Oh My. Someone Else Read This…

So we won’t have to suffer alone. Our brain is melting.

This is rich, rich, rich.

JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so. The Holland Township couple has picked those names and the oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, turns 3 today.

This has given rise to a problem, because the ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township has refused to make a cake for young Adolf’s birthday.

Basically, we can’t even deal.

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Terri Whitehouse: Feminazi Devil Man Hater

Terri Whitehouse is very important and got interviewed in the librul Courier-Journal about how all men are the devil and something about Hillary and Palin or whatever.


“I was excited by Sen. Clinton’s candidacy, but ultimately disappointed by her reliance upon the same old politics. My biggest problem with the last Democratic presidential administration was its willingness to cave so readily to the right, and so I could never really get past her hawkishness because of that. However, it was truly disheartening to see so many so-called liberals engage in sexism to criticize her, and how quick they were to deny it when called out.

“Sarah Palin was an insulting choice, and I think a lot of people, not just feminists, saw right through it and were appalled by such an obviously unqualified candidate for the position. Her party suddenly pretended to give a sh- about women and sexism, while readily engaging in and benefiting from it.

Click here to read the rest of this mess. And then call the police so we can get this man-hater locked up. I mean, it’s science. It’s a true fact that women have smaller brains than men.

The end.

Wednesday Dept of Tropical 53 Degrees

UPDATE: Haha. Awesome. We are awesome. Because it is TUESDAY, not Wednesday. This generic Nyquil isn’t to blame, though, but all the excitement of… oh, haha, whatever. We haven’t had espresso yet. And it’s after 11:00 A.M.

Gosh. It’s so fancy how the Mormon Church is now playing the role of victim. Never mind that this was the same church that conducted a national broadcast to every temple, calling on members to organize and write checks to the Proposition 8 campaign. The same church whose members donated more than half of the $40 million behind the discriminatory measure. Awww. Poor Mormons. [HRC]

Paul Patton says the Council on Postsecondary Education will name its new president at today’s meeting. Could it be Richard King or Robert Clarke? The Beshear Administration is happy with an out-of-state selection. But lots of Kentuckians are not. [Ryan Alessi]

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has named Mitch McConnell as one of the most embarrassing members of congress. All because Hunter Bates made millions from grants for companies he represents as a lobbyist. And McConnell’s secret fundraising for the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville. [C-J’s Political Blog]

Don’t want to flood you with stuff from the Courier-Journal, but you’ve gotta read this story from Andy Wolfson about Louisville attorney Bill Ayers (for real). Allegedly acted as a bail bondsman and all kinds of, well, interesting shenanigans. Of course, this guy gets prosecuted for providing a service that people want while the years-long Steve Henry case sits, lingering, nothing happening. [C-J]

We mentioned this a couple weeks ago because it seems ridiculous and risky in most states. Will you be calling in gay tomorrow in order to protest by doing some sort of community service? Probably not, since you could be fired. Really great idea, right? Especially as we enter the The Great Depression Part 2. [Huffington Post]

What’s your take on the Teamsters in Louisville? Should they vote to accept no pay raises? Would ANYONE approve of no pay raises? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Monday Afternoon Dept of Post Nasal Drip

Who is 2008’s most intriguing newsmaker? Frances Barton & Sheriff Dick? Marco Allen Chapman? The Dame? Eight Belles? Otis “Bullman” Hensley? Crit Luallen? Dudley Webb? Melbourne Mills Jr? We voted for Otis. The Herald-Leader wants to know. Go vote. [H-L Poll]

Isn’t this just perfect? Dubya’s new neighborhood barred non-whites until 2000. How progressive. [Huffington Post]

How they shot The Godfather. Are you huge fans of the film series like we are? Then check these candid photos and the story out. We’re pretty much obsessed and are going to go straight home to watch the movies again. Except the third one, which sucked. [Daily Mail]

It’s awesome that FiveThirtyEight is so horribly disconnected from the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Kentucky. Even more awesome that outsiders always think Ben Chandler is Kentucky’s golden boy. [FiveThirtyEight]

8664 will host its second annual public forum this Wednesday, December 10 at 6:00 P.M. in Louisville. Muhammad Ali Center. It’s free and open to the public. Featured speakers include Cary Moon, John Norquist, Tyler Allen and JC Stites. Moon is a landscape and urban designer leading the People’s Waterfront Coalition in Seattle. Norquist is the former Mayor of Milwaukee and current President of the COngress for the New Urbanism. Wednesday’s program will include an update on 8664, discussion of freeway removal in other cities and a question and answer session from the audience. Oh, and we’re a sponsor. So show up. [8664]

What? Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen and the Supreme Court will have none of Daniel Essek’s shiz? [SCOTUSBLOG]

Even that dern librul Herald-Leader is threatening our “way of life” !!!1!! Oh noes! [H-L]

University of Kentucky President Lee Todd should turn down his pay raise and take a major pay cut. Let’s face it, if you’re making zillions of dollars like Todd and Jim Ramsey, surely to goodness you can cope, right? [KY Kernel]

LEO’s Fat Lip laughs at the Courier-Journal’s ridiculous use of the red “C-J Exclusive” graphic. The reddy is returning for a JCPS job cutting story. How quaint. [Fat Lip]

Tuesday. Snow Didn’t Stick. Creationists Sad.

