Ken Herndon Files Suit Over Nasty Mail Piece

Remember the Ken Herndon saga and how no one is doing anything to find out who produced the nasty attack piece against him in this May’s Metro Council primary? You can read about it here, here, here, here and here.

Since the Fairness Campaign and C-FAIR have done absolutely nothing in the four months since this all went down, Herndon has decided to file a defamation lawsuit to determine who the guilty party(ies) may be.

Now Herndon will have subpoena power in the ongoing investigation and anyone suspected of being connected to the hateful mail piece will finally have to answer questions.

A former candidate for Louisville Metro Council is preparing to file a defamation lawsuit in an effort to find out who is responsible for distributing an anti-gay campaign flier that might have cost him the election.

In May, Ken Herndon narrowly lost the Democratic primary for the 6th District seat to incumbent George Unseld by a mere 112 votes. The Saturday before the election, voters found in their mailboxes a malicious campaign mailer — a glossy, double-sided, high-priced flier — featuring a photo of Herndon’s face transposed atop the body of a man embracing two other men kissing at a gay-pride parade. Among a number of homophobic jabs in bold letters was this gem: “(Herndon) wants us to elect him because he designed new garbage cans?! I guess when you live a life of trash you become pretty familiar with garbage cans.”

“I frankly think it cost me the race,” Herndon, who is gay, told LEO Weekly in June, shortly after the election.

Now, Herndon says he intends to file a civil complaint against a John/Jane Doe in Jefferson County Circuit Court in the next couple of weeks, the first step toward finding out who produced, paid for and distributed the mailer.

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TGIF! Everybody Is Excited For Some Reason

Oh god. Somebody did a brain scan on us! This is terrible. [FEAR!]

Former State Senator Ernesto Scorsone was appointed by Steve Beshear to be a circuit judge in Fayette County. [PolWatchers]

Former U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer, who is noticeably absent from the campaign trail he promised to be a part of, finally got some free media. In a story about a latino/a television program in Louisville. Four months after the election. [C-J]

Rep. Ben Chandler, fresh from a trip to Iraq, says it’s now time for the United States to withdraw troops from that country. Read the full article before you complain. [H-L]

Hahaha, so, funny story. Did you know Mitch McConnell is raising campaign money to stop opponent Bruce Lunsford from helping the radical agenda of the liberals? Hahaha. We can’t stop laughing. [Mark Hebert]

Crazy hack Nikki Finker in Tennessee lost her campaign against Rep. Steve Cohen 79 to 19. After she pulled all kinds of crap during the race like, oh, trying to link Cohen to the KKK and calling him a filthy Jew. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer hack. [AP]

Stuff For Your Sweaty Wednesday Afternoon

Hey ladies! What’s going on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon? Anything exciting? Anyone watching re-runs of Roseanne? Are you wasting your day away on the Facebook internets website like a bum?

Sweetie, you weren’t called a cheerleading mouthpiece merely because you think Steve Beshear is a good governor. Those words were bestowed upon you because you have acted as a cheerleading mouthpiece and have allowed your rhetoric to overpower fact and and reality. But we echo your sentiments about Carroll Hubbard. Preach on. [Bluegrass Report]

In other news, Lexington is still absolutely effed. Many thanks to the wonderful Webb family! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Republican Mike Farmer dropped out of the 79th district state house race on Wednesday. [PolWatchers]

Steve Beshear, Trey Grayson, transparency, meetings, yadda yadda. [Mark Hebert]

Goodness! John Edwards and that love child are super-fancy these days. Yay National Enquirer spy photos! [Wonkette]

Don’t forget! A court order was released in Todd Eklof’s case against Kentucky Farm Bureau for violating the Fairness Ordinance. Pressure the media to talk about it. [Page One]

KAARPR, et al Protesting LEO For Honest Reporting

The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and the Justice Resource Center are planning a boycott and protest of LEO because journalist Phillip Bailey wrote factual stories detailing events that took place involving Gracie Lewis. Lewis is a prominent figure in Kentucky and long-time civil rights activist.

We don’t want to tarnish the story, so go read it for yourself.

But first, some choice excerpts:

The letter is referring to an irate message left on Scott’s office answering machine the day after Lewis reportedly screamed at her son. The recorded message says: “This is Gracie Lewis you black bitch. You better not never bring your skinny, narrow ass and get in my face again because I will kick your black ass. Peace.”


