Herndon-Unseld-Fairness-Catfight Update

Don't you love this picture???So, we went to the Fairness/C-FAIR meeting last night. Wow. We almost got knifed or whatever and we thought LEO’s Stephen George was going to get jumped.

Get up-to-date on this issue HERE, HERE and HERE.

Nothing was resolved and we have no idea when it will be. But that’s not to fault Fairness, necessarily. It was just a big, hot mess that no one could dig their way out of.

What we know: There’ll be more meetings (one on June 26th, according to a C-FAIR member) and Fairness may investigate and may file complaints with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and the Office of the Attorney General urging an investigation into the nasty, homophobic mailer that went out trashing Ken Herndon. We’re certain the organization will hold true to its word. And at the very least, we think the organization will file supporting complaints to back any complaints filed by Ken Herndon.

That said, there are a few details and some personal gripes after the jump. If you care to read on. (There’s a little bit of drama)

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Breathitt County Democrat Must Be Insane

Basically, this Democratic, um, person(?) named Bobby Deaton wrote some awful guest editorial about Barack Obama for the Breathitt County Voice that’s… uh… racist, sick, backwater and embarrassing.

Just an excerpt:

On Obama’s family: “Due to his early Muslim background and paternal forbearers some believe that he could be a potential Muslim Trojan Horse, masquerading as a Christian. During these terrorist-threatening times when our future security is at risk, we can ill afford to have as our commander-in-chief someone we are not one hundred percent sure of their patriotism.”

On Obama supporters: “It seems Obama’s support is coming from a monolithic black vote, the college professors, extreme environmentalists, naïve young folks and those inclined to political socialism. Obama is rated as one of the most extreme liberals in the United States Senate. He supports an appeasement policy in our war against the terrorists, cuts in the military budget, secularism, abortion on demand, gay marriage masquerade as unions, gun restrictions, tax increases and broad general redistribution of the nation’s wealth from the haves to have nots.”

Still believe race isn’t an issue with Democrats, KDP/Jennifer?

OMG. We might puke.

Afternoon Shenanigans. The Gays Hate Us Edition.

The pension bill cleared its first set of hurdles in the House and is now on its way to being passed by Friday.  Yay for special sessions. [The Arena]

Murray State settled its sexual harassment lawsuit. We can’t tell you more because the AP would sue us. Greedy sons of bitches. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell’s U.S. Senate seat is now in jeopardy. The HuffPo’s story is actually pretty balanced (surprisingly) and delves into things as they really exist. [The Huffington Post]

Gubnuh’s mum on gambling, Edelen is in as Cauley’s replacement, yadda yadda. Lots of speculation. We’re already seeings signs of improvement within the Beshear administration as a result of Edelen’s change of role and have a feeling he’s going to be a good public servant in the eyes of most Kentuckians. [H-L]

George Carlin kicked the bucket. Go watch a video of him. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Outgoing Beshear Chief of Staff Jim Cauley tells Joe Gerth that he’s no longer going to head a 527 organization. Interesting take on why. Oh, we also have Tom Clancy running the Office of Homeland Security. Fancy. [C-J]

More on that crazy story Keith Olbermann’s former Worst Person in the World wrote about the Confederate Flag and how awesome and non-racist it is. We’re talking about Morgan Wilkins, of course. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Trouble in Homotopia? You Bet Your Booties

We’ve been incensed over the hateful anti-gay mailer attacking Ken Herndon during the May primary for several weeks now. So what you’re about to read is probably not too surprising. But it’s come to our attention that C-FAIR, the Louisville Fairness organization, is attempting to paint Ken Herndon as something he’s clearly not: a racist bigot.

What complete horse shiz.

Important: Read about and see the mailer HERE. Read the interesting story surrounding the mailer HERE.

Fairness is up in arms that George Unseld is connected to the mail piece (via his buddy Denise Bentley). And because there’s evidence that potentially connects Unseld to the piece either directly or indirectly, they feel the need to cry racism. Sorry, but that doesn’t fly in this instance. C-FAIR can get over it.

