Your Monday Afternoon Dept of Mindless Drivel

Really, Katherine Miller of Lexington, Kentucky? The election of racist Audra Shay as head of the Young Republicans is not a decisive or important factor? It’s okay to support someone who is outwardly racist and ridiculous when there were plenty of other, more capable, non-racist individuals you could have supported? [Indy Star]

Apparently it’s the norm of the far right to be racist and bigoted. Though, Kentucky’s Young Republicans allegedly supported other candidates. [Vancouver Sun]

What’s Shirley Willinhganz focused on? J. Bruce Miller, U.S. News & World Report and other rankings. Still. Rankings. That’s what she’s focused on during the most tumultuous period at the University of Louisville in recent decades. [Shirley’s Op-Ed]

Maybe some day leaders of the Commonwealth will recognize that they actually have to do something to help eastern Kentucky? Maybe they’ll recognize we’ve gotta do something about corruption borne of poverty and drug addiction? [H-L]

Lurry Dayul echoes the gossip we’ve spread about Steve Beshear naming his new running mate on the weekend of July 20th. Make sure you read the last line of his Sunday column about KACo – consider this a pee alert. [Larry Dale Keeling]

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Oh Snap Monday! Mongiardo’s Numbers Still MIA

The feds are seeking about $5 million from the Clay County vote buyers. Hoo boy, what a mess. Once again, Eastern Kentucky suffers. But it’d be nice if the feds used that cash to benefit Clay County. [H-L]

Could taxing the super-rich help pay for America’s health plan? Yup. [NY Times]

Even the Congressional Budget Office says the public option is great. [The New Republic]

What was that, losing naysayers, about Jack Conway not having a position on cap & trade? He favors it, as long as there are provisions that protect American consumers and businesses. Meaning he opposes some of the intricacies as originally filed. [Joe Gerth]

Which GOP senator groped David Brooks at dinner? [DownWithTyranny]

Mitch McConnell has cost the University of Louisville foundation $360,000 fighting the Courier-Journal’s request for donor records. $360,000! [Nancy Rodriguez]

Since we’re on the topic, get a load of the contributors: Carla Wallace ($1 million since 2004 – she puts her money where her mouth is!), Norton Health Care, Yum!, Toyota, Gheens Foundation, Jim Ramsey ($237,610 – money he’s already getting from the Foundation), Jerry Abramson ($276? or $276,000?), Betty & David Jones ($1 million). [More From Nancy]

We love watching the delusional in their attempts to run against John Yarmuth. [WHAS11]

The tea party people? They still love them some Sarah Palin. If that tells you anything. [Ronnie Ellis]

Really? The African American community in Louisville is going to feign outrage at John Yarmuth for being pissed that the energy debate was interrupted for MICHAEL JACKSON? Really? Gimme an effing break. Yeah, he’s a total racist who hates all black (white?) people. [Jim Carroll]

More Mountain Water Board Embarrassment?

Something like that.

Here’s the latest from the Appalachian News-Express:

FRANKFORT — A final decision on the eligibility of two Mountain Water District commissioners has not been reached by the Kentucky Public Service Commission, but may be soon.


The source of that controversial measure, which was placed in the House’s budget bill during last month’s special session, has never been publicly stated. But, during the hearing, a question arose about the new law.


“Our commission staff will respectfully submit three issues: What are the boundaries of the water district? Do the commissioners reside within those boundaries, and, if not, are they a customer who receives water service from the water district?” he said.


However, questioning by the PSC Thursday, and from Wuetcher indicated the PSC may be skeptical about whether akers and litafik’ business connections qualify them as “customers” of the district.

The new law did not define what a “customer” of the district is.

Akers testified she believes she is a customer of the district through businesses owned by her husband.


However, during the hearing Thursday, Akers admitted that the bills for water service are paid by the corporations owned by her husband and she is not an officer of the corporations.

The same line of questioning met Litafik, who testified he is an owner of L & M Mart in Kimper, which receives water service from Mountain Water District, which qualifies him as a customer.

