Yes, Daniel Mongiardo Is Still A Homophobe

Yeah, Daniel Mongiardo is still a homophobe. We will not be letting this go. And no, voting against a gay marriage is not the same as creating and sponsoring a bill to legislate against it.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s Mongiardo’s fancy piece of anti-gay legislation from 2004:

SB 245 (BR 2286) – V. McGaha, G. Tapp, C. Borders, E. Harris, R. Jones II, D. Mongiardo, V. Moore, A. Robinson, R. Roeding, D. Seum, K. Stine, D. Thayer, E. Tori, J. Westwood

AN ACT proposing an amendment of the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a Section 3A relating to marriage.

Propose amendment of the Constitution of Kentucky to create a Section 3A to by law provide that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized a a marriage in Kentucky; provide that a legal status identical to or substantially similar to that for marriage shall not be valid or recognized; submit amendment to the voters for approval or rejection.

Like Joe says, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It launched Mongiardo’s bigoted grabs at power in the years following which led to embarrassing “pledges” he tried to coerce fellow state legislators into signing. And it opened the doors for some of the most awful, contentious battles in the House and Senate over civil rights that we’ve ever seen.

Mongiardo’s “friends” can keep on with their self-destructing, bigoted, redneck (which is much different than being country or hillfolk) behavior, can keep on trashing things up. It works well for them. Watching them simmer in a pot of denial is pure entertainment.

The rest of the world– including Kentucky Republicans– has tossed the wedge issue of homophobia to the side and is no longer screwing around with it. Civilized society is not wasting its time. It speaks volumes that the goddamn Democrats in Kentucky could support homophobia while the RPK has trudged ahead, leaving behind such hateful and backwater notions.

And as one in denial supporter of bigotry notes, there are more problems on Daniel Mongiardo’s plate than a serious case of gay panic. His now-defunct political action committee and everything involving the PAC’s manager, Ryen Greer, will come full circle and turn into a campaign finance nightmare. So stay tuned. Because you’ve never seen anything like you’re about to witness in a Democratic primary.

P.S. To Lee Murphy: Stop trying to give everyone standing up against Mongiardo “10 free minutes with him in Frankfort.” It’s not doing your cause any justice. You and the redneck coalition of one need to realize causing a split within the Democratic Party, as you’re currently doing, only serves to harm you and your cause or trying to justify ignorance– not us.

Oh Snap Monday! Please Hate The Gays

From the interesting and hilarious news department: We hear that two nights ago, Jim Bunning didn’t attend– as scheduled– a fundraising event for J. Marshall Hughes OR the Warren County Lincoln Dinner. How hilarious is that?

Who is surprised that Kentucky’s Catholic Bishops are bigots? Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Roger Joseph Foys of Covington, Ronald Gainer of Lexington and J. Michael Clark of Owensboro (an administrator) released a joint statement backing the Vatican for lifting the excommunication of Richard Williamson, a major holocaust denier. Specifically, he said as late as the day before his excommunication was lifted (by the current pope, a former Nazi Hitler Youth) that he did not believe Jews were gassed during the holocaust. These folks should stick to covering up pedophile sex scandals and leave the genocide of more than 6 million people to the rest of the world. [H-L]

The man who led John McCain’s presidential campaign office in Pueblo was arrested for child molestation. Those good, wholesome family values. [Crooks & Liars]

Join the Facebook movement to oppose Daniel Mongiardo’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Just say no to homophobia, mountaintop removal and Dr. Dan. [You Know You Wanna]

The Herald-Leader is kicking butt and taking names with failed Lexington Mayor Jim Dingle… er… Newberry. The CentrePointe project in Lexington has turned into a flustercuck of epic proportions and is embarrassing to follow. 91 condos at $1 million+ each? HAHAHA! What a disaster. Newberry’s career is over. Done. Finished. [H-L]

Ted Haggard had a… “toy”… and you probably want to go watch this mess, immediately, because it’s too vulgar for me to tell you about. Just wait til you find out the details of said “toy” and what happened with said “toy.” [Towleroad]

Speaking of the dirty homosexuals, how do you feel Gary “Tap Dat Ass” Tapp’s gay adoption ban? [Yeah, It’s Awesome]

What won’t Greg Stumbo and the rest of the brainwashed in Frankfort try to tax? We get taxing tobacco for health reasons. And we get the need for increased revenue. And we could even understand taxing alcohol. But why are we relying on this mess of constantly increasing taxes that don’t serve the state beyond solving a budgetary problem– temporarily– that the Governor and the rest of our elected crew are too damn lazy to fix? We’re hearing major rumblings that not even liberal Democrats want to vote for tax increases. [Ronnie Ellis]

Larry Summers slammed Mitch McConnell over his silly “history lesson” on ABC’s This Week Sunday. [Huffinton Post]

While the state falls apart, Frankfort is busy trying to waste our time on “drug control”… Nice. [H-L]

Friday Afternoon News of TERRIFYING CRAP

A friend of ours just told us about a bar in Louisville called New Directions. Now we can’t function from laughing. Gah. It’s Friday, at least.

