Oh Snap Monday! Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp Attack

Yeah, that’s right, Roland Burris is a lying hack. Why did the pussy Democrats seat this asshat? What a joke. He was in cahoots with Blagojevich. [Huffington Post]

Barack Obama won again. [NY Times]

Is Lexington’s CenterPointe Marriott collapsing? Has Jim Newberry’s alleged foreign financing gone down the tubes? You bet. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Gary “Tapp Tapp” Tapp is a despicable human being. And Martin Cothran compares us to Fred Phelps– seriously. Check this hilarious mess out ASAP. [Page One]

Was Mitch McConnell helpless in shaping the stimulus bill? [Bluegrass Politics]

Republican hypocrites are always worse than Democratic hypocrites. Touting projects in the stimulus bill after voting against it. [H-L]

Like Mark Hebert says, a smackdown by a gutsy judge and a victory for taxpayers’ right-to-know what their government is doing! Open Records laws prevail. [Mark Hebert]

The Commonwealth is pulling in $7.2 billion from the stimulus. We remain unconvinced that 48,000 jobs will be created in Kentucky as a result of the funds. And with Larry Hayes at the helm of the working group tasked with doling out the funds, uh, Kentucky is effed. [C-J]

Is this Sandi Coy lady insane? All of you animal lovers will be puzzled. She’s the reason this sort of legislation is necessary. [State Journal]

Ha. Mitch McConnell let the vote go through because he had a vacation planned with Elaine Chao. [The Hill]

Gary Tapp is a Despicable Human Being

Why, you might ask yourself?

Because he has a serious case of the Daniel Mongiardo Gay Panic [TM].

Look at this beauty he’s filed in the Senate:

SB 68 (BR 930) – G. Tapp

AN ACT relating to the welfare of adopted and foster care children.

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 199 to prohibit the approval of foster care, relative caregiver services, or adoption of a child by an applicant who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky; create the short title “The Child Welfare Adoption Act”; exempt children placed for adoption prior to the effective date of this Act; amend KRS 199.470 to conform.

Feb 5-introduced in Senate
Feb 9-to Judiciary (S)

Making it illegal to foster or adopt children if you’re gay.

Nice. So, folks, got photos of Gary Tapp having dirty gay sex? Send them my way. Got any other dirt? I’d love to talk about it.

P.S. Hey, Marty: Hate speech? I’ll show you some hate speech sometime. Because “despicable” is hardly a word of hate. I could have referred to Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp as an inhuman piece of shit, which is technically much more accurate, but I did not.

I LOVE that you’re (Martin Cothran) obsessed with me, a known homosexual, and foam at the mouth over me every single day.

I think you’re gayer than David what’s-his-face and Ralph Reed combined.

I also love that everyone in the mainstream media, all Republicans and all Democrats think the same thing and have emailed me telling me that very thing over the past several hours. And I love that they’ll give me the time of day instead of you’re hatemonger, latent homosexual rear end.

Do you and Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp have something going on?

Sweet dreams and Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet ass Marty!

Kentuckians Value Fairness – Rally in Frankfort

Known homosexuals and their mafia of allies will rally in Frankfort on February 25th @ 12:30 P.M. to promote passage of a statewide Fairness law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Much like the ordinance in Louisville, the proposed legislation would prohibit such discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

House Bill 72, introduced by Mary Lou Marzian, will be the focus of lobbying and rallying all that day. We’re asking that you, along with family and friends from across the Commonwealth, haul ass to Frankfort the morning of the 25th to make your voice heard.

“Champion of Fairness” awards will be presented to legislators who have supported a statewide Fairness law in the past.

So. Show up. Make your voice heard. Let the world know that you don’t support those who legislate hatred and discrimination as Daniel Mongiardo has done.

  • WHAT: Kentuckians Value Fairness Rally/Press Conference
  • WHEN: February 25, 12:30-1:30 pm
  • WHERE: Capitol Rotunda, Frankfort, KY
  • WHO: Fairness-friendly Legislators, ACLU of Kentucky, B-GLAD (Centre College), CFAIR (Louisville), commonGround (University of Louisville), Fairness Campaign (Louisville), GLASS (Bellarmine University), Kentucky Equality Federation, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, Lexington Fairness

Happy Special Election Day, Western Kentucky!

There’s a special election in Kentucky’s 32nd Senate District today. You voting? Not voting? Got stories to share about the day? Fill us in.

Nearly 50,000 Kentuckians are still without power. That’s right– 49,755. The power failure affected 35.7 percent of electrical customers in the state. [Press Release]

“An agreement in principle” was reached yesterday amongst House and Senate leaders on a tax bill that would impose a 6% sales tax on packaged alcohol and raise the cigarette tax by 30 cents. [C-J]

Really, this job losses chart is kinda terrifying. [Speaker.gov]

If you’re looking for a job or are hiring for open jobs within your company, join us at Job Jam on February 21. Francene put it all together and we’re sponsoring. The KDP may not put its money where it’s mouth is, but we certainly do. [Page One]

Jennifer Moore praised the KDP’s do-nothing Executive Director Jeremy Horton in a recent email, stating that he’s “been recognized across the country as one of the leaders in the implementation of grassroots strategies and has been approached to consider serving as an officer in the National Association of Democratic State Party Executive Directors.” Which makes zero sense when you find out that Horton refuses to work with people who disagree with him, went out of his way (beginning in 2007) to prevent long-time Democrats from party building and has done cartwheels trying to keep Democratic candidates he dislikes from having access to funds and voter file information. Oh, and don’t forget the times he threatened people who criticized him. [KDP is a Hot Mess]

Joe Sonka is poyyyyy-zuuuun. [Barefoot & Progressive]

