations from 1989 to 2008.

Isn’t it fancy how Mitch McConnell is majorly responsible for this mess?

John Cheves is Mitch McConnell’s new bicycle.

Hahaha. God. HAHAHAHA. Ken Layne. Haha.


Hello, comrades! How does it feel to live in a fading country under an all-powerful totalitarian leader who runs our sickly nationalized economy?

Pretty good, right? You know what’s so special about communism? There’s none of this pretending you’re in charge of your financial fate. You’re not, at all! It was pretty exhausting, being a full-time consumer. But now you can just relax and try to keep up with which state-run grocery has bread or toilet paper this week. Simple.

But the best news for people afraid of “change” is that the new president will have about twenty bucks to run the federal government for the next four or eight or hundred years.

It’s Wednesday. Nice Weather Is Here To Stay.

According to a press release from the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, Kentucky’s jobless rate rose to 6.8% in August, from 6.7% in July. It was 5.5% in August 2007. But that’s not to say that thousands of jobs haven’t been created in Kentucky. [Press Release]

Kentucky State Parks have tons of fun planned for Halloween. Costume contests, haunted trails, hayrides, storytelling, games and campground decorating. If you’re feeling the crunch of our souring economy, hit up your local state park. It’s worth it. They’re Kentucky’s hidden gems. Barren River, Big Bone Lick, Blue Licks, Carter Caves, Dale Hollow, Jenny Wiley, et al. [State Parks]

John Yarmuth’s ElderServe Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s part of the Elder Abuse Victims Act and will expand Louisville’s ElderServe program on a nationwide basis to protect seniors who have been subjected to physical or psychological abuse and neglect. [Press Release]

Politicker’s fake political guru “Wally Edge” is lame. He’s in the business of reprinting – verbatim – the McConnell campaign’s spin-filled posts. It’s getting more and more obvious each day that this organization is not a legitimate source for journalism but a regurgitation machine parading as mainstream.  Trey Pollard’s the only person worth reading. [Politicker]

The scary Carlyle Group that owns everything on earth may become a mortgage buyer. They literally own everything. Cable, military, yadda yadda. It’s that fancy group the Bush family is a part of and the same group the bin Laden family was involved in. [Washington Business Journal]

Former President Bill Clinton addressed a group of bloggers in New York City yesterday. In discussion about the United States’ insufficient crisis proposal, Clinton shared a story from Hillary’s visit to Kentucky last weekend, Clinton also relayed a story from his wife’s recent trip campaigning on behalf of Mitch McConnell challenger Bruce Lunsford: Hillary reported that in Kentucky, people “don’t yet see it as a big crisis requiring an urgent response, because they’ve been in trouble for years.” [Huffington Post]

When will Markos Moulitsas give it up? He’s so out of touch with Kentucky politics it’s sickening. He’s still touting Ben Chandler as a senate candidate in 2010. Yeah, uh, not gonna happen. [The Hill]

Don McNay chimes in on the economic meltdown. His column is all about what it’d be like if Jim Bunning were President. Scary, we know. But Bunning really did have better instincts about America’s economic problems than many other politicians. [Don McNay]

Worried about judicial races in Jefferson County? Among members of the Louisville Bar Association, Katie King is toast when put up against Judge David Holton. It may have something to do with the fact that she has zero experience and has never even tried a case. [LBA Judicial Poll (PDF Link)]

OMG. Did you know you? You can Cheezburger Steve Beshear! Everyone go create some masterpieces and send them our way, stat! [Cheezburger]

Tuesday Morning Update Dept of Presidentin’

Those self-hating John McCain gays are so fancy. With their sex parties. And their high-profile job titles like Chief of Staff. And their slings and interesting screennames. The hypocrisy is quite ripe. [Huffington Post]

What happens on Main Street affects Wall Street. Hey, Washington, you can buy all of our bad investments, too. They’re really fancy. [BuyMyShitpile]

Sorry, folks, David Boswell is a DINO who is trying hardcore to out Republican the Republican. He touts his anti-choice stances and that he’s worked hard to make sure choice is never an option. He’ll lose and we’ll all go on about our day. Why do we waste our time with these people? [C-J]

Education Week inaccurately attributes large parts of the Robert Felner-UofL story to the C-J. Guess that’s the problem when you’re not really paying attention, eh? You get your facts incorrect and begin to lose credibility as a higher education publication. [Education Week]

Michael Moore’s latest movie – Slacker Uprising – is now available for download for free. So watch it and go vote this November. Slackers. [Slacker Uprising]

Can Barack Obama steer this election back to substance? Because we all know it really is all about hockey moms, moose hunters and whether Grampa John McCain needs to change his old man diaper. [New York Magazine]

John Miller of Miller Transportation really has his panties in a wad. It’s called a TROLLEY HOP, buddy. Meaning TROLLEYS are required for the event. Not giant, gas-guzzling Miller buses. And trying to kill the TARC circulator at the University of Louisville? Are you kidding me? [C-J]

The foreigns totally get this presidential election. But it’s troubling that there are college freshmen who have no idea who they’re voting for. Ryan Alessi must hate America. Just wait til the mouth breathers read his column from yesterday. [H-L]

Finally. Friday. It’s Over. The Weekend. Yay.

Goodness. We could go on for days about how strange this week has been. No power for 800 years. Then it kinda came back. Michael Willner gave us internets again. Then we lost electricity. Then it came back and now we don’t have water! And we hear LG&E could be jacking rates up to 65%.

We are now at a coffee shop we aren’t familiar with but everyone knows us or whatever. WEIRD. Maybe we’ll get some stalkers soon.

May we move in* with you?

Is anyone going to IdeaFestival? Check out the schedule. Let us know what we absolutely should not miss. Also, we may have an extra pass if anyone is interested. [Idea Festival, LEO’s Schedule of Events]

For real. This Mischler-Stumbo thing is getting out of hand. Could someone explain the law to this woman and maybe get her to stop with her fancy conspiracies? [More WTF]

Ronnie Ellis: Obama’s decision to abide by public financing was conditional. Please include all the facts when you’re telling a story. As a journalist, even when you’re tasked with editorializing, at least deal with the facts. Please. Selectively leaving them out when you’re a journalist serves no one. [News and Tribune]

Margaret Cho, known homosexual sympathizer and non-Republican, will be in Louisville or something. It’s all the gays can talk about. We’re indifferent or whatever. But here’s an interview LEO did with her a few days ago. [LEO]

Here ya go. Check it. Jim Bunning says the free market is dead. Dead dead dead. [Trey Pollard]

Some Republican hack (Alex Roarty?) for the right-wing Politicker is recycling the silly NRSC video of two rogue Lunsford supporters. It’s so awkward watching that company fall apart and lose credibility when they allow out-of-staters to write about Kentucky like they know something. They need to stick to allowing Trey Pollard to cover Kentucky politics. [Politicker]

Oh, in this fancy web poll from one of those terrorist foreigner newspapers, 100% of folks say the U.S. President should be able to run a company. That silly Carly Fiorina totally shot John McCain’s street cred wad. Heh. Poor Grampa. [The Guardian]

* – Only if you live in a trendy neighborhood.