Carla Wallace, the woman who co-founded Fairness with Ken Herndon (and whose father gave $1 million in the form of an endowment), has made it no secret that she opposed Herndon’s candidacy in favor of Unseld because Unseld was an original fairness supporter. That’s all fine and dandy. But now she and others at Fairness/C-FAIR are taking things a step further by reaching out to members of the media and prominent gay folks in the community in an attempt to demonize Ken Herndon. Classic move of character assassination.

Read the rest of this big, hot mess after the jump…

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Thursday Update Dept of Fancy Ostrich Racing

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is launching a program at Morehead State University as part of its mission to train and retain physicians in rural Kentucky. Ten students will be selected for the program and will work in partnershiph with St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead for hands-on training. [Business First]

OMG. The right wing gay-haters are foaming at the mouth over Steve Beshear’s decision to prevent gay hate from persisting throughout state government. They’re screaming, “SPECIAL RIGHTS! SPECIAL RIGHTS!” instead of, you know, equality. Equal isn’t special, closet cases. We’re especially excited by the fact that these nutbags think “Christians” are being persecuted by the gays. Love it. [Nut Cases]

Louisville’s Metro Government has failed to spend about $20 million in federal grants that could have been used to aid people who are seriously suffering during this budget crunch and economic crisis. Everybody and their mom is outraged and metro gubmint is doing jack to reassure that they have any clue how to sail the ship. Gags all around. [C-J]

An Eastern Kentucky veterans cemetery has been announced. It’ll be located in Greenup County near I-64 on property owned by Addington Land Company. The first phase of development is set to include 25,000 grave sites for veterans and their eligible family members. [Heber]

Mitch McConnell suggests that Bruce Lunsford should race ostriches instead of horses in more retarded and hypocritical campaign material. The McConnell camp continues to pretend that Lunsford is already an elected U.S. Senator by claiming he should have to answer for the damages for which Mitch McConnell is responsible. We aren’t sure where the campaign gets that Bruce Lunsford refuses to support expanded oil production in the U.S. but we’re pretty sure they’re making shit up as they go along, pretending to be the savior of Kentuckians. [Team Mitch]

The American Family Fauxsociation says the gays are coming to get you! This time they’re so serious that they’ve produced a DVD to scare the bejeezus out of every yokel with a DVD player. Ho-mo-sexual-controlled city councils all over the country are going to ruin your lives by allowing homo gift registries and by offering up ways to hate Jesus. Our former homophobic Foods Editor at ‘Ville Voice Eats is probably cowering in fear as we speak. Someone PLEASE give us a copy. [AFA Online]

Homophobic Mailer Update: Denise Bentley Blamed

Remember the homophobic mailer in Louisville that trashed Ken Herndon, the Jefferson County Judge-Executive and candidate for Metro Council?

Here’s a link to our original story. And here are the sickening images of the mailer to refresh your memory:

Infuriated? Good.

We now learn that former Metro Councilwoman Denise Bentley is likely behind the mailer.

From LEO:

Herndon said he suspects Unseld’s campaign manager, former councilwoman and political operator Denise Bentley, played some role, mostly because of what he called a history of using controversial campaign ads.

“We had nothing to do with it,” Bentley said Monday in a phone interview. She told LEO that Unseld was appalled by the mailer, which he — along with the rest of his district, which includes Old Louisville, California and South Central neighborhoods — received at his home. In a press conference a day before the election, Unseld denounced it and denied any connection.

Bentley has been a consultant on several area campaigns that used negative ads. In 2006, she was an unofficial advisor to the campaign of Sharon Dummitt, a white woman who was running against current 3rd District Councilwoman Mary Woolridge. During that campaign, an ad surfaced showing a pair of African-American hands clutching cash — an insinuation that Woolridge, who is black, shouldn’t be trusted with district dollars.

It should be noted that George Unseld didn’t decide to denounce the mailer until several days later, after receiving complaints from his supporters. He said as much during his press conference, indicating that he was speaking out because people had complained to him. Nothing about him being personally offended or outraged.

Read the rest of the juicy, juicy about Denise Bentley and the drama involving Jim King after the jump…

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