ATTENTION JOHN DAVID DYCHE: Email us. Everything keeps bouncing back.

This should be mailed to Jim Gooch at once! AT ONCE! [Terrifying!]

Western Kentuckians can stop complaining for a few minutes that no one pays attention to their region. Attorney General Jack Conway will visit the storm-damaged areas in Grayson, Hopkins and McCracken Counties on Monday, February 9. He’ll be sharing information with local officials and residents about price-gouging preventing and stopping criminal contractors from scamming victims. [Press Release]

Don’t forget to check out the hilarious comments on a story we mentioned earlier. We love this hot mess. [BlueGrassPoop]

Vermont is not to be trusted. The state will, well, ruin your lives. Just watch. Libruls. All that cheese must have them stopped up. [Burlington Free Press]

The United States lost 598,000 jobs in in the month of January. [Business First]

We hear through the grapevine that the Kentucky Democratic Party is once again losing a State Senate special election. The Party is screwing up left and right, ignoring volunteers and otherwise wasting our time and money. We’d tell you more but don’t want to harm the individuals involved. Let’s just say people are volunteering their time and services for naught. And the election is in less than four days. [Several Reports]

Martin Cothran debating Greg Stumbo on KET’s Kentucky Tonight. Did you watch it? If not, give this a whirl. [Kentucky Tonight Archive]

Legislation would allow pregnant women to park in spots reserved for handicapped. [Bluegrass Politics]

HAHAHAHA. Can’t breathe! Can’t breathe! George W. Bush received his first job offer. As a greeter at Elliott’s Hardware Store! Dahahahaha. [MSNBC]

And now for the terrifying crap…  JESUS EFF! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “A Frankfort man is behind bars for allegedly hacking another man with a chainsaw Thursday night.” [State-Journal]

Major Fairness News: First Director Hired

The Fairness Campaign has officially announced the hiring of its first Director, Chris Hartman. Most in the press will recognize him as John Yarmuth’s campaign press secretary from the 2008 General Election, but he’s been involved in politics and his community for nearly a decade. He’ll oversee fundraising, communications, leadership development and legislative strategy for the almost two-decade-old civil rights group.

More on Hartman: He served in 2005 as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) in St. Louis, Director of Philadelphia’s Grassroots Fundraising for the Democratic National Committee in 2004’s Presidential Election and as Producer and Founder of performance companies Project Improv in St. Louis and Louisville. Hartman holds a Master’s degree in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis, where his thesis, Stage Families of Choice: Emergence, Evolution, and Future of the American Gay Male Family on Stage, focused on American gay male family history and analysis.

In addition to the role of Director, Fairness also hired Administrative Coordinator Erica Dolinky last July. She manages the office, constituent communications and fosters volunteer engagement and membership recruitment. (Watch your kids! She’ll recruit them to them!) Don’t know much about Dolinky, but we can only assume she isn’t hellbent on burning bridges like some of the folks involved with Fairness have been in the past. I mean, it’s a good sign that she was super-friendly and welcoming when we met her a couple days ago, right? Right. So good move on her hire, as well.

We’ve had a testy relationship with Fairness over the last year and are pleased to see the organization take a major, major step in moving forward. Hartman bridges gaps no one else in the organization could possibly dream of doing. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him but we’re confident in him, have a great working relationship with him and know from personal experience that he never takes no for an answer. So for those of you (like us) who have looked at Fairness with squinty, pissy eyes for as long as you can remember? Now’s the time to buck up. This is a progressive move that will bring all parties to the table.


TGIF! Tropical Weather Weekend Has Arrived!

We’re getting a late start this morning because we got lost in a box of documents. Speaking of documents, wouldn’t it be nice if the University of Louisville would respond to open records requests like it is required to do by law? Two weeks and two requests later, no response. Imagine that.

Francene’s Job Jam: The radio hostess will be doing her Radio Want Ads at 10 this morning, so if you’re a job seeker, listen in. And she’s planning a FREE seminar at Bellarmine Feb. 21 from 8:30 to 11, featuring three speakers and designed to help you with your self-esteem during unemployment, among other things. Rick will have more on it later. [The ‘Ville Voice]

No, Daniel Mongiardo isn’t a “gay basher” – he’s a homophobe. Rather than just make shit up, people, why not learn the facts? Ask members of the State House and Senate about Mongiardo’s “pledges” he tried to force on people. Look back at his post-2004 campaign time when the Marriage Amendment came to be. Further, just because you say Mongiardo isn’t a homophobe doesn’t make it so. Because he says he’s not– after his five years of actions– doesn’t make it so. We haven’t distorted a damn thing. And thousands of people are on the same page. [BlueGrassHorsecrap]

Maybe the new University of Louisville Ombudsman could start by getting Jim Ramsey to keep his promises to aggrieved faculty? [C-J]

