Obama Wants Mountaintop Removal Reversal

President Barack Obama wants to reverse the Bush-era rule allowing mountaintop removal wastes to be dumped near streams.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday that the administration will ask the courts to abandon a rule that made it easier for coal mining companies to dump waste near streams. Prior to President George W. Bush’s change, regulations since 1983 have barred mining companies from dumping waste within 100 feet of streams if the disposal would diminish water quality or quantity.

Daniel Mongiardo’s head is surely spinning. Along with Steve Beshear, Greg Stumbo and a few other mountaintop removal obfuscators.

Oh Snap Monday! Wasn’t the Weekend Beautiful?

The Los Angeles Times reported Mitch McConnell’s criticism of reconciliation without noting his past support of profess. [Media Matters]

What is it with American Administrations and their complicity to allow genocide to occur? And why is Barack Obama such a coward? Why is he afraid to call Armenian genocide what it is? [LA Times]

Can you believe Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Brad Cummings would promote Rush Limbaugh? Even after reading about his racism and ignorance? [Huffington Post]

Ron Eller really did stir things up. And Dale Emmons is spot-on about mountaintop removal. [Ronnie Ellis]

Hear excerpts of Ron Eller’s speech and that of Greg Stumbo, as well. [Tom Eblen]

Thank you, Jerry Abramson, for screwing local business owners in Louisville. Hope the rumors that Steve Beshear is considering you as Lt. Governor are just rumors. [C-J]

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Beautiful Friday of Fancy Extortion & Such

Remember Karen Sypher? She was charged today with the extortion of Rick Pitino to the tune of $10 million and with lying to the Feds. Just wait til you hear what she’s accusing Pitino of. It’ll blow your mind and you’ll pee yourself laughing. The judge ordered her to stay quiet. We give her all of 24 hours til she’s blabbing again. [The ‘Ville Voice & C-J]

Pervert priest Louis Miller has been denied parole. You can thank your legal system, Kentucky, for doing the right thing. [Stephenie Steitzer]

These would be some helpful cards for Scott Jennings, the well-known bacon lover. [Serious Eats]

Will Lt. Dan listen to Eller on mountaintop removal? Or will he continue to line his pockets with sweet, sweet campaign cash? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Really, the state legislature has done a terrible job and there’s no reason to trust a word Greg Stumbo or anyone else in leadership have to say about what has or will be accomplished. [Kentucky Club for Growth]

Tom Wills is retiring after 40 years of doing the weather. Damnit! [The ‘Ville Voice]

Remember when Greg Fischer filmed a campaign ad at a company he moved from Kentucky to Indiana? Marcus Green’s story in the Courier today focuses on MedVenture as a prime example of businesses leaving downtown Louisville. [C-J]

TGIF! Kentucky Derby Festival In Full Swing

We’ve got a ton of meetings scheduled through lunch, so it may be a little slow until then. All right for jam-packed Fridays! Hope everyone is out enjoying our beautiful Commonwealth today. The high today in the River City is allegedly going to be 82!

Here’s a picture of Steven Megerle, one of the alleged homophobes behind the anonymous attack mailer in Kenton County. While innocent until proven guilty, he’s been indicted on one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance law and one count of conspiracy to fail to identify campaign campaign contributors. It’s nice to see the Commonwealth of Kentucky take campaign finance seriously for a change. [Bluegrass Politics]

Joe Elliott interviewed Mark Hebert bout the big stories he’s covered, Kentucky politics and why he thinks the University of Louisville decided to hire him away from the news business. [Mark Hebert & Joe Elliott]

The Lexington political scene needs to shed itself of this asshat in 2010. And Mark Riddle needs to distance himself from him. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Karen Sypher talks and talks and talks to Pat Forde. Rick has some highlights. Very interesting shiz. Or should I say CRAZY SHIZ? Holy crap! You’ve gotta read that mess. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman still has a lot of explaining today. Funny how his office has been totally silent on our latest discovery. Guess he can’t pressure his assistant to lie for him any longer. [Page One]

Why does Barack Obama think a truth commission would be a mistake? Does he think Mitch McConnell wouldn’t drag him before a similar commission if necessary? [Politico]

Ron Eller, a Pulitzer-nominated author and former head of the University of Kentucky’s Appalachian Center has called for an end to surface mining– specifically mountaintop removal. And Greg Stumbo continues his ignorance started in 2007 about how awesome flattened mountains are. [H-L]

Which reminds me of a Greg Stumbo story from 2007. As he rode in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban on the campaign trail… he had an open can of beer in his hand. A campaign staffer asked him why he was breaking the law. Stumbo answered, “It’s only a little bit illegal. I’m the Attorney General.” But it’s not as great as the time Greg referred to African Americans as “African American Blacks.” [2007 Flashbacks]

What is it with education officials at schools connected to Robert Felner? The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point chancellor has resigned. Linda Bunnell leaves amid controversy over an alleged drunk driving accident in her state vehicle and questions about money. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Happy LOST Day! And Gifts For Scott Jennings

Need a laugh this afternoon? These two pictures will crack you up. [This & This]

Jerry Abramson loves double-dipping. He’s great at double-spending taxpayer dollars on his close friends. [C-J]

You’re a nerd like us, right? Good. Carter Caves State Resort Park in Olive Hill is offering summer 2009 discount coupons for lodging, cave tours, mini-golf and gift shop purchases. They apply May 15 through September 30. Lodge room for two adults is $69.95. Two-bedroom cottage for up to four adults is $149.95 per night. Mini-Golf: buy one round, get one free Monday through Thursday. 15% discount off any purchase over $15 in the gift shop, excluding snacks, beverages and sale items. Go visit! It’s a gem right in your back yard. [Carter Caves]

We love watching Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. call Barack Obama out as an indentured servant to the coal industry. [ABC News]

Where are Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell on this? Why do the two of them profess to be such stewards of the people but refuse to take a stand on despicable credit card industry practices? [NYT]

Stuart Rothenberg moves the 2010 Kentucky U.S. Senate race to “Lean Takeover.” [Joe Gerth]

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Enjoy Yourself and Help School Children

Spending a summer weekend listening to music will help ensure a safe school for hundreds of children. How? The Mountain Aid concert June 19th-June 20th at Shakori Hills Farm in Chatham County, North Carolina benefits Pennies of Promise, a grassroots campaign to construct a new building for Marsh Fork Elementary School in West Virginia.

Marsh Fork was made famous in the Gill Holland/Mike O’Connell film Mountain Top Removal (if it sounds familiar). It’s sitting in the shadow of a mountaintop removal mine, a mere 225 feet from the coal silo and 400 yards downstream from a leaking sludge dam that holds back nearly three billion gallons of toxic waste.

Independent tests prove coal dust contaminates the elementary school and serves as a direct threat to respiratory health. Ed Wiley, grandfather of a student at the school, started Pennies for Promise after his granddaughter got sick and West Virginia leaders told him the state couldn’t afford to build/wouldn’t build a new school in a safer location. His goal is to raise $8 million to change things.

On-hand for Mountain Aid will be West Virginia native Kathy Mattea, NPR top-ten-er Ben Sollee, American music icon Donna the Buffalo and roots rockers the Sim Redmond Band.

Advance tickets are available for $22.50 and on-site camping, food and craft vendors will be available. Tickets at the gate will cost you $30. For additional information, please visit MTNAID.com.