Anne Northup’s Crew: Homosexuals Are Violent!

Now Jefferson Poole, Anne Northup’s lone supporter, is now screaming about “the violent homosexual protesters.”

HAHAHA. Seriously. And he’s also upset that the “violent homosexual protestors” aren’t hating blacks. Despite the fact that countless media outlets have revealed that, oh, I dunno, blacks weren’t responsible for the Proposition 8 vote in California. And, oh, despite Mormons flooding California with ground troops and tons and tons of cash?

Check out what he’s got to say today:

The violent homosexual protesters who have been attacking Mormons since the passage of Proposition 8 in California nearly two weeks ago have now expanded the scope of their H8ful hissy fit to include Catholics. Strangely, they’re still not protesting predominantly black churches…

Yeah. Keep on spinning, Jefferson. If you pray hard enough… maybe we’ll all disappear?

Where do we send your pair of magic Mitt Romney Mormon underwear?

We love how wingnuts and fringe Northup supporters like Poole hype up the Mormons who believe polygamy will help them be GODS and GODDESSES in heaven but hate on the Muslims who believe they’ll get 70 virgins or whatever.

Wasn’t this the argument racist jackasses used for decades? “Oh, the blacks, they’re so violent with their protests! Protect our white women!” Now it’s the gays.

Better protect your children! We’re coming for them!

UPDATE: Actually, sweetie, you’re not a homophobe because “disagree” with “policy”. You’re a homophobe because you push ignorant homophobes like MICHELLE MALKIN.

Thursday Afternoon Homosexualization of America!

That’s right. The Office of the Attorney General released the names of six counties selected for the post-election audit. And they’re all boring ones. Ugh. Pendleton, Edmonson, Monroe, Cumberland, Montgomery, Union. Check that picture of the thingy to the left. [Thingy to the left]

All eyes are on Mitch McConnell and Mike Duncan. [MSNBC’s First Read]

Why can’t you be an American and support our country? HFH wants to know. She’s a member of that Facebook group. It suggests such fancy things as “Republicans/Leaners join the Republican National Committee on Facebook” and “Join John McCain’s Official Facebook.” We also love that she says she is employed by an LLC that doesn’t even exist, according to the Secretary of State’s website. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll threaten us in public again or beg our friends to pressure us into backing away from the investigation into her husband’s shenanigans. Who knows? [Group & Profile]

And don’t forget our fancy liveblogging from last night. We made a Metro Democratic Club meeting entertaining and surprisingly fun. Complete with photographs, threats, drama and stream-of-thought goodies. Anderson Hotsex from the CNN would approve. [Page One]

Anyone else familiar with the Shirley Q. Liquor bit “Mormons Is Chasin Me!”? Anyway, fancy Mormons, don’t forget to wear your magical underwear this Saturday because the homosexuals are coming for you! Except in Louisville. Because they’ll all be downtown where it’s already gay. [More from Page One and Magical Underwear!]

That fancy pants ethanol plant in western Kentucky that Steve Henry pretended to know so much about is dead. Dead dead dead. Done. All because Kentucky is jacked up. This is why we can’t have nice things. [The Gleaner]

Brad Cummings’ favorite television hacks, Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller, are really fancy. All because they love spreading homophobia and attacking people like Barney Frank purely because they’re gay. How fancy. [Huffington Post]

It’s just a librul gotcha media conspiracy that racism exists– no matter the numbers– in today’s society. We love how Ralph Dunlop sourced a racist, gay-hating Mormon and a campaign finance law-breaking publisher in his story about how Barry Obama is a secret Muslim. [C-J]

Did you love the Democrats and their anti-gay sentiments this election year? We certainly did. [Feministing]

Want a job in the Obama Administration? Kathy Groob can’t get one. All because you have to pony up info about anything embarrassing or controversial that you’ve ever written. Here’s an example, “If you have ever sent an electronic communication, including but not limited to an email, text message or instant message, that could suggest a conflict of interest or be a possible source of embarrassment to you…” The application also asks applicants to “please list all aliases or ‘handles’ you have used to communicate on the internet.” Heh. God. We could never work for Barack. Our sober text message history alone would cause us to be stoned to death. Stoned. To death. Because that’s how terrible we are. [NYWT]

Are you people going to buy us one of these or what? OR WHAT? [Engadget]

The delusional right-wing editorial crew at the Bowling Green Daily News are upset that Chuck Schumer spent tons of money in Kentucky– a major boost to our economy. Which reminds us of something that should have been mentioned last night: Bruce Lunsford forced Mitch McConnell to spend his $20 million wad in Kentucky and prevented him from spreading the wealth around to his friends like Ted Stevens and Norm Coleman. Kind of a big deal. Bruce could have single-handedly prevented a more disastrous situation for Senate Democrats this year. [BG Daily Spews]

Mmmm. Fancy Proposition 8 Talk on the CNN

Oh, look, it’s known homosexual terrorist Dan Savage talking to that other known homosexual, Anderson Hotsex, on the CNN. About propositioning each other. Or that Prop 8 thing in California where all the Mormons were going crazy.

