Hillybilly Days & Senate Candidates: Take 2

When you think of Hillbilly Days you don’t traditionally think of people wearing nice suits and designer shoes, right? Greg Fischer and his campaign staff didn’t get the ‘folks in Pikeville don’t wear suits and Ferragamo like Jake does during Hillbilly Days’ memo.


Seriously, who calls the shots for Greg these days? I am personally disappointed. Even Michael Cassaro knows how to dress for Hillbilly Days.

Happy Sunday, You People Surfing the Tubes

Left-wing Forces are Raging! HAHAHA. That’s the latest fear/smear Mitch McConnell pedaled at the Warren County Lincoln Day dinner. “Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the forces of left-wing Americans are raging and the challenge is enormous.” Oh man, we love the craptastic job Natalie Jordan is doing at The Daily News these days. [BG Daily News]

Did you know? The legislative session was tough for the governor. And Rep. Tim Firkins (D-Louisville) is a copy cat who decided to use Trey Grayson’s report card language to describe Steve Beshear. He gave Beshear a gentleman’s ‘C’ for trying to push forth an agenda in a positive way. You’ll also love Greg Stumbo’s hilarious attack on the governor. [C-J]

Michael Cassaro’s Communications Director has a blog. Yesterday that blog published Bruce Lunsford’s remarks on the war in Iraq almost verbatim in a move that seems almost like praise. Things that make you go hmm. [The Bridge]

See several Democratic candidates speak at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville this weekend. Don’t bother reading Angela Sparkman’s awful story with embarrassing grammar, just watch the video. OMG, people, don’t go into journalism if you can’t flipping speak English. [WYMT]

Researchers know absolutely nothing about the earthquake that occurred the other day. So the Associated Press wrote a story that goes on and on for like a year telling us that researchers know nothing about the quake. Some folks believe one thing, some other folks believe another and we’ve no idea why after reading the article. [Yahoo! AP]

More from the Did You Know? Department. The entire state legislature is worthless. Every member of the House and Senate vote to benefit themselves and it’s wholly legal. Welcome to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where people like Jim Gooch and Reginald Meeks keep getting re-elected. The state where conflicts of interest just don’t matter. [H-L]

Late Wednesday Morning Update Dept

Larry Dale Keeling only gets half of things right half of the time. Or something like that. This time he’s saying Bruce Lunsford doesn’t have significant Republican support and that’s just not true. Look at last year’s gubernatorial race and the folks who contributed to him. Hardcore Republicans. Look at the photos we published on this site a couple days ago of Lunsford’s film premier. Who makes up the crowd? Hardcore Republicans. We get that Democrats don’t like Bruce. But Keeling could at least be honest about the support Bruce has from the Republican side of the fence. [KyKurmudgeon]

Though, I’ll give Keeling credit for pointing out that our favorite place for political fundraisers (not in Pike County) will be publicly funded and taken care of for the next few years. [KyKurmudgeon]

Laura Bush will host the 9:00 A.M. hour of the Today Show on Tuesday, April 22. Yes, that Laura Bush. On Today. Hosting. Can you imagine? SET YOUR TiVo/DVR RIGHT NOW. Do not forget. This is going to be priceless. [Media Bistro]

Speaking of Bruce Lunsford, while he could never compete with Mitch McConnell and his out-of-state, big whig financiers when it comes to raising millions and millions of PAC dollars, he’s pulled in $56,800 from Political Action Committees this cycle. [Hebert]

The Courier-Journal reported like a week after everyone else knew that Anne Northup has raised $400k for her match-up with Rep. John Yarmuth. Yet more evidence that the mainstream media continues to wither and die. Can’t happen soon enough. [C-J]

Golden Alert was signed into law. Gubnuh Steve signed the Golden Alert System Law to make sure Alzheimer’s patients and other adults with mental disabilities who go missing can be more easily found. [WKYT]

Lundergan, Stumbo Must Hate Rural America

In a comment on Pat Crowley’s blog, Bill Adkins makes the perfect argument for why it’s effing ridiculous for Jerry Lundergan and Greg Stumbo to attack Barack Obama over telling the truth about rural America.

