Sonny Landham Is a Racist Piece of Work

What was that about Sonny Landham not being a racist hack?

Landham was unapologetic Thursday for comments he made disparaging Arabs. He also said he would support blocking Arabs from entering this country to visit, attend school or to seek American citizenship. He accuses Arab countries of waging economic terrorism against the U.S. by allowing oil prices to reach record-high levels.

So much for just being a perverted hardcore pornographer. Now he’s put on his sheets!

Like Joe says, he’s definitely a racist hack.

Check out Landham’s latest fancy comments:

“I’m a pro-American all the way. The Arabs, the camel dung-shovelers, the camel jockeys, whichever you wanna call ‘em, are terrorists. And they are doing a terrorist act on this country with the high gas prices. They’re about to wreck this economy, not only our economy, but the world economy. Now, when you talk to people, you don’t talk in PC terms. PC does not get the attention of the people.”

Ken Moellman will start trying to spin this as a positive in 5, 4, 3, 2…

It’s Happening Again: Victims of Genocide Are Labeled Suspicious, Accused of Ties to Terrorism

It’s happening again right here in Kentucky. Another refugee family accused of having ties to terrorism after being kidnapped and forced into submission. After watching their loved ones get slaughtered before their very eyes. After suffering horrors greater than any Kentuckian could ever know.

Losi Grodya, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is desperately trying to bring her daughters to the the United States after being forced to leave them behind in a wave of genocide in 2001. Grodya escaped with her son but was forced to leave her husband (who was killed the day she fled) and daughters behind.

Read about Grodya’s story in today’s Herald-Leader.

Similar to the story of Lino Nakwa in April, we hope Senators McConnell and Bunning, Reps Chandler, Yarmuth, Davis, Whitfield and Rogers get involved. Read about the Nakwa story here and here. Please contact your representatives and encourage them to aid the Grodya family.

Is Sonny Landham Trashy or Just Crazy?

We can’t decide. But the Courier-Journal’s Joe Gerth has a story today that proves what a whack job Sonny Landham was and still is. Contrary to what Libertarian Party of Kentucky chairman Ken Moellman said on this very website early this morning, of course.

From the C-J:

Sonny Landham, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, certainly lives up to the reputation he gained in Hollywood, where a movie company’s bonding company reportedly required that he have a bodyguard with him at all times — to protect the people around him.


Landham said the story about the bodyguard on the set of “Predator” was mostly a marketing effort.

“It’s only part true,” he said.

And on OPEC and the Middle East:

“We should go and bomb those camel-dung shovelers back into the sand,” Landham said. “I said ‘camel-dung shovelers.’ Make sure you put that in the newspaper.”

Wow. And that was only one of the epithets he used.

So we learn that Landham is violent and has been violent for 30 years. And he really is a racist bigot, despite an earlier attempt to distance himself from hate groups.

Camel-dung shovelers? Nice.

Hopefully Joe Gerth will share the other epithets used by Landham. The Commonwealth of Kentucky deserves to know just what calibre of racist its nutbag candidates are.

Two Quick Things This Afternoon

OH NOES! You’re Gonna Die of the Poverty. Because even Wachovia is about to go belly-up or whatever. [Washington Post]

And… we hear that Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel in Louisville will be “looking into” the hate mail piece against Ken Herndon. More Here and Here and Here and Here and Here.

It’s not a formal investigation or manhunt, so to speak, but Stengel plans to have his staff do some research.

We’ll bring you more info as soon as we have it.

Faux Family Foundation Repudiated – Again

Albert Pennybacker wrote an op-ed that was published in Monday’s Herald-Leader that takes The Family Foundation to task for perverting religion and higher education.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I am appalled that the foundation has attacked respected professors at the very best of our Kentucky universities and sought to manipulate state funding against them.

And this action, note, is taken on the basis of the foundation’s ideological agenda. Has The Family Foundation been appointed guardian of what is intellectually appropriate and morally acceptable?

Second, the foundation is an integral part of a larger network of exclusivist religion — ”my way or the highway“ — which is always suspect.

Why else would legitimate areas of study be attacked as offensive or inappropriate? Good religion affirms an open mind, advocates honest inquiry and applauds sound intellectual contributions to understanding the complexities in the life we share. These foster our living better together.

Interesting Duo in Democratic-Judicial Politics

What Democratic turncoat/sellout who may or may not (emphasis on the may) be responsible for the homophobic mailer attacking Ken Herndon during the primary is making the rounds at Democratic Party functions on behalf of controversial and inexperienced judicial candidate Katie King these days?

Why, Denise Bentley!

Take a look at these photos taken over the weekend:

So we have the woman likely behind the mailer working hand-in-hand with the daughter of the man (Jim King) who pressured Ken Herndon to drop out of his Metro Council race and then sent a letter to Herndon’s employer in an attempt to scare him. Nice.

Where Does the Homophobia End These Days?

Almost offended by this fancy photoshop work of Ernesto Scorsone? Thought so.

Do you think it’s homophobic? Maybe inappropriate in the same way it’s inappropriate to refer to Barack Obama as a monkey?

Is it funny because he’s “gay” ?? Is that what it is?  It’s funny to photoshop gay people wearing women’s clothing?

Should we just start referring to every bigot in the state as cake backing friends of Dorothy? Maybe elected Republicans who aren’t secure in their masculinity?