Worst Anti-McConnell Ad Ever

AFSCME has released what could have been an amazing radio ad attacking Mitch McConnell. It goes on and on about everything Mitch has done to ruin the world and then brings up his military record.

A deep and ominous-voiced announcer says:

“Now, people in Kentucky are asking why Mitch McConnell won’t release his entire military records. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that McConnell was discharged after serving less than six months. But McConnell won’t discuss the full details … What is he hiding? … Isn’t it time for Mitch McConnell to be straight with us?”

Listen to it for yourself:


Was it really necessary for AFSCME to sink super-low to the ground and question Mitch McConnell in a manner in which could be construed that they’re hinting at sexual orientation? We’re absolutely blown away by this b.s. And that’s coming from us– folks who want nothing more than to find out once and for all if Mitch has something to hide. But we’re intelligent enough to know that you don’t jack around with a story like this unless you have evidence.

Annoying.  Homophobia isn’t okay anywhere, any time, no matter what.

For your convenience, we have included the complete transcript of the ad after the jump…

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TGIF! Happy Halloween Edition For Fancy People!

Let’s see how many reporters we can offend today! And/or how many reporters have ZERO sense of humor and take extreme offense when you mention them on a fancy little website. Jeez. We obviously exist solely to ruin everyone’s reputation 24/7. WE ARE IN THE TANK FOR RUINING PEOPLE! FEAR!

A friend of ours is going as the crazy lady who asked John McCain if Barack Obama was an Arab for Halloween. The graphic you see at left is a picture of the t-shirt iron-on they’ll be wearing. Kinda funny. The SNL skit about her was hilarious. [HAHAHA]

That’s right. Two idiots were arrested over the Obama-hanging-in-effigy b.s. that went down at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday. Joe Fischer, a student, and his buddy Hunter Bush. They broke in and stoke items, so, looks like the dudes could face jail time. Holla at some racists! [H-L]

The Lunsford campaign released its latest internal tracking poll yesterday. McConnell is at 47% and Lunsford is at 45%, which is well within the poll’s 4.5 margin of error. Just 43% of Kentuckians feel positive toward McConnell, 38% feel negative toward him. Just 44% give him a positive job rating of excellent and good. A 51% majority give McConnell a negative job rating. [Press Release]

Monday’s edition of KET’s Kentucky Tonight will be off-the-chain hilarious. It comes on at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and will feature Senate President David Williams, Senator Gerald Neal, Republican Party of Kentucky Chair Steve Robertson and now-disgraced Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Jennifer Moore. Get up on it. Maybe this time David and Steve will take off their nice hats and put on their realistic and mean hats– for our enjoyment. [Kentucky Tonight]

Representative John Yarmuth’s bill to aid disadvantaged youth was signed into law. Yarmuth was given a national award for the legislation that originated at his disconnected youth forum in Louisville. The Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act is now official. It authorizes $140 million to allow young people to stay in shelters longer and calls for regular studies to assess the effectiveness of the system. It also strengthens the main source of federal funding for disconnected youth outside of the foster care and juvenile justice system. [Press Release]

Louisville Metro Council Critter Doug “Tan From a Can” Hawkins sent out an email blast yesterday afternoon. It declared, in red, “South Louisville has Greatest Number of Registered Sex Offenders in the State.” 40 of them live in one apartment complex on Lower Hunters Trace. We’d like to remind parents that Doug Hawkins also lives in the south end– so the area should definitely be avoided. [Email Blast]

That’s right, kids! Laura Bush will be in Shepherdsville on Monday to campaign for Brett Guthrie and other Republicans. Meanwhile, the Lunsford campaign and other Democrats are bringing Hillary Clinton back to Louisville– where Dems will dominate anyway. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to take her to Elizabethtown– still in the Louisville market– to make a bigger impact? Oh well, we’re glad David Boswell is losing because he’s a sell-out who is trying to out-Republican the Republican. What a coward. [PolWatchers]

Aww, Katie King keeps taking days off of work. You’ll want to read all about it and laugh at the fact that she not only does not take her current job seriously, she doesn’t follow orders from her supervisors. It’s now Halloween and we hear some new Katie Skank Cake Icing is about to be spread out. So here’s hoping! [The ‘Ville Voice]

And in other news, you wanna see just how crappy the Courier-Journal’s Bluegrass Poll is? Let’s flash back to 2006, ladies! Anne Northup led John Yarmuth 48 to 42 in the poll on October 30 of that year. So, yeah, you fancy C-J reporters who complained to us via email yesterday? Mmmm hmmm. We see how it is. Keep on spinning.  So much for those McConnell-Lunsford numbers yesterday.  [WHAS11]

