Congressman John Yarmuth’s CYA Letter

John Yarmuth, who wussed out and voted for the joke that is the economic bailout bill, has issued a CYA letter.

Let’s read it together and freak out in the comments:

Dear Friends,

Today, I made one of my most difficult decisions since being elected to serve Kentucky’s Third Congressional District. I was faced with two awful choices: voting for a bill that I hate or doing nothing to stop an economic meltdown that would lead to massive job loss in Louisville and throughout the country. I am angry that this is the only option we were given. However, I voted for it in order to stave off economic catastrophe—not for CEO’s on Wall Street about whom I could not care less, but for the people of our streets in Louisville.

There were significant improvements to this version of the bill to ensure that it protected taxpayers and was not a blank check for Wall Street. It authorizes only half the $700 billion requested, limits CEO compensation, and eliminates golden parachutes. The bill approved today increases accountability, provides a tax cut to millions of middle class Americans with a patch of the alternative minimum tax, extends the child tax credit and property tax credits, offers tuition assistance, invests in renewable fuel, and helps small businesses by offering FDIC insurance on deposits up to $250,000.

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Friday Afternoon Update – It’s Not Freezing!

Is anyone else nervous about ordering a Macbook Pro only to find out a new one will be released in like two weeks? Ugh. Someone from Apple needs to reassure us before we make a bad decision.

Mitch McConnell’s overconfidence. This is kind of a laugh riot. And it’s kind of scary. [Heh]

Leaked from Sarah Palin’s debate prep. Oh noes. [Political Wire]

Haha oh god. This “undecided” voter lady in Ohio was swayed to support McCain-Palin after last night’s debate. Be careful. This video may fry your brain. [Jezebel]

Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are two peas in a pod. Full-on hacks who are afraid to be held accountability for anything they do. [WaPo]

In case you didn’t know, John Yarmuth caved. He’s a weak, weak man who caved under the pressure from Barack Obama. Ben Chandler, on the other hand, stuck to his proverbial guns and grew a pair. Everyone call John’s office to yell at him and them call Ben’s office to kiss his butt, please. [Clerk – U.S. House]

We were gonna write about the latest Republican Party of Kentucky attack mail piece against Bruce Lunsford. But. Uh. Trey did it so we don’t have to. Go lookit. [Trey Pollard]

TGIF! Tell John Yarmuth To Stand His Ground

We never link to Faux News, but this is jacked up. And kind of hilarious. WASHINGTON: Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney claims the Department of Defense executed 5,000 prisoners with one bullet to the head and then dumped their bodies in a Louisiana swamp during Hurricane Katrina. [Faux News]

The University of Louisville is creating an Ombuds Office to handle complaints and resolve disputes. This, in addition to the grievance officer, should be a permanent fixture at the University. The reigns of Robert Felner, Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz prove it is absolutely necessary. And it can’t come quickly enough. [C-J]

Thanks to John Cheves for pointing out this story from the Economist about how people in rural eastern Kentucky don’t like black people. Kentucky Democrats need to read this story and stop being so complacent. It’s all about Whitesburg and the area is not unique when it comes to its political views this year in Appalachia. “I don’t sugarcoat things. I don’t like black people.” However, Mrs Smith says she gets on well with her niece, who is half-black. [The Economist via PolWatchers]

It was interesting watching our friend Brad Cummings spin out of control about how Democrats are responsible for the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He liveblogged the Vice Presidential debate last night along with Nicole Candler. You should check the transcripts out. Nicole’s on the left, Brad’s on the right. [C-J]

And if you missed it, we liveblogged the debate last night. All aboard the failboat! It was a disaster to watch because Sarah Palin didn’t answer a single question, said she wouldn’t answer them, and then just made up her own. Joe Sonka also documented the evening. [Page One, Barefoot & Progressive]

Talking Points Memo has a great mashup of Sarah Palin’s greatest hits. Embarrassing and hilarious. FEAR IT. [YouTube]

John Yarmuth is about to make a grave mistake. He’s going to vote for the U.S. Senate’s version of the bailout bill. The bill that does nothing to help those suffering during this economic crisis and everything to help the people and corporations responsible. And giving so much future power to the Secretary of the Treasury? Haha, riiiight. Everyone call John Yarmuth to tell him to stand his ground by voting against the bill. [Mark Hebert & Call Yarmuth’s Office]

CQ on Mitch McConnell & Other Goodies

CQ Politics is now calling the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky between Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell a “horserace.”

