Short Update Dept. It’s Tuesday. Weather is Awesome Edition.

We’ll be sporadic for a few hours. Everyone decided to schedule every appointment on earth today.

Fischer gets an embarrassing mention in The Hill, as the publication names Lunsford the pick of national Democrats. Or maybe it’s not embarrassing because being the ‘pick’ is a little embarrassing. [The Hill]

Looks like 400 attended the Obama opening in Lexington last evening. And the RNC’s Mike Duncan was kind of in the mix. Not bad for central Kentucky. [PolWatchers]

Scott Alexander, while apparently a loving father, really is a giant tool when it comes to being a state representative. He went to Costa Rica for a week DURING THE SESSION after being told not to by Jody Richards and Rocky Adkins. Imagine that. [H-L]

Really, who is king of Frankfort? Harry Moberly? David Williams? They have both been known to embarrass us as Kentuckians. And lately, the craziest one seems to be more bi-partisan and honest than the calm and collected guy. So who is it? [C-J]

Proof the Kentucky Democratic Party is turning Republican-lite? Dunno. But definitely not because Thom Karmik, the KDP’s new spokesperson, once worked for a Republican and criticized Dick Durbin for being worthless. The KDP has sorely needed new blood who could be critical of their own party for decades. Anyone who disagrees has never stepped foot in Frankfort. [Brett Hall]

Teacher layoffs on the horizon? Yay, Steve Beshear! The education governor! [PolWatchers]

Oh Snap Monday. 75 Degrees Already Edition.

Ben Chandler pretends to be a steward of good economic policy by protecting Americans from credit card company greed. Totally ignoring the fact that he’s the reason credit card companies are now more powerful than ever. Cause you know Americans really benefited from that fancy bankruptcy bill he helped along. [News-Graphic]

Rep. Reginald Meeks (D-Louisville) seems bitter at mountainfolk and complains about the Stumbo-brokered budget deal with David Williams. Someone should probably tell Meeks that if the House had any backbone– if leadership wasn’t incompetent– that maybe we’d have a budget that wasn’t broken and embarrassing. [C-J]

Speaking of leadership, Greg Stumbo is showing it and everyone is taking notice. “Stumbo, down there, has really shown some leadership,” said GOP state Sen. Brandon Smith of Hazard. “He stepped up and tried to get everybody together” over the budget. [H-L]

The General Assembly, in a move that proves complete incompetence and lack of leadership, has raided Kentucky’s boards and commissions. Instead of policing corrupt doctors, lawyers and such the butt cramps who run Frankfort have decided licensing fees should flow into the general fund. [C-J]

Diane Brumback, of Kentucky Women, is shifting her gears with her website in an effort to raise awareness about the life-saving benefits of early breast cancer detection. Diane, recently diagnosed, has chosen to make her personal battle public in an attempt to save lives. [Kentucky Women]

Jeff Poole attacks John Yarmuth by claiming he supports racism by serving as a director of Planned Parenthood of Kentucky. The local organization doesn’t provide abortions, but that doesn’t stop Poole from leading readers to believe that Yarmuth stands up for killing babies. And he claims Yarmuth is responsible for Planned Parenthood donors being able to designate which race their charitible contribution may benefit. Hrm. Long shot much? [BGRS]

Brandon Spencer Story Unfolds

What’s that? Why, it’s the sound of Brandon Spencer getting a $60,000 state job after resigning so Greg Stumbo could take his place in the State house.

Imagine that.

An eastern Kentucky lawmaker who resigned abruptly just three weeks before the start of the 2008 General Assembly session has taken a $60,000-a-year state job in the Transportation Cabinet.
Transportation Cabinet spokesman Chuck Wolfe said Spencer started work on Tuesday as a field representative in the Office of Intergovernmental Relations for eastern Kentucky working from an office in Pikeville.

Chelsea Clinton Update & More

Looks like the news we broke yesterday about Chelsea Clinton was on the money. Ryan Alessi reports that the former First Daughter will be at the University of Kentucky on Tuesday at 1:00 P.M.

And her dad, former President Bill Clinton, will be back in the Bluegrass on Thursday for a rally and fundraiser at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville.

What’s it say about the presidential race when Hillary Clinton’s campaign (she’s ahead by a bunch in Kentucky) floods Kentucky for two weeks and Barack Obama hasn’t stepped foot across the state line since last year? We hope his team has their ducks in a row and starts flooding rural Kentucky with visit after visit.

