Kent Ostrander: It’s Not About The Gays

Kent Ostrander of the Family Foundation says it’s not about the gays, it’s about the children.

He was interviewed by Lexington’s WTVQ recently and had quite a bit of obfuscating to do. Check it out:

What’s your take on this mess? Is Ostrander conveniently ignoring science and organizations such as the American Psychological Association?

And who really believes that it’s not about the gays? Please.

Oh Snap Monday! Welcome to Winter of Poverty!

Don’t forget to watch video of Vernie McGaha, Ed Worley, Gary Tapp and Ernesto Scorsone from the 2004 State Senate floor debate on Daniel Mongiardo’s SB245/anti-gay marriage amendment. You’ll really appreciate the the footage of Mongiardo standing behind Scorsone as he spoke, laughing and giggling uncontrollably with his pals. [Page One]

Crazy ass Jim Bunning said Justice Ginsberg would be dead in nine months from pancreatic cancer. [C-J]

Johnathan Gay could learn a thing or two about honesty. He’s spinning, suggesting the Herald-Leader blames “Mountain Dew Mouth” on the coal industry. Unfortunately for Gay, it’s a reality that those in areas of coal mining cannot drink the ground water because it’s a disaster thanks to coal. I, for one, grew up in an area were having a well wasn’t an option if you didn’t want 15 different kinds of cancer.  He should think twice before attempting dishonest spin. And, no, there’s not a better place to start attacking than oral health, Johnathan. [Cyberhillbilly]

Yup. It’s true that Jim Gooch refuses to allow stream saver legislation out of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. It’s also true that Mr. Gooch has taken it upon himself to rail against “that fag in Louisville” over the past few weeks. Guess he knows what’s coming down the line. [Angela Mitchell’s LTE]

How many gallons of water does it take to make your latte? Guess. 53! [Discovery]

No, Mr. Hawpe, taxes aren’t the plague. But keeping four cents on the gas tax to maintain $120 million just because some folks in Frankfort can’t bring themselves to SOLVE this fiscal nightmare we’re in? Give me a break. Side note: It’s hilarious that the “Lunsford Gas Tax” is now the hottest topic of conversation in the Commonwealth. [C-J]

That damn Priceline dude is on the Governor’s equestrian games advisory council. [Bluegrass Politics]

52,000 Americans hid their money from the IRS in Swiss bank accounts. [Financial Times]

Kentucky is weighing the expansion of a children’s health care program that would pay most of kids’ health care costs. It’d be stupid of us not to do this. Taking care of our young and old is the right thing to do. [C-J]

Is creating an investigative agency with no oversight the smartest thing to do? We already know that David Williams will receive one-third of the road fund (concession from Beshear/Stumbo) in exchange for the budget vote. Is this another concession– killing transparency and the right of the people to know what’s going on? Protecting state records from Open Records/Sunshine laws and preventing them from being released by court order is the wrong thing for the Commonwealth. Creating an uncontrollable and secretive arm of the legislature is a mistake and Kentucky should be ashamed. Al Cross actually knows what he’s talking about on this front. [Mark Hebert & C-J, oh, and Al Cross]

The Herald-Leader editorial board points out that talking about reality does not a negative stereotype make. There are real epidemics in eastern Kentucky and it’s our duty as Kentuckians and Americans to help. [H-L]

Why won’t Mitch McConnell grow a pair? He needs to demand that Roland Burris resign from the Senate. Not doing so is a disservice to this country. [CNN Political Ticker

Finally, for those fighting against SB68, don’t forget what a mess you could be in if you steal money and trash other Fairness organizations. [Page One]

Haha – David Williams for U.S. Senate. That’s been the gossip for months. And who believes THAT will happen (a victory, that is)?  He may enter the race, but he’s the only Republican in the state with more baggage than Ernie Fletcher.  Williams is screwed in his Republican circles because he cut road fund deals with Beshear and Stumbo. [Hahaha]

Will the powers that be finally decide that it’s time we all step up and work together to improve lives in Appalachia? Fat chance. [Ronnie Ellis]

Flashback to 2004: Profiles in Extreme Gay Panic

Everyone remembers Senate Bill 245 from 2004, the anti-gay marriage amendment that came about as a result of Daniel Mongiardo’s extreme case of Gay Panic [TM]. SB245, as Mongiardo’s campaign lackey Lee Murphy said to me in a Facebook message last week:

As you recall …in 2004 the Bunning crowd accused Daniel of being gay because he was 45, dressed well and not married.

