Party Registration Change Good or Bad Idea?

We’re tired of the Democratic Party and are pondering a change of voter registration.

Good or bad idea?

Is it better to stick around the jacked up Kentucky Democratic Party or change to ‘Other’ ?

Would leaving the corruption and hypocrisy behind be worth giving up the ability to vote in primary elections in the Bluegrass State?

Anyone else out there tired of the absolute horse shit (sorry if your 12-year-old is reading this– tell them we’re bad people with potty mouths) being pedaled by Steve Beshear & crew, Jennifer Moore, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Ben Chandler (to an extent) and the rest of the out-of-touch deal makers who continue to trample this state into the hinterlands? We get rid of the corruption in the administration of Ernie Fletcher only to dive right into this and we’re supposed to be happy? Riiight.

It’s Friday!!! Updates and Stuff.

Mitch endorsed Walnuts. “There’s widespread pride amongst our (Republican) Conference that one of our own is going to be our nominee,” McConnell was quoted as saying. What happened to all the Coulterites who said they’d support Hillary over him? [The Arena]

Beshear & crew are really botching the firing scandal they have created. Firing a a guardsman is about as low as you can possibly get. But then they rescind the without cause firing and announce he’s fired with cause for allegedly not taking advantage of job offers and not making an effort to regain his employment. WHAT?! Could we please get somebody to Frankfort (STAT!) who won’t admit to breaking federal hiring laws? [Hebert]

“Hi, my name is Reid Haire, Democrat for Kentucky’s 2nd District Congressional race and I gave $200 to Mitch McConnell in 2005 for his 2008 re-election bid. Meaning David Boswell totally wins.” What a tool! Come on, Democrats, are you getting dumber by the day? It’s not okay to contribute to McConnell’s campaign just because Bruce Lunsford did the same thing. [BGR]

The right has a great take on who the real loser was/is in the 30th senate district. Governor Steve Beshear made a major misstep in that election, caused controversy and made it clear to thousands of Democrats across that state that his decision(s) to hand pick candidates is one of the worst things we can allow him to do. The 30th district race also proves that the 2007 gubernatorial election wasn’t about love for Beshear but disdain for Ernie Fletcher. [Heffalumps]

Joan Gregory, AKA kentuckywoman on the blogs (mostly Bluegrass Report), has been appointed to the Kentucky Commission on Women. Congratulations to Gregory. Hopefully she’ll remember to be less nasty and spiteful when representing women than she is on the blogs castigating anyone with an opinion that differs from her own. [Hebert]

Illegal Firings & Skrilla Update Dept

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter and his wife are giving $1 million to the Louisville Zoo to fund the zoo’s Glacier Run project that will feature polar bears and other arctic critters. All right for doling out the skrilla when the state can’t afford it. We’re sure it’s a drop in the bucket because the guy has a $2 million bronze and gold statue of two bald eagles fighting in his foyer. It’s two stories tall and rotates on a base of marble. You reading this, other rich folk? Pony up for your community like John Schnatter routinely does. Build your legacy. [Business First]

We’ve long been a fan of Cincinnati’s City Beat, but this makes us love it even more: The Kentucky Enquirer reported today that local rich man Bill Yung has purchased the Jillian’s entertainment complex in Covington for $7 million and has hopes of transforming it into Northern Kentucky’s first casino. The purchase — which is well in advance of potential legislation that would allow gaming in the state — is one in a long line of moves that Yung has made that coincides with the state’s “F Ohio in the B” revenue plan. Last year Yung contributed $1 million to an independent campaign called “F Fletcher in the B” to help defeat incumbent governor and anti-casino guy Ernie Fletcher. Yung is now preparing for a backlash from Indiana’s long-running “F Kentucky and Ohio in the B at the Same Time” campaign, which he expects will try to derail Kentucky gaming legislation. [City Beat]

Firings, Laura the Librarian and more after the jump…

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Jim Gooch Wants to Tax His Critics

You read it correctly, kids.

From David Adams:

Rep. Jim Gooch has filed a bill requiring editorial writers and cartoonists for “a news organization which engages for profit” to register with the state as lobbyists.

Perpetual tool Rep. Jim Gooch (Democrat who should be ousted)– one of Kentucky’s largest (literally) embarrassments– wants to tax and penalize the very people who criticize him. Seriously, requiring editorial writers (us) and cartoonists to register as lobbyists? Are you kidding?

More on Gooch, the man who appeared on Good Morning America proclaiming global warming a myth: here, here, here and here.

Is he hands-down the stupidest man (we mean that) in Frankfort? Is he dumber than Vernie McGaha? Jesus. To think Speaker of the House Jody Richards approves of this idiot.