What? The United States of America is in a recession? And it has been for, oh, a year? Why, it was just a few days ago that people like David Adams were trying to spin otherwise. Imagine that. [Huffington Post & Yahoo! News]

Speaking of the economy, THIS is what American businesses are supposed to do. Not ruin the entire world with corrupt business practices. [MSNBC]

We hear House Democrats probably won’t press to have Mike Weaver seated. Because having an additional member doesn’t help them in the least. [Mark Hebert]

The Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program is gearing up for the return of its drug waiting list. Yay economy! More people are going to die. [Bluegrass Politics]

Tom Riner has gotten the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security sued over his desire to push his religious beliefs on everyone. Now his army of 800,000 children are going to try to take over the world from his gerrymandered House district. Just like they and his wife screw up their legislative district every four years. [Bluegrass Politics]

Meanwhile, Tom is probably crying over the Creation Musuem. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Oh Noes! It’s Cyber Monday! Afternoon Stuff

Were you aware that it is “Cyber Monday” ??


Then, it’s high time you started buying us stuff to make up for it.

Commuter rail (not light rail) in Kentucky? We can hope! But don’t hold your breath. While the rest of the world has commuter train systems, areas like the Commonwealth are going to forever be left in the dark. We may not “need” commuter rail but we sure the heck would use it. And if there were ever a rail system between Louisville and Lexington or other points east and west… then… I’m pretty sure people would use the heck out of it. [C-J]

The corruption in Birmingham makes Louisville seem better each and every day! Holy crap. A mayor involved in a financial scandal. He’s tied to the dude we mentioned a few weeks back who is all caught up in some gay escort scandal. What a mess. [AL.com]

Don’t you love how the Bush Misadministration really is responsible for the financial mess we’re in? Never you worry, though, because Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are definitely going to be blamed for this. Newt Gingrich and Faux News will find a way! [Huffington Post]

The Obama effigy cast from the University of Kentucky is headed to the grand jury. Who doesn’t think Joe Fischer and Hunter Bush will be indicted om some sort of charge? Maybe not anything extreme, but they’ve already given statements to campus police admitting guilt. [Bluegrass Beat]

Earlier we told you about the crazy Esseks accusing that black muslin terra-ist Barack Obama of being a foreigner. Well, whattya know? Now you can take a look at Obama’s actual birth certificate. Garsh. Them internets sure is fancy. [Fight The Smears]

Oh Snap Monday! It Snowed! Kroger Is Empty!

Michael Carneal was denied a new hearing. Interesting read and a look back at the Paducah tragedy. [C-J]

Bitter hatemongers? Nah, never. Not in this country. [NYTimes]

This is why you should be giving back. [C-J]

What’s awesome? When The McConnell campaign and the Northup campaign give or sell their email lists to the company that handles public relations for Maker’s Mark. Isn’t that fancy? And potentially illegal? Yeah. [Email Blasts]

That’s right. Kentucky law requires the state department of Homeland Security to credit God with keeping the Commonwealth safe. Seriously. And it’s all Tom Riner’s doing. Every time we read about Tom, we think about how his wife loves stealing legislative district elections every four years. And of the weird Jesus magnets they send out to constituents every year. Fancy! [Oh Gag]

FEAR! The gays! They really are coming to YOUR town! Fancy trailer of a fancy AFA hatemonger video.  We’ve written about it before, but enjoy it again. [Wonkette]

Yup. Daniel Mongiardo is a first-rate homophobe who has an eff-load of fences to mend before he ever considers higher office. Demanding that members of the state house sign pledges to never support anything homo-rific is hardly a way to win in the golden triangle. That’s just reality. [Hilarious Posturing]

Does anyone else spend way too much time enjoying the history of our executive mansions in this country? The White House is one of our favorites. And when we can’t waste countless hours inside the building museum in D.C., we visit sites like this one. [White House History]

You should read this profile from Cheryl Truman about Dubai’s Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. Because you’re going to be hearing a lot about her through the 2010 World Equestrian Games. [H-L]

Doesn’t the ridiculous Wall Street Journal editorial board make you want to pee? I mean, really? “After years of obstruction by Senate Democrats…” HAHAHA. That’s the sort of revisionist history the paper uses in its opener for a story about how Mitch McConnell plans to block everything, forever, when it comes to pushing religionut judicial appointees and blocking Obama’s non-nutbags. [WSJ]

In case you were wondering, this is quite possibly the gayest thing on earth. Ever. The end. [Anderson Cooper vs. Michael Phelps]