Oh Snap Monday. Springtime in February Edition.

Al Cross loves talking about Bruce Lunsford and absolutely loves coming up with little analogies for his political ambitions. “If Lunsford makes it through the primary, the extravagantly funded McConnell will make a piñata out of him and his record. But Lunsford is probably the only Democrat with the money and party support to make a piñata out of McConnell.” But Cross fails to recognize Bruce isn’t capable of using his money to eat McConnell up without giving McConnell the chance to rake in more than $30 million overnight. [C-J]

Larry Dale Keeling says Steve Beshear screwed up in the 30th Senate District race and “That “non-endorsement” endorsement Beshear gave Bruce Lunsford in the Senate primary was also a mistake. Lunsford’s wealth makes him the instant favorite in the race. All Beshear’s statement did was needlessly alienate supporters of other D candidates.” Woopsie daisy. [H-L]

Rep. John Yarmuth gave MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough an Article 1 button that he wore while interviewing spineless Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. No word on whether or not she was terrified of the button or if she hit her head on any desks. And Cathy Bailey is back from Latvia. What’s next on her plate? RPK power? [C-J]

Pat Crowley comes unhinged over a bridge in northern Kentucky and sticks it to Kentucky’s pitiful legislature, “State legislators and business leaders are way too complicit in this tired poor-mouthing. A stand needs to be made; no, Mr. President, senators and congressmen – do your jobs, meet your responsibilities and don’t hand off the most expensive infrastructure project in our region’s history to the locals.” [Enquirer]

Mitch McConnell sneakily used University of Louisville faculty to feign endorsements and no one is happy about it. Better yet, UofL faculty were stupid enough to say in a public record e-mail that they want make their little political nightmare disappear. Do none of our state institutions have quality public relations staff? [C-J]

And just for kicks. We know Mondays are awful. Why not enjoy your morning?

Almost Ready to See Our Shadow Update

Millionaires who hate Democrats and the Democrats who love them. Imagine that. A non-Page One blogger dishing the dirt. They’re moments away from receiving the wrath of those opposed to the truth. Beware. [Yellow Dog via BGR]

Scrapping the run-off? The house has joined the senate with a bill to get rid of the headache Kentucky almost faced in 2007. Almost no one believes a run-off is necessary. Insane that we had the provision in the first place. [PolWatchers]

Ben Chandler and Ernesto Scorsone hate America. The two opposites of Jim Gooch were part of a forum on global warming held at the University of Kentucky yesterday. [H-L]

Pay for play politics? Surely you jest! Beshear appointed John Paul Chappell to a district judgeship just days after he gave Scott Alexander $200 for the 30th district senate race. Just a coincidence? No clue. You decide. We just hope a judgeship would sell for a lot more than $200 if that’s what’s going on. [PolWatchers]

70-cent cigarette tax proposed (instead of 30-cents that’s hot discussion these days) to ease budget constraints. Kudos to the legislature for this move! Not only would Kentucky benefit financially, but overall health would improve tremendously as Ernie Fletcher has repeatedly said. Goodbye, teen smoking! [Courier-Journal]

Delving into the political nightmares of both the Democratic and Republican parties of recent days.  Both Ron Lewis and Steve Beshear are causing drama. [Hebert]

And in case you missed our fuming a couple days ago, get up-to-date on the state domestic partner benefits ban. Welcome to the 19th century, Kentucky! [H-L]

Tuesday Update Dept: Filing Deadline Edition

Steve Beshear said he wouldn’t use state planes for political purposes. He’s now being criticized for doing just that on his first trip in a state plane as Governor of the Commonwealth. Leaving us to wonder if everything the man does will be construed as controversial. [Hebert]

Earmark Anne Northup, the woman who said during the gubernatorial primary that she didn’t want to be a congress critter anymore, is filing this afternoon to become a congress critter again. Can she beat Chris Thieneman? Will she move on to the general and get trounced by John Yarmuth? Who knows. But strong arming another Republican to get out of her way isn’t a good way to get started. [C-J]

The No Child Left Behind report is out and Mark Hebert leaves it up to you to decide whether or not it’s a good or bad thing. Hey, at least we’re not teaching Mexicans english, right? We’re also not tutoring our kids like the rest of the country, either. And only 83% of our kids graduate high school. [Hebert]

And speaking of Mexicans. Something Anne Northup’s never done (to our knowlege): met with border patrol to research how many scary Mexicans they’re protecting us from. It’s exactly what Rep. John Yarmuth did when he visited the border. You’ll be pleased to learn patrol agents are getting good at what they do. Fewer and fewer Mexicans will be able to get across the border to scare our white women. [The Arena]

Our white women are scared! All the updates you can handle after the jump…

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Scandalous: Attack Mailer Strikes in the 30th

It’s getting down and dirty!

The Republican Party of Kentucky has dispatched a campaign mailer advocating the defeat of Democrat Scott Alexander in the 30th Senate District special election to be held February 5th. The mailer, as you’ll see below, can only be referred to as scathing. Quite possibly one of the strangest we’ve seen in years.

Take a look:

To beat it all, the mailer’s claims come from Alexander’s former Democratic opponent Roger Noe. Noe alleges collaboration between the governor, KDP, et al in “rigging” the election for Scott Alexander to gain the Democratic nomination. Nothing like having a Democrat to back up your Republican claims.

Scandalous! Which head will roll first in the 30th? Who wants to take bets?

Special Election Reminder: February 5th

Three special elections will be held in Kentucky on Tuesday, February 5th. But there’s almost no mention on the Kentucky Democratic Party’s website.

The Races:

Democrat Scott Alexander faces Republican Brandon Smith in the 30th Senate District. Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo resigned the seat last month upon being sworn into office with Governor Steve Beshear.

Former Attorney General and Democrat Greg Stumbo faces Republican Larry Brown in the 95th House District. The 95th House seat is one Stumbo held for 24 years, 19 of which were spent in House leadership. Stumbo is likely to oust inept Jody Richards as Speaker of the House upon his return to the legislature in Frankfort.

And Democrat Will Coursey faces Republican Marvin Wilson in the 6th House District race.

While the KDP is having difficulty updating their website for whatever reason, the Republican Party of Kentucky really seems to *get* it. Check the prominence of the special election on their front page.

Don’t forget to vote on the 5th if you live in the 6th, 30th or 95th!