Although Lewis did not return calls seeking comment for this story, she did call LEO Weekly on Monday, demanding that the newspaper stop printing stories about the incident and accusing it of being racist for publishing a story containing a negative portrayal of an African American.


“It’s some stupid young folks trying to take over the Kentucky Alliance,” says Mattie Jones, interim director of the Justice Resource Center. “It’s a group of untrained, unskilled, arrogant and disrespectful young folks.”


Not only is Jones frustrated with the Kentucky Alliance, it turns out she also is upset with LEO Weekly. In fact, because the newspaper is publishing this story, she plans on using her new position to call for a boycott, saying, “We want this to stop.”

Since when is it racist to report the facts? Especially when the person reporting those facts is black? And throwing young activists under the bus by calling them “stupid young folks” ??? Way to go! Way to save society. Way to piss off every young person within a 100-mile radius.

Read the letter to the Kentucky Alliance Board of Directors that initially sparked this ordeal after the jump…

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Court Order Released in Case Against Kentucky Farm Bureau For Violating Fairness Ordinance

Rev. Todd Eklof, minister of Clifton Unitarian Church in Louisville, was fired in 2004 by Kentucky Farm Bureau for speaking out in support of gay marriage. Eklof, a heterosexual, vowed to stop performing marriage and commitment ceremonies for all couples until the anti-gay marriage amendment of 2004 is overturned.

In September 2007 we published a deposition of former KFB president Sam Moore in which he admitted under oath that Eklof was fired for being supportive of gay marriage. Read all about that by clicking here.

As a result of our coverage, WHAS11’s Mark Hebert interviewed Todd Eklof about his case and the rest of the mainstream media sat on its hands.

That brings us to today…

In what could be considered one of the biggest stories ever about the historic Fairness Ordinance that protects individuals from discrimination on several fronts, the 8th District Circuit Court in Jefferson County has ruled that Todd Eklof can sue Kentucky Farm Bureau for violating the ordinance.

See the court opinion and read the rest after the jump…

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A Few Things This Late Tuesday Afternoon

Uh, what was that about Toby Keith not being a racist again? Now the dude is claiming that Barack Obama acting white in an attempt to win the presidential race against John McCain. “I think the black people would say he [Obama] don’t talk, act or carry himself as a black person.” Yeah, WOW is all we have to say. [The Nation]

Woah. Anne Northup let her campaign manager go. Is the failed Republican and former Congresswoman axing Scott Will in an attempt to right her campaign ship? Or is he just the man taking the fall because Anne Northup is running a terrible campaign that every Republican on earth is ashamed of? [PolWatchers]

Why would the Kentucky Democratic Party spend $7,495 for admission to the Kentucky Derby just so Jennifer Moore and Nathan Smith could schmooze with Chelsea Clinton? And if this was just to be with Chelsea Clinton, why isn’t the Clinton campaign reimbursing the state party for campaigning on Hillary’s behalf? [FEC Reports]

Churchill Downs
Derby Admissions 7495.00

And why would the KDP spend an additional $7,708 on tickets at Churchill Downs?

Churchill Downs
Ticket Purchase 508.00

Churchill Downs
Ticket Purchase 7200.00

Were these expenditures totaling more than $15,000 worth it for the Kentucky Democratic Party?

We figured Jennifer Moore could afford her own Derby tickets because she’s been paying herself $3,000 per month. Nothing unheard of or questionable, just interesting since the party chair has traditionally been unpaid.

Jennifer Moore
Management Consulting 3000.00

Jennifer Moore
Management Consulting 3000.00

Jennifer Moore
Management Consulting 3000.00

Jennifer Moore
Management Consulting 3000.00

Fun times at the Kentucky Democratic Party!

Sonny Landham Out Again, No Racists for LP

Sonny Landham was once again rejected by the Libertarian Party. He will not be their candidate for the U.S. Senate.

From Politicker’s Trey Pollard:

An effort to re-nominate former actor Sonny Landham as the Libertarian Party of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate candidate was rejected by a vote of the party’s executive committee, chairman Ken Moellman told today.

“The motion to put Sonny back on failed,” said Moellman. “At this point, it appears he will not be our candidate.”

After a month as the prospective Libertarian candidate, Landham was stripped of the party’s support after he made a string of anti-Arab comments topped by what could be interpretted as advocacy for a potential Arab genocide.

What’s most interesting, however, is that Ken Moellman said 40% of people contacting the Libertarian Party about Sonny Landham’s racism were supportive of him.