Came to be because Mongiardo was referred to as limp-wristed by then-opponent Jim Bunning in the race for U.S. Senate. (Like that made it okay to gay-hate?)

Conservatives came out in epic numbers to support Mongiardo’s amendment, thereby contributing heartily to the loss of several Democratic candidates who otherwise would have won with ease.

And now Daniel Mongiardo wants you to forget everything he brought about that year.

So let’s take a trip down the Gay Panic [TM] worm hole…

On March 11, 2004 discussion of SB245 in the State Senate was what could only be described as insecurity at its worst. Let’s take a look at a bit of that discussion.

The floor opened with Vernie “McGayHater” McGaha blabbering all kinds of garbage about how marriage was under attack, all kinds of talk about “Massatooshetts,” and how we needed to protect our neighbors children from the gays and activist judges.

Peep the rest, including Gary “Tapp Tapp” Tapp and Ed Worley after the jump…

Read moreFlashback to 2004: Profiles in Extreme Gay Panic

TGIF! Frankfort Comes Alive Again Next Week

What, no one has thoughts about Governor Steve Beshear’s misleading and potential fraud of an “energy plan” ?? NO ONE? [Questions About the Governor’s Energy Plan]

It’s tough not to be disappointed that legislators are blocking tax decreases– for whatever reason– in this economy. [C-J]

Mark Hebert is feeling sorry for Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson. What the hell? The man has one rough week and suddenly everyone feels sorry that he has to do real work? In other news: We spotted a billboard on I-64 yesterday that read, “MAKER’S MARK: Never Changes, Kinda Like the Mayor.” [Mark Hebert]

Squeaky the herding pig? Maybe the most hilarious and/or sweet thing on earth. We can’t even deal. [Awesome Video]

Tom Burch will kill the “seance with your fetus” bill when it hits the house. [Joe Gerth]

So how many homeless people were counted in Louisville last night? [The ‘Ville Voice]

College English teachers should be the most bothered by the plan being pushed by state Republicans to gut CATS testing and get rid of writing portfolios. Because they’re the ones who are going to have to revert to basics when they show up for English 101. It’s THE most important skill kids learn in high school. It’s the big topic on the C-J Editorial Page. [C-J]

How does Kentucky rank on the 2008 Poverty Scorecard? Not as well as you might think. 17.3% poverty rate. Check to see which legislators are mucking things up and continually screwing you. [Poverty Score Card]

Keep standing up against Senate Bill 68. Call Senate Judiciary members and let them know how you feel. Urge Bob Stivers to continue his consideration for tabling the hateful and discriminator bill. Don’t back down. Don’t fall into apathy. Stand up. [Page One]

MAJOR UPDATE: Senate Hate Bill 68

We hear that Senate Bill 68 is close to being tabled in Senate Judiciary. A number of Republican Senators we’ve spoken with over the past two days are outraged at the bill and its sponsor, Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp. We also hear that Bob Stivers is surprised and less-than-happy with having to waste time on such a wedge issue.


Keep calling. Emailing won’t cut it.

Stay tuned.

