TGIF Update Dept. Great Flood Edition.

From mayor of Lexington to substitute teacher: Teresa Isaac whips the kiddies into shape in various Fayette County schools. That’s gotta be more fun than listening to a bunch of old codgers fight over crap 24/7. [H-L]

George Clooney’s new movie – Leatherheads – is premiering at the Washington Opera House in Maysville. (Yeah, we know.) Those expected to be in attendance include Gubnuh Steve & Jane along with Heather French Henry and her husband, disgraced former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry. No mention of whether or not Steve will be paying for his ticket with illegal senate campaign fund dollars or misused non-profit funds. [Maysville Ledger Independent]

Giant idiot Jim Gooch is dicking around with his position in the legislature, queening out over the fact that his stupid corruption doesn’t get a leg-up from every committee under the sun. Apparently the committee system is broken because everyone hates his fat ass. Also, Greg Stumbo is gonna pounce on his big, fat ass like ASAP. He’s all fired up. Ugh. When is the mainstream media gonna tear that idiot to bits? What an embarrassment for Kentuckians everywhere. [PolWatchers]

Gay hating, Barack Obama is black! OMG!, scary internets, and David Williams gets scared of some children after the jump…

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Homosexualization of America Continues

Frank Simon cowers in fear! Everyone hide your children! The gays are coming for your first born.

In a 9-6 vote, the House Health and Welfare Committee loudly and clearly rejected Senate Bill 112 (sponsored by insecure Vernie McGaha) – which would have made it illegal for all universities and state agencies to offer domestic partner benefits to employees.

Quite a change from two months ago when the Senate voted 30-5 in favor of the backwater and discriminatory ban, eh?

Stuff We Love & Hate on Slow News Days

This cracks us up. Grandpa & Cougar McCain on the hunt.

Need a hot/rich/young husband? How bout this dude? HH– you on this?

Don’t you love it when you go to Kashmir and the server/manager/whatever lies to you when they make a weird mistake and put effing green peppers in your channa masala? Where in “Whole chick peas cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices.” are the words “disgusting bell peppers” ? Hello, we have a food & dining publication. We were gonna say nice things about you. And you only gave us like four pakoras. We’re former fatties– get with the program. But we’ll be back to pig out every five minutes.

Ugh. Jerry Abramson was featured as the “supermayor” or whatever in the effing Economist. Really, wtf? We so don’t get why everyone loves him.

Rick got all fired up and called out some hack named Sandy for sending some nasty emails like 24/7. Did you know that Muslims are evil Jesus-haters and Barack Osama is the devil? If not, get in touch with Sandy.

We hate teaching old people how to use Photoshop. Ugh. Everyone grit your teeth in frustration with us.

Apparently there are all kinds of investment opportunities in eastern Kentucky. This, this, this.

Our very own Intrepid Reporter went to the Creation Museum yesterday. They spotted this awesome Christmas Dinosaur:

Frank Simon Strikes Again

Only this time he’s trying to demonize Republicans.

Jefferson Poole has a bit to say about the calls he’s making:

Jack Richardson says this message is chock full of lies. You judge for yourself. Honestly, “pro-abortion” sounds false to say the least, and it all seems a little divisive to me. Jefferson County Republicans don’t need a shadow party operating within it. Opinions and grievances need to be aired openly to party members without prejudice using normal party rules and parliamentary procedure.

Seems crazy Dr. Simon isn’t satisfied with merely burning gays at the stake. Now he’s foaming over Republicans who live in the reality-based community. What a crazy old man.

Listen to the audio of crazy Frank Simon’s latest call after the jump.

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Nick Phelps Apologizes

Nick Phelps, student body president and young republican at the University of Kentucky, has finally apologized for his stupid move to forward a racist e-mail about Barack Obama to other members of student government.

If traffic at Page One over the past two days and social bookmarking activity around the country are any indication, Phelps’ story has been one of the hottest among college students. Yesterday saw our largest amount of traffic to date outside of national press-driven frenzies we’ve caused here and there. A few hundred thousand people stopped by to read up on the debacle.

For background:

BGR has the skinny:

UK Student Government President Nick Phelps apologized at a meeting last night for forwarding his idiotic “Obama as mujahadeen candidate” email, but has refused to resign. An this appears to be an actual apology, not the smart-assed one he gave the following day in the Kernel.

Phelps took some major heat and faces serious obstacles as a result of his actions. But it’s nice to know he has apologized with the following: “I want to fully and unequivocally apologize to anyone I might have offended by my recent actions, but also I want to extend my apologies to the entire student body of the University of Kentucky. My actions were wrong.”

UK’s College Democrats Speak Out

In response to University of Kentucky student body president Nick Phelps’ controversial racist email about Barack Obama, UK’s College Dems have written a letter to him.

We’ve obtained a copy of that letter:

Dear President Phelps,

It has come to our attention that you recently forwarded a defamatory e-mail that was anti-Muslim, anti-Atheist, racist, and overtly partisan, the subject of which was Sen. Barack Obama. We write to you to express our extreme disappointment and also to ask you to resign. We understand that the e-mail was not supposed to reach as far as it did; however, the fact of the matter remains that you put yourself in the position for this email to reach into campus.

The office of Student Body President is a publicly funded position which carries with it considerable responsibility. The main responsibility in our opinion is to represent all UK students at all times. This includes all students, regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual preference, or political affiliation. We feel that you have failed in this responsibility.

Read the rest after the jump…

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Ugh. It’s Too Warm & Tornado-y Outside Update.

The most evil and racist man on earth from the Nixon-Ford administration died on Monday. Earl Butz, the former agriculture secretary who quite possibly is the man solely responsible for making America fat (see the documentary King Corn for reference) FINALLY kicked the bucket. The racist SOB was seriously the worst. He said things publicly like (edited so your eyes don’t bug out), “The only thing the coloreds are looking for in life are a tight *female orifice*, loose shoes and a warm place to *defecate*.” Great, wonderful man. Hopefully he’s rotting somewhere. Make sure you read the comments section. [Wonkette]

If you missed it yesterday, the Bowling Green Daily News penned a scathing editorial about Governor Steve Beshear. To put it bluntly, they tell him to practice what he preaches. From use of state aircraft for campaign purposes to the traffic signal installed near Joe Prather’s subdivision, they don’t hold back. Snap. [Bowling Green Daily News]

Counting to 527. The C-J is right on this one: any organization injecting money and influence in a political campaign – like the Bluegrass Freedom Fund that helped (OK, pointed out the obvious) defeat Ernie Fletcher in the governor’s race should have to reveal where the money comes from. It’s not much different than Fletcher hiding the identity of contributors to the legal defense fund. It’s not surprising that the BFF — operated by Bruce Lunsford-confidant Achim Bergmann — got more than $2 million of its budget from gambling interests. We just should have been aware of it before now. [C-J]

More about the KDP’s massive and earth-shattering loss to Brandon Smith, Steve Beshear’s airplane and giggling schoolgirls after the jump…

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