A kind-hearted individual developed a website– for free– for State Senate candidate Mike Reynolds. The site was provided to the Kentucky Democratic Party ten days days ago and it still hasn’t been put online. The special election is literally today. The Party is still maintaining a silly Blogspot page. Leave it to the KDP to screw something else up. Nice job. [Mike Reynolds for Senate]

What happens when Daniel Mongiardo’s few supporters don’t like it when the facts about his major involvement in the anti-marriage fight that began in 2004? They start to attack people personally. Not even Republicans sink that low. And we’ll have no more of it. The more we’re slandered, libeled or all-around treated as if we’re second-class because we stand up against homophobia and homophobic apologists, the more we’ll talk about what we know. When you attack the messenger instead of the message, you’re proving exactly what you’re about and what you stand for. [Read all about it at Page One, More Page One & Barefoot & Progressive]

Yes, Daniel Mongiardo Is Still A Homophobe

Yeah, Daniel Mongiardo is still a homophobe. We will not be letting this go. And no, voting against a gay marriage is not the same as creating and sponsoring a bill to legislate against it.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s Mongiardo’s fancy piece of anti-gay legislation from 2004:

SB 245 (BR 2286) – V. McGaha, G. Tapp, C. Borders, E. Harris, R. Jones II, D. Mongiardo, V. Moore, A. Robinson, R. Roeding, D. Seum, K. Stine, D. Thayer, E. Tori, J. Westwood

AN ACT proposing an amendment of the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a Section 3A relating to marriage.

Propose amendment of the Constitution of Kentucky to create a Section 3A to by law provide that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized a a marriage in Kentucky; provide that a legal status identical to or substantially similar to that for marriage shall not be valid or recognized; submit amendment to the voters for approval or rejection.

Like Joe says, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It launched Mongiardo’s bigoted grabs at power in the years following which led to embarrassing “pledges” he tried to coerce fellow state legislators into signing. And it opened the doors for some of the most awful, contentious battles in the House and Senate over civil rights that we’ve ever seen.

Mongiardo’s “friends” can keep on with their self-destructing, bigoted, redneck (which is much different than being country or hillfolk) behavior, can keep on trashing things up. It works well for them. Watching them simmer in a pot of denial is pure entertainment.

The rest of the world– including Kentucky Republicans– has tossed the wedge issue of homophobia to the side and is no longer screwing around with it. Civilized society is not wasting its time. It speaks volumes that the goddamn Democrats in Kentucky could support homophobia while the RPK has trudged ahead, leaving behind such hateful and backwater notions.

And as one in denial supporter of bigotry notes, there are more problems on Daniel Mongiardo’s plate than a serious case of gay panic. His now-defunct political action committee and everything involving the PAC’s manager, Ryen Greer, will come full circle and turn into a campaign finance nightmare. So stay tuned. Because you’ve never seen anything like you’re about to witness in a Democratic primary.

P.S. To Lee Murphy: Stop trying to give everyone standing up against Mongiardo “10 free minutes with him in Frankfort.” It’s not doing your cause any justice. You and the redneck coalition of one need to realize causing a split within the Democratic Party, as you’re currently doing, only serves to harm you and your cause or trying to justify ignorance– not us.

Oh Snap Monday! Please Hate The Gays

From the interesting and hilarious news department: We hear that two nights ago, Jim Bunning didn’t attend– as scheduled– a fundraising event for J. Marshall Hughes OR the Warren County Lincoln Dinner. How hilarious is that?

Who is surprised that Kentucky’s Catholic Bishops are bigots? Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Roger Joseph Foys of Covington, Ronald Gainer of Lexington and J. Michael Clark of Owensboro (an administrator) released a joint statement backing the Vatican for lifting the excommunication of Richard Williamson, a major holocaust denier. Specifically, he said as late as the day before his excommunication was lifted (by the current pope, a former Nazi Hitler Youth) that he did not believe Jews were gassed during the holocaust. These folks should stick to covering up pedophile sex scandals and leave the genocide of more than 6 million people to the rest of the world. [H-L]

The man who led John McCain’s presidential campaign office in Pueblo was arrested for child molestation. Those good, wholesome family values. [Crooks & Liars]

Join the Facebook movement to oppose Daniel Mongiardo’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Just say no to homophobia, mountaintop removal and Dr. Dan. [You Know You Wanna]

The Herald-Leader is kicking butt and taking names with failed Lexington Mayor Jim Dingle… er… Newberry. The CentrePointe project in Lexington has turned into a flustercuck of epic proportions and is embarrassing to follow. 91 condos at $1 million+ each? HAHAHA! What a disaster. Newberry’s career is over. Done. Finished. [H-L]

Ted Haggard had a… “toy”… and you probably want to go watch this mess, immediately, because it’s too vulgar for me to tell you about. Just wait til you find out the details of said “toy” and what happened with said “toy.” [Towleroad]

Speaking of the dirty homosexuals, how do you feel Gary “Tap Dat Ass” Tapp’s gay adoption ban? [Yeah, It’s Awesome]

What won’t Greg Stumbo and the rest of the brainwashed in Frankfort try to tax? We get taxing tobacco for health reasons. And we get the need for increased revenue. And we could even understand taxing alcohol. But why are we relying on this mess of constantly increasing taxes that don’t serve the state beyond solving a budgetary problem– temporarily– that the Governor and the rest of our elected crew are too damn lazy to fix? We’re hearing major rumblings that not even liberal Democrats want to vote for tax increases. [Ronnie Ellis]

Larry Summers slammed Mitch McConnell over his silly “history lesson” on ABC’s This Week Sunday. [Huffinton Post]

While the state falls apart, Frankfort is busy trying to waste our time on “drug control”… Nice. [H-L]