S&P Will You-Know-What In Your Organic Cereal

This marks the 97th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Kentucky voters are wishing they could recall Jack Conway because of his poor judgment,” Robertson said. “If Conway doesn’t answer these questions, voters will return him to life as a private citizen on November 8th.” [Press Release]

Should the United States Congress really get so much vacation time? Of course not. [WaPo]

Can you imagine the governor of Kentucky doing something as solid and honest as the governor of New York? [The Advocate]

The DCCC just doesn’t care for Andy Barr and is running radio ads against him throughout the district. [Ryan Alessi]

Oh, wait, the NRCC is hitting Ben Chandler over the “balanced budget” amendment with robocalls. [The Hill]

Floridian Ed Whitfield stopped on the side of the road to rescue a stray dog. Rather than keep the dog, he took it to a local shelter and gave them a $1,000 check. This may be the only good thing Whitfield has ever done in or for Kentucky. [H-L]

Do you want to read a story about Richie Farmer that is so long it should be illegal? [The Post Game]

According to the latest polling, John Boehner’s disapproval rating is spiking in the wake of the nasty debt deal. [Daily Kos]

What does the S&P downgrade mean if France is rated higher than the United States? [Pro Publica]

President Barack Obama DID inherit these economic problems. Problems caused by people like George W. Bush and Mitch McConnell. [Reuters]

Standard & Poor’s is right. It is the U.S. Congress’ fault. Take a look at the politics of sovereign debt ratings downgrades. [Slate]

The United States is unlikely to regain its AAA rating any time soon, according to the S&P. Rest of the world is taking notice. [BBC]

Oh, wait, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee is gathering information for a possible S&P hearing. Can’t be having them force responsibility on Congress or anything. [Politico]

Comparing poor people to scavenging raccoons in a political speech? Sounds like something a grifter teabagger in Kentucky would do. [TPM]

No Wonder The U.S. & A. Can’t Have Nice Things

Really, people? You need to calm down. Even Daniel Logsdon says Bob Farmer’s “jokes” weren’t funny. And you’ll note that Farmer did NOT apologize for making the remarks – he apologized “if it offends anyone.” [H-L]

The NRCC has twice as much cash in its pocket than the DCCC. Which means Candy Barr is pretty happy these days. [Politico]

Florida’s teachers union has sued that state over pension reform and plans further action. What will happen in Kentucky if we ever bother to stave off our own looming pension disaster? [HuffPo]

Wait, Orrin Hatch what? $40-per-bottle fruit juice? Huh? [NY Times]

Let’s see how long it takes Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers to figure out a way to move this Yucca Mountain crap to Kentucky. [Reuters]

Kentucky is the 32nd-most free state in the country. Which, uh, maybe isn’t terrific. [Mercatus]

Apparently this lady who could be Thailand’s first female prime minister went to Kentucky State University? [Yahoo!]

Are you buying the right kinda produce that won’t kill you dead, ladies and ladydudes? [Click the Clicky]

Bobbie Coleslaw gave the city of Louisville a $1.9 million surplus check. She has time to write a check but no time to share her biscuit recipe. Shame. [C-J/AKN]

Of course Barack Obama can cash in on small dollar donors. That is, if he quits with the Republican-lite mega cash grab. [Seattle Post Intelligencer]

Mitch McConnell’s op-ed was published again and it’s all about how he thinks we should try the Bowling Green Terra-ists in Gitmo. He did not mention whether or not we should send Karen Sypher to Gitmo. [WaPo]

Don’t be shocked that Senate Republicans now oppose a jobs program they once supported. [HuffPo]

It’s borderline insane that our tax dollars are giving the controversial and fired/resigned/whatever Fayette County Health Department head a ten-month paid vacation. [H-L]

We can’t decide if Mitt Romney is crazy from all the cult stuff he’s been exposed to or if he’s really gone teabagger insane. [Wonkette]

Have You Seen Lexington's Water Rate Increase?

Want to see a great show at Actors Theatre this Halloween season? Enter to win two tickets to see The Mystery of Irma Vep: A Penny Dreadful. [Page One]

An Assistant Attorney General in Michigan is attacking a gay college student for promoting a “radical homosexual agenda.” What the fuck country is this?  Something tells me this guy had a few homo moments and freaked out. [HuffPo]

I’m usually all for supporting the police and go out of my way to support law enforcement. But seeking the right to seize evidence after you mistakenly break into the wrong home? Right. That makes tons of sense. [H-L]

How do you feel about Jim Newberry’s faux outrage over the Kentucky American Water Company mess? [B&P]

Joe Arnold caught up with Rand Paul and he’s published a thing about it. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Democratic Party’s new Republican chairperson said in an urgent email blast that Dick Durbin will address Democrats at a dinner in October. [Important Email Blast]

The DCCC isn’t even bothering with a response to the NRCC in the 6th District. That’s because Andy Barr has turned into one of the worst candidates in Kentucky. [WaPo]

Yup, Kentucky’s on yet another list of poorest states. Complete with a photo. [HuffPo]

Did you know? Instant racing is the most important issue facing Kentucky, ever, amen. [WLEX]

Let’s say you’re one of the first Republicans in decades with the chance to become mayor of Louisville. What would you do? Run quickly away from social justice events and ignore inquiries, of course! That way you don’t have to deal with the poors, the non-whites or the gays. In Kentucky’s biggest, gayest, most liberal city? That’s called losing. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Hilarious Headline: Salt Festival At Big Bone Lick

