Tuesday. 20 More Days of Dubya Remain.

In case you missed it: Kelly Flood is apparently the biggest hypocrite we’ve ever elected. From being a pro-equality woman who thinks for herself to bigot-supporting woman who takes Bob Damron’s lead in under a month. So much for her political career. Or her constituency in the 75th. Or her campaign promises. Or the people she’s lied to, misled and thrown under the bus. Fairness leaders we’ve spoken with around the state are in shock and Ernesto Scorsone is beside himself. Guess there’s something to be said for being in over your head. [Page One]

Newsflash: I haven’t worked on a campaign since 2007 and don’t plan on working in politics again. Who in their right mind thinks Trey Grayson would run against Jack Conway, whom he could not beat? And in other news, I’m pretty sure I never suggested anyone should leave the Democratic Party. Though I, myself, contemplated leaving (publicly) several months ago. Isn’t it interesting how some people always resort to personal attacks when their message isn’t getting them anywhere? [Interesting]

Even The Senate Guru took notice. [SG]

Known chickenhawk Mitch McConnell had no problem giving his wealthy banking buddies billions of dollars in annual bonuses. But he’s got a real problem saving the rest of the country from the biggest economic collapse in American history. Imagine that. [Politico]

Your thoughts, ladies, on this fancy mess in Israel-Gaza right now? [Huffington Post & CQ]

Hahaha – wait. “Senator McConnell — Idiot of the Highest Order.” This is getting fierce. [More HuffPo]

More haha. This time it’s in the form of an editorial cartoon. Williams & Kelly. [C-J]

Have you met the Turtle Man? We posted his video a long time ago, but it’s always nice to watch this mess. [B&P]

Finally, here’s the video address Governor Steve Beshear sent out to state emplaw-ees:

Kelly Flood: A Profile in Hypocrisy and Hate

Who knew Kelly Flood, a self-proclaimed “Liberal Democrat” would turn out to be a lying hypocrite who is filled to the brim with political ineptitude?

That’s right, Kelly Flood.

She campaigned on the coattails of Senator-elect Kathy Stein and Judge Ernesto Scorsone. She had a campaign staff filled with openly gay individuals. She had the support of labor. She proclaimed to stand for a woman’s right to choose. She is/was head of a “gay” church. And she had the gall to stand before JustFundKY only months ago.

That same Kelly Flood is currently in the midst of a major flip-flop. She made telephone calls today saying that she’s changed her mind and has decided to support the three largest bigots and woman-haters in the Commonwealth: Greg Stumbo, Larry Clark, Bob Damron and Tommy Thompson.

Isn’t that cute? The woman from Lexington’s most gay and most liberal district supporting the idiot (Damron) who pushed legislation that would have made it legal to shoot a gay man if he made an advance toward you. The woman who, all across the campaign trail, told the story of being the neighbor and best friend of Travis Fritsch, the woman who mothered Greg Stumbo’s illegitimate child for which he famously refused to pay child support and how terribly she (Kelly) hated Greg. That woman.

She’s decided to alienate her support base of gays and women (who make up like 99% of her district) and is aligning herself with sickening bigotry and immorality.

Her reasoning? She says Greg Stumbo will “work with” David Williams and that Greg needs her as part of his team. Seriously. That’s her reasoning. The other guys? She has none.

Guess she can say goodbye to her political career. Since everyone now knows she can’t be trusted on any front.

Kelly Flood obviously doesn’t stand for anything but her own selfish wants. Wonder what she was offered as a consolation prize?

Oh Snap Monday! Crazy Heat Wave Is Over

Google Maps Oddity? Isn’t it just plain odd that West Liberty would be photographed in higher detail than Morehead on the Google maps machine? Check it out for yourself. [Google Maps]

Does Denise Harper Angel, the Democrat from librul Cherokee Triangle in Louisville who wants to “put you in your place” has sent out a very important email blast detailing her legislative agenda. Let’s take a look to see if it makes sense for her particular constituency: “While the budget shortfall will be our number one priority, I also will be sponsoring new legislation that will: Implement an enhanced Kentucky Quit Line for pregnant smokers; Establish a state wide E-Waste (electronic) Recycling Program; Create a task force for the development of a Senior Worker Retraining Program; Meal Act (Menu Education & Labeling) would require caloric information be listed on menus and menu boards of fast food restaurants, Create a Bronze and Silver Star license plate for veterans” [Email Blast]

