Keith Hall Blames David Williams & More

Keith Hall, the man likely behind the corrupt change in state law to help water board commissioners/line his pockets, is blaming David Williams for the change in legislation. Despite, of course, the fact that both Greg Stumbo and David Williams say the measure did not come from the State Senate. And Greg Stumbo has already said in the press that Hall was behind it.

Take a look at this bit from the Appalachian News-Express’ Russ Cassady:

According to Hall, in a meeting last week in Frankfort, between he, Stumbo, and the 94th Dist. state Rep. Leslie Combs, Stumbo said the measure “came from the Senate.”

Combs confirmed this week the conversation between she, Stumbo and Hall did occur last week, and said she does recall a reference being made to the state Senate. But, Combs also said she doesn’t remember Stumbo saying the measure “came from the Senate.”

“I don’t remember it specifically being said that way,” Combs said.

Stumbo, however, said Hall must have “misunderstood” what he said during the meeting, and his only reference to the Senate was to say that the senate budget staff had cleared the language before introduction.


But, Stumbo said he had no communication with anyone in the Senate on the issue.

“I want to be very clear about it; I never spoke with any senator about that,” he said. “Nobody ever talked to me. That was staff communication.”

Here’s Hall blaming David Williams:

Hall said if the measure came from the Senate, he believes Senate President David Williams to the be the source, because of Williams’ “ties” to former Kentucky Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert and road contractor Leonard Lawson.

“I assumed it was David Williams,” Hall said.


Lourdes Baez-Schrader, communications director for Williams, said Friday the senate president’s response is that, “(Stumbo) is right,” that the Senate had nothing to do with the measure. The language, she said, was in the budget submitted from the House to the Senate.

Seems fishy that Hall would have repeatedly said – officially and in prepared statements – that he had no idea who was responsible, isn’t it? Especially if he thought David Williams was responsible. It’s almost as if he’s tossing blame around now that the heat is on to see if it’ll stick elsewhere.

Trust me – you’re gonna wanna read the rest of this story after the jump…

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Oh Snap Monday! It’s Already Labor Day

And since it’s Labor Day, we won’t be publishing much here on the internets. Mostly because I’ll be traveling around the country and such after spending several days in Washington, D.C.

There are 44 coal ash ponds in Kentucky. No wonder we’re all sick. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell is the last person who should be concerned about costs. Mr. Porker wastes billions in Kentucky every year. [Bowling Green Daily News]

Keeping God in Kentucky homeland security law may be the most ridiculous thing yet. [Bluegrass Politics]

This is why Jerry Abramson’s administration is a total mess. Appealing a decision to pay firefighters. Of all people. [C-J]

Reps. Jim Wayne and Darryl Owens are right. It’s ridiculous to keep kids from watching Barack Obama’s speech. [H-L]

No, the “tea party” isn’t non-partisan. Kudos to Democrats for finally speaking up. [Joe Gerth]

We’re sorry to hear that Rand Paul was hospitalized and we will refrain from cracking any jokes. [Joe Arnold]

TGIF! Scary Barack Obama Will Scare You

Good morning from fancy Washington, D.C. You’ll never know if we’re wearing a blue dress.

Told you there was trouble in the Fayette County jail. [H-L]

Eat and greet with Gatewood! [Facebook]

What the heck is with this troubled prison in Greg Stumbo’s neck of the woods? [C-J]

“Jim Bunning, whose second career as a public crazyperson, now drawing to a humiliatingly pathetic close…” Heh. [DownWithTyrrany]

John Yarmuth bit somebody’s finger off during his health care rally thing. [HuffPo]

Really, Kentucky? You’re such racist rednecks that you can’t let your children watch a speech from President Barack Obama about the importance of staying in school? All right for making it more and more tough to defend the Bluegrass State. [C-J]

More parking troubles for Louisville. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Blue Grass Airport scandal just won’t die. Ever. [H-L]

Woe Unto Thee, Eastern Kentucky!

Attorney General Jack Conway just announced the indictments of two Magoffin Countians on charges of jury tampering and retaliating against a participation in the legal process.

Gladys Allen, 64, was indicted on one count of retaliating. Her grandson, Jarred Allen, 18, was indicted on three counts of jury tampering. The charges are Class D felonies and carry a sentence of one to five years per count. Both have entered not guilty pleas.

