Interesting Duo in Democratic-Judicial Politics

What Democratic turncoat/sellout who may or may not (emphasis on the may) be responsible for the homophobic mailer attacking Ken Herndon during the primary is making the rounds at Democratic Party functions on behalf of controversial and inexperienced judicial candidate Katie King these days?

Why, Denise Bentley!

Take a look at these photos taken over the weekend:

So we have the woman likely behind the mailer working hand-in-hand with the daughter of the man (Jim King) who pressured Ken Herndon to drop out of his Metro Council race and then sent a letter to Herndon’s employer in an attempt to scare him. Nice.

Where Does the Homophobia End These Days?

Almost offended by this fancy photoshop work of Ernesto Scorsone? Thought so.

Do you think it’s homophobic? Maybe inappropriate in the same way it’s inappropriate to refer to Barack Obama as a monkey?

Is it funny because he’s “gay” ?? Is that what it is?  It’s funny to photoshop gay people wearing women’s clothing?

Should we just start referring to every bigot in the state as cake backing friends of Dorothy? Maybe elected Republicans who aren’t secure in their masculinity?


Tuesday Afternoon Stormy Update Dept

Diane Brumback is going to basically beat Mitch McConnell up on women’s issues this year. [Kentucky Women]

Frank Simon and his gay-hating friends have decided that America’s fat farm– McDonald’s — is horrible, horrible, horrible because of the gays. Some dude sits on some homo board or whatever and now McDonald’s has to be boycotted. [Barefoot & Progressive]

That’s right. Only two or three people on earth approve of the United States Congress. Could this mean Republicans are in trouble? [Pat Crowley]

Some Democrats held a press conference before some Republicans over some funny-looking electric cars and everyone is all upset or whatever. Also, some dude was late for his own press conference, we hear. [Mark Hebert]

Common knowledge these days? State Senator Ernesto Scorsone (D-Head Gay) is going to be Chief Circuit Judge in the Seventh Division and State Rep. Kathy Stein (D-Frank Simon’s Worst Enemy) is going to take his place. [PolSmo… er… PolWatchers]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Hates Mitch Edition

Gay-hater and world renowned bigot Jesse Helms finally died. After 86 years of ruining the lives of everyone he could. He hated the homos, Martin Luther King, Jr. Naturally, king of the Republican hate mongers Mitch McConnell released a statement praising Helms as “a leading voice and courageous champion for the many causes he believed in” and “Senator Helms certainly was no bigot. He was a man, however, not into subtlety.” Nice. [ABC News and Houston Chronicle]

Mitch McConnell hates everybody with AIDS and wants them all to die. Especially if they’re in Africa. George W. Bush loves everybody with AIDS and wants to give them all kinds of money. [C-J]

According to Mitch McConnell, people in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas think oil rigs are pretty. He actually said that. In public. At the Commerce Lexington Public Affairs Luncheon on Tuesday. Like “pretty” has jack to do with expanded off-shore drilling in the United States. [PolitickerKY]

Lowell Reese, editor of the Kentucky Gazette, told Southern Political Report that he doesn’t know anybody who would consider Bruce Lunsford a liberal. Contrary to everything the McConnell campaign is spewing 24/7. Imagine that. [Southern Political Report]

The Courier-Journal editorial board must hate Mitch McConnell and David Williams. Check what the paper had to say about following the money while watching our state’s disadvantaged and disabled suffer neglect. “Real people are getting hurt, thanks to the no-new-tax marching orders that Sen. Mitch McConnell gave the General Assembly’s Republican majority when it took power, and that Senate President David Williams has followed.” [C-J]

Joe Roche wrote a nice, right-wing op-ed for the Herald-Leader about Eye-rack and how swimmingly swell things are going in that godforsaken country. Of course, he had to praise Mitch McConnell for “being central to our success” and for preventing Democrats from pulling out of Iraq 40 times. 40 separate instances of obstruction on Iraq! Roche says, “Were it not for McConnell, I’m not sure how Bush would have been able to maintain our success.” [H-L]

Remember Frank Simon confidant and right-winger who wants to abolish public education Jim Waters? Apparently he’s now an expert on free trade, Columbia and all things John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. [Georgetown News Graphic]

Remember when Mitch McConnell blamed Bruce Lunsford for the negative (and true) attack ad the Sierra Club is running against him (McConnell)? Listen to the ad and then check out Trey Pollard’s well-researched debunking of everything the McConnell camp is spinning. He uses something called facts, apparently. [PolitickerKY]

Reminder: Anne Northup Campaigned Hardcore Against Gay Marriage in 2006

Who could forget?

Well, just in case you had forgotten, take a look at this Politico story about Republicans and marriage politics.

In 2006, the five Republicans who used marriage most prominently as a wedge issue all lost. Sens. Rick Santorum (Pa.) and George Allen (Va.) along with Reps. John Hostetler (Ind.), Anne Northup (Ky.) and Ken Blackwell (in his race for Ohio governor) tried to win with anti-gay campaign tactics. They didn’t necessarily lose because of their tactics, but these tactics didn’t prevent them from losing like they might have a decade ago.

Anne Northup, if I remember correctly, sent out a fancy little mail piece attacking John Yarmuth for being for “ho-mo-sexual marriage.” Yeah, I know, scary on John’s part. (Like I really want to deal with a pre-nup!) And she made a career out of using the gays as a political wedge.

Anne and other Republicans (and Democrats in this state, even) need to take notice. Using gay marriage as a wedge issue ever again will help solidify the end of their political careers.

Hopefully Anne and other opportunists will take advice from their gay staffers and avoid it once and for all.

Gay Hating Is Definitely Back In Style

Must be a full moon because the gay-haters are out in full force.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky is attacking six UK professors for ever having anything to do with the gays, abortion or anything not hateful.

A conservative political group has singled out six University of Kentucky professors in fliers because their teaching, research and outside activities deal with subjects such as same-sex couples, abortion and queer theory.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky issued the fliers, which question the need to spend state funds supporting the six individuals, to state lawmakers who were in Frankfort last week for a special session on pension reform.

Who is behind this current outcry? Why, none other than Kent Ostrander and the ever fancy Martin Cothran.

Kent Ostrander, the foundation’s executive director, said photos, short bios and salaries that appear on the fliers were taken from UK’s Web site and should not be construed as ammunition for ”personal attacks.“


Cothran said ”all of the politicization of the academy is coming from the left.“

UK and other universities might have achieved greater diversity in terms of color, gender and nationality, but the political left controls the prevailing campus ideology, and that control amounts to ”partisan political activity,“ Cothran said.

So if we’re reading this correctly… college professors are pinko commies and the librul left are the victims of the ho-mo-sexual agenda. Correct us if we’re mistaken, because we know we’re only moments away from the world ending.

Oh, and for the record gay haters: Telephone calls threatening rape or other violence get you no where with us.