Steve Henry Drags Clinton Campaign Into Mess

We told you that Hillary Clinton’s decision to involve Steve and Heather French Henry in her campaign for the U.S. Presidency was a bad idea.

That was two days ago.

Well, whattya know? It only took two days for the screw-up to take place.

Here’s the backstory: Steve Henry purchased a building (allegedly with funds from his 1998 Senate campaign fund which he paid Jake and others out of to do gubernatorial campaign work) at 1357 Bardstown Road in Louisville in 2006 and placed it in the name of his longtime friend Steve O. Thornton, a Bowling Green attorney. Shortly thereafter Henry filed to run for governor with Renee True as his lieutenant. After failing miserably on the campaign trail, Henry’s building sat quiet and filled with junk for a few months. Until recently, that is, when the building popped up on the Jefferson County PVA’s website in the name of “FUTURE FUND ENDOWMENT INC THE,” one of Henry’s non-profit foundations. Which is interesting in and of itself if you’re familiar with the entire Henry story of the past few years.

Read about potential campaign finance violations involving Henry and the Clinton campaign after the jump, complete with photographs…

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Louisville Ethics Commission Has Ethical Problem

The Commonwealth of Kentucky isn’t the only government in this state with questionable ethics.

Turns out Louisville’s Metro Ethics Commission has, you guessed it, questionable ethics. Three-and-a-half years after a Metropolitan Sewer District engineer blew the whistle on a malfeasance at MSD and was later fired for blowing said whistle (a jury agreed with her), the Metro Ethics Commission has dismissed the engineer’s complaint. Dismissed it. Never mind that Mayor Jerry Abramson didn’t bother to remedy the situation, but a jury agreed she was terminated as a result of blowing the whistle and the Ethics Commission tossed her complaint aside.

LEO’s Stephen George reports that Louisville’s Metro Council is now considering an amendment to a city ordinance that would establish strict timelines for complaints filed by citizens.

Now, after three-and-a-half years and bad publicity about a precarious ethics situation in the Metro — including a series in this newspaper that culminated in detailed suggestions for a better commission — the council may take its first corrective action tomorrow. Democrats David Tandy (4) and Madonna Flood (24) are expected to put forth an amendment to the current ordinance that would establish strict timelines on citizen complaints.

Jim Gooch says Renewable Energy a False Hope

You thought you’d seen the last of Jim Gooch, didn’t you?


He’s back. This time he’s showing his absolute stupidity (not ignorance– there’s a big difference) in a discussion about renewable energy and the prospect of Kentucky lifting the ban on nuclear power plants.

We’re all for open discussion and difference of opinion but it’s a sad day when an elected Democrat pulls crap like this out of his giiiiant hat:

Committee Chairman Jim Gooch, D-Providence, said he likes the bill and considers coal and nuclear to be America’s energy future, while wind and solar power offer “false hopes.”

It’s obvious that there are both positives and negatives when it comes to coal and nuclear power, but let’s get real for a minute. Since when are wind and solar power offering FALSE HOPES? I don’t see the giant wind and solar farms being used by the Tennessee Valley Authority as offering false hope.

Jim “Walrus” Gooch– whose family has benefited financially from the coal industry– should seriously attempt to learn a bit about renewable energy before spouting off. He could start by watching the film Kilowatt Ours.

And a little message to Gooch: folks at the KDP (who shall remain nameless, but there are witnesses who can back us up) have hinted that they’d like to get you out of office. Don’t think for a second that they won’t have help if they decide to do something behind the scenes.

Heather French Henry is Reason Enough to Back Barack Obama Instead of Hillary Clinton

In a story on National Journal’s Hotline On Call from Morehead (Yes, Morehead! Our original hometown. Made national press. We love it.) about former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Kentucky, we noticed something that totally prevents us from remaining silent on the matter today.

Check out Heather French Henry’s comments:

Heather French Henry, a former Miss America and wife of former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry, joined Clinton at two of his stops. Speaking before the Maysville event, she recalled how Clinton singled her out for her work on behalf of veterans when he was president. And, she took a swipe at Barack Obama as she praised Hillary for her advocacy for veterans.

“Now see, I know that some out there may have the audacity to hope, but Sen. Hillary Clinton has the audacity to actually do the work that it takes to be the next president of the United States,” she said.

Let’s just go ahead and say it: Heather French Henry is a tired has-been, just like her husband, and needs to leave politics once and for all. She has no future.

I guess being sued by her publisher for allegedly pocketing $400,000 wasn’t enough to shut her ego up. Nor was allegedly losing all of her television work thanks to the actions of her husband. But we can’t say anything else, sadly, for obvious reasons.

Let’s just go ahead and say this, though: You should support Barack Obama for president if for no other reason than Steve and Heather French Henry are backing Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather. Don’t forget it. Birds. Of. A. Feather.

Wednesday Updates. Clinton Fever Breaks.

C.J. Parrish, in a letter to the C-J, shakes blowhard legislators to their core by shedding light on the reality that it, you know, actually takes a man to create a baby… so men should be held responsible. That sound you hear is the tiny lipstick mafia (nod to the former Bitch Caucus) in Frankfort cheering as people like Jody Richards cower in fear. [C-J]

Speaking of blowhards. If you missed the comment wars on Page One last night, don’t forget to check both of them out today. Hilarious. Absolute hilarity. Did you know we went into Iraq to kill Saddam, not to allegedly go after al Qaeda? That’s the new talking point. [Here, Here]

Someone named April saw Bill Clinton in Paris. Photos, personal freaking out over him. A great read about what it’s like for a non-politico to attend one of our crazy politico functions. [April’s Website]

Who in their right mind believes that Steve Beshear will be able to lure Volkswagen to open a manufacturing plant in Kentucky? Really, who? Or are we just Negative Nancies? [C-J]

Speaking of people who aren’t in their right mind. Is anyone paying attention to this weird phallic building the Webb family wants to bulldoze an entire block in Lexington to erect? Barefoot & Progressive’s Joe Sonka has been leading the fight to wake people up. Check it all out. [H-L, B&P]

Scott Alexander’s Campaign Finance Problem

Scott Alexander has a serious campaign finance situation to explain. His special election campaign for the 30th District State Senate seat in eastern Kentucky (the Special Election was held on February 5, 2008) didn’t itemize any of its disbursements on campaign finance reports filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. It’s anyone’s best guess about where more than $250,000 went.

And you thought the Special Election mess was behind us.

Alexander’s 15-day Pre-Election Report to the KREF – through the period ending 01/21/2008 – has his disbursements listed as “TOTAL” with a total of $116,195.91 spent. The report was amended/refiled on 02/08/2008 and still doesn’t include itemized disbursements.

But it gets better. Alexander’s 30-day Post-Election Report to KREF – through the period ending 03/06/2008 – has his campaign’s disbursements listed as “VARIOUS” with a total of $136,597.45 spent.

Boils down to this: beyond all of the alleged medling, vote buying and disenfranchisement by the Democrats, Scott Alexander and his campaign staff (KDP?) didn’t even bother to follow campaign finance regulations.

Someone has a lot of explaining to do today – not tomorrow. A full itemization needs to be made available to the public ASAP. And with all of the allegations flying around, it would probably be a good idea to include receipts. Because we smell another RPK complaint and should hope for one if people (anyone in the state) think they can get away with even so much as overlooking the very legislation we have put in place in the Commonwealth to protect our citizens from public corruption.