It’s a Hot Thursday. Madame Seckuhterry Edition.

Uh, this doesn’t sound good. Human trafficking. Uh. Not good. [Warshington Business Journal]

Daniel Mongiardo was– wait for it– INTERVIEWED IN A CLOSET! The man who brought us the anti-gay marriage amendment was interviewed in a closet. Our irony meters are now broken. Goodness gracious. Please save us. We’re doing our best to accept him but things like this make it tough. [Pretty Fancy]

In case anyone cares, Greg Fischer was appointed to the Waterfront Development Corporation Board of Directors by Governor Steve Beshear. His term will expire July 31, 2012. [Press Release]

The old folks hate the young folks. Meanwhile, the civil rights presence is going to fall apart. Because of the crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. When will we learn? [Phillip Bailey]

Trouble in Pineville? We heard rumors of this all throughout last year’s general election. The Mayor of Pineville and his son have been charged with using cash and drugs to buy votes. [Mark Hebert]

Arshiya Saiyed was profiled by the BBC in a story about her journey from Kentucky to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. [BBC Video]

Steve Beshear likens the Obama-Walnuts election to Brown versus Board of Education in 1954. Anyone else biting your tongue as you read these words? [Trey Pollard]

In other news we learn that Beshear’s approval rating remains the same. 44% approve, 47% disapprove. Only 53% of Democrats approve. 58% of Eastern Kentuckians disapprove. 46% of Louisvillians. The man definitely needs to remedy the situation pronto. [SurveyUSA]

And don’t forget Kentucky’s Roll Call vote at the Democratic National Convention. [Page One]

Is Katie King Behind Piece Attacking Her?

By now everyone knows the grand suspicion is that Denise Bentley could be involved in the homophobic mail piece that attacked Ken Herndon during the May primary.

So, we’ve got some news for ya.

Last Wednesday we ran into Katie King at the Metro Democratic Club where we asked her all kinds of questions about her 911 boyfriend drama, the race for judge, all the crazy rumors about damning photos of her and the Herndon snafu.

Katie took it upon herself at that point to tell us the following, “Just wait til next week – there is something coming out that will totally exonerate Denise Bentley from the Ken thing.” We questioned her over and over about it but she wouldn’t spill the beans.

Low and behold, this morning we found out that there is a new “mail piece” (a tri-fold piece of paper that could have been printed off of any computer with a printer) attacking Katie King from the same alleged organization that attacked Herndon.

See for yourself:

Pretty nasty, eh? Complete with a fancy butt tattoo.

Read the rest after the jump…

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It’s Wednesday. Everyone is Super-Fat in KY.

Awww. Harry from Harry and the Hendersons didn’t come back. These nutbags need to quit with their hoaxes. [Inquisitr]

Former Director of the Division of Emergency Management Max Bailey resigned for drinking in his office and accessing pornography on a state computer. Seriously. The man was a retired three-star Air Force general. [C-J]

Politicker continues to let some anonymous hack from New Jersey continue to trash Kentucky. Wonder when they’ll get a clue and hire more folks like Trey Pollard? Yeah, don’t hold your breath. [Some weird rant, More on this person]

Is it fine for a Republican Party of Kentucky staffer to compare Barack Obama to Ahmadinejad? How much kool-aid is required to think such a thing? [BGRS]

Which is more ignorant? The jacket thing or this crap? Continuing to claim Obama is a Muslim and using a ridiculous photograph of him. [Marcus Carey, More Marcus Carey]

Did you know that everyone in Kentucky is fat? Fat, fat, fat. More than 40% of Kentucky adults are overweight– the highest in the United States. Keep eating, folks. [C-J]

Pepper spray for Denver? We can only hope! And it’s jacked up that $110 million in corporate donations have rolled in for the DNC and RNC. [LEO]

Oh Snap Monday! Waking Up Early Stuff

Union-bashing is definitely disguised as concern for workers. You bet your booties it’s a McConnell ploy. [H-L]