Today Governor Steve Beshear announced that Kentucky has received a $500,000 grant for VINE Protective Order Victim Notification Services. Which is good, since all the fat men (literally, they’re all fat men) in Frankfort didn’t include it in the state budget.  [Press Release]

Jack Conway did a one-on-one in Louisville where he discussed the U.S. Senate race. [FOX41]

The Energy & Environment Cabinet, as you are aware, spends 99% of its time handing out “awards” to various mining companies. It’s not accepting nominations for – yup, another award – the Kentucky Energy Leadership Award. It’ll be presented at the Governor’s Conference on the Environment that will go down in Louisville October 20 & 21. [Press Release]

Here’s a bit more on why it’s too expensive for most folks to attend. And why state government doesn’t take regular people seriously. [Fat Lip]

State Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen today released local adult education audits for 30 different programs involving $5.1 million in grants. [Press Release]

Wondering why education sucks in the United States? This shiz going down with Texas over the scary Islam and Muslins is why. [Wonkette]

Jack Conway says the U.S. Senate race is a dead heat and that he has the momentum. So what will the upcoming SurveyUSA data reveal? [WHAS11]

Today the DCCC sent out an email blast begging for money to help in Kentucky. But don’t you dare waste your money. Contribute directly to the candidate of your choice. Cause the D-trip only funds people like Ben Chandler. [Email Blast]

Are you super-excited and gearing up for the Fox News “debate” featuring Jack Conway and Rand Paul on October 3? [NY Times]

The 25th annual Salt Festival takes place at Big Bone Lick State Park October 15 through 17. [Get On It]

Lt. Dan will speak at the Cervical Cancer-Free Kentucky Initiative tomorrow at Natural Bridge. [Press Release]

Hal Rogers says it’s time to get serious about prescription drug abuse. Are the rest of the Republicans on the same page with him? [The Hill]

Teabagger Phil Moffett loves to throw talking points like this out: “Rep. Bill Farmer pointed out debt restructuring used to balance the current budget will cost the taxpayers more than $80 million,” Moffett said. “And our leaders in Frankfort actually tried to portray that as saving money. It’s the definition of smoke-and-mirrors.” But he never offers specifics or solutions that could actually change Frankfort. He’s relying on David Adams to drum up the easily terrified mouth breathers of the Commonwealth. [Email Blast]

Stop Being So Fat And Costing Us Tax Dollars

College enrollment in Kentucky is now at an all-time high. That’s more than 270,000 students, a four percent increase over last year. [Ronnie Ellis]

National politics could be in play in Louisville’s crazy ass mayoral race. [WFPL]

Did you see the person get their panties all in a twist over the bigots in Oldham County? [We Get Comments]

Funeral arrangements have been made for the victims of the trailer park massacre in Jackson. [H-L]

Bruce Lunsford spent $450,000 on a horse Monday night (he already owned half the horse). So those of you wondering what he’s up to these days? Horses. That’s what. And spending fortunes. [Thoroughbred Times]

Will these issues of getting arrested in 1993 for using a fake driver’s license, public drinking in 1999 and then lying about those arrests on his application for a government job be a big deal in the 6th District congressional race? [DCCC]

Is Frankfort going to turn into Kentucky’s shooting capital? One man was shot dead and another was wounded last night. [State-Journal]

The Herald-Leader editorial board wants an increased tobacco tax to help shore up the state’s health care nightmare. I think we need a fat tax. [H-L]

Jack Conway’s beloved Bush tax cuts are causing some serious problems in Warshington these days. [Politico]

The U.S. power sector is changing, even without a climate bill. [SAGA]

The recession is dragging on and crime keeps calling, because America is too fat. [Wonkette]

Did lobbyists cause the decline of the middle class in the 1970s? [Baseline Scenario]

Beshear Wants Private Business To Lose Money

Y’all interested in holding a bible burning ceremony on Liberty Terror 9/11 Day to counteract the Koran burning??? [Deep Thoughts]

Rand Paul snubbed the Kentucky Narcotic Officers’ Association. Everyone is so surprised. [Bluegrass Politics]

More details on the jacked up guy who threatened Jim Bunning’s life. [HuffPo]

Ugh. Looks like the Waffle House bit is going to be beaten into the ground this election cycle. [DSCC]

Rand Liberty Christ Paul will hit the teevee airwaves today. [Ryan Alessi]

Roger Alford has more on Rand’s “substantial” ad buy and his first ad, highlighting his work as a physician. [AP]

Sometimes we get comments from folks in Washington, D.C. telling me how wrong I am. [We Get Comments]

The NRCC may want to get its ducks in a row. Lest Democrats start leaking all the personal info they’ve got on Republican staffers. [Jesus]

Instead of Steve Beshear asking private landlords for a 5% break in rent to the state, maybe he could cut a few dozen of his personal advisers? [Just A Thought]

Does the U.S. Senate race help Andy Barr in his bid against Ben Chandler? [Southern Political Report]

Mitch McConnell is lending out his staffer, Josh Holmes, to help the NRSC. Guess the Paul campaign is fully embracing Mitch like woah. [Roll Call]

Reeeeechie is addicted to that new car smell. Prolly gets stuck all in his mustache. [H-L Editorial]

Rick Santorum has a … problem. Remember when he endorsed Trey Grayson? [Mother Jones]