Oh Snap Monday! Fancy Farm Was Boring

Jerry Abramson said Robin Webb will win the State Senate seat. I think Jerry Abramson should go campaign for her. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Herald-Leader staff have archived all the speeches from Fancy Farm 2009. [Bluegrass Politics]

Coal appreciation day was held Saturday. Did anyone go? What went down? [WKYT]

Good on Greg Stumbo for hosting a golf tournament to benefit the new Highlands Center for Autism in eastern Kentucky. [H-L]

Anne Northup’s hearing before the Senate will take place Wednesday. Can’t wait to hear all the questions she won’t be asked about whether she’s qualified to be a part of the Consumer Production Safety Commission. Wonder if this in some way could help her husband’s fancy radio business? [C-J]

Who wants to tear down this ridiculous editorial published in Maysville’s Ledger-Independent attacking John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler? [Ledger-Independent]

Daniel Mongiardo went to Balitmore to talk about e-health. Despite the fact that his own governor removed him from the e-health committee. Ha. [KY Post]

It’s official. Trey Grayson has decided to pretend he dislikes the gays. And with that comes us working against him 24/7. The transformation to McConnell-lite has begun. And, really, Rand Paul? “Announcing” your candidacy on Glenn Beck? HAHAHA. [H-L]

Western Kentuckians are ticked at Jim Bunning for killing the Delta Queen. [Henderson Gleaner]

Who needs this silly health care reform, anyway? [Newsweek]

Mike Pence, the guy Brad Cummings and other Louisville Republicans touted as the second coming, just cold makes crap up. [HuffPo]

Aww, Rand Paul got played off the stage at Fancy Farm. [Scott Jennings]

TGIF! Fancy Farm Is Here Again!

Thank goodness we will NOT be there in the heat, humidity and sickening aroma of dead pig.

Don’t forget the Golden B.S. Awards. Make your nominations for each category today! [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4]

How cute. Now Mitch McConnell is accusing Democrats of trying to kill old people. [AP]

Nope, David Tandy will not be Louisville’s next mayor. [WFPL]

Hal Rogers’ fancy National Bio Agro Defense Facility isn’t coming to southeastern Kentucky after all. It’s going to Kansas. [Jim Bruggers]

Even the fancy radio people recognize that Rand Paul’s supporters aren’t Kentuckians. [Gabe Bullard]

That Barack Obama put Anne Northup on the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thanks to Mitch McConnell. Someone should ask Northup if she’s still consuming and operating vehicles. Like John Yarmuth said, hopefully she will “fulfill her responsbilities to protect the public health and safety.” [Jim Carroll]

Gay-hating Republicans in Kentucky don’t have much to cheer in the 2010 Senate primary. Nor do gay-hating Kentucky Democrats, which are just as plentiful. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Tom Wills will no longer be on the teevee because he is just way too old for people to understand him. Naturally, a young lady will replace him. That’s how teevee works. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Thursday Afternoon Dept of Spreading Golden Poo

We’re on Day Four of the Golden B.S. Awards. Make your nominations for each category today! [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4]

Southern Political Report says Steve Henry was a failure of a lieutenant governor. [Southern Political Report]

Media may be barred from Sarah Palin’s first public appearance after sucking hard and quitting. But you know she’ll be foaming at the mouth as she arrives and departs, making sure to get as much airtime as possible. [Reuters]

There’s a greater chance that Jim Gooch could refrain from eating an entire coconut cake than there is Joni Jenkins running for mayor. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Fancy Farm is going to be boring this year. The only excitement will be when Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth show Jerry Abramson who’s boss. [Ronnie Ellis]

You know it’s bad when Don Imus says Lou Dobbs is acting like a “Grassy Knoll Nut.” [HuffPo]

Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear are pushing everyone under the sun to swallow possible $3 tolls like it’s nothing. And who wants to rubber stamp their vision of exorbitant tolls almost no one can afford or wants to pay? David Tandy. The guy who thinks he can be mayor. The guy who has squandered every opportunity to lead that we’ve kept count of. [Tyler Allen]

Jack Ditty reported raising nearly $27K for the special election. Robin Webb reported no funds. Guess that’s proof the horsey folks are set to drop a gazillion dollars at her? [Bluegrass Politics]

Robin Webb’s New Radio Spot

You know, we’re all for supporting Robin Webb, but, uh…

Listen to her first radio ad:


Yeah. Not sure what to think about it but it certainly doesn’t leave us with an idea that Webb is someone we should be voting for on any particular date. The only thing we know is that Jesus lifted a big rock off of her in some coal mine or maybe it was a fancy story she wrote, we can’t tell for sure.

And “Christian” values? That’s something that could be easily spun. Especially after all Republican Party mudslinging and personal attacks against her in recent weeks. Hopefully the situation will play out a lot like this.

