TGIF. Everyone is Still Bitter and Hateful.

“Jake” can “cackle with the best of hens” – meaning he’s a huge flaming fruit, right? Guess there are some folks who haven’t heard his voice or met him. And for the record: Jack Westwood *does* have a screw loose. Otherwise he wouldn’t have attacked Diane Brumback for having had an abortion. He wouldn’t have said her abortion caused her breast cancer. Seriously, some people are just sick. And anyone who can apologize for that sick mess? Well… [Haha]

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo and his fiancée, Allison Patrick, are getting married in June. They’re not releasing the date because they’re such huge celebrities who need all kinds of privacy, you know. Or maybe it’s because they don’t want the perception that their wedding was paid for by the state, like that of Steve & Heather Henry. [H-L]

Some woman still thinks Kentuckians were labeled as racist because they voted for Hillary Clinton. Not because, oh, 21% of Democrats in Kentucky admitted on an exit poll that they voted on the basis of race. Hello? The primary is over. In the past. We know you’re pissed that your candidate lost. Time to move on. Oh, and some woman named Kathryn Mudd is screaming reverse racism. SERIOUSLY! Everyone roll your eyes at these nutbags. [C-J]

Greg Stumbo, who waited until everyone he’s talking about is out of town, is talking about pre-filing a bill to allow slot machines at race tracks for a trial period of one year. Who wants to take bets that this won’t pass? [H-L]

The Kentucky Retirement System and Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System suck worse than the programs in 22 similar systems around the country. The average rate of return on Kentucky’s investments mean we’re all going to die broke, hungry and alone. [WHAS11]

Kentucky Democrats: A house out of order

LEO’s Phillip Bailey has a column this week that outlines the struggles within the Kentucky Democratic Party that we all will face over the coming months.

On Tina Ward-Pugh and her controversial comments we helped shed public attention on, forcing public comment from her:

According to a CBS News/New York Times poll, 30 percent of Clinton supporters say they will either stay home or back presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. Saying she was the “tip of the iceberg” of a mass of anti-Obama sentiment among Clinton supporters, Louisville Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, D-9, told WHAS-TV last week she wasn’t convinced that Obama has what it takes to be president, a comment that stirred enough controversy on the blogs and (sister sites that sometimes share content) to provoke an unusual attempt at clarification from Ward-Pugh.

She told LEO in an interview afterward that her comments were taken out of context. “I’m not one of those 30 percent,” she said.

Probably don’t need to remind you, but we pointed out just how NOT out of context Tina’s comments were taken. You can read about that HERE.

On Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo and his endorsement of Barack Obama:

“With Barack Obama, anybody he chooses is going to be a dream ticket,” Mongiardo told LEO.

And on Rep. John Yarmuth being the only Democrat in Kentucky who isn’t sitting in denial about racial bigotry that exists within our ranks:

Part of that healing is having difficult conversations about a culturally heterogeneous party that most within it seem content to avoid. The donkey in the room during the convention was the race vote from the May 20 primary. Just about every Democrat mentioned the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner speech by U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, the only high-profile Dem who is talking openly about the exit poll results that suggested one in five Kentuckians wouldn’t vote for an African American.

“In recent weeks, racial bigotry has reared its ugly head in our state,” Yarmuth said. “Whenever we encounter a Democrat who says he or she cannot vote for a black man, we must not walk away and let that blind hatred fester.”

Click here to read the rest.

Wednesday Updates. Crazies Are Out Edition.

Now that a pension deal has been reached, lawmakers are just waiting on the governor to call a special session. The session, probably beginning the week of June 23, will result in a bill requiring full hires to work longer and contribute more of their pay to help pay for their retirement. Cost-of-living increases are also reduced. [The Arena]

The Cook Report says the U.S. Senate race is solid Republican, which makes sense. But says the Yarmuth-Northup race only “leans” Yarmuth, which is sure to incite laughter. Since, you know, Yarmuth leads in all polls (including Northup’s own polling) by about 700 million (or 17) points. [PolWatchers]

Speaking of Rep. John Yarmuth, he introduced the Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act in Congress in March and just announced that the House passed his bill. It provides a huge safety net for homeless youth across the U.S. and A. He brought a national forum to Louisville last year which discussed homeless youth. He’s showing real leadership on the issue. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We just decided what we’re doing Thursday night. Mark Hebert will be moderating a Society of Professional Journalists forum in Louisville to talk about how media hounds constantly get on teevee. No, not us, but Tyler Allen of 8664, Chris Thieneman and Christopher 2X. Say hello if you see us. [Mark Hebert]

Richie Farmer & crew are hosting the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture in Lexington June 9 – 13 and many are upset with the way he’s handling things. Apparently it’s all a big dog and pony show paid for with state dollars and appears to be a week of fun that doesn’t consist of anything on any day after 12:00 noon. Take a look at the agenda for yourself. [Agenda (PDF),]

