FBI in Frankfort

Ruh ro. That sound you hear is every legislator in the state clenching up.

Brett Hall and Marc Carey both report that an FBI agent was spotted in Frankfort today.

Well, it’s legit.

The gentleman from the FBI was seen leaving the Annex. Cabinet Secretaries, Democratic and Republican electeds have all confirmed it for us.

So. What is it? Gambling issues? Other forms of corruption?

Oh, the possibilities. We’re waiting with bated breath. So, if any of you Frankfort/whistle blower types want to spill the beans, hit us up. We need some drama today.

Another Fletcher Scandal Brewing

Right-wingers everywhere are screaming “hit piece” over the latest news about the former scandal-plagued governor.

The Eastern Kentucky hospital that has hired former Gov. Ernie Fletcher as a consultant got a $3.4 million state settlement in the final weeks of the Fletcher administration for disputed Medicaid claims.

Records from the state Department for Medicaid Services show that last Oct. 9, the state agreed to pay $3,446,836 in exchange for Pikeville Medical Center dropping its claims for additional reimbursement.

Although 45 hospitals have made similar claims against the state, it was the only settlement reached late in the Fletcher administration and one of only two last year.

Turns out the hospital Ernie Fletcher got hired up by received a trillion zillion dollar payment in the form of a rare Medicaid settlement.

Fletcher supporters are up in arms, claiming the Courier-Journal has it out for Ernest Lee. That’s fine and all. But this has more than an appearance of impropriety now that Fletcher’s Secretary of Health & Family Services is afraid to talk.

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Louisville Arena Drama – Overspending, Corruption?

A Louisville contracting company president claims the Louisville Arena Authority is spending at least $1 million more than necessary to demolish two buildings on the arena site. Furthermore, it claims the Authority ignored the only bid from a qualified local contractor in favor of a Cincinnati company.

In January, the Authority announced it would pay O’Rourke Wrecking Company, of Cincinnati, $2.8 million to demolish the LG&E power substation and the Riverview Square building. Jon Davies, president of CRS Demolition of Louisville, says his company put in a bid to demolish the buildings for $1.6 million, but wasn’t even interviewed by Authority managers.

Davies said the bids were supposed to be considered on a point system — with 50 points for the amount in the bid, 10 for minority participation, 30 for qualifications and 10 for time frame. Davies said that based on that criteria, CRS would have had 100 points.

Another company, Dore and Associates of Michigan, submitted a bid that was less than O’Rourke’s, at$2.6 million.

Davies said he has been pitching the story to local media outlets, including the Courier-Journal, which he said has shown little interest in the story.

Reid-McConnell Connection?

What is the Harry ReidMitch McConnell connection to the current Senate snafu going down with Kentucky Democrats? What’s with their new friendship that coincided with the withdrawal of major candidates who cannot self-fund their respective races?

Since the DSCC told potential Senate candidates Andrew Horne, Daniel Mongiardo and Greg Fischer along with the Governor that they wouldn’t be sending any money to Kentucky for a race against McConnell… is there a connection between that and Harry Reid showing up with McConnell at UofL and the sudden disappearance of any reference to a U.S. Department of Justice investigation of Reid for his connections to Jack Abramoff and his land deal? It was the hot topic for the first six months of 2007.

Did McConnell and Reid make some sort of deal? Is this why all of the Democratic insiders (Schumer, Reid, Beshear-types, not us nobodies) think only a millionaire can run a campaign (competitive or not) against McConnell?

Is this why national bloggers like Markos Moulitsas are spinning and foaming at the mouth to cover up the stink when people like Joe Sonka or myself point things out?

Is this why Senator Chuck Schumer is attempting to smear the blogosphere in Kentucky for merely telling the truth?

Is this all because they have something major to hide?

Is this Lois Combs Weinberg meets Paul Patton all over again?

Just wondering.

McConnell’s Approval Rating, Schumer Ignorance

Mark Hebert reports that the latest Survey USA/WHAS11 poll (crosstabs) has Kentucky’s Senior Senator Mitch McConnell’s approval rating going up 4 percentage points from last month.

52% of Kentuckians approve of the job McConnell is doing, up four points from January. It’s remained fairly steady over the past few months.

McConnell currently sits with a 42% approval rating among Democrats and only 6% are unsure.

What was that about him being woah vulnerable? What was that about all the awesome, amazing grassroots smoking him out of his Republican hole?


Let’s get real here, folks. Reality sucks. But we can’t all live in denial thinking McConnell is easily beatable by Bruce Lunsford. We have to face the facts. And unless something drastic happens, McConnell wins in November.

The big stink: Chuck Schumer had the nerve to attack the Kentucky blogosphere at the Yale School of Law today during a talk about senatorial politics. We have a message for the Senator, whom we know reads Page One: Screwing the progressive movement in Kentucky is unwise at the very least. U-n-w-i-s-e. Democrats and Republicans alike won’t stand for being trashed when we, the Kentucky blogosphere, know you’re guilty of playing kingmaker. Keep getting pissy and throwing your ego around. We’ll keep talking about it, further damaging your chances of building a rich man’s empire.

Chuck Schumer’s behavior is not the embodiment of values Kentuckians support. Stabbing Kentucky in the back won’t work. No one gets away with that. This is Kentucky, after all. We’re slick and resilient .

BGR Sets Sights on KDP, DSCC, Others

And by sets sights we mean completely excoriates everyone.

Exactly what we’ve been thinking lately.

Here’s a taste:

It does the progressive movement in KY NO GOOD to sugarcoat the situation and live in a positive fantasy world. What we need is a healthy dose of reality to let KY progressives know where we are, what we’re up against, and be able to form a coherent strategy for how we’re going to take the KDP and our state government back.

What I refuse to do is give people false hope. (sorry Barack, there is such a thing). And telling people that Bruce Lunsford can beat Mitch McConnell in a November election, in my opinion, would be doing just that. People’s time and money are quite valuable, and telling people that Lunsford has a chance, in my opinion, would be irresponsible on my part. Especially when that hopeless fight is for the aforementioned slimy DINO gov’t defrauding nursing home slumlord and Achim Bergmann, who has no interest in moving KY in a progressive direction and is laughing his way to the bank right now.

First of all, let’s get this fact out of the way. Chuck Schumer has no intention of competing against Mitch McConnell, and has no intention of spending a single dime on KY.

Steve Beshear has made a conscious decision not to challenge Mitch McConnell this Fall. Beshear’s first intent is to please his big $$$ donors who put him into office, particularly Bluegrass Freedom Fund/Achim Bergman, and the horse and gambling interests which have been well documented.

Read the entire thing. Go. Read. It.