Another Idiot Wants to Ban Free Speech

Seriously, how goddamn stupid are our legislators? No, I’m not apologizing for the language.

Idiot Rep. Tim Couch (R-Jim Gooch Wannabe) wants to require anyone who posts comments on a website to register their real name. Would also require folks like us who operate websites to disclose personal information about our readers/commenters or face fines from $500 to $1,000.

If filing the legislation wasn’t bad enough, Couch readily admits to wasting time, something Frankfort seems to be good at these days:

Couch on Wednesday readily acknowledged that his bill raises First Amendment issues regarding free speech, so he won’t be pushing it. But he wanted to call attention to the phenomenon of unkind and often untrue comments about people being posted online by Kentuckians hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

Words of advice: If you can’t take the heat? DO NOT ENTER POLITICS. Period. End of story.

Wednesday Updates. Huckabee Didn’t Pray Enough Edition.

Quite possibly the most awful and embarrassing thing ever took place in West Virginia and NOT Kentucky. Three cheers! [The Pittsburgh Channel]

Casino bill dead. Woops. Jody Richards says he’s worked hard at working hard and pretending to work hard at getting a casino bit on the ballot. Working hard is hard work! Jody would make such a great president or whatever Dubya is. [Hebert]

Mitch McConnell wants judicial nominees to be treated fairly? How about not trying to appoint some crazy SOBs who want to murder everyone with brown skin for a change? Just an idea that may help. Also, the whole ‘women are inferior’ crap should be tossed. That’d also help. [Team Mitch]

You must be under ten years of age to participate in the gubnuh’s Easter egg roll. So. Looks like we won’t be receiving goody bags, candy or anything this year. For real. Guess it’s time for someone here in the big city (or Frankfort or whatever) to start an adult Easter egg roll complete with gin, bourbon, chocolate and sofas to nap on. (HINT) [PolWatchers]

Say No to Casinos breaking the law? Probably. 501(c)3s can’t play politics. Ruh ro. [The Rural Democrat]

Bill Yung Sign-In Sheet Update

Mark Hebert has more on those missing capitol sign-in sheets from January 7, 8, 9. You’ll recall that on January 9 casino honcho Bill Yung paid the governor a visit.

Watch the video of Hebert’s report HERE.

Call us crazy, but, uh, it’s laughable that Steve Beshear LIED (check his face out in the video above) about meeting with Yung and his folks then LIED about the so not suspicious and innocent disappearance of those sign-in sheets.

How embarrassing.

One-Day Tropical Weather Is Gone Update Edition

Study: Kentucky government’s service of public is average and has received an overall grade of B- from the Pew Center on the States in its latest “Grading the States” report. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief– we didn’t fail! [Business First]

The downfall of Kentucky’s marijuana kingpins? We’ve read the same story over and over for 20 years. Fat chance. [H-L]

Ralph Long lets it rip on all of the walking dead in Kentucky these days. Budget, casinos, Bruce, Jennifer. Ralph dishes the dirt, kids. We love him because he never holds back and is way classier than us. [Ralph Long]

Did you know? Rep. Darryl Owens admits Steve Beshear has made zero effort to push a constitutional amendment limiting a governor’s pardoning power. This is after promising in January to lead the fight for ethics reform. Don’t let your eyes roll back in your head. [PolWatchers]

Rep. Kathy Stein has joined Operation Gooch. Apparently, Kathy knows how to think for herself and realizes it’s effing heinous that Gooch chairs the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. [BlueGrassRoots]

And the gubnuh may finally be realizing that we need to raise the cigarette tax. The reality in Frankfort must be hard-hitting these days. [Hebert]

BREAKING: RPK Files Complaint Against Bluegrass Freedom Fund, Beshear Camp

The Republican Party of Kentucky filed a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance against the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and the Beshear-Mongiardo gubernatorial campaign for allegedly violating Kentucky’s campaign finance laws.