The McConnell campaign sure likes to lose its shiz when the Lunsford campaign complains about anything. So it’s funny to watch the McConnell camp squirm over Lunsford’s latest campaign ad. [McConnell’s “Blog”]

WTVQ in Lexington has killed it’s 5:00 P.M. newscast. And people wonder why Lexington is losing its best and brightest by the truckload. [H-L]

The United States no longer bans entry to the country if you’re HIV positive. It only took until 2008 for us to lift the ban. [CBS News]

John Cheves has a great profile of Crit Luallen and the office of State Auditor that’s a must-read. She needs to run for governor in 2011. [H-L]

Jim Bunning’s staff is continuing to jump ship. Is this a sign that he won’t run in 2011? [C-J]

Some Stories You May Have Missed This Week

BREAKING: The Kentucky Democratic Party Has a National Problem On Its Hands. KDP Chair Jennifer Moore and Executive Director Jeremy Horton are the target of a challenge at the DNC brought by 20 delegates. This isn’t something that will go away.

Drama Never Ends for Kentucky Democrats. Michael “Whitey” Adkins, Democratic candidate for the State House in eastern Kentucky’s 25th District, has quite the black past.

The Reality Disconnect in State Government. Or why Dick Brown probably helped sink Steve Beshear’s approval rating. Beshear’s former communications director reveals he has no concept of modern media.

Candidate Shoots, Misses, Gets Arrested. Repubican candidate for State Senate in Louisville’s 35th District was arrested for wanton endangerment, menacing and fourth degree assault after telling someone he would kill them and then firing a handgun at them.

Ken Herndon Files Suit Over Nasty Mail Piece. He now has subpoena power to investigate those responsible for one of the nastiest attacks in years. Things are about to get crazy.

Right to Life Racist? We’re Just Wondering

Have you seen the latest Right to Life ad? Has that organization turned into racist central? It’s hard not to think so after seeing the latest ad the org is pushing.

Here’s the script for those of you who can’t watch the YouTubez at your “job” or whatever:

The commercial opens with an African American woman getting out of her late 80s/early 90s car.

Actor: “No one needs to tell me about my rights. I’m reminded of them every day. And no one needs to tell me that I should make my own choices. My people had choices made for them for hundreds of years.

“But when I hear someone say that I have the choice and the right to end the life of an unborn child, that doesn’t square with me.

“I think I know about rights and no one has that right.”

It’s Thursday And We Miss The Office on TV

There was a crazy hot mess at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport last night. White powder (OH NOES!) and wires were coming from a bag in the cargo area of a plane so the entire world shut down for like three hundred hours. Turns out it was a portable dental kit that was dusty. FEAR. [Enquirer]

Steve Beshear told the Louisville Forum that he still supports raising the cigarette tax. And he continued to push for a public vote on casino gambling. [C-J]

Bill Nighbert is also the target of a Transportation Cabinet investigation. One of the people charged with investigating him is a man Nighbert once fired. This should be interesting. [H-L]

Do you know Lilly Ledbetter? Do you support fair and equal pay for women? Or do you support Mitch Mcconnell? You may want to educate yourself. [KY Women]

Democrat Doug Mullins dropped out of the 51st District State House race yesterday. This guarantees that Republican John Carney will win the seat. This means that only 30 of the 100 State House seats are being contested. Way to go, KDP! [PolWatchers]

Turns out Russia launched a coordinated cyber attack on Georgia before and during their physical attack on the country. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. [NY Times by way of Barefoot & Progressive]

A few things from Politicker:

OMG. Sonny Landham to host a voter registration rally in Louisville’s West End? OMG. We can’t take it.  Will anyone ask him just how racist he is? [Trey Pollard]

Trey Grayson was selected to be a part of the RNC’s platform committee team. He’ll serve as co-chairman of the Guaranteeing Energy Independence and a Cleaner Environment subcommittee. [Trey Pollard]

And in other news, Politicker is definitely Republican. [Some Other Dude With An Ego Bigger Than Ours]