A bunch of nutbags are giving John Yarmuth shit for his speech over the weekend about racism. One dude is yelling about white pride (for serious). One is complaining about how he didn’t support Hillary Clinton (yes, still, and on his MySpace page he claims to be of “Black / African descent” even though he’s a super-young white kid). These people are whackjobs. Legitimate, racist whackjobs. [C-J]

Mid-Afternoon Fancy Pants Blogging Updates Because We’re Too Lazy To Break Everything Down Into Multiple Posts And All That

We have new interns in the Page One-‘Ville Voice world! Zak Owens, our fancy new guy, attended an event with the Brookings Institution and scored a one-on-one interview with Louisville’s mayor. Go read all about it and tell Zak how awesome he is. He’ll be writing on a regular basis over the coming months so let’s give him a warm welcome. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We’re not sure what Marc Carey is trying to accomplish with his latest post, but it reeks of racism and we couldn’t be more offended. Just go look at it for yourself and try not to vomit. We have respect for Marc, but let’s get effing real. This is ridiculous. Joe Sonka is right to call this race baiting. [Bluegrass Bulletin, Barefoot & Progressive]

What’s this? what? Oh, yeah, more proof that Trey Grayson was on this whole transparency kick way before the governor’s office. Beshear’s folks are claiming they contacted Grayson’s office on May 15. But. Uh. Grayson’s folks were working on this several weeks earlier. Imagine that. [KY Progress]

Ralph Long has an interesting take on the whole transparency shenanigans. He wonders what government procurement cards (credit cards) are used for these days. And then Ralph wonders why Finance Cabinet Secretary Jonathan Miller doesn’t make a ton of documents available to the public. Go read all about it. [Ralph Long 1, 2]

Looks like Mitch McConnell is not only ticking Democrats off, but fellow Republicans. Apparently, Senate Republicans think their leadership made a tactical mistake by needlessly complicating the debate on global warming with an unrelated fight over judicial nominations. [Matt Gunterman]

Lookit. Irv Maze is finally retiring as Jefferson County Attorney to take a seat on the bench. The governor is expected to appoint the Mayor’s favorite as a replacement in the coming weeks and we hear Lt. Col. Andrew Horne may be in the mix. Though, Tina Heavrin is the widely expected pick to replace Irv. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Mitch McConnell and his crew still think Bruce Lunsford has to answer to him on matters of various import. Reality is, though, that Lunsford only has to answer to the voters. Just as McConnell will have to do for his past 24 years of obstruction, pork and all-around shenanigans that are slowly but surely coming to light. [Team Mitch]

Oh Snap Monday! Dems & Pubs Are Heated

Ryan Alessi has the skinny on the State Central Executive Committee. The article states that these are all Beshear supporters and that’s not true. 3/4ths of them have trashed the governor for months. It’s the same in every congressional district. We’re gonna have a lot to talk about for a long time. We hear the fan is just turning on and the poo-makers have just started to eat. [PolWatchers]

This is why Senate President David Williams is a powerful guy. Because he knows how to work a crowd and he knows what it takes to stand up. We just think that if David would let some bygones be bygones, he’d be able to take his leadership to the next level. Also, he needs to work within his supporters to position Trey Grayson as the next big thing. (Let’s have lunch, David.) [Bowling Green Daily News]

How do you feel about the Governor’s economic development trip to Japan during a time of all out terror on Kentucky’s economic front? We have mixed feelings about it but doubt the cost of the trip is even big enough to make anyone blink. What do you think? Note that the State Journal is still quoting Frank Simon friend Jim Waters. [State Journal]

Some Republicans can’t let go of the past and still can’t believe some of Ernie Fletcher’s retarded handlers got him all caught up in a hiring scandal. Now they’re claiming the special grand jury was tainted based on information they’re making up in their head. For real. They’re basing it on assumptions and without proof. Imagine that. Nothing wrong with digging for info to prove it was a witch hunt, but come on. Ernie’s a good guy who listened to the wrong people. [KPAC-2]

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It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Hot Outside. Too Hot.

A tribute to David Edmunds. Not suitable for John McCain, the vapors brigade, Jody Richards, children or people who are awful prudes. Probably not entirely safe for work. You’ll love this junk, though. Yes, David and I are getting married in gay New York this weekend. [YouTube]

The reaction to probably homosexual David Edmunds is getting heated and entertaining. The Chair of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville makes him sound quite ignorant and the co-chair of the Lambda Law Caucus at UofL says he’s trying to send us back into the Stone Age. Poor David. [C-J, C-J]

Ruh ro. Reaction to John McCain last night wasn’t the greatest. His handlers didn’t plan very well. Go watch the video at some other dirty liberal website. [DMKY]

Wait for this. It’s a good one. Jon Draud knew about the extra cost of his state vehicle and declined the opportunity to cut costs when he was given that option. We find all this out after his lying ass said he didn’t know anything about the cost of his huge, gas hog of a vehicle (Chrysler 300). What a tired, old hack. [C-J]

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