Stupid People Are Everywhere

You thought people were stupid in Bardstown? Oh jeez.

Check out this racist dude in Marietta, GA who is marketing an Obama in 08 t-shirt with CURIOUS GEORGE peeling a banana on the front of it.

The publishing company that owns the Curious George image says it is considering legal action to stop the sale of a T-shirt depicting Barack Obama as the monkey from children’s books.

The T-shirts are being peddled by Marietta bar owner Mike Norman at his Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in Cobb County. They show a picture of Curious Georgie peeling a banana, with the words “Obama ’08” underneath.


Also check out the CNN video.

Clinton Campaign Pushing Racist Buttons

This is probably the most stupid thing the Clinton campaign has done to date. Seriously. The Clinton campaign’s latest “Rapid Response” email blast is about Barack Obama and his problem with whites.

The message includes a full article from Juan Williams of the New York Daily News and, you guessed it, is all about how Hillary is the only person who can win because white people like her/hate Obama or whatever. Read the story for yourself.

Today’s Must Read: Barack Obama’s got a growing problem with whites

New York Daily News (NY): Face it, Democrats: Barack Obama’s got a growing problem with whites

Hillary Clinton, down to her last straw, is making the case that she is the better candidate to run against the Republicans because, unlike Barack Obama, she can win white Democrats.

She is right. But because she is daring to touch the hot button of racial politics, she is being told to shut up or risk being charged with exploiting racial tensions for political advantage.

Gagging yet? Read the rest by clicking here.

Oh Snap Monday! Obama’s in Kentucky Edition

One in five Kentuckians are insane and should be committed. According to the Herald-Leader/WKYT poll, one in five say, essentially, they won’t vote for Obama because he’s black. But 56% interviewed said race wasn’t a factor. Thank goodness the entire state isn’t beaten regularly with the stupid stick. Except this idiot, Bill Donovan of Inez, who thinks Obama is a Muslim. Why even do a poll in KENTUCKY about race and gender? The H-L also told us at 11PM that Hillary is leading the presidential primary in Kentucky. Wasted money much? [PolWatchers]

In case you’ve forgotten, general Barack Obama will be in Kentucky this evening so people like Olivia Morris Fuchs can protest outside of the Kentucky International Convention Center! Errr, actually it’s so Obama’s camp can rally the troops for his eventual loss in Kentucky on May 20 and the eventual national nomination when Hillary finally gives up. 7:00 P.M. tonight. Thousands expected, he’ll be McCain-focused and will mostly ignore Clinton. [Page One]

Danny Briscoe says Greg Fischer’s ads have been so bad that he should sue the people who made them. Oh, and that they have no effect because no one knows who Greg Fischer is. We’re talking Danny Briscoe, a man aligned with every Lunsford-hating entity on the east coast. [The Morehead News]

Many Republican bloggers are trying to ignore this. The Executive Branch Ethics Commission reprimanded Robert H. Wilson, Jr., a former Fletcher personnel official, for taking part in hirings and firings based on politics instead of merit. The Ethics Commission has five more related cases to handle: Dan Druen, Darrell Brock, Basil Turbyfill, James Adams and Dick Murgatroyd. [C-J]

Speaking of Republicans, some enjoy obfuscation so much that they refuse to admit that Great Britain has been as racist as could be for a loooong time. Oh, no, gotta blame liberals for racism. Because “liberal” is a dirty word. FYI: “liberal” doesn’t mean the same thing every where you go unless you’re a Republican. [BGRS]

How does poverty affect health care in Kentucky? Here’s your chance to examine it on a county-by-county level. [Stephen Shepard]

In an interview with the Herald-Leader, Michael Cassaro still thought he could win the senate primary. And he said he had no political baggage. We guess that means he’s paid his campaign staff, didn’t try to cover up harrassment allegations and didn’t have his attorney try to keep former staffers quiet. [H-L]

In addition to what’s in the Cassaro story above, here’s some info on the also-rans in the U.S. Senate race. [C-J]

It’s Wednesday. Political Fur is Flying Edition.