The charges come from events that took place during a trial last month in Magoffin Circuit Court of family member Chester Allen on charges of first degree sodomy. Jurors were allegedly being intimidated by Allen’s relative and someone threatened Commonwealth’s Attorney Graham Martin.

If convicted, their crimes are, you know, pretty bad.

Your Late Hump Day Dept of Selling Drugs

Taking part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this year? Here’s your chance to give back even more. Commonwealth Bank will match your $25 race entry fee with an additional $25. Just hit their website and register to be a part of Team Extreme. Free t-shirt, double your dollars to Komen (no strings attached) and that’s it. [Clicky Clicky]

Papaw Steve is getting ready to start fundraising for the 2011 gubernatorial election. [Tom Loftus]

Speaking of Papaw Burns, he’s created an executive task force on “Biomass and Biofuels Development.” Such names as Len Peters, Larry Hayes, Johnny Ray Turner, Kenneth Winters, Tanya Pullin, Richie Farmer and a bunch of others. Pretty sure that’s going nowhere fast. [Press Release]

Pfizer will pay Kentucky $5.4 million for medicaid fraud and consumer protection violations. It’s the largest settlement in history in a health care fraud matter. Pfizer will ultimately pay the states $2.3 billion. Pfizer marketed Bextra for conditions and dosages other than those for which it was approved, promoted antipsychotic drugs for off-label conditions, sold pain meeds for unapproved conditions and made false representations about the safety and efficacy of Zyvox, an antibiotic. And, of course, is alleged to have made illegal payments to health care professionals to entice them to promote and prescribe their drugs. [Press Release]

Louisville and Humana get a fancy feature in Fast Company. The health insurance giant plans to take bike-sharing mainstream. [Fast Company]

Former Whitesburg magistrate Homer Rose Jr and his brother, Richard Wayne Rose, were arrested for allegedly putting together a drug ring to sell Oxycontin in Knott, Perry and Letcher counties. [AP via H-L]

The future of Kentucky Retirement Systems will be decided on the 19th when the Executive Branch Ethics Commission makes a final decision on whether or not to investigate the KRS. You should probably contact EBEC to let them know what you think. [Click Here to Do That]

Your Hump Day Morning Dept of Pig Stank

It’s cute how Mitch McConnell is holding health care town halls in other states but NOT Kentucky. [Think Progress]

Rachel Maddow will give you the lesbian swine flu. [HuffPo]

Robin Webb was sworn in as a State Senator on Monday. [Daily Independent]

All right for some Paul Patton-esque scandal! Governor Sanford’s lieutenant is a closeted gay-hater. [Mike Rogers]

Muhammad Ali met with his relatives… in Ireland. Really. [More HuffPo]

Ben Chandler probably won’t have the guts to support health care for all. [Bluegrass Politics]

Got two unpaid parking tickets in Louisville? You’re gonna get the boot. [C-J]

Should Jack Conway stop playing Blue Dog if he wants to defy traditional mid-term successes of the opposition? Or should he run as a legit candidate who tells the truth? [They Gave Us A Republic]

The pig slaughtering factory exists in its current location because David Tandy is afraid to do anything. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Your Regular Tuesday Morning Time Wasters

We’re glad to see Rand Paul’s campaign and his supporters realize they must follow the law when it comes to campaign finance. Also glad to see the mainstream media took note of the potential sticky situation. [Jack Brammer]

$10,000 in fines were levied against Austin Powder Company by the Division of Mine Reclamation for unsafe use of explosives and causing a flyrock incident resulting from unsafe practices. A home in Hippo, KY was hit by a flying boulder, knocking the home from its foundation and causing a hole four feet wide, six feet deep and nine feet high. The blasting work was contracted and performed for Frasure Creek Mining Company LLC. [Press Release]

John Yarmuth announced yesterday that $1.6 million in Department of Defense funds were awarded to the University of Louisville to support cell-transplant research. [Business First]

How talkative about Kentucky is our Washington delegation? [Gabe “Robot” Bullard]

The Rand Paul people don’t just go crazy on this website, they go crazy on Joe’s, as well. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Is this guy in Northern Kentucky (Eric Deters) insane for trying to take on police? [Law Reader]


Daniel Mongiardo thinks it won’t matter that he’s broke. [Joe Arnold]

The manager of Greenbo Lake State Resort Park was suspended for 15 days for having a cash bar in a dry county. [Bluegrass Politics]