Related note: The Clinton campaign hasn’t just ignored a potential campaign finance snafu they’ve gotten sucked into by Steve Henry (more about that HERE), but we hear the campaign is now allowing Henry to use his controversial building owned by a 501(c)3 non-profit to distribute campaign yard signs for Hillary. We won’t be the first to say “I told you so” when the time comes. Aligning with a man embroiled in a major investigation is hardly an intelligent move.

Heather French Henry is Reason Enough to Back Barack Obama Instead of Hillary Clinton

In a story on National Journal’s Hotline On Call from Morehead (Yes, Morehead! Our original hometown. Made national press. We love it.) about former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Kentucky, we noticed something that totally prevents us from remaining silent on the matter today.

Check out Heather French Henry’s comments:

Heather French Henry, a former Miss America and wife of former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry, joined Clinton at two of his stops. Speaking before the Maysville event, she recalled how Clinton singled her out for her work on behalf of veterans when he was president. And, she took a swipe at Barack Obama as she praised Hillary for her advocacy for veterans.

“Now see, I know that some out there may have the audacity to hope, but Sen. Hillary Clinton has the audacity to actually do the work that it takes to be the next president of the United States,” she said.

Let’s just go ahead and say it: Heather French Henry is a tired has-been, just like her husband, and needs to leave politics once and for all. She has no future.

I guess being sued by her publisher for allegedly pocketing $400,000 wasn’t enough to shut her ego up. Nor was allegedly losing all of her television work thanks to the actions of her husband. But we can’t say anything else, sadly, for obvious reasons.

Let’s just go ahead and say this, though: You should support Barack Obama for president if for no other reason than Steve and Heather French Henry are backing Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather. Don’t forget it. Birds. Of. A. Feather.

Scott Alexander’s Campaign Finance Problem

Scott Alexander has a serious campaign finance situation to explain. His special election campaign for the 30th District State Senate seat in eastern Kentucky (the Special Election was held on February 5, 2008) didn’t itemize any of its disbursements on campaign finance reports filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. It’s anyone’s best guess about where more than $250,000 went.

And you thought the Special Election mess was behind us.

Alexander’s 15-day Pre-Election Report to the KREF – through the period ending 01/21/2008 – has his disbursements listed as “TOTAL” with a total of $116,195.91 spent. The report was amended/refiled on 02/08/2008 and still doesn’t include itemized disbursements.

But it gets better. Alexander’s 30-day Post-Election Report to KREF – through the period ending 03/06/2008 – has his campaign’s disbursements listed as “VARIOUS” with a total of $136,597.45 spent.

Boils down to this: beyond all of the alleged medling, vote buying and disenfranchisement by the Democrats, Scott Alexander and his campaign staff (KDP?) didn’t even bother to follow campaign finance regulations.

Someone has a lot of explaining to do today – not tomorrow. A full itemization needs to be made available to the public ASAP. And with all of the allegations flying around, it would probably be a good idea to include receipts. Because we smell another RPK complaint and should hope for one if people (anyone in the state) think they can get away with even so much as overlooking the very legislation we have put in place in the Commonwealth to protect our citizens from public corruption.

Tuesday Update. Closer to Friday than Yesterday.

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the endorsement of the year – after months of nail biting and bated breath. We totally don’t understand why someone off the street making an “endorsement” matters? Daniel Solzman has “endorsed” Bruce Lunsford for U.S. Senate. [Things that make you go hmm]

Heather French Henry gets a mention in the story about George Clooney’s shindig in Maysville but her husband doesn’t get mentioned for being the former Lt. Governor. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. [Enquirer]

The state senate approved a budget with no new taxes. Meaning we’ll never have a budget in Kentucky. Further restoring everyone’s great faith in Frankfort. Special session is on its way. [PolWatchers]

Don’t forget that former President Bill Clinton is all over Kentucky today. 10:30 rally at the Frankfort Convention Center. 12:15 veterans event at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds American Legion Building. 2:30 rally at Mason County High School. 5:45 rally at the Morehead Conference Center. Everyone go take all kinds of pictures as you fawn all over the big dog. [The Arena]

Steve Beshear is now wondering why he bothered to run for governor. His approval rating fell below 50% and more Kentuckians disapprove of him than approve. WHAS11/Survey USA polling data say 46% approve, 48% disapprove. Those same numbers were 52-38 in February, meaning there’s been a six percent drop in less than a month. Ruh ro. [Hebert, Crosstabs]