Sadly, Greg Stumbo seems to be forgetting that he’s a product of rural America and has abandoned his usual solid position on Appalachian/rural issues in order to push the tired candidacy of Hillary Clinton. We like Greg, don’t get me wrong, but this is just embarrassing and out-of-touch.

Like Bill Adkins says, Americans need to figure out if they want someone who will speak the truth or someone who’ll blow smoke up their ass.

Take a look at Obama’s remarks and see if you disagree, Kentuckians:

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them,” Mr. Obama responded, according to a transcript of the fund-raiser published on Friday on The Huffington Post. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not…”

Obama also said:

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

To echo Bill, please tell us where/how Obama is incorrect. We’re borne of the mountains of eastern Kentucky and think it would be difficult to find anyone from rural America who would disagree with Obama’s remarks.

The reality is that rural America has been forgotten, cast aside and crapped on.

Read the rest of this rant after the jump…

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Short Update Dept. It’s Tuesday. Weather is Awesome Edition.

We’ll be sporadic for a few hours. Everyone decided to schedule every appointment on earth today.

Fischer gets an embarrassing mention in The Hill, as the publication names Lunsford the pick of national Democrats. Or maybe it’s not embarrassing because being the ‘pick’ is a little embarrassing. [The Hill]

Looks like 400 attended the Obama opening in Lexington last evening. And the RNC’s Mike Duncan was kind of in the mix. Not bad for central Kentucky. [PolWatchers]

Scott Alexander, while apparently a loving father, really is a giant tool when it comes to being a state representative. He went to Costa Rica for a week DURING THE SESSION after being told not to by Jody Richards and Rocky Adkins. Imagine that. [H-L]

Really, who is king of Frankfort? Harry Moberly? David Williams? They have both been known to embarrass us as Kentuckians. And lately, the craziest one seems to be more bi-partisan and honest than the calm and collected guy. So who is it? [C-J]

Proof the Kentucky Democratic Party is turning Republican-lite? Dunno. But definitely not because Thom Karmik, the KDP’s new spokesperson, once worked for a Republican and criticized Dick Durbin for being worthless. The KDP has sorely needed new blood who could be critical of their own party for decades. Anyone who disagrees has never stepped foot in Frankfort. [Brett Hall]

Teacher layoffs on the horizon? Yay, Steve Beshear! The education governor! [PolWatchers]

Oh Snap Monday. 75 Degrees Already Edition.

Ben Chandler pretends to be a steward of good economic policy by protecting Americans from credit card company greed. Totally ignoring the fact that he’s the reason credit card companies are now more powerful than ever. Cause you know Americans really benefited from that fancy bankruptcy bill he helped along. [News-Graphic]

Rep. Reginald Meeks (D-Louisville) seems bitter at mountainfolk and complains about the Stumbo-brokered budget deal with David Williams. Someone should probably tell Meeks that if the House had any backbone– if leadership wasn’t incompetent– that maybe we’d have a budget that wasn’t broken and embarrassing. [C-J]

Speaking of leadership, Greg Stumbo is showing it and everyone is taking notice. “Stumbo, down there, has really shown some leadership,” said GOP state Sen. Brandon Smith of Hazard. “He stepped up and tried to get everybody together” over the budget. [H-L]

The General Assembly, in a move that proves complete incompetence and lack of leadership, has raided Kentucky’s boards and commissions. Instead of policing corrupt doctors, lawyers and such the butt cramps who run Frankfort have decided licensing fees should flow into the general fund. [C-J]

Diane Brumback, of Kentucky Women, is shifting her gears with her website in an effort to raise awareness about the life-saving benefits of early breast cancer detection. Diane, recently diagnosed, has chosen to make her personal battle public in an attempt to save lives. [Kentucky Women]

Jeff Poole attacks John Yarmuth by claiming he supports racism by serving as a director of Planned Parenthood of Kentucky. The local organization doesn’t provide abortions, but that doesn’t stop Poole from leading readers to believe that Yarmuth stands up for killing babies. And he claims Yarmuth is responsible for Planned Parenthood donors being able to designate which race their charitible contribution may benefit. Hrm. Long shot much? [BGRS]