From CQ Politics:

Sen. Mitch McConnell has either hit a speed bump or hit the wall.

In the middle of September, Sen. McConnell seemed to be sitting pretty.

As the Senate’s Republican leader, Sen. McConnell had succeeded in thwarting majority Democrats on bill after bill – a proficient player of the inside game who made sure the minority wasn’t muscled aside on major legislation.


A poll for local television stations showed McConnell had slipped below the 50 percent mark and the gap with Mr. Lunsford was within the margin of error – a statistical dead heat.

Polling conducted a few days later for the Louisville Courier-Journal showed the same tight result


And as much as Sen. McConnell is viewed as a Bush guy, he is even more viewed as NOT a McCain guy.

Oh, remember with Mitch queened out over Bruce citing the CREW list that named McConnell the devil? Because it was way partisan and scary and run by a mean Chuck Schumer disciple? Haha, well, how bout this?

FAIL! All aboard the failboat!

Last night Harry Reid chapped Mitch’s behind. He did such a great job dissing Mitch that he faked out the photographer. He stayed focused on Mitch’s face while Harry was praising Chris Dodd. Hilarious. Just watch.

From about 1:46 to 1:53, Reid used roughly 10 words to praise Mitch for all of his work… and then rolled into the Dodd praise. Mitch’s face was, um, funny.

Welcome to Thursday. Your Economy? Still Dead.

All right for being a day late and a dollar short. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a joke, is attacking Bruce Lunsford over gas prices. HAHA, what world are these people living in? The one without the biggest financial disaster ever? Apparently so. [Trey Pollard]

This is hilarious. A Faux News reporter in Scranton, PA interviews a diner filled with old people and asks if they’re voting McCain. Two people raised their hands. Everyone raised their hands for Obama. The “reporter” then said the vote was “split” and everyone laughed at the asshat. [Wonkette]

Seriously. Sarah Palin is dumb as hell. The gays totally choose to be homos. Sarah Palin says she chose not to be the gay. To quote Mary Lou Marzian, one of our idols, “You motherfuckers make me wanna puke.” God. Trust me, I so chose to suffer at the hands of every redneck on earth. And I so chose to be denied the right to see my significant other when I was hospitalized. Glad she’s not gonna “judge,” though. [Think Progress]

University of Louisville graduate students are reacting to the John Deasy situation. Also check out the boring open letter released by the administration that was just a rehash of John Drees’ press conference last week where nothing was revealed. [Louisville Cardinal]

The News Hour lady is coming to Kentucky. In celebration of KET’s 40th anniversary, television news journalist Judy Woodruff of PBS’ NewsHour with Jim Lehrer will be the featured speaker during an October 22nd dinner at KET’s Lexington studios. [KET]

Does everyone remember that Russian video of the flying helicopter dildo personal massager at a press conference? WE NEED ONE. We want to fly it at every press conference ever. Someone please get one for us! STAT! Can you imagine us flying that thing when Jennifer Moore is speaking? Or maybe Jim Gooch. Or Vernie McGaha. [Immediate Need]

Ready for the latest SurveyUSA job performance poll for Steve Beshear? He’s at 50%, which is up nine points since August. 43% disapprove of the job he’s doing. Only 39% of his native western Kentucky support him. And only 50% (down from 59% the week prior) of Kentuckians say the economy is the number one issue for the next president. My, how uneducated we can be in the Commonwealth. [Mark Hebert]

Finally, are you in Louisville? Go volunteer for John Yarmuth (900 E. Market), Bruce Lunsford (2230 Dundee) or Barry O (640 Barrett). Okay, so primarily go volunteer for Bruce. But at least go volunteer. [Just Do It]

Don McNay in Editor & Publisher Again

For the second time in a week Don McNay is in Editor & Publisher.

Here’s an excerpt:

NEW YORK – Syndicated financial columnist Don McNay is continuing to write and comment about America’s financial crisis.

Yesterday, for instance, he taped a segment with WTVQ-TV in Lexington, Ky. And this morning, McNay was scheduled to appear on 1190 KEX News Radio in Portland, Ore.

In his most recent column on the financial crisis, McNay wrote: “The leadership styles of President Bush and Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson have contributed to the problem. Great presidents reassure the country in times of crisis. Look at Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.


Don is becoming a regular financial expert out there in the real world. Pretty fancy for a Kentuckian.