More on the Kentucky Equality Federation, as We Previously Promised

In April 2008 nearly all of the General Advisory Council of the Kentucky Equality Federation resigned. But according to a Wikipedia article that’s no doubt maintained by KEF’s leader Jordan Palmer (formerly known as Brian Day, prior to a name change), the council (nine of the 14 members) was “terminated” after the organization condemned the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. And we all know Wikipedia is a bastion of accuracy and honesty. So you know everything you read is 100% truthful.

Why’d these people abandon the organization? Let’s explore the issue a bit…

We have learned, through several months of research, that the Board of Directors/General Advisory Committee is usually composed of Palmer, his mother Nancy Couch Bowling, a guy named Paul and a friend of Palmer’s named Casey. Occasionally that board structure fluctuates when Palmer has a disagreement with anyone or when he feels (we believe) that his authority is threatened. Or when someone departs the organization on their own accord, obviously.

During 2007 Palmer was in charge of KEF’s finances. And by finances, we mean there is not a system of checks and balances and the organization shares/shared a bank account with Palmer’s records removal service. Without a segregation of funds and with no system of accounting, there is no way to prove where funds have been appropriated and there’s no way to determine if, how or when funds were received. After interviewing a half dozen former directors/council members of the organization, we are still unable to get clear answers.

One of the major financial issues we have uncovered (and previously reported): KEF won money from MySpace and it (according to MySpace and all other accounts) wasn’t intended for Palmer individually, as he has suggested in comments on this very website. According to the six people we have interviewed, KEF won the funds by popular vote of MySpace membership. Since there’s no separation of funds and accounting, it’s pretty clear how the MySpace award could easily disappear. Palmer and the KEF officially settled with the Office of the Attorney General and were legally required to disperse funds to several university organizations which had been promised the money. See our previous stories here and here.

According to one of our sources, suspicions of fraud were reported to major KEF contributors and donations stopped rolling into the organization. The board/council then planned a surprise for Palmer, telling him that they wouldn’t allow him to be the sole individual responsible for funding and financial management. Palmer refused to comply, as you’ll see below, and the organization at that point fell apart with nine individuals walking away. Within a few weeks the Office of the Attorney General launched a major investigation.

Read the rest of this exposé and peep salacious emails leaked to us by former board members after the jump…

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Wednesday Morning of Sweeping It Under the Rug

Still miss George W. Bush and his cadre of world-ruiners? “In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Justice Department secretly gave the green light for the U.S. military to attack apartment buildings and office complexes inside the United States, deploy high-tech surveillance against U.S. citizens and potentially suspend First Amendment freedom-of-the-press rights in order to combat the terror threat, according to a memo released Monday.” [Newsweek]

The Limbaugh Wire. [From Media Matters]

Jim Bunning’s approval rating remains steady. [Mark Hebert]

Really, Marty Cothran and David Williams? If those 7,000 children in foster care are wanted– why are their parents doing horrible, shitty jobs? And why are you haters trying to make it even more impossible for them to find good homes? Kathy Stein should tell David Williams to shove it up his rear end, publicly, on the Senate floor. And David having anything to do with Martin means he and his staff are now off our list– including our close friends– until King David publicly distances himself from the bigoted hatemonger. [Marty the Self-Hater]

Tom Eblen takes a great trip down memory lane with Eastern Airlines. The story rings true today. Eerily so. [Tom Eblen]

Speaking of Tom Eblen, he should run for Mayor of Lexington. He’d win and he’d actually be good at his job. Draft Tom Eblen! Or Jim Gray. Or anybody but Jim Newberry. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Pee alert! Pee alert! Send a letter of apology to Rush Limbaugh. [Sorry]

New CPE head and former Governor Paul Patton sat down for an interview. [Kentucky Gazette]

Will today be the day we officially learn that David Williams was given control of one-third of the road budget in Kentucky? The fancy plan is set to be released by legislators today. [Bluegrass Politics]

When a tragedy happens, doesn’t an official city or state agency usually investigate to find out what went wrong? It may be a good idea for Jerry Abramson to dig into this mess so doesn’t become even more hated. [C-J]

Did Jim Bunning violate campaign finance law? Of course he did. Will anything happen? Nope, because Kathy Groob has tainted the whole mess. [Bruce Maples]

First Step In Ending Defense of Marriage Act?

A federal challenge has been filed against the Defense of Marriage Act. It’s a case that’s been in the quiet making for three years. Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) in Massachusetts is filing the suit in collaboration with several attorneys.

The suit alleges that critical federal benefits are being denied to married same-sex couples in Massachusetts. When we say critical? There are 1,138 federal laws in which marital status is a factor.

The suit, which was filed today in federal District Court in Boston, also addresses the use of DOMA to deny spousal protections in Social Security, federal income tax, federal employees’ and retirees’ benefits and in the issuance of passports.

“It’s time for the federal government to end its blatant double standard of providing rights and protections to all married couples except gay and lesbian married couples,” said Mary L. Bonauto, Civil Rights Project Director for GLAD. “Same-sex married couples have taken on the commitment of marriage, play by the rules, and pay into the system. But they are denied critical federal legal protections that form a safety net to support other married couples and their children.”

The plaintiffs in the case are eight married couples and three widowers who are all currently eligible for a federal program. They’ve each applied for benefits and have been denied because of Section 3 of DOMA.

GLAD’s case focuses on certain federal programs but DOMA cuts across nearly every area of federal law. Same-sex couples cannot take family medical leave to care for their ill spouse, cannot access family benefits associated with military service and cannot sponsor a foreign spouse to reside in the USA.