Thursday Dept of Jim Bunning Hypocrisy

What is it with Young Republicans? First that Murphy guy in Indiana who accidentally blew some other guy in his sleep and now widespread voter fraud? Nice. [Politico]

Exciting! The U.S. Mint has unveiled four new Abe Lincoln pennies! [LA Times]

Tom Eblen has video of Ashley Judd at I Love Mountains Day. [Bluegrass Politics]

Could high-speed rail be coming to Louisville? Haha, yeah, right. Not in this lifetime. It’s a nice dream, but please stop spamming us with links about how our Governor or legislature would ever be progressive enough to promote such a major infrastructure move. Not. Going. To. Happen. In. Kentucky. [Huffington Post]

Major Hypocrisy Alert: Jim Bunning is refusing to answer questions about back taxes. Does Jim Bunning owe back taxes? Why does he refuse to address the matter? If anybody knows anything (hint hint to Bunning staffers who are keen on sending me negative stories about him), send it my way. [Politico]

Two days ago the Commonwealth celebrated Black History Month at an event hosted by the Personnel Cabinet’s Office of Diversity and Equality. The event featured speaker Alvin Herring of Side by Side and recognized Eleanor Jordan and Timothy Findley as recipients of the Louis H. Coleman, Jr. Torch Award. [Press Release]

Jim Gooch has no backbone and is terrified of the press. He refuses to give comment about mountaintop removal and he’s the flipping chair of the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. [James Bruggers]

Our fancy foodie website, ‘Ville Voice Eats, is now a featured publication with popular Wehere The Locals Eat. Check it out. Congratulations to us and to David, our foods writer. [Where The Locals Eat]

The Paulick Report, which really seems to be driving discussion in the Thoroughbred world these days, has released the Paulick Derby Index. You definitely need to check this out, ASAP. [Paulick’s Derby Index]

The Stop SB68 Facebook group now has nearly 2,400 members. The end of hatred and discrimination is nigh. Maybe not in Kentucky, but it is elsewhere. [Stop Senate Hate Bill 68]

The Beshear Administration allegedly leads the nation in public building energy efficiency standards. Beshear announced the “greening” public buildings today. First initiative: require new facilities or renovations to be built with 50% or more state funds to be designated according to energy efficiency standards outlined in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. Second initiative: require certain existing state-owned facilities to “set back” use of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on nights and weekends to reduce energy costs and consumption. Nice, eh? We’ll believe it when we see it. [Press Release]

Abortion is effectively now illegal in North Dakota. Will it happen in Kentucky? [KXMC]

Billy Reed has a you-know-what for Ashley Judd. Kicking off her political career? Something like that. We didn’t read his story because it’s way too long. [Billy Reed Says]

The Baby Daddy Bill passed out of committee yesterday. Marty Cothran is shaking his first at Jeebus as we speak! House Bill 28 will go to the floor for a vote. [HB 28]

Does anyone else find it funny that Heather French Henry claims to have “Heather French Henry, LLC” months and months after we pointed out it does not exist? Now KET links to her designer gown collection which claims the LLC is legit. Also interesting that KET can’t do a teensy bit of research to determine that there’s no evidence Heather has ever helped veterans with her foundation. Weird. Ugh, we hate knowing things that we’re not allowed to discuss. [KET & HFH Collection]

Can we toss Roland Burris from the Senate yet? What a worthless and corrupt hack. [Chicago Tribune]

Former Fairness Director Joins Mongiardo Camp

Weird or not? Christina Gilgor, former Executive Director of the widely unpopular Kentucky Fairness Alliance has taken a job as Daniel Mongiardo’s finance director. KFA is widely unpopular (not with me, just sharing widespread sentiment), as the organization has never raised money, is broke, does nothing but have a social hour occasionally. Fairness in Louisville, on the other hand, has its shiz in check these days. So what does it mean?

Please note that Mongiardo has not denounced his lead role with the 2004 hate bill, SB245 and has refused to address the issue of homophobia in any way.

We tried working with Gilgor on a number of occasions in 2008 but she could never return telephone calls or emails. Hopefully that has changed. And hopefully Mongiardo is seeing the light.

Does this mean that major public pressure has caused Daniel Mongirado to cave on his position of standing against equality? Or is Gilgor just in it for a paycheck? Time will tell. Either way, we have a feeling tons of Mongiardo supporters are about to be a bit confused and upset. Their guy has either ditched his anti-gay position and will go public about it or they’re just going to have to deal with a lesbian all the time.