It’s Friday!!! Updates and Stuff.

Mitch endorsed Walnuts. “There’s widespread pride amongst our (Republican) Conference that one of our own is going to be our nominee,” McConnell was quoted as saying. What happened to all the Coulterites who said they’d support Hillary over him? [The Arena]

Beshear & crew are really botching the firing scandal they have created. Firing a a guardsman is about as low as you can possibly get. But then they rescind the without cause firing and announce he’s fired with cause for allegedly not taking advantage of job offers and not making an effort to regain his employment. WHAT?! Could we please get somebody to Frankfort (STAT!) who won’t admit to breaking federal hiring laws? [Hebert]

“Hi, my name is Reid Haire, Democrat for Kentucky’s 2nd District Congressional race and I gave $200 to Mitch McConnell in 2005 for his 2008 re-election bid. Meaning David Boswell totally wins.” What a tool! Come on, Democrats, are you getting dumber by the day? It’s not okay to contribute to McConnell’s campaign just because Bruce Lunsford did the same thing. [BGR]

The right has a great take on who the real loser was/is in the 30th senate district. Governor Steve Beshear made a major misstep in that election, caused controversy and made it clear to thousands of Democrats across that state that his decision(s) to hand pick candidates is one of the worst things we can allow him to do. The 30th district race also proves that the 2007 gubernatorial election wasn’t about love for Beshear but disdain for Ernie Fletcher. [Heffalumps]

Joan Gregory, AKA kentuckywoman on the blogs (mostly Bluegrass Report), has been appointed to the Kentucky Commission on Women. Congratulations to Gregory. Hopefully she’ll remember to be less nasty and spiteful when representing women than she is on the blogs castigating anyone with an opinion that differs from her own. [Hebert]

Special Election Results

30th Senate District
96% of precincts reported

(D) S. Alexander     8,034     47.7
(R) B. Smith            8,801     52.3

It’s over for Scott Alexander. Brandon Smith has it in the bag. Eastern Kentucky is pissed. Way to go, KDP. Let’s tout the merits of Democrats in a press release now that we’ve had our rears handed to us on a silver gubernatorial airplane platter.
95th House District
100% of precincts reported

(D) G. Stumbo     3,591     80.0
(R) L. Brown           801     17.8
(I) E. Meade             97        2.2

Former Attorney General Greg Stumbo returns to his old State House seat with a monstrous margin of victory. No thanks to KDP, of course. Greg did it all on his own.

6th House District
No idea how many precincts reporting, Lyon county still out

(D) Will R. Coursey     5,029
(R) Marvin Wilson     2,537

Coursey is definitely the victor here.

Read KDP Chairwoman Jennifer Moore’s just-released statement after the jump.

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Allegations of Vote Buying in the 30th

The race between Democrat Scott Alexander and Republican Brandon Smith is getting crazy.

Voter turnout in eastern Kentucky’s 30th Senate District special election isn’t the only thing that’s high (20% for a special election) today! The price for buying a single vote has apparently gone up so much that the KSP and KBI have been forced to launch an investigation.

Lt. Phil Crumpton, a state police spokesperson, says there are allegations of someone buying votes or trading beer for votes in Perry County.

“There was an allegation that either someone was buying votes or trading beer for votes in Perry County. We’re looking into that allegation,” said Lt. Phil Crumpton, spokesman for the state police. He said he could not confirm whether any arrests had been made.

There were blog comments deleted alleging physicians traded prescriptions for painkillers in exchange for votes but they’ve been deleted. Damn us for not taking a screen grab when we had the opportunity.

Looks like the age old practice of trading booze for votes is alive and well in our homeland. We love it!

Super Tuesday Update. MAKE IT STOP.

We can’t take another e-mail from Hillary or Obama. It has to stop today! This is brain damage-inducing madness.  Watching Britney Spears ruin her life was way more entertaining.  And we wanted to die during the height of that mess.  MAKE IT STOP!

The 30th District Senate race is gonna tick someone in Frankfort off tonight. We can be sure of that. Whether it’s Democratic whining or Republican whining– it’ll happen. [PolWatchers]

Don’t Forget: WHAS11’s Joe Arnold is hosting a Super Tuesday analysis show at tonight at 9:00 P.M. Guests will include Scott Jennings, Rep. Mike Ward, David Tandy, Trey Grayson, Olivia Morris Fuchs. Get ready for some serious attitude problems. Cat fight waiting to happen. [Joe Arnold]

History buff or complete nerd like us? Check out the H-L’s piece today about the Mary Todd Lincoln House. See Lexington as Abraham Lincoln saw it. [H-L]

The Hillbilly has a photo retrospective of the Most Reverend Ron Lewis over the years. Turns out he really enjoys riding in a Mercedes. [Hillbilly Report]

Court room violence some how parlayed into an argument against allowing ‘liberals’ to be put in charge of security? Something like that. And global terrorists are planning their assault right now. They’re coming to get you. Getting rid of ‘liberals’ can save us all. It’s arguments like these that absolutely kill the right wing’s chances of making any serious headway. Contrary to popular belief, railing on the evil ‘liberals’ doesn’t cause Democrats to vote for Republicans. [Bluegrass Bulletin]

There’s a Special Election on Tuesday

Three races will be decided: The 30th District Senate seat vacated by Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, the 95th District House seat formerly held by Greg Stumbo and the 6th District House seat in the far western reaches of the state.