Oh, lookit, the LA Times linked to us. Let us gloat a bit. [LA Times]

God. Does Republican (and Democratic, in Kentucky) ignorance ever end? RNC candidate Chip Saltsman’s Christmas greeting to committee members includes a music CD with lyrics from a song called “Barack the Magic Negro,” first played on Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio show. [The Hill]

Thanks to Wonkette, you can listen to that shiz on the tubes! [Wonkette]

Looks like Miller Transportation’s weird power grab at TARC was a massive failure. And in the process, Miller has royally effed hundreds of low-income folks around Louisville who will no longer benefit from TARC’s service, which the organization lost lost money on. [C-J]

RNC Chair Mike Duncan is the only one who sounds remotely sane in all of this “Barack the Magic Negro” mess. And, really, flipping out over sickening racism and stupidity is merely “hypersensitivity”?? Heh. Right. [Huffington Post]

Haha, that silly Frank Rich, trying to be all funny and likable. He hits Barry on the homo front and rightly so. Indeed, fighting AIDS is not a “get-out-of-homophobia-free card.” Barack Obama has little in common with George W. Bush, thank God, his obsessive workouts and message control notwithstanding. At a time when very few Americans feel very good about very much, Obama is generating huge hopes even before he takes office. So much so that his name and face, affixed to any product, may be the last commodity left in the marketplace that can still move Americans to shop. [NY Times]

Lincoln as Commander in Chief. A self-taught strategist with no combat experience, Abraham Lincoln saw the path to victory more clearly than his generals. Really great and really long article in our favorite magazine. [Smithsonian]

Crit Luallen told the Associated Press that she’s considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2010. But. We all know that’s not going to happen. [WAVE3]

Haha. That Pat Crowley, calling Jeremy Horton the Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Hahaha. Oh, we thought Horton was working at Arby’s these days? Darn. It’s funny how Horton suggests the KDP has increased its ability to reach voters. No mention of his attempts to suppress data collection during the 2007 general election. Oh, the hilarity. In other news: Jeremy Horton has yet to apologize to the young woman he berated and threatened, merely because she’s friends with us. [Enquirer]

Tuesday Evening Stuff to End the Day

It’s not like you were working, anyway. And since it’s one of the slowest news days on earth and we’re taking it easy, we figured it’d be best to just cold share the links we’re readin’ today. Just because.

Oh, we ate half of a Blue Monday earlier and are about to pass out into a sugar coma. How many carbs are in that mess? UGH! I bet it’s at least 10. Happy holidays or whatever, all.

Let’s forget about Rick Warren being a bigoted homophobic gasbag like the rotting-in-hell (not that we believe in hell) Jerry Falwell or Frank Simon. Let’s talk about the bigger “sin” here: gluttony. Rickyboy could stand to lose a hundred or so pounds, don’t ya think? I’m saying this as a former fatty. But. Let’s get real here. Gluttony is like the worst “sin” on earth. [Wonkette]

Our Lincoln is heading to Washington, D.C. [Our Lincoln]

After Dubya said he wouldn’t pardon a ton of people, he issued 19 of them. Check the PDF list out. [USA Today]

This is why we’re fans of Francene. Not just because she’s loud and unafraid to trudge ahead, but because she’s brutally honest. [The ‘Ville Voice]

While we’re linky linky with Rick, what is it with these old codgers in the media who continue to capitalize “Internet” and “Web”? It’s getting old, people. It’s fine to use “website” instead of “Web site” and “internet” instead of “Internet.” Heck, use “internets” and “Google machine.” [More VV]

Fancy photo essay of the space shuttle. Prepping for launch, out there in space and once it’s back home. All on the internets for you to lookit. [Boston Globe]

You could use the Google Earth machine to find previously undiscovered forests, too. [Telegraph]

This is so mean and hilarious: Yesterday morning, like clockwork, the Duggar family — Jim Bob, Michelle, her clown car vagina, and the 18 kids whose names all inexplicably begin with the letter “J” — made their traditional appearance on NBC’s Today to show off the latest addition to their constantly expanding litter. It’s almost like the guy is writing about the Riner family. [Huffington Post]