But, under questioning by Wuetcher, Litafik testified that the water bills are paid by that corporation, not directly by him.

PSC Chairman David Armstrong also said the issue of Akers and Litafik’s was brought before the PSC prior to the change in law, which brought up more questions.

Keith Hall is shaking in his boots, busily wondering if he’ll be discovered or not.

Meanwhile, Kentuckians everywhere suffer thanks to unethical legislation brought forth by unethical legislators who lie and deceive them in an attempt to personally benefit.

Woe unto the corruption of Frankfort.

Thursday Dept of Senate Campaign Bickering

Is July 21st the magical date when Jerry Abramson plans to announce his decision to run for Lt. Governor? That’s what we hear.

You mean you still need proof that the national party supports Jack Conway over Daniel Mongiardo? [The Hill]

Frank Simon is spreading the homo pedophile fear again. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Wonder if Frank will be going to see Outrage this weekend? [LEO Weekly]

You should read this big story about AIG. [Vanity Fair]

Could Julie Denton get into any more trouble? Goodness. [Debbie Yetter]

Jerry Abramson hints at a run for Lt. Governor while in Charleston this week. [WSAZ]

Rand Paul is now having fun attacking both Jim Bunning and Trey Grayson for doing the very same thing he is doing. [Joe Gerth]

The state board of education is delaying its choice for education commissioner. Mainly because the potential new folks suck ass. Yes, I said it. One even has ties to Robert Felner. [C-J]

Two in Perry County pleaded not guilty for vote buying. And prosecutors fear intimidation of witnesses. [H-L]

Finally, this must be why Republicans love Fox News. [Wonkette]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Foreigner Health Care

We’re giving away tickets to the Blues & Barbecue festival in Louisville this weekend. Enter to win. Lots of tickets to give away. [FREE STUFF!]

Who on earth sends a letter to dozens of people claiming to contain anthrax? Definitely no one sane. Love that the C-J only reports on the Republicans receiving it, though. [C-J]

Cause the Herald-Leader has the full-on story about some nutbag in Big Sandy sending the letters to dozens of offices. [H-L]

What happens when you don’t own the land? Kentucky Democrats are so far behind it’s ridiculous and embarrassing. Pretty sure you’ll want to read this article involving Appalachia. [Keep It Rural]

One of our most favorite people, Mason Rudd, died over the weekend. Sad. [C-J]

Just in case you need another reason not to use your social security number. [Washington Post]

The state school board is interviewing four people for the job of education commissioner. Catherine Cross Maple, Michael Sentance, Dennis Cheek and Terry Holliday. Never, ever a Kentuckian. Ever. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell sure is right about those damn foreigners and their scary health care, isn’t he? [Yglesias]

Who knew? The bid rigging trial will go on. A judge refused to dismiss it. Everyone is so surprised. [Bluegrass Politics]

Pee alert: Glenn “Daniel Mongiardo’s Best Friend” Beck in a nutshell. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Barack Obama Should End Mountaintop Removal

When will Barack Obama actually do something about mountaintop removal?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wants to know.

President Obama should go to Appalachia and see mountaintop removal. My father visited Appalachia in 1966 and was so horrified by strip mining — then in its infancy — that he made it a key priority of his political agenda. He complained that Appalachia, with our nation’s richest natural resources, was home to America’s poorest populations, its worst education system, and its highest illiteracy and unemployment rates. These statistics are even grimmer today as mining saps state wealth. In 1966, 46,000 West Virginia miners were collecting salaries and pensions and reinvesting in their communities. Mechanization has shrunk that number to fewer than 11,000. They extract more coal annually, but virtually all the profits leave the state for Wall Street.

The coal industry provides only 2 percent of the jobs in Central Appalachia. Wal-Mart employs more people than the coal companies in West Virginia. Last month a major study documented how coal imposes a net cost to Kentucky of more than $100 million per year. Coal is not an economic engine in the coalfields. It is an extraction engine.

Obama has the authority to end mountaintop removal, without further action from Congress and without formal rulemaking. He just needs to make the coal barons obey the law.

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