Thursday Update Dept of Crazy Racist Nutballs

Trick-or-Treat at the Governor’s Mansion. Don’t forget. They have GOOOOD candy. 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. Friday night. And like the Gubnuh says, Halloween is a fun and festive occasion for children and a wonderful opportunity for them to use their imaginations and be creative with their costumes… and get seriously fat. Everyone go get candy so we may live vicariously through you! [Press Release]

RNC Chair Mike Duncan got a $5 million line of credit to help Mitch McConnell out. Because they’re just that desperate and think the country needs even more of their corruption, waste, fraud and abuse. [Mark Hebert]

Governor Steve Beshear’s office announced yesterday that a student advisory committee is joining the Higher Education Work Group. Members are: Chris Crumrine, student member of CPE; Randall Barnes, KCTCS Paducah; Johnathon Boles, WKU; Alex Combs, EKU; Gabe Cronon, NKU; Kodi Faine, Alice Lloyd College; Jacob Fowles, UK; Brad Fran, EKU; Michael Harmon, Morehead State; Jeremy Lane, KSU; Kara Mantooth, Murray State; Rachel Meyer, Murray State; Tyler Montell, UK; Sharon Murphy, UK; Jacob Raderer, Centre; Matthew Ruark, Kentucky Wesleyan College; Kevin Smiley, WKU; Rudy Spencer, UofL; and Luke Taylor, KCTCS Bluegrass. [Press Release]

Bruce Lunsford (D-Not a Chickenhawk) will be all over the place today. 8:10AM interview on the Bill Press Show; 9:10AM Interview on Francene (Tell her hello for us, Bruce!); Downtown Louisville Rotary at noon; Shift change visit at General Election at 2:55PM; Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville at 3:45PM; UofL College Dems at the SAC at 5:00PM; Labor victory rally on Preston Hwy in Louisville at 7:00PM. [Press Release]

The University of Kentucky will host hosted a “race forum” next Wednesday last evening at 7:00 P.M. to discuss race relations at UK. Yesterday Obama was found hanging in effigy on the campus. [PolWatchers]

Have you seen the fancy photo of this crazy guy running for Metro Council in Louisville? Check it out! It’s Republican Dwight Witten– who claims to be a very devout conservative Christian– holding on to some stripper’s (hooker?) boobs. It’s from an ad for a strip joint on 7th Street. Let’s just say it’s one of the most hilarious and skanky things we’ve seen in a long time. And, well, that’s on top of all the Katie King stuff floating around out there! [The ‘Ville Voice]

Attention Brainwashed and/or dumb Republican women: sharing facts that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao have sold the United States of America to RED COMMIE CHINA is NOT race baiting. Leave it to these dumb east end ladies of leisure to complain about race baiting. HAHAHA. Oh god, pee-inducing. [EITB]

Is it us or will it be hilarious watching Kathy Groob try to debate Jack Westwood in Covington tomorrow night? It’s scheduled to take place at 6:30 P.M. at Ninth Street Baptist Church, 231 E. 9th St in Covington. Everyone go give Kathy a hard time and ask her why she’s such a flip-flopping panderer. Also ask her why she likes wasting the Kentucky Democratic Party’s scarce dollars on ridiculous and hypocritical mail pieces. Maybe ask her how Lemonysnip and Kate Hudson are doing. [Pat Crowley]

Robert Felner and the University of Louisville made the Times Higher Education Overseas Briefing. Aww snap. The foreigns are now paying attention! [Times Higher Education]

There Are Some Sick Bastards In Lexington

How does this make you feel?

University of Kentucky police are investigating who hung an effigy of Democrat Sen. Barack Obama from a tree on the Lexington campus Wednesday morning.

UK President Lee Todd, after a press conference Wednesday, said that UK police have notified federal authorities of the incident. Todd said a professor saw the effigy on the tree near the Rose Street parking garage across from the Mining and Minerals building this morning and called police. The professor then sent Todd an email notifying him of the incident.

UK police took down the effigy and have it as evidence, Todd said. Todd said anyone with any information about the incident should contact UK police. The effigy was likely placed there sometime overnight. But it’s in a well-traveled area and police are hoping that someone saw something, Todd said.

Click here to read the rest…

Oh Snap Monday! Getting Caffeinated Is Fun Edition

Yeah, we’re so sitting in our favorite joint chugging the espresso (with a bit of lemon) like it’s going out of style. Perfect way to start a Monday.

To answer burning questions after publishing our appearance on Francene: yes, we do get asked to read the phone book to people. Because we’re just that good.

What are you up to this Monday morning? Are you feeling as awesome as we’re feeling?

Oh – we were at a coffee shop last night and Bruce Lunsford stopped by to chat with us for a few. Everyone in the joint knew who he was and was excited to meet him. Let’s just say that we now believe there’s momentum. It was surreal watching him work a crowd like that.