Guess that’s not really our story. Our story is about the poo that’s hitting the fan in the 30th District among Republican Brandon Smith and Democratic candidate Scott Alexander. Hoo boy!

From Alessi:

Republicans have tagged Beshear and Mongiardo — whose former Senate seat is the prize in Tuesday’s election — as Democratic “political bosses” in radio ads. The commercials complain that the Democrats picked Alexander as the nominee through “backroom deals.”

A new ad describes Alexander as an easy “Yes” vote for Beshear’s forthcoming proposal to allow casino gambling.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s campaign’s most recent TV spot needles Republican Senate President David Williams for misspeaking on camera when he said Beshear was taking his first trip “out of the state to Bell and Harlan counties.”

“That’s right. To David Williams, we don’t even exist,” the ad’s announcer says, adding that Williams is “desperately clinging to power.

Excited yet? Tuesday will be absolutely insane.

Peep the Kim Geveden (He’s Greg Fischer’s campaign guy) and Adam Edelen (Beshear’s Homeland Security guy and KET chairman) produced commercials starring Alexander and Dan Mongiardo after the jump…

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Oh Snap Monday. Springtime in February Edition.

Al Cross loves talking about Bruce Lunsford and absolutely loves coming up with little analogies for his political ambitions. “If Lunsford makes it through the primary, the extravagantly funded McConnell will make a piñata out of him and his record. But Lunsford is probably the only Democrat with the money and party support to make a piñata out of McConnell.” But Cross fails to recognize Bruce isn’t capable of using his money to eat McConnell up without giving McConnell the chance to rake in more than $30 million overnight. [C-J]

Larry Dale Keeling says Steve Beshear screwed up in the 30th Senate District race and “That “non-endorsement” endorsement Beshear gave Bruce Lunsford in the Senate primary was also a mistake. Lunsford’s wealth makes him the instant favorite in the race. All Beshear’s statement did was needlessly alienate supporters of other D candidates.” Woopsie daisy. [H-L]

Rep. John Yarmuth gave MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough an Article 1 button that he wore while interviewing spineless Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. No word on whether or not she was terrified of the button or if she hit her head on any desks. And Cathy Bailey is back from Latvia. What’s next on her plate? RPK power? [C-J]

Pat Crowley comes unhinged over a bridge in northern Kentucky and sticks it to Kentucky’s pitiful legislature, “State legislators and business leaders are way too complicit in this tired poor-mouthing. A stand needs to be made; no, Mr. President, senators and congressmen – do your jobs, meet your responsibilities and don’t hand off the most expensive infrastructure project in our region’s history to the locals.” [Enquirer]

Mitch McConnell sneakily used University of Louisville faculty to feign endorsements and no one is happy about it. Better yet, UofL faculty were stupid enough to say in a public record e-mail that they want make their little political nightmare disappear. Do none of our state institutions have quality public relations staff? [C-J]

And just for kicks. We know Mondays are awful. Why not enjoy your morning?

Almost Ready to See Our Shadow Update

Millionaires who hate Democrats and the Democrats who love them. Imagine that. A non-Page One blogger dishing the dirt. They’re moments away from receiving the wrath of those opposed to the truth. Beware. [Yellow Dog via BGR]

Scrapping the run-off? The house has joined the senate with a bill to get rid of the headache Kentucky almost faced in 2007. Almost no one believes a run-off is necessary. Insane that we had the provision in the first place. [PolWatchers]

Ben Chandler and Ernesto Scorsone hate America. The two opposites of Jim Gooch were part of a forum on global warming held at the University of Kentucky yesterday. [H-L]

Pay for play politics? Surely you jest! Beshear appointed John Paul Chappell to a district judgeship just days after he gave Scott Alexander $200 for the 30th district senate race. Just a coincidence? No clue. You decide. We just hope a judgeship would sell for a lot more than $200 if that’s what’s going on. [PolWatchers]

70-cent cigarette tax proposed (instead of 30-cents that’s hot discussion these days) to ease budget constraints. Kudos to the legislature for this move! Not only would Kentucky benefit financially, but overall health would improve tremendously as Ernie Fletcher has repeatedly said. Goodbye, teen smoking! [Courier-Journal]

Delving into the political nightmares of both the Democratic and Republican parties of recent days.  Both Ron Lewis and Steve Beshear are causing drama. [Hebert]

And in case you missed our fuming a couple days ago, get up-to-date on the state domestic partner benefits ban. Welcome to the 19th century, Kentucky! [H-L]