Message to little boys like Gooch and booger eater Charlie Hoffman: grow a set of balls. If you can’t take the heat after becoming an elected official, it’s time to leave Frankfort.

Like the legislature doesn’t have anything better to do. Don’t we have, you know, 500 crises to resolve?

Here’s betting dollars to donuts that Gooch still thinks global warming is a myth even after the 70-degree February weather that produced killer tornadoes all over the midwest.


UPDATE @ 4:10 P.M.: The Associated Press has a great story about Mr. Walrus himself. Further illustrating just how stupid and incapable Jim Gooch truly is.

Allegations of Vote Buying in the 30th

The race between Democrat Scott Alexander and Republican Brandon Smith is getting crazy.

Voter turnout in eastern Kentucky’s 30th Senate District special election isn’t the only thing that’s high (20% for a special election) today! The price for buying a single vote has apparently gone up so much that the KSP and KBI have been forced to launch an investigation.

Lt. Phil Crumpton, a state police spokesperson, says there are allegations of someone buying votes or trading beer for votes in Perry County.

“There was an allegation that either someone was buying votes or trading beer for votes in Perry County. We’re looking into that allegation,” said Lt. Phil Crumpton, spokesman for the state police. He said he could not confirm whether any arrests had been made.

There were blog comments deleted alleging physicians traded prescriptions for painkillers in exchange for votes but they’ve been deleted. Damn us for not taking a screen grab when we had the opportunity.

Looks like the age old practice of trading booze for votes is alive and well in our homeland. We love it!

Republican Spreading Lies & Distortions

Former Fletcher spokesperson-turned-blogger Brett Hall (R-History of Making Shit Up) has done it again. This time he’s lying about an aide of Rep. John Yarmuth. It’s one thing to discuss Yarmuth’s perceived negatives in an election year but it’s an entirely different ball game when you begin attacking and lying about a candidate’s staff. Staff whom, we remind you, are not elected officials.

Hall recently posted this blurb on his site, Kentucky Politics:

Yarmuth, who’s taken hits lately following the discovery of a congressional aide’s gay porn website activity, may have a tough go of it this year. Two factors could work against him: (1) Hillary Clinton at the top of the Democrat ticket and (2) U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s being a probable shoo-in for re-election on the GOP side.

Catch that? He’s alleging– no, making shit up— that a Yarmuth staffer has had some sort of issue involving activity on a gay pornography website. What on earth is he talking about?

Could he be talking about the (awful and painful to watch) mainstream movie that Yarmuth’s spokesperson Stuart Perelmuter wrote and starred in? You know, the one we stopped the RPK from using in a negative manner? The movie that is not disgusting or shameful and can be rented at almost any Blockbuster? We’ve emailed Hall asking for clarification but he has not provided comment. We wanted to give him a fair and honest opportunity to clear the air and he has run in the opposite direction.  So all we can do is chalk his claims up as complete bull.

If Brett Hall is going to post false/libelous/hurtful information about non-elected officials on his website he should be able to back his claims up. Since he cannot do so, people like Chris Theineman, Jack Richardson, Anne Northup and others should tell Hall how they feel about his disgusting activity. It’s brainless, spiteful and should be shunned by anyone old enough to vote. There’s no place in politics for that level of ignorance.

Fired for Questioning McConnell

We have just been alerted that Heather Ryan has just been fired from her job at the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah for daring to question Senator Mitch McConnell and catching it on video. (More info on the background of the situation here.)

Here’s an excerpt from Heather’s message:

It is with complete shock and utter dismay that I come to you this afternoon of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, 2008. As you may have guessed, a dramatic turn of events happened less than an hour ago while I was at my office in Downtown Paducah, KY. I was fired from my position as the Executive Director of the Maiden Alley Cinema for the incident in which Heaven and I asked Mitch McConnell about the war in Iraq.

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that such a powerful Senator would target a low income family simply to flex his political muscle. But believe it folks, I am now jobless, on the day in which we use to remember the great Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., because I dared to speak out.

If you’re not pissed off you’re not paying attention.

We encourage you to contact the Maiden Alley Cinema to express your dismay. If you live in Paducah? Maybe you should stop by the theater to ask them what the hell is going on. 112 Maiden Alley, Paducah. Or just give them a call at (270) 442-7723.

Once Heather makes the video of the incident available, we’ll have it for you. It’s not looking pretty for Mitch at the moment.

Isn’t this despicable? Mitch McConnell. The man who professes such a love for freedom of speech and the First Amendment. The lone Republican standing for the right the right to burn the flag.  Cowering like a scared puppy. Getting a woman fired for merely exercising her rights. This attitude of ‘how dare you question my authority!’ has got to stop.  For McConnell and his people to exert influence like this is outrageous.

Where’s the mainstream press on this one? (HELLO, BIG STORY HERE!) Time to wake up.