Thursday. Kentucky is Still Broke. Newt’s Coming.

Special session is on the way. Governor Beshear is meeting with House and Senate leaders this morning to discussion a fix of the pension system. A 10:00 A.M. press conference is involved to discuss the broken system which, believe it or not, could be bankrupted in about a decade if we don’t do something to stave off disaster since there are currently billions in unfunded liabilities. [H-L]

At a time when the entire state is broke or whatever, David Williams is moving forward with spending a butt ton of money to renovate offices in the Capitol Annex in Frankfort. Because you know how sad and shameful it is for a state senator to have a tiny office. Okay, honestly, who the eff cares how large their crappy office in Frankfort happens to be? [Hebert]

Meanwhile, the budget crunch (which is quite real and does exist, contrary to Republican talking points) is forcing public defenders all over Kentucky to turn away poor clients who need attorneys. Let’s see how long our court system can stay afloat with no money and an ever-shrinking staff. Good luck if you’re stuck in legal limbo. [C-J]

Newt Gingrich, Larry Sabato and others are headliners for The Council of State Governments’ event in Lexington that begins today. We’re not sure if Newt will discuss leaving his wife as she’s on her deathbed or anything but if you’re going this weekend, let us know of anything exciting. [PolWatchers]

The Mexicans are taking over! Somebody call Doug Hawkins in Louisville so he can protect our white women and attack the Courier-Journal for being elitist or whatever. Why does the Courier-Journal hate America and love terrorist Rachel Ray? [C-J]

If you’ve some how missed it, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan is coming clean about the Bush Administration. He says the Valerie Plame leak case was the turning point for him and goes on from there. Watch his interview on Today at the link and watch MSNBC tonight at 8:00 for his interview with Keith Olbermann. [MSNBC]

Racism in the Bluegrass Issue Raging On

Did 21 percent of Kentucky Democrats really admit they voted against Barack Obama because he’s black? You bet your shoeless ass they did. And this week LEO’s Phillip Bailey wrote about it all.

“There was no way Obama could win in Kentucky,” said Osi Onyekwaluje, a lawyer from Bowling Green who ran as a Republican candidate for state auditor in 2003. Onyekwaluje dismisses the argument that Obama’s defeat was related to his lack of personal visits to more rural parts of the state. Though Obama and his wife, Michelle, made only a handful of appearances in the biggest cities, the Obama campaign had more than 16 offices with hundreds of staffers across Kentucky, outnumbering Clinton.

“It’s not because Obama didn’t come here,” Onyekwaluje said. “That’s a bunch of horse manure. These folks had already made up their minds. Kentucky just hates to be called out.”
“The governor glossed over it and acted as if he didn’t want to deal with it,” Cunningham told LEO. Democrats especially, Cunningham said, ought to be mindful about the message sent to African-American voters, who have been the party’s bedrock. “It speaks volumes about the state.”

LEO left several messages requesting comment from the Governor’s office; they did not call back by press time.

And Jennifer Moore, Chairwoman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, is still spinning out of control.

Jennifer Moore, chairwoman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, questions the legitimacy and accuracy of the exit interviews.

“I don’t know where those exit polls were conducted,” Moore told LEO.

Note to Jennifer: Stop. You’re not doing yourself any favors in your adopted hometown by pretending exit polling didn’t take place/pretending that it didn’t matter/wasn’t accurate. Just accept reality and move on.

Memorial Day Weekend Update Dept of Crazy

Did you see Keith Olbermann rip Hillary Clinton a new butt hole on Countdown last night? Holy crap. You’ve gotta watch it. Right now. You’ll pee a little bit regardless of your political affiliation because it’s just that good. Here’s betting ten bucks the “Hillary Rapid Responders” boycott KO and Countdown or whatever. [MSNBC Video]

What would happen if former Governor of Vermont/presidential candidate/current DNC chair Howard Dean came to town and no one noticed? Oh, right. That actually happened. And people were there with cameras to prove it. [Louisville Dem Photos]

The Courier-Joural editorial board chapped Mitch McConnell’s ass over the hypocrisy of negative campaigning. He got all prissy pants and cried to supporters that Bruce Lunsford would run a negative campaign– like no one knows that Mitchy is the king of negative and nasty campaigns. The phrase “Bush-Cheney-McConnell administration” is no political fiction. It’s a grim reality. If pointing that out is negative campaigning, then Mr. Lunsford should do as much of it as possible. [C-J]