Doesn’t the Kentucky Democratic Party realize it’s probably not the best idea to use a Miley Cyrus video on Webb’s campaign website in an attempt to promote her candidacy? Something tells me Cyrus’ record label wouldn’t give permission for her work to be used in a political campaign. Let’s hear it for the start of amateur hour.

Is the Beshear bunch already messing this up for her?

What a Way to Start Your Wednesday Morning

Don’t forget to submit your nominations for the Golden B.S. Awards! Day One: Person Responsible for Legislation Requiring the Most Lubricant. Day Two: Reporter Most Likely to Make You Kick Your Television, Burn Your Newspaper or Toss Your Computer. [Day One & Day Two]

MAJOR PEE ALERT! How Mitch McConnell Ended Jim Bunning’s Senate Career. [TIME Magazine]

The Office of the Attorney General once again says that the Jefferson County Board of Education violated the open-meetings law with Sheldon Berman. JCPS needs to put up or shut up. What’s the district got to hide? It’s time to come clean. [C-J]

David Hawpe is retiring! Told ya so! [The ‘Ville Voice]

Someone finally paid $800,000 for Cave Hill. And a spot in Kentucky’s, ahem, interesting history is almost saved. Once it sells again. Maybe. [H-L]

Jack Ditty and the Republicans are sorely confused if they think horse money won’t impact that race. [Tom Loftus]

Quite an interesting timeline of Jim Bunning’s quit-a-thon. [Roll Call]

The anatomy of a Rand Paul money bomb. Sam Edelen takes a great look at it all. What the story doesn’t mention is that Trevor Lyman is just about the only person really supporting Rand Paul and is the guy behind nearly every comment made about him on any website, anywhere. It’s going to be hilarious to watch them try to raise a million bucks in a single day. [Kentucky Gazette]

Kids in Kentucky are getting the short end of the stick. [Kids Count]

Mitch McConnell keeps talking smack but still hasn’t delivered a health care bill. [Politico]

Your Morning Dept of Jim Bunning Flustercuck

Don’t forget to tell us who should win the golden poo award for being the “Person Responsible for Legislation Requiring the Most Lubricant.” Another award category will be live this afternoon. [Page One]

The RNC plans to spend $1 million in August to fight health care reform. Ben Chandler’s district is one that will be targeted. [Talking Points Memo]

Before you get too excited over the pr hype pushed by various real estate groups that new home sales are increasing? Gotta remember that they’re still down a whopping 21%. [Consumerist]

We love that the Courier-Journal is back at almost plagiarizing by quoting people without citing their name and without linking to their stories. Nice. Unfortunately, we can’t feel too sorry for anyone who is victim to the C-J’s ridiculousness. It’s happened to Page One and our other sites more than 100 times. Welcome to the club. [Zach Everson]

Now that Jim Bunning has dropped out of the race, what will become of Daniel Mongiardo? [Bunning Drops]

Guy Gibbons, an Independent, as filed to run in the August 25th special election for the State Senate seat vacated by Charlie Borders. Whose hands do you think are all over this mess, kids? [Bluegrass Politics]

The national political scene is all atwitter over Jim Bunning’s retirement. And they’re calling Jack Conway the frontrunner. [WaPo’s The Fix]

Reuters reported that a “Republican source said Trey Grayson, currently Kentucky’s secretary of State, was a likely Republican candidate.” Guess Reuters didn’t notice that Grayson’s had a campaign together and raised more than $600,000? [Reuters]

Wonkette readers went crazy over Jim Bunning’s quit-a-thon. They’ve all got a you-know-what for Jack Conway. [Wonkette]

Oh Snap Monday! Fancy Farm’s This Week

Why has the Kentucky Association of Counties spent $200,000 in two years for advertising during UK basketball games? WTF kind of waste is THAT? Every day we learn something new that makes us hope KACo is dissolved entirely. What a g.d. farce. That money really would be better spent on hookers and coke. And maybe a house boy or two. Jesus. [Ryan Alessi]

Darrel Brock, former head of the Republican Party of Kentucky, and a former commissioner in Ernie Fletcher’s office, paid a $1,000 settlement with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. Brock was charged with violating personnel hiring laws by making decisions based on political registration. All right for a Friday evening news dump. [H-L & C-J]

First blood diamonds, now blood computers? Ugh. [TIME Magazine]

Mitch McConnell is now accusing President Barack Obama of tampering with the Congressional Budget Office. We still haven’t seen McConnell’s alternative health care plan. Because it doesn’t exist. Because it will never exist. Because he just wants to be an obstructionist. A hypocrite. A rich man pretending he has a clue about living life as an everyday American. [Politico]

A study has linked exposure to pollution with kids’ lower IQ. Eastern Kentucky much? [More TIME]

Betty Sue Whitaker admitted to falsifying mine reports and failing to do other parts of her job. But here’s the kicker: she only had to resign and was only required to pay a $1,500 fine to the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. $1,500 after probably wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and risking countless lives. [Tom Loftus]

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