Gov. Beshear & Julianne Moore Visit Whitley Co

Governor Steve Beshear, actress Julianne Moore and Advocate Mark Shriver participated in a Save the Children event at Whitley Central Primary School. Save the Children’s programs for rural communities provide literacy, physical activity, nutrition and early childhood support to children in need.

From a press release:

“It is essential that we provide children in our state with the vital skills to become successful professionals,” said Gov. Beshear. “One of my top priorities for the commonwealth has been quality education. It is critical for our state to continue programs such as Save the Children to be competitive in the global market.”

Moore, a supporter of this program, was inspired by her recent visit to Save the Children’s early childhood development, literacy and fitness programs in Tennessee. She created the Save the Children Valentine’s Day Campaign, which aims to give families a way to make a difference for children in need in the U.S.

“We’re a country where every child should have an equal opportunity yet one in six children live in poverty,” said Moore. “The only way to give these children opportunity is through education and Save the Children is helping us reach that goal. The phenomenal 90 percent success rate at the Whitley program sets a powerful example for our leaders in Washington, D.C.”

Save The Children Federation, Inc. received an Appalachian Regional Commission grant for $500,000 to continue a literacy program in 14 southeastern Kentucky schools. The federal grant was matched by the Commonwealth in the amount of $500,000.

Heine Bros & KFTC Fight Mountaintop Removal

We’re usually not a fain of Heine Brothers’ Coffee because it’s, well, just like Starbucks. And because the owners sucker people into their cult, the ManKind Project, which preys on young members of Alcoholics Anonymous. But this is a good cause. For the next five weeks, Heine Brothers’ Coffee in Louisville will be hosting a show of photography depicting scenes of mountaintop removal from across eastern Kentucky.

Visit the Gardiner Lane location of Heine Bros (3060 Bardstown Rd, by the Watterson Expressway) now through January 14th to view the work and find out how you can stop the devastation of our beautiful Appalachian gem of a Commonwealth.

The show is present jointly with Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. And $0.50 from the sale of every 3/4lb bag of Mountain Dream coffee will be donated to KFTC to further the organization’s efforts to stop mountaintop removal.

And in other news, stream protection legislation has been pre-filed by Rep. Don Pasley.

“This bill would keep mining out of the streams, it’s as simple as that,” said Truman Hurt, a former Perry County coal miner and member of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.

“The stream saver bill would prevent the appropriation of public waters as waste disposal sites for coal mine wastes, by prohibiting dumping of mine spoil in streams,” Rep. Pasley said as he sponsored similar legislation in the 2008 General Assembly. “I believe it is the best policy for the commonwealth and the long-term health of the region and of our state’s waters.

Since known idiot Jim Gooch is on his way out as chairman of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee, you can bet this will FINALLY get out of committee for a vote.

Governer Beshear Could Be Making a Mistake

Really, using excess coal severance tax funds to help balance the state’s budget?

LOUISVILLE – Gov. Steve Beshear defended his plan Friday to divert about $17.5 million headed for coal counties to help address a $456 million state budget shortfall.

But the Democratic governor added that he was “open” to discussing the move with state legislators.

House Speaker Jody Richards and several state lawmakers and officials from coal-producing counties oppose using excess proceeds from the coal severance tax to balance the state budget.

Richards, D-Bowling Green, said it would be unfair to impact particular geographical regions of the state. Coal counties, particularly rural areas in Eastern and Western Kentucky, have come to rely on coal severance tax receipts as a major source of their revenue.

Let’s just talk about this for a second.

Has the Governor ever stepped foot in some of these counties in eastern and western Kentucky? Does he realize there’s a reason that Appalachia, in particular, is the most impoverished region in the United States?

We thought the idea of Beshear’s public tour was to make him seem more “in touch” with reality. And. Um.

What the heck are these people thinking?

Daniel Mongiardo at this Weekend’s RAM Clinic

From this weekend’s RAM Clinic in eastern Kentucky:

“As a practicing physician in neighboring Perry County, I see day in and day out the health struggles of those in our rural Kentucky communities. This is not only due to lack of access but the increasing cost of healthcare, which has risen exponentially in recent years,” said Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo. “The RAM Clinic offers an invaluable resource for so many in the region who otherwise would have limited options for both prevention and treatment of illness.”

Now, if only we could make this a more regular occurrence in eastern Kentucky. Maybe the mainstream will pick it up? I know, I know… wishful thinking.

Oh Snap Monday! Everybody’s Broke & On Meth

Did you know that sagging pants promotes a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, crime and violence? Yeah, that’s the ticket, crazy Judy Green. Get kids to pull up their sagging pants and everything bad will just disappear! This is one of the most absurd things we’ve read in a few days. When will someone with common sense run against this woman so the West End of Louisville can truly see some progress? [C-J]

Wow. Former LEO editor Cary Stemle’s being quoted all over the place. [Clarion Ledger]

Why is Joe Gerth now writing about Christmas shopping? We’re not even kidding. Are budget cuts this severe? This is what happens when you kill off half your staff at a major paper. The political guy ends up writing about shopping. [C-J]

OH MY GOD. The cover of Today’s Woman? REALLY? Hahahahaha. Can’t breathe. Laughter. Ouch. [Today’s Woman]

Betty Butterfield on Election 2008. [YouTube]

Louisville and Lexington are broke. Broke like Gary Coleman broke. So what should they cut? Chime in. [The ‘Ville Voice & Bluegrass Politics]

All right for a ridiculous catfight over “clean coal.” Don’t you love how some people have to make it about “God” and whether or not someone loves Kentucky enough? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Free Health Care In Knott County Sat & Sun

The Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM) will be in Leburn (Knott County) this weekend.

RAM will offer free medical, dental and vision services to hundreds (thousands?) of people in eastern Kentucky who have gone without for whatever reason. And it has the potential to literally change lives. So if you’ve suffered or have gone without, head to the Knott County Sports Complex at 450 Kenny Champion Loop this Saturday and Sunday

According to a press release, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo will be there on Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00.

Your Afternoon Dept of Faux MTR Experts

Jesus. In a guitar. What a miracle. [CNN Video]

Send holiday mail to soldiers abroad! Must be postmarked by December 10th. [Red Cross]

How sweet! Mitch McConnell and Steve Beshear had a fancy meeting today in Warshington. [Trey Pollard]

Al Franken is now ahead in Homosota. [TPM]

Now-disgraced chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party Jennifer Moore is better than Matt Stoller. What! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Must be a super-slow news day. Mainstreamers are jumping on the story of the Courier-Journal’s demise literally months after Rick jumped on it. [Joe Arnold]

Isn’t it great how idiots like Keith Hall think you can’t comment on something unless you live it 24/7? Interesting, since people like him always have something to say about how terrible the gays or or how terrible us big city folk are. [More Trey Pollard]

Millions of years later, General Romeo Dallaire is being taken seriously at the United Nations. 14 years too late. It’s almost as if UN Members finally read Dallaire’s book or something. We’ve spent time in Rwanda and are pleased that the world is finally talking about the genocide there. Watch Christiane Amanpour’s “Scream Bloody Murder” tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. on the CNN teevee. [CNN & More CNN]