See that? Protests outside Mormon Temples – not City Hall. Imagine that.

We love watching that Tony Perkins nutbag getting tongue-lashed from the homosexuals in the gotcha media. Especially after the jackass threw our buddy Tim Gill under the bus.

Wednesday Update Dept Of Cold, Rainy Stuff

While the McConnell campaign deserves praise for using the web during the general election, buying some Google ads here and there and occasionally putting a commercial on YouTube is hardly the mark of being web savvy. Republicans have a long way to go. Slowly but surely. (No, that doesn’t mean Democrats are there, either, outside of Obama.) [U.S. News & World Report]

From David Hawpe: “In an awful environment for a Democrat in Kentucky, with Barack Obama atop his party’s ticket, Lunsford gave McConnell the scare of his political life.” [C-J]

Utahns stand up to their state’s crazy Mormon bigotry. Check the video. And then crawl back in your Republican hidey hole. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Aww, the corrupt Pineville mayor finally resigned. [Bluegrass Beat]

You know, it’d pay to actually pay attention before spouting off in some uncontrolled fashion. Major newspapers everywhere bring up racism in Kentucky because so many people (21% of Democrats in the primary and 9+% of individuals in the general election (both Dems & Repubs, an even higher number than those in the primary) admitted that they voted on the basis of race. It’s awesome watching all the mouth-breathers coming out of the woodwork to proclaim everyone is stupid for discussing, oh, I dunno, FACTS. Yeah, those poor, discriminated against “Southern Whites.” [C-J]

Can you believe it? Dubya finally said that he wishes he hadn’t spoken in front of that retarded “Mission Accomplished” banner in 2003. [CNN]

What’s that? Oh, right, it’s the sound of more than half of McCain voters believing that Obama is or was Muslim, with 31.7% saying “He used to be Muslim and still has too many connections to Islam.” 11.2% actually believe he’s Muslim. 59.8% of McCain voters are homophobic. The top four issues for Obama voters: The economy 66%, Access to health care 63%, Iraq war 50%, The environment 44%. Top four issues for McCain voters? Character 54%, Abortion 53%, Fighting Islamic radicalism 46%, Cleaning up government 46%. [BeliefNet]

Oh Snap Monday! Barry’s Your New President

And you’re probably terrified that the black man is going to take your guns! Haha. Or you’re all afraid of his “San Fran” values (translate: gay homo)…. We love it. Keep on freaking out, wingnuts. Cause it’s only gonna get worse for you before you ultimately learn that having a president who speaks english and can read isn’t so bad.

Seriously, stop supporting people just because they’re Jewish. [Solzy]

The Obama campaign released an 82-picture Flickr set from election night. [Flickr]

Did the less educated in Kentucky fall for wedge issues and vote for John McCain? We already know that race played a role. We’ve known this since May. [H-L]

Al Cross says Kentucky Republicans did better than expected on all fronts. Well, whose expectations? Because I seem to remember every Democrat on earth saying that Mitch McConnell would win. We echoed that, despite supporting Bruce Lunsford. And we, along with tons of other folks, openly called for the loss of David Boswell and folks like Kathy Groob. So whose expectations? (Al also mentions the race card, which a few Republicans and Jennifer Moore wish we’d stop talking about.) [C-J]

Here’s a nice round-up of various Robert Felner stories from the Racine Post. [Racine Post]

Who wouldn’t be rewarded for raising eleventy billion dollars? They SHOULD be rewarded! Just like McConnell’s financiers should be rewarded. That’s how politickin works. [Mark Hebert]

Haha. Jim Bunning thinks he can win re-election. Hilarity ensues. [PolWatchers]

Damn Mormons. [Mormons Stole Our Rights]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the fear. [NYWT Image]

Worst Anti-McConnell Ad Ever

AFSCME has released what could have been an amazing radio ad attacking Mitch McConnell. It goes on and on about everything Mitch has done to ruin the world and then brings up his military record.