For more information, videos, details of the plaintiffs, visit GLAD’s website.

Or peep names and brief summaries after the jump…

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Some Oh Snap in the Afternoon Just Because

So far we’ve received over 300 (!!) resumes and the job posting is still open. Would you like to be our full-time Assistant Editor/Investigative Reporter? Apply today. We hear another major news room is about to lay off a ton of people and want to leave things open for as long as possible. Expect to close the application window in a couple weeks, though, so hop to it. [Page One]

Isn’t it funny that Daniel Mongiardo has hired Fred Yang, a pollster and consultant now tainted by Rod Blagojevitch? It’s important to note that Yang hasn’t been charged with anything, but the two discussed ways to secure a high-paying union job for Blago and/or persuade Barry Obama to name him Secretary of Health and Human Services. Regardless of innocence, is THAT the guy you want to hire to be your big dog? Smooth move, Dan. Smooth. We love how Kim “I Win Everything” Geveden can say with absolute certainty that Yang did nothing wrong. How does he know that? Is he omniscient? [AP via Fox Nashville]

GAARD gets its first hearing today. [Tony McVeigh]

Oh, wait– GAARD legislation has been pulled by Greg Stumbo. It won’t be considered this session. That’s what happens when you propose awful legislation– unless it involves women or the gays. [Bluegrass Politics]

Do your part and ask your legislator to cap payday loansharking amounts at 36%. Call 800-372-7181 and ask that, “All members of the House of Representatives vote YES on House Bill 444 with all four (4) amendments.” [HB 444]

Today, Rep. Ellen Tauscher will introduce legislation to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell– the military’s ban on allowing the scary gays to serve openly in the military. What’s your take on the matter? [Politico]

Read the rest of the juicy, juicy after the jump, including details of a potential new U.S. Senate candidate…

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David Edmunds Loves Senate Bill 68

Rumored queen David Edmunds, who has been making the rounds in Frankfort the past two weeks promoting us and giving us publicity, has penned another editorial for the Courier-Journal about he… err, the gays shouldn’t be allowed to be parents because it’s dangerous and scary. Something about how the gays are more likely to break up and abuse children.

Check it out:

The Child Welfare Adoption Act says that children in the state system of foster and adoptive care will be placed in homes where there is no live-in sexual partner — either homosexual or heterosexual. This has always been standard practice, until recent years.

Not true – the proposed legislation says:

[P]rohibit the approval of foster care, relative caregiver services, or adoption of a child by an applicant who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky…

Outside a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky. Meaning the only people who are truly affected or non-heterosexual couples – those who cannot legally get married in Kentucky. Heterosexual foster couples could marry to avoid this ridiculous hate legislation.

Edmunds goes on to talk about how wonderful it would be to remove the 422 children currently in Kentucky’s foster care system awaiting adoption from the queers:

This bill would only affect future foster and adoptive care. According to the cabinet, there are 422 children awaiting adoption and there are no “throw-away” kids. We owe it to the “least of these” to find the best home with the greatest statistical chance for success.

The Family Association is going hog wild to talk about how scary the gays are these days. While at the same time saying it’s not about the gays– that it’s about all unmarried couples. The only arguments they present are against gays and then they get upset when confronted about their homophobia, saying it has nothing to do with the gays.

Is your head spinning? In about ten seconds Martin Cothran will publish some drivel about how we’re gay pedophiles who want to lure your innocent children into some dark lair. So get ready.

Also: Serious case of gay face, anyone?

TGIF! What a Weird Week It’s Been

Something we’d like to know re: SB68 – If this bill is going to either House Judiciary or Health & Welfare, why are we adopting a title amendment making its subject public safety? We know the homosexuals are unsafe and unpredictable.

A moment of complaint: WTF is up with the Herald-Leader’s ridiculous decision to require an account to read CURRENT articles on its website? You’ve gotta provide your actual name, address and other personal information in order to get an account. Then wait 15 minutes. And THEN go through the annoying process of constantly signing in to read stories that you obviously can read at a competitor’s site, for free, without signing up or in. Way to kill potential profits at a time when the newspaper industry is dying, H-L! [The Entire Herald-Leader Site]

That’s right. We still believe City Hall should be reimbursed. Even if it’s less than a dollar. If you’re using public computers to do anything that’s not work-related? You should pay for it. [Examiner]

More from Frank Simon, savior of our white women and your children from the gays and the foreigners: “This bill simply requires that adoptive children not be placed in the home of cohabitating, “live-in” lovers. This has been the traditional and historical policy and the bill simply codifies it. Now, homosexual groups are saying that it’s discrimination. Believe me, It’s NOT about what ADULTS WANT – IT’S ABOUT WHAT CHILDREN NEED!” Wonder if Frank realizes something like 60% of foster parents in Fayette County are carriers of the homo virus, which they transmit to the foster kids? [Email Blast]

Moment of pot meeting kettle. [They Gay Us a Republic]

House Bill 88 is dead. Why couldn’t Greg Stumbo and his crew maybe do something? Too busy in Florida? Too busy violating ethics guidelines? [Bicycling for Louisville]

Beer lobbyist… er… State Rep Larry Clark, of the beer lobby, got state parks to start selling alcohol. We support this legislation, because it’s dumb not to sell alcohol at the parks. But maybe this story could mention that Clark is a beer guy who receives, well, is alleged to make a second living from the beer lobby alone. Just saying. [Bluegrass Politics]

Woah – Gill Holland’s Candy Darling film made both Jezebel and Gothamist. Peep this trailer and check out how scary Andy Warhol is: