TGIF! Tell John Yarmuth To Stand His Ground

We never link to Faux News, but this is jacked up. And kind of hilarious. WASHINGTON: Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney claims the Department of Defense executed 5,000 prisoners with one bullet to the head and then dumped their bodies in a Louisiana swamp during Hurricane Katrina. [Faux News]

The University of Louisville is creating an Ombuds Office to handle complaints and resolve disputes. This, in addition to the grievance officer, should be a permanent fixture at the University. The reigns of Robert Felner, Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz prove it is absolutely necessary. And it can’t come quickly enough. [C-J]

Thanks to John Cheves for pointing out this story from the Economist about how people in rural eastern Kentucky don’t like black people. Kentucky Democrats need to read this story and stop being so complacent. It’s all about Whitesburg and the area is not unique when it comes to its political views this year in Appalachia. “I don’t sugarcoat things. I don’t like black people.” However, Mrs Smith says she gets on well with her niece, who is half-black. [The Economist via PolWatchers]

It was interesting watching our friend Brad Cummings spin out of control about how Democrats are responsible for the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He liveblogged the Vice Presidential debate last night along with Nicole Candler. You should check the transcripts out. Nicole’s on the left, Brad’s on the right. [C-J]

And if you missed it, we liveblogged the debate last night. All aboard the failboat! It was a disaster to watch because Sarah Palin didn’t answer a single question, said she wouldn’t answer them, and then just made up her own. Joe Sonka also documented the evening. [Page One, Barefoot & Progressive]

Talking Points Memo has a great mashup of Sarah Palin’s greatest hits. Embarrassing and hilarious. FEAR IT. [YouTube]

John Yarmuth is about to make a grave mistake. He’s going to vote for the U.S. Senate’s version of the bailout bill. The bill that does nothing to help those suffering during this economic crisis and everything to help the people and corporations responsible. And giving so much future power to the Secretary of the Treasury? Haha, riiiight. Everyone call John Yarmuth to tell him to stand his ground by voting against the bill. [Mark Hebert & Call Yarmuth’s Office]

Tuesday. Economy Dead. UofL Still In Turmoil.

Why did Congressman John Yarmuth (D-Not getting drunk at the neighborhood restaurant or country club and driving his car home every evening) vote the way he did on the financial bailout package? Find out here. He explains it all. From Henry Paulson sucking really hard to government needing to act. [C-J]

McConnell is the political arsonist who has set the U.S. ablaze; now let’s watch him burn in his own inferno. Matt Gunterman always knows how to mop the floor with Mitch McConnell when he’s feeling down and out. SNAP! [Ditch Mitch]

In Memory of Heidi Caravan. We’re pretty depressed over the news that Heidi Caravan lost her battle with cancer yesterday. Hits really close to home. We all loved Heidi a great deal. Bless her. [The ‘Ville Voice ]

Hahaha. Put your beverage down. Sarah Palin, during her interview with Katie Couric, was asked about supreme court cases. The only case she could name was Roe v. Wade. Then she went silent. Didn’t even try to spin. How hilarious is this? God. We can’t wait for her to debate Joe Biden. [Huffington Post via Joe]

Another way to curb state vehicle abuse. About half of state government vehicles in Kentucky will now have “How’s My Driving?” bumper stickers. In addition to installing GPS equipment on many vehicles, this is a great move. Holding drivers of state vehicles accountable is the right thing to do. [Mark Hebert]

Leland Conway: Get your facts straight, buddy. Lying doesn’t cut it. And you’re definitely lying. Fact of the matter is we know Kentucky Democrats ARE racist because THEY ADMITTED THEY VOTED ON THE BASIS OF RACE. 21% of those who agreed to be exit-polled during the May primary admitted it. Don’t lie and say there’s no proof. You’re not Brett Hall, so don’t act like it. [F-Bomb’s B.S. Site]

Meanwhile, Republicans paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky are spinning out of control. Trying to blame the financial crisis on everyone from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi. Some day reality will hit pretty hard for these folks when everything they’ve got disappears and they realize they’ve been supporting a sham. [This, This, This, This, This and This]

It’s Still Monday. God. Make It Stop.

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be Vice President? PBS is currently polling that very question and the far right has organized a campaign to skew the “yes” votes. Go vote, folks. []

Need to have your kitchen remodeled? Raccoon Willie may be able to help out. At least on the demolition front. He’s got some skills. [The YouTube]

The state can build sidewalks in the east end of Louisville? On flipping Westport Road? But not on lower Brownsboro Road where tons of people actually live? Where people actually need sidewalks? Woops. [Business First]

Could Bruce Lunsford be having trouble with Clinton supporters? Stephenie Steitzer reported over the weekend that up to 200 people attending the joint Hillary Clinton-Bruce Lunsford rally in Lexington on Saturday left promptly after Clinton spoke. Several of the admitted they weren’t there for Lunsford and didn’t know anything about him. [C-J]

Wow. Fox News hack Neil Cavuto is letting his racist side show. He suggested that the United States Congress should have warned that “loaning to minorities and risky folks is a disaster.” AKA giving money to black people is bad. What an asshat. [Media Matters]

In case you were wondering? Mitch has no balls. He’s afraid to criticize this Soviet Russia federal bailout of private companies. [Politico]

It is Monday and you are cranky. And you need to clicky clicky and get a load of these fancy things. They will make you feel better. Your life will be better as a result. [Clicky, Clicky, Clicky]

OMG! Dann Byck is really a LOLCAT! EVERYBODY GO LOOKIT! It’s just like Sleevefacing. [The ‘Ville Voice, Sleeveface!]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Have Power Now?

Like we reported many days ago, Joe Biden will be in Louisville on Wednesday. You can go see him if you have $1,000 to spare. So, Kentuckians, don’t get your hopes up. You’re not likely to ever see Barack Obama or John McCain in the Commonwealth again. Probably ever. [Mark Hebert]

More from Hebert: “McConnell has received $3,679,725 in political contributions from the banking, insurance and financial services industries since 1989. Part of that sum includes $691,880 from commercial banks, $1,112,732 from the insurance industry and $1,484,912 from the securities and investments industry.” [Mark Hebert]

Pray for Sarah Palin. HAHAHAHA. This is pretty dang funny. For serious. [Barefoot & Progressive]

As apparently whack as the Shark Lady is, this is pretty serious. Employees and volunteers for health care entities could be allowed to refuse to aid in providing any treatment they object to. That includes abortion, providing HIV tests, providing emergency treatment to someone who is non-white or maybe perceived to be gay. Total Bush Misadministration terror. [BGR]

Mitch McConnell is beginning to queen out over Bruce Lunsford everywhere he goes. Check this: “He is desperate and he is nasty. Anybody that has the kind of unseemingly business background he does to be calling other people names requires a lot of brass frankly,” says Senator McConnell. How hilarious is THAT? Almost as hilarious as some random hillbilly suggesting McConnell has “a lot of family values.” We’re wondering why he doesn’t have all of those alleged family values. Is it because he married a foreign or whatever? [WYMT]

Are people voting for Bruce Lunsford or against Mitch McConnell? Does it really matter either way? Both achieve the same goal and the media probably shouldn’t care either way. Because everyone wants to get rid of Mitch McConnell. [PolWatchers]

Organized labor is coming out big for Bruce Lunsford. The worker-to-worker leafletting program is set to organize some 300,000 voters who will turn out against Mitch McConnell, a man who wants to make it impossible for workers to unionize. Because everyone knows Mitch McConnell is such a hard worker and has always had to worry about putting food on his family’s table. Such a family man with real-world experience. [C-J]

Sorry, Barack Obama is just not going to do well in eastern Kentucky. No way, no way, not gonna happen. There are still thousands of people in Appalachia who have never met a non-white in their entire lives. [Ronnie Ellis]

What were several Lexington and Frankfort reporters doing for the extra hour they waited for the Lunsford-Clinton event to start (when they weren’t complaining about being given a free story)? They sat around reading books and killing time. Instead of working the crowd for a good story. If Ryan Alessi can do it, everyone else should be out working to get a great story. Jesus. [Photograph]

Racism Is Alive And Well In Kentucky

It’s not just among Kentucky Democrats.

Race is a factor in the presidential election in Kentucky. Seriously. Even the Herald-Leader thinks so.

And Marcus Carey. Remember him? The guy who constantly spins and lies out of control? The guy who publishes some of the most racially-charged and borderline racist material in the Commonwealth? The guy who feigns offense when the entire Kentucky blogosphere points out his blatant racist behavior?

And he has a history of spinning:

Yeah, it still matters to him and it’s all he can talk about.

He wrote about NBA star Josh Howard in a recent post on his website. He accused Howard, a prominent African American, of “disrespecting” being black and Barack Obama.

Now of course, by me reprinting what the Dallas News has already reported Jake at PageOneKentucky will probably go into another over the top tizzy calling me a racist. Well then I guess The Dallas News, Drudge and every other website that carries this story is racist too.


Marcus Carey took it upon himself to lie and spin about this very site, saying we called him racist– which we’ve never done. So I left the following comment on his site, which he refuses to publish:

Thanks for the all-out spin trap, as usual. Especially since I’ve gone out of my way to say that you’re not a racist but some of your activities certain are racist in nature. Do you bullshit this way with your wife and family?

He’s using some ridiculous excuse for not publishing it: he says he’s withholding it because the comment mentions his wife and family. And he admitted in an email that he was being dishonest in his post. Here’s part of what he said:

I hope you understand that I appreciate the links you send my way. By mentioning your blog I was just trying to return the favor and to keep the debate lively.

I do know that you have tempered your remarks with the accurate observation that I am not a racist, as my many friends, clients and observers of the causes I support would attest.

But I am not going to publish your comment from this morning, however, because it mentions my family. If you don’t mind me editing it to say

Got that? He’s not going to publish my comment because it mentioned his wife and family. What a nonsensical right-wing cop-out. I obviously wasn’t attacking his family. That’s silly. My point being: Does he make shit up and lie to his wife and family like he does on his website? But Carey couldn’t miss another opportunity to lie and make shit up.

Marcus: The more you play the role of victim and the more you continue to laugh about Obama’s ethnic background like it’s cute or whatever, the more and more the readership of Kentucky’s blogosphere begin to think you’re not only potentially racist but ignorant and insensitive as a human being.

TGIF! Fearmongering & Being Corrupt Are Lame

This is hands-down the scariest and most hilarious thing we’ve read in weeks. Let’s just say it involves virgins, the Chinese, Spring and a former governor. OH GOD THE HILARITY AND PAIN FROM LAUGHTER. [Wonkette]

Mark Hebert questions the similarities between Greg Stumbo’s investigation of Ernie Fletcher during the merit hiring scandal and that of the Alaskan legislature into Sarah Palin’s Troopergate. Both Fletcher and Palin eventually refused to cooperate. [Hebert’s Blog]

Mark Nickolas’ Kentucky Democratic Party-funded site is now officially dead in the water. The last update was on August 19, 2008. Exactly one month ago today. Just goes to show that you can’t be bought & paid-for and expect to be successful on any front. We may have an agenda against all stupid elected officials here at P1 but one thing we’re not is bought & paid-for. [BGR]

Jefferson Poole, who is on the McConnell/RPK payroll, is suggesting that the current credit crisis and financial disaster the United States faces is the fault of Democrats. Haha! And he uses Fox News and such as a source to back himself up. And then goes on to talk about how some “prominent” Democrat no one knows is endorsing John McCain. [BGRS 1, 2]

200,000 Louisvillians haven’t had electricity and other essential services for more than five days. But the city and state have certainly made sure the wealthy area surrounding the Valhalla golf course (where the Ryder Cup is taking place) is pristine and powered to the max. The mayor and governor are holding a press conference this morning to talk about how great their efforts are. Which is a waste of time. [C-J]

Marcus Carey is terrified that a scary black man will be President of the United States of America. So what’s he do? Continually regurgitate right-wing memes about how Barack Obama’s days as a community organizer were for some scary radical group that allegedly wants to kill capitalism (it’s ACORN– haha– hardly radical) that works in “urban areas.” Read his fearmongering and then ACORN’s actual About Us page. [Fear Mongering, ACORN]