A deep and ominous-voiced announcer says:

“Now, people in Kentucky are asking why Mitch McConnell won’t release his entire military records. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that McConnell was discharged after serving less than six months. But McConnell won’t discuss the full details … What is he hiding? … Isn’t it time for Mitch McConnell to be straight with us?”

Listen to it for yourself:


Was it really necessary for AFSCME to sink super-low to the ground and question Mitch McConnell in a manner in which could be construed that they’re hinting at sexual orientation? We’re absolutely blown away by this b.s. And that’s coming from us– folks who want nothing more than to find out once and for all if Mitch has something to hide. But we’re intelligent enough to know that you don’t jack around with a story like this unless you have evidence.

Annoying.  Homophobia isn’t okay anywhere, any time, no matter what.

For your convenience, we have included the complete transcript of the ad after the jump…

Read moreWorst Anti-McConnell Ad Ever

TGIF! Happy Halloween Edition For Fancy People!

Let’s see how many reporters we can offend today! And/or how many reporters have ZERO sense of humor and take extreme offense when you mention them on a fancy little website. Jeez. We obviously exist solely to ruin everyone’s reputation 24/7. WE ARE IN THE TANK FOR RUINING PEOPLE! FEAR!

A friend of ours is going as the crazy lady who asked John McCain if Barack Obama was an Arab for Halloween. The graphic you see at left is a picture of the t-shirt iron-on they’ll be wearing. Kinda funny. The SNL skit about her was hilarious. [HAHAHA]

That’s right. Two idiots were arrested over the Obama-hanging-in-effigy b.s. that went down at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday. Joe Fischer, a student, and his buddy Hunter Bush. They broke in and stoke items, so, looks like the dudes could face jail time. Holla at some racists! [H-L]

The Lunsford campaign released its latest internal tracking poll yesterday. McConnell is at 47% and Lunsford is at 45%, which is well within the poll’s 4.5 margin of error. Just 43% of Kentuckians feel positive toward McConnell, 38% feel negative toward him. Just 44% give him a positive job rating of excellent and good. A 51% majority give McConnell a negative job rating. [Press Release]

Monday’s edition of KET’s Kentucky Tonight will be off-the-chain hilarious. It comes on at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and will feature Senate President David Williams, Senator Gerald Neal, Republican Party of Kentucky Chair Steve Robertson and now-disgraced Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Jennifer Moore. Get up on it. Maybe this time David and Steve will take off their nice hats and put on their realistic and mean hats– for our enjoyment. [Kentucky Tonight]

Representative John Yarmuth’s bill to aid disadvantaged youth was signed into law. Yarmuth was given a national award for the legislation that originated at his disconnected youth forum in Louisville. The Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act is now official. It authorizes $140 million to allow young people to stay in shelters longer and calls for regular studies to assess the effectiveness of the system. It also strengthens the main source of federal funding for disconnected youth outside of the foster care and juvenile justice system. [Press Release]

Louisville Metro Council Critter Doug “Tan From a Can” Hawkins sent out an email blast yesterday afternoon. It declared, in red, “South Louisville has Greatest Number of Registered Sex Offenders in the State.” 40 of them live in one apartment complex on Lower Hunters Trace. We’d like to remind parents that Doug Hawkins also lives in the south end– so the area should definitely be avoided. [Email Blast]

That’s right, kids! Laura Bush will be in Shepherdsville on Monday to campaign for Brett Guthrie and other Republicans. Meanwhile, the Lunsford campaign and other Democrats are bringing Hillary Clinton back to Louisville– where Dems will dominate anyway. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to take her to Elizabethtown– still in the Louisville market– to make a bigger impact? Oh well, we’re glad David Boswell is losing because he’s a sell-out who is trying to out-Republican the Republican. What a coward. [PolWatchers]

Aww, Katie King keeps taking days off of work. You’ll want to read all about it and laugh at the fact that she not only does not take her current job seriously, she doesn’t follow orders from her supervisors. It’s now Halloween and we hear some new Katie Skank Cake Icing is about to be spread out. So here’s hoping! [The ‘Ville Voice]

And in other news, you wanna see just how crappy the Courier-Journal’s Bluegrass Poll is? Let’s flash back to 2006, ladies! Anne Northup led John Yarmuth 48 to 42 in the poll on October 30 of that year. So, yeah, you fancy C-J reporters who complained to us via email yesterday? Mmmm hmmm. We see how it is. Keep on spinning.  So much for those McConnell-Lunsford numbers yesterday.  [WHAS11]