Beshear Barred from Kentucky Central Case

Steve Beshear doesn’t recall being kicked off the Kentucky Central case in the mid-1990s.

Here’s an excerpt:

The court-appointed liquidator of Kentucky Central at one point barred Steve Beshear from doing further work on the case and informed Beshear that his law firm would have to pay for an ethics investigation, documents show.

This comes after Beshear, the Democratic nominee for governor, has repeatedly claimed he didn’t recall anything about a secret ethics report by a Cincinnati firm, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur. And he recently said he wasn’t aware his former firm, Stites & Harbison, paid more than $100,000 for it.

Beshear also said in an interview Friday that he didn’t remember being removed, even temporarily, from the legal process of liquidating the failed insurance giant, Kentucky Central Life Insurance Co. in the 1990s.

Selective memory? We say come clean right now so the future Beshear-Mongiardo administration isn’t tarnished.

And Ernie, before you start to salivate: Not trying to be partisan here, but, uh, your administration is over come November. Save face while you can. Steve Beshear could drop ten points and still win in a landslide. Heck, he could be the creature from Jeepers Creepers and be victorious because Kentuckians want change.

Beshear himself wants the ethics report to be released. So it can’t be that terrible.

This Kentucky Central issue won’t be your savior, Ernest Lee.

Monday’s Obfuscation Report

Will Kentucky’s senators support the HIV Prevention Act? [FGA]

Jim Bunning (R-Afraid of Fancy Farm and Osama) freaks out over former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan’s new book. The book is critical of Bush economic policies and Bunning just can’t handle a financial big dog telling the truth about, well, the economy. Says he’ll be thumbing through it while on the throne. [Enquirer, Jim Welp]

From the Dept of Senatorial Foot Tapping. Mitch McConnell is afraid of Larry Craig. He “stood still as a statue” when Craig approached him. Jim Bunning, on the other hand, patted him on the back. Does this mean one senator approves of foot tapping and one senator doesn’t? [C-J]

Head of the Alcoholic Beverage Control arrested on DUI charges. Chris Lilly, the ABC’s executive director, plans to be an a adult and resign. Imagine that– someone in the Fletcher administration doing the right thing. [WLEX]

Delaying what everyone wants to see so the story will die. Thomas Wingate, Franklin Circuit Judge, has postponed the release of a report of the secret ethics investigation into Kentucky Central and Steve Beshear’s law firm. Looks like we’ll all eventually be able to pour over the details. Won’t be the case for Ernie’s secret defense fund donors, though. [PolWatchers]

Louisville’s Bristol Discriminates: Update

In response to the story of the Bristol standing behind discrimination against those with disabilities, a peaceful protest has been organized for this Thursday, September 27 from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. in front of the Bristol on Bardstown Road.

The story is getting quite interesting as an employee of the Bristol has been all over blogs (including this one) and news sites trying to muddy the water. As you’ll read in this comment an individual calling themselves “Meg” accuses Corey Nett of being a money grubber, someone who fabricated the incident. If that’s the case– why was the manager “swiftly terminated” after the incident?

Sorry, “Meg.” Most people in Louisville have known Corey Nett and his family for a while. They know he’s not out for money or for making a political statement.

It’s a sad day when a prominent landmark restaurant has its lackeys out and about trashing the disabled. It’s an unfortunate occurence in which the Bristol’s owners should have apologized for, made very public amends and immediately resolved. Instead they’re stooping to the level of bigoted haters.

Reminder: Media Ignoring Discrimination by Kentucky Farm Bureau

We remind you that only one major media outlet has paid attention to the story of Todd Eklof being fired by Kentucky Farm Bureau for supporting gay marriage.

One outlet. WHAS11.

Sam Moore, Kentucky Farm Bureau’s former president and current Board member admitted that Eklof was fired for supporting gay rights. KFB admitted it. And it falls to the wayside. Every media outlet in the state has turned a blind eye.

Why is the media afraid of this story? Does it have anything to do with the large amount of KFB advertising dollars? KFB’s 21 lobbyists, 8 of whom are active and key players in Frankfort? Maybe the $40,000 Hunter Bates was paid in 2004-2005 by KFB? Note to media: if WHAS11 can cover it? You, too, can cover it!

What is going on?

If you’re not talking about this with everyone you know– you’re complicit.

Mitch McConnell. The Republicans. A betrayal of trust.

MoveOn has released another anti-McConnell commercial that will air nationwide on CNN.

The ad, beginning today, criticizes Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans for voting against an extension of leave time for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The video will be up here soon.

What was it Jim Bunning said? Giving our dying men and women a break is bad business for commanders? Riiiight.

BREAKING: Did Trey Grayson take advantage of a dying man?

Court documents allege McConnell protégé Charles Merwin Grayson III or current Secretary of State Trey Grayson took advantage of William T. Hofler who was on his death bed. The man’s daughter, Bridget Hofler-Saunders, says the will of her father was changed two months before his death as a result of undue influence by Trey and his cohort John Elfers.

Mr. Hofler was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2001 and began a fierce treatment of chemotherapy along with the painkiller OxyContin. Yet he was mysteriously able to change his last will and testament in March of that year to exclude his daughter for “personal reasons.” He died two months later.

Who became executors of the estate? None other than former Kenton County Attorney John Elfers and Trey Grayson. They were suddenly in control of millions of dollars.

Hofler’s daughter, Bridget, sued Trey (et al) for unduly influencing her father and won.

As part of the suit, Bridget’s attorney had Homer Parrent render an opinion about whether or not Trey had pursued sufficient steps to assure himself that Mr. Hofler was not unduly influenced in connection with the preparation and execution of his will. Turns out Mr. Grayson may have influenced Mr. Hofler and Parrent cited (in this letter to Bridget’s attorney) a litany of examples. He also cited legal opinions from multiple Kentucky Appellate Court cases in which, well, the very same thing had occured and turned out to be shady. Not boding so well for Trey and his co-defendants.

The real juicy bit of this story: Trey Grayson wrote a letter to John Elfers warning him that Bridget could challenge her father’s will on grounds that he was unduly influenced. To quote, “For instance, she might raise questions about her father’s competency or about any indue(sic) influence exercised by you in attempt to invalidate the will and to prevent the distribution of the probate estate…” In the letter Grayson detailed the statutes of limitation he had researched in an attempt to alleviate concern that Bridget had any leg to stand on. Reading the letter could easily lead you to believe that Trey and Elfers were trying their darnedest to cut her out completely.

And in this final document Bridget Hofler-Saunders got what was hers. In exchange for forever releasing Trey Grayson individually and in his capacity as co-executor.

Did Trey Grayson influence his client when he knew his client was unable to make sound decisions? The court documents certainly lead one to believe so.

What do you think?

Note: Our apologies for the huge document sizes. In order to maintain legible quality, the PDF documents needed to be super-big. Let us know if you have any difficulty reading them. They’ll require Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later.