Heather French Henry will be on KET talking about her line of pageant wear. And she’s still calling herself a foundation director despite not really running a foundation and never having spent said foundation’s money on veterans or on anything but herself. And author? Wasn’t she sued by her publishing company for screwing them out of $450,000? Yeah. Funny how the Henry family keeps letting the facts slip from their official bios. And funny how they keep using that Bardstown Road building for campaigns and for-profit events all while illegally blending with non-profits. Oh, and Heather? Tell another person we both know to silence me and I’ll start publishing documents one by one and won’t wait on a grand jury to convene.  It was bad enough that you tried to get Stephanie Horne to shut me up on the night of the May primary.  [KET]

Do you support the restoration of voting rights for felons who have served their time? Call your legislators today. [Kentuckians for the Commonwealth]

Yes, Philadelphia, Republicans are trying to bench Jim Bunning once and for all. [Philly]

Wouldn’t you know it? Mitch McConnell is leading Republicans to oppose pay limits on bailed-out bankers. What was that from Mr. Turkey Neck chickenhawk about giving a flip about the common man in Kentucky? Riiiiight. [Huffington Post]

It’s funny when Republicans are racist, right? Right? Yeah, terribly funny. Emailed racism got an ignorant Florida committeewoman fired. Here’s what Carol Carter’s email said: “I’m confused… How can 2,000,000 blacks get into Washington, DC in 1 day in sub zero temps when 200,000 couldn’t get out of New Orleans in 85 degree temps with four days notice?” [Wonkette]

What was that about George W. Bush never being without a jacket in the oval office? Oh, right, the McConnell-led GOP is hypocritical in its complaint that Barack Obama should never be without a jacket and tie in the office. Check the photo and the slide show at the bottom of the page. [More HuffPo]

Why is a judge– who is supposed to be non-partisan and remain that way– at a winter board meeting of the Democratic Woman’s Club? [Just Wondering]

WARNING, KENTUCKIANS: Gay People Drink Pepsi!

I know, it’s a lot to take in. The idea that the gays in Kentucky might drink Pepsi is terrifying.

Thank goodness Kentucky has someone like Dr. Frank Simon to protect us from the homosexual agenda and recruit of our precious children. His latest email blast is all about why you shouldn’t drink Pepsi because you could catch the gay:

Pepsi gave half a million dollars to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest and most powerful gay lobbying group in America. The company also gave another half million dollards to Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The total gift of $1 million to the two homosexual activist groups was to help promote the gay lifestyle in the workplace.

Pepsi gave $2.3 million to oppose California’s Proposition 8, an initiative which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.Pepsi gave $2.3 million to oppose California’s Proposition 8, an initiative which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Pepsi is now using its TV spots to promote the gay lifestyle. AFA asked Pepsi to remain neutral in the culture war. Pepsi refused. They company said it will continue major financial support of homosexual organizations seeking to legalize homosexual marriage. Click here to see the un-cool and ungodly commercial…

Are you ready to see the horrific and UNGODLY commercial?

Wonder how Simon would react to the entire world knowing that he’s had his hands all over me, a known homosexual? He was my allergist when I first moved to Louisville. While testing me at one point, he had to have his hands all over my back and sides for a couple hours. He had the dirty, nasty gay all over him.

Afternoon Time Wasting… WE’RE FROZEN UGH

Governor Steve Beshear’s State of the Commonwealth Address is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00 P.M. Eastern. You can view it live on KET or, most likely, live on Personally, we think it should be rescheduled (if that’s legal or not against KRS) because of the ice storm. Just like we think the legislative session should have been pushed back a couple weeks since KRS doesn’t require it end until April 15th. Whatever. Nice way to exclude half the state while it’s crippled beneath a blacked out freeze. [Press Release]

EDIT: A press release we received yesterday says the SoC will be available live online HERE. Will be archived there as well.

Okay. We’re pretty sure that it’s time for comprehensive tax reform. Because no one can pay their taxes. Not Republicans, not Democrats. No one. [MSNBC]

Pee Alert: Jim Bunning says he’s going to raise two million dollars in the second quarter. [AP]

We’ve been seeing this photographs of Paul Hornung for a couple weeks now. Does it look like he’s turning into a ghost or is it just our failing eyesight and old age? [C-J]

Larry Dale thinks the slots bill will die because of Jerry Bronger’s taint. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Democrats pushing legislation to waive ten missed school days in Kentucky? This is absurd! What’s wrong with pushing the school year into June? Absolutely nothing. There’s no reason the school day can’t be extended and no reason the year can’t be extended. Talk about disregard for education and the public good! What a waste of time and money. [Stephenie Steitzer]

What are your thoughts on take-home police cars? [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Justice Department is quickly undoing everything the Bush Misadministration ruined. Leslie Hagen, who was dismissed over rumors that she was a lesbian, has been rehired by the department. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is against Justice Department rules, but Alberto Gonzales fired her anyway. [NPR’s All Things Considered]

Thanks to Joe Gerth for finally getting back to writing hilarious stories. This one is about how the GOP hates Jim Bunning and wants to disappear him to a nursing home somewhere. And what’s wrong with plaid pants and striped shirts? [Joe Gerth]

P.S. Jim Bunning is still trying to out shout Mitch McConnell. [Haha]