We admit to secretly waking up to watch this every morning. [WaPo]

The Office of the Attorney General today announced it’s issuing refund checks to Kentuckians misled by a faux veterans charity called “American Veterans Coalition.” The total is nearly $10,000 and the checks are being disbursed to 558 Kentuckians who made donations to the organization. It allegedly raised funds to help pay veterans’ expenses but ultimately gave less than 1% of the money raised to veterans. Hrm. Sound familiar? We’d love for Heather French Henry to finally prove what her non-profit does to help veterans. The same goes for several other “charities” in Kentucky. [Press Release]

And this, ladies (which means the gents, too), is why we are so successful. We watch things like this during the work day:

TGIF On Tuesday This Week!

Yup. It’s just Tuesday. iTunes freebie day. CW day. Cold. Yaddda yadda. Anyway, this is probably your last day of work for the week. So we’re taking it slow.

8664 has started running letters that the Courier-Journal has rejected on its own website. [8664]

Help your local homeless shelter out. They’re packed to the gills. [C-J]

Beardy monster Stephen George has written about getting a shave. And it is quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve ever read. [LEO]

In case you missed it last night, the University of the Cumberlands case is headed to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Guess it’s still illegal to kick gay kids out of school when you receive funding from the state.  Woops. [Page One]

HAHAHAHAHA. We almost peed. Fat pillhead Rush Limbaugh says Democrats started the economic crisis to help elect Barack Obama. [Think Progress]

Other than working for us, where can you get a job in these sticky times? [McClatchy]

University of the Cumberlands Case Goes Supreme

Remember the case of the University of the Cumberlands– a private, religious university– that received state funds and discriminated against a gay student?

Welp, on Thursday, December 18, the University filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals, which was granted, and the case is now on its way to the state Supreme Court.

This is in reaction to the March 2008 ruling of Judge Crittenden, which was in favor of the plaintiffs in the case (several individuals and the Kentucky Fairness Alliance).

We hear from sources that the current timeline going forward could place oral arguments, if allowed by the Court, in early spring 2009.

Stay tuned.

We Are All Frozen, Not Just On the Inside

Shop at Wal-Mart? Get your credit limit slashed by American Express. For real. “Other customers who have used their card at establishments where you recently shopped have a poor repayment history with American Express.” [AJC]

Oh, look, its Jefferson Poole protesting too much about the gay homosexuals. Again. “Intellectually dishonest” gays? Because they don’t like gay-hating homophobe Rick Warren? Comparing gay people who desire equality to EXTREMIST MUSLIMS? Are you kidding me? Meanwhile, he’s probably sending another email at this very moment proclaiming that he’s not a homophobe. I give this one about, oh, two years til he appears in a pornography for the homosexuals on some “straight” guy website. [Sweet Cheeks]

Looks like we’re not the only customers who get dicked by various businesses when they bill us for their crappy services. He’s miffed at, let’s face it, everything we’re miffed at. Imagine that. [Stephen George]

A group of those mean, awful, homosexual sympathizing environmentalists– including the Kentucky Waterways Alliance– is suing the Interior Department and EPA in an attempt to overturn the latest mountaintop removal crap. The rule, which was made final on December 12th, allows mining companies to ignore stream buffer zones if they’re able to convince regulators (haha, like that’s hard to do) that no other option is available. [C-J]

From the Department of What’s Steve Henry Up to These Days? Henry is speaking to the Mt. Washington City Council tonight about his walking trail in the city. Guess Mt. Washington hasn’t yet figured out that Henry uses the Future Fund as a giant slush fund. Or that he’s tried to personally benefit from the organization by retaining personal ownership of properties. At one point, the prominent Jones family and the parks folks were so incensed at Henry that they had to send him a letter demanding he turn over property or face legal action. [Still Swindling]

House Speaker Jody Richards today joined 36 other state legislative leaders from across the country urging the U.S. Congress to adopt an economic stimulus plan for the U.S. and A. “State governments are uniquely positioned to put this money to work right away,” said Speaker Richards, the only Kentucky legislator to sign the letter. “This plan would create thousands of jobs as we refortify our infrastructure and help stabilize Medicaid, whose rolls have grown tremendously because of this economic crisis. I am proud to sign on in support of this initiative.” [Press Release]