Did you know? Barack Obama is still black! And there are racist voters in the U.S. and A.! Who knew? Well, if you live in Kentucky, you certainly know… because that’s all the entire world has been talking about for a whole damn week. We’re all shoeless, toothless, racist and dumb. [Newsweek]

It’s finally coming out. Jim Rummage, the former Transportation Cabinet worker who resigned on March 31 has been questioned by the FBI. Something about the fancy investigation into Fletcher’s Transportation Cabinet and its potentially illegal bid process. Guess we’ll see how this plays out. [C-J]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee!

Oh noes! They let us on the tubes again and this week we had a lot to say.

From Big Oil hypocrisy and press-tackling cops at the NRA convention to the mainstream media picking up stories without giving credit where credit is due and the 21% of Kentucky Democrats who voted on the basis of race… Rick discussed it all.

[flv:/video/cwmay23.flv 320 240]

Thursday Updates. How’d It Get So Flipping Late in the Week? Edition.

Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford have both begun their general election campaigns and both admit that they think the race will be highly negative. McConnell proved his disconnection, though, by trying to tie Bruce with the most unpopular governor in recent history, Steve Beshear. Like anyone would associate with that dude. Please. Better stick to the issues, Mitch, because you do not want this to get personal. [C-J]

Kentucky can’t afford to pay for King Coal’s propaganda. The Herald-Leader’s editorial board says we should let the industry itself pay for so-called education and we agree. Heck, even Ernie Fletcher agreed when he was governor of the Commonwealth. Steve Beshear needs to get with the program. [H-L]

Greg Fischer sent out a thank-you to his friends and supporters this morning that said in part, “On Tuesday night I spoke with Bruce Lunsford and congratulated him on his hard fought victory. While Bruce and I had our differences in a spirited Primary, it is now time to work together as Democrats united in one common purpose to put a Democrat in the Whitehouse and a Democrat in the United States Senate.” Quite the gentleman-ly thing for Greg to do. Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing about some of his staffers (*cough* Campaign Manager A.J. Carrillo *cough*) who think threatening to sue Page One and our company will change the outcome of the election. [Email Blast]

By now everyone and their mother knows that 21% of Kentucky Democrats admitted that they voted in the presidential election on the basis of race. And everyone has seen the crappy stories CNN, Al Jazeera and other outlets have produced. So now you can go read this interesting letter to the editor that’s like the pot calling the kettle. [C-J]

Larry Dale Keeling complains about how terrible or whatever Bruce Lunsford’s margin of victory was in the primary and says it doesn’t bode well for his race against Mitch McConnell. Purely because he didn’t garner at least 50% of the vote. Something that, you know, might have something to do with the fact that there were seven candidates in that race. [Larry Dale Keeling]

If you haven’t already read or seen a story about WWII veterans from Kentucky visiting the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.? Go do so now. It’s one of the most touching, sort of non-political stories we’ve read/seen in a long time. And it’s the very least we should be doing for our veterans of various wars and conflicts. [C-J]

ALERT: Known Homosexual on TV Talking About Racism and Such Among Kentucky Democrats

You have been warned! Cover the ears of children and any elderly relatives living with you. We homosexualized the mainstream media in Louisville this afternoon in an interview with Joe Arnold of WHAS11. Something about 21% of Kentucky Democrats saying race played a role in their vote yesterday. Those were people who ADMITTED THIS TO A STRANGER TAKING NOTES ON A CLIPBOARD outside of their polling location, mind you.

Our comments about the Lundergan-McBrayer Machine got edited out. We said that the good old boy machine that’s been campaigning for Hillary for more than two years has a lot to do with last evening’s results in the presidential election. Oh well. We thought it’d be prudent for national media types to take that into consideration before casting every one of us barefoot Bluegrassers as a racist nut.

Long story short, look how awful we looked! Only had a few minutes to primp before we had to sound important. The sun was bright so we were squinty. But look how thin we are! The teevee totally doesn’t add ten pounds. Everyone says we need a haircut and a sideburn treatment but we think thinning hair looks awesome with giant Elvis chops. Fancy, huh?