That mean, librul Herald-Leader endorsed Bruce Lunsford for U.S. Senate. The godless editorial board cast Jesus Mitch McConnell to the side. They are surely on their way to hell. Oh, and the paper’s endorsement is way better than the Courier-Journal’s. And light years more sensical than the McConnell endorsement from the Republican Enquirer. We feel kinda dirty after reading the endorsement. It’s that good. [H-L]

Larry Dale Keeling forgets about Greg Stumbo for a week. He wants to know if Sarah Palin is a hockey mom or a welfare mom. And so do we. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Greg Stumbo conveniently forgets that he, himself, was taken to the woodshed and in 2007 and put in his place. And he’s saying Bruce Lunsford once was the very thing that he, himself, has turned into in Kentucky. Oh, this story also explains that no, people DIDN’T lose their money in Vencor. They received equal shares of Ventas stock. So it’s time to stop making shiz up, you nation of whiners. Oh oh — and you can’t miss Jim Cauley’s quotes. Totally vindicates everything we said about the Governor being directly involved in the effort to oust Andrew Horne. [C-J]

There are job openings (imagine that) at the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. They all depend on budget issues. As much as we “hate” on UofL, it’s a great school and talented people need to keep coming to the University. Positions available in the following areas: K-12 Educational Admin & Leadership, Higher Education, Leadership & Educationatl Policy Analysis/Research. Beginning date of July 2009. Formal review of applicants will begin on November 17, 2008 and will continue until suitable candidates are found. So, hit up the Chronicle’s job listing ASAP! Come to Louisville, people! It’s a great place to live. And UofL, despite the Felner debacle, is arguably one of the finest state schools in the country. [Chronicle]

Wait – the University of Louisville could face new scrutiny when it comes to grants? Really? Wonder why? And it wasn’t UofL officials who brought the Robert Felner debacle to light. They sat on it for years. It was folks within the College of Education and Human Development who rolled over on Felner. If Jim Ramsey doesn’t stop spreading misinformation about how it all came to be, we’ll get our sources to open up to prove just how wrong and dishonest the man is. [C-J]

Sarah Palin will be in Jeffersonville, Indiana on Wednesday. Check with the Jefferson County Republican Party for details. [Press Release]

Not to be missed: the comments on Christina Gilgor’s letter about the death of Matthew Shepard. You’d think the ever-crappier Courier-Journal would have enough sense to filter this mouth breathers out. No dice. [People Are Stupid]

H-L Poll on Obama: What We Already Knew

The Herald-Leader has released Obama-specific polling information and it reveals what we already know: Kentucky voters are afraid of Barack Obama because he’s black and many ignorantly think he’s a Muslim.

The latest H-L/WKYT poll shows 12 percent of Kentuckians are less likely to vote for Obama because he’s black. Only five percent say his race makes them more likely to vote for him. Click here for those results.

And how stupid are we in Kentucky? Check this out:

Despite heavy national media attention about Obama’s faith, more than half of likely Republican voters — 54 percent — and one of every four Democrats in the state do not know that the Democratic presidential nominee is a Christian, the poll found.

The poll showed that 14 percent of likely Kentucky voters — 28 percent of Republicans, 4 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of independents — think Obama adheres to the Muslim faith.

Can you believe that? 54% of Republicans in Kentucky are absolutely brain dead, stupid. And one in four Democrats should be barred from voting.

What sickens us the most is something that blows Mark Hebert’s mind, as well:

The poll finds a majority of Kentuckians agreeing with the statement that if blacks would “only try harder” they’d be as well off as whites.

Really, how embarrassing can this get for us, Kentucky? I guess we can thank both the Republican AND Democratic Parties in Kentucky for keeping us all stupid.

Catholic Priests: Gays Are The Scary Devil

Are there no more pressing issues facing Kentucky than gay marriage? If gay marriage is indeed the end of the world, as Louisville Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, makes it seem— then why are we even bothering with the election? Why are we worried about the economy? And why should we care about the health care crisis in this country?

Even as the number of states allowing same-sex marriage has grown to three, Louisville Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz has begun leading a new Catholic effort to encourage laws that define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Kurtz is leading an ad hoc task force appointed recently by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which also will work with the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternity.

We’re pretty sick of various churches trying to force their views and opinions on everyone, no matter their religious beliefs. We think people like Kurtz could better serve their flocks by focusing on helping and loving people instead of preaching intolerance. We’re not pressing for gay marriage here (I mean, please, like I’ll ever be able to get married – so why worry about it?), but come on. This is getting old. And hearing a bunch of Catholic priests (of all people) talk about the evils of the gays is the height of absolute hypocrisy.

Okay. Getting off the soapbox.