Bruce Lunsford tells the truth about Greg Fischer’s big name supporters. Finally. It’s hilariously true. Christie & Owsley will probably try to raise a million or two for McConnell to get political revenge. “It kind of centers around four or five families and a few progressives, and the rest of the state, especially outside of Louisville, barely know who they are,” Lunsford said of Fischer’s campaign. “It’s more of an east-end, upper-echelon, second- and third-generation crowd.” Hrm. And another disconnected individual gets upset at Bruce because they don’t like reality. [The Hill, Ditch Mitch]

In the wake of the controversy/disagreement/whatever surrounding the Council on Postsecondary Education and Governor Beshear, Brad Cowgill has resigned. Regardless of your personal opinion, now Steve Beshear gets what he a wants– a national search for Cowgill’s replacement. [Hebert]

With stories like these, we’re not sure how Holocaust education isn’t mandated in all of Kentucky’s schools. Without it we’ll continue to have genocidal maniacs like those in Darfur, Rwanda and Nazi Germany. [C-J, C-J]

This has nothing to do with Kentucky, but check out this Greene County (MO) Sheriff’s comments on former “American Idol” contestant Jason Yeager. “The way I hear Jason sing the national anthem makes you want to go out and kill a communist,” Merritt said. “If that doesn’t make you patriotic, nothing will.” HAHAHAHA. What. [News-Leader]

Oh Snap Monday. Almost Derby Edition.

All right, you heifers, pony up. Someone give us good tickets to the Kentucky Derby. None of that infield business– we don’t want to sweat and/or get dirty. Us gays and high society types are averse to that junk.

Tom Eblen has a great round-up on the Eastern Kentucky Leadership Conference that took place last week. [The Bluegrass & Beyond]

We hear Nazi sympathizer and unabashed gay-hater (closeted homosexual?) Dr. Frank Simon will hold a dinner and candidate forum on Tuesday, May 5. Dinner at 5:30, candidate forum at 7:00. We wonder if anyone like Todd Hollenbach will be showing up this year to happily accept the hater endorsement.

Ralph Dunlop’s profile of Bruce Lunsford this weekend was certainly positive. Can’t get much better than the following headline, “Favored in primary, Lunsford has few woes.” [C-J]

In case you missed it, the Fischer campaign reworked its attack ad twice. Once to add an image it says wasn’t the reason for the rework. Once to correct the spelling of Medicaid. Also, the Fischer campaign denies producing a copy of the ad that Joe Gerth had. WTF? Why deny producing something we pulled from the Fischer website? [The Arena]

Know how we said Clinton’s campaign was digging around for Derby? Looks like Chelsea Clinton will be attending as the guest of Jerry Lundergan. Just think, if Hillary wins (which isn’t possible at this point) her good friend Jerry could be in a position of national power. Won’t that be exciting? [PolWatchers]

Hall of Fame sports journalist Billy Reed will keep you up-to-date on all things Kentucky Derby this year. [Billy Reed Says]

Noonthirty Update: Walnuts & Barry Invade!

We’re busy being all kinds of important, so read these updates for a while and leave comments asking us what we mean by the use of any random word we carelessly type out on this fancy contraption. Or say mean things about us for having a bitter sense of humor when it comes to politics. -JP

On “Equal Pay Day,” Heather French Henry says her daughters have been inspired by Hillary Clinton. WTF? They’re like five-years-old. Seriously, WTF? This is what the Clinton campaign puts out? Even Olivia Morris Fuchs, who copped serious attitude last time we saw her, did a better job stressing the importance of pay equality. [Clinton’s Website]

Inez, Kentucky is wetting itself over the impending visit of Uncle Walnuts, John McCain. You know how we get in Kentucky over war heroes and all that jazz. Just not in Louisville, where veterans are the devil or whatever. Just ask C&OBII. They always work against those scary military-types. [The Arena]

One million billion people lined up to see Barack Osama in New Albany, Indiana this morning. It’s the only thing Louisville media can talk about. Other than the meth lab fire on Bardstown Road, of course. [C-J]

‘If this were 20 years ago, I probably woulda come back there and socked you in the mouth!’ Remember that? Bill Nighbert allegedly told Sarah Missy McCray that very thing and it all came out during hiring investigation. McCray was retaliated against for cooperating with OAG’s investigation that ended Ernie Fletcher’s political career. The state just settled with her for $500K. Missy McCray is our new best friend and will hopefully buy us all kinds of crap. [PolWatchers]

Also, to make it seem like the only thing we read is the Courier-Journal, be sure to read this story about state highway workers cleaning up billions of tons of bird poop from our always perfect roads. It’s the best story of the day. Includes a photo of some dudes power washing the bird poop away. [C-J]