From the RPK’s press release:

“As various news organizations have brought to light the facts surrounding the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and its million dollar contribution from casino boss William Yung, it has become increasingly apparent that this fund was merely a front-organization used to skirt the law to help Steve Beshear get elected,” said Robertson. “If KREF finds the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and the Beshear/Mongiardo Campaign knowingly violated campaign laws, I hope it will immediately refer this matter to the proper prosecutorial authorities.”

Peep the complaint and the 42 pages of supporting exhibits here:

You knew it would happen sooner or later. Bill Yung wasn’t going to get away with giving Steve Beshear $1million without a fight.

On a related note, the BFF is no more. The group’s chief fundraiser has left Kentucky and Achim Bergmann is now consulting with Bruce Lunsford.

UPDATE @ 5:12: KDP Chairwoman Jennifer Moore responds:

“This is a desperate and baseless attack by the Republican Party. The complaint makes accusations that have been proven false time and time again. Doesn’t Steve Robertson have anything better to do with his time these days?

“What a sad example of Republicans playing divisive political games rather than working with Democrats to better the lives of Kentuckians.”

Wait a minute. Where’s the proof nothing shady went down? We haven’t seen it. Seriously– the only thing that’s come out is pretty damning and that’s that Steve Beshear met with Bill Yung just days before he wrote a million dollar check to the BFF. Hrm. Yeah. Nothing to see here, move along.

And on that note, what the flip is up with Jennifer having lunch at Serafini with a boat load of casino lobbyists just before putting out this press release? The only thing Jennifer is doing is causing people like us to get suspicious.

We especially love this ironic quote:

She said the meeting had nothing to do with pending legislation before the General Assembly and no legislators attended the lunch.

UPDATE @ 7:10:

In a strange turn of events, capitol sign-in sheets for the governor’s office have disappeared for the day casino magnate Bill Yung visited with Steve Beshear– though Beshear’s office denies having met with him. Imagine that.

Also on a sign-in sheet for Jan. 9: Bill Yung, at 10:25 a.m., apparently for the governor’s officer. But representatives of Beshear’s office have denied meeting with the Northern Kentucky hotelier and casino owner.

Check Hebert’s story on WHAS11 tonight about the whole ordeal. Just gets nastier and nastier.

Jody Richards: The Dunce of Frankfort

Jody Richards has done it again. Our incompetent Speaker of the House had the nerve to say he doesn’t play games with committees, especially not in the middle of a session. And then three days later he ousted Rep. Dottie Sims from his beloved gambling committee– playing the games he says he doesn’t play.

This is just par for the course for Jody and it’s high time for him to leave the State House. He is no longer (has he ever been?) a representative of the people. He’s turned into an old political hack with about as much influence and ability to lead and/or speak as the cheap hair dye he so often puts to use.

We support what BGR says:

This is the kind of shitty leadership that we’ve come to expect from the KDP. And personally, I’ve had enough of this.

It may be time for Greg Stumbo to finally step up and take the leadership position from Jody. If he is going to be a shill for casinos and business interests while blatantly deceiving citizens lobbying against the destruction of our mountains/streams and voter disfranchisement, it’s time for him to go. Stumbo may not be perfect, but the guy has a spine and he’s a fighter.

Oh Snap Monday! LG&E Sucks Edition

Kentucky’s Democratic superdelegates can basically do whatever, whenever, because that’s how the game is played in our jacked up political system that the rest of the world scoffs at. Don’t forget to peep the photo of Yarmuth in the multimedia section. [C-J]

Sorry, but we just don’t see Mitch McConnell as vulnerable. But we get what they’re saying about Bruce’s press release last week. [Enquirer]

Bruce Lunsford plans to spend unlimited amounts of money on his campaign. So. Look out, folks. Millionaires’ Amendment will be kicking in. Greg Fischer is effectively done in this race. Ryan Alessi also touches on this issue. [Hebert, H-L]

Lots more updates after the jump…

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