Kentucky Democratic Party Convention Update

I told you last night that Jeff Noble was being singled out and targeted by the powers that be. Whattya know? He was ousted from the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee. Read all about it HERE.

Here’s but an excerpt:

Jeff Noble // Jun 7, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Thanks for your entry.

I was defeated, but it took some work. The original ballot count for the 3rd District Committeeman was 79 Noble, 78 Longmeyer, and 74 Tandy. The ballots were tabulated and those results were entered on the official tally sheet and that tally was signed by John Sommers, the 46th LD Chair, who had been appointed as a teller. No other signatures appeared on the official tally sheet. The ballots were then sealed. Sommers reported the results as me having won. On the front of the folder in large letters was written Noble – Tim Longmeyer. Inside that folder was the tally sheet with Noble 79, Longmeyer 78, Tandy 74.

At some later point, Walker, who is an IT guy and young KDP staffer working in the tabulation room (and who is not really involved in this at all) was asked to turn the closed and sealed envelope of ballots and tally sheet over to Kerry Morgan, the KDP attorney appointed by KDP Chair Jennifer Moore, because it was believed the “scanner” had misread the results, which had showed me winning. Unbeknownst to me, attorney Morgan took the ballots to another room, opened them and “recounted” the ballots – three times according to her. No one to my knowledge other than attorney Morgan has any idea if the ballots she “recounted” were all of those originally reported or not. Sommers had already left knowing the results had been tabulated, ballots envelope and tally sheet sealed, and he had signed off on that tabulation and reported those sealed results, which again showed Tim Longmeyer and I as having the most votes, 78 and 79 respectively.

In attorney Morgan’s “recount” of the ballots, with no one there from my campaign or apparently anyone else’s to oversee or scrutinise the security of the ballots, the results – take a guess – changed dramatically. The new vote count showed 80 Tandy, 76 Longmeyer, and 74 Noble. At some point from the time John Sommers and Walker the IT guy sealed the ballots and the tally sheet showing my win and Longmeyer’s 2nd place finish to the point of Walker being told to turn the sealed ballots and tally sheet over to attorney Morgan, not only did I lose five votes, but Tandy picked up six, while Longmeyer lost 3.


Make sure you hit the link above to read Jeff’s full account of what took place.

And from another reader who was there for the embarrassing shenanigans:

The KDP conventioneers wrapped up the day with roll calls, affirmations, elections and sundry other tasks involved in making the political sausage. I am NOT saying it was a sausage festival….

Relatively unknown, but soon to be reckoned with, First Congressional District candidate Heather Ryan gave a passionate speech about her fight to unseat “Exxon” Eddie Whitfield (R-Florida) this November. She remarked that at a time of record gasoline prices, Whitfield’s half a million dollars in stock in Exxon and Chevron provide him with a handsome profit each time you fill your tank. She is definitely one to watch.

Bruce Lunsford followed Ryan to the podium, tripping up the stairs but preserving his dignity and laying out his case against Mitch McConnell. He took some of the air out of the room by telling Tales from the Crypt about a young woman who died of head trauma due to lack of health insurance and a couple who committed suicide after losing their home to foreclosure. New campaign slogan? “I see dead people?”

All in all, votes were cast, things were said, stuff was done and this spectator’s eyes glazed over at most of it.

Jennifer Moore needs to stand up on her own and distance herself from our corrupt governor ASAP. Every other Democrat in Kentucky needs offer Jennifer support and encourage her to do so. You should call the KDP in Frankfort at (502) 695-4828. While you’re on the phone, maybe you could ask the party’s executive director Jeremy Horton why he has a problem with Jeff Noble and the rest of us solid Democrats. (Also ask him why he’s had disparaging things to say about us, as well.)

Proud to be a Democrat yet? Who knew there would come a day when Kentucky would be wishing for Jerry Lundergan to once again be party chair while at the same time wishing for Ernie Fletcher to be governor again? (Interesting note: Lundergan once bailed the current governor’s political director out of personal bankruptcy only to have said political director turn on him not long after. The political director went on a witch hunt with the aid of Mark Nickolas and worked tirelessly to trash Lundergan. He succeeded. Scary when the truth comes out, eh?)

Wake up. We’ve got to save our Commonwealth from itself.

Update: We have spent (literally) the entire afternoon speaking to more than a dozen people involved in yesterday’s convention process and have determined that the ballots were never left alone with one singular person at any time and that Kerry Morgan was never alone with the ballots in question.

Those dozen or so people included folks involved in all aspects of the process. Many of them aren’t familiar with each other outside of convention and, well, aren’t friends. But they all gave us similar answers and responses that lead us to believe everything was sound and honest. (Trust me: We wanted to believe otherwise.)

In order to put this issue to rest, we think Jeff should quietly file an appeal. All ballots were initially scanned by computer (including ballots that have since been invalidated by hand recount) and may be reviewed. We’re not sure what the Party’s specific process is, but we’re confident Jeff Noble knows it by the book and will use his knowledge to help get answers.

Regardless of outcome, an appeal would resolve any concern anyone may have.

Yay politics!

Update Sunday Evening: Jeff just posted his take on things. Looks like he’ll appeal to settle things once and for all. Always a stickler for the process, he’s doing the right thing by saying he’ll be happy no matter the outcome. Good move on Jeff’s part.

KDP Conventioning and Such This Weekend

A reader at the KDP dinner tonight said:

Jennifer Moore led the proceedings, dressed like the Karate Kid….

Bruce Lunsford called for Senator Harry Reid to take Mitch McConnell outside and kick his ass…

The woman singing the National Anthem broke my wineglass with a caterwauling “FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

Jack Conway gave a speech but I couldn’t stop staring at the six foot tall chin cleft on the big screen. It looked like a bear could crawl inside and hibernate there.

We’re so glad we didn’t pay to go this year. Also, it would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars to drive all the way to Lexington.

And we hear (from like dozens of legislators and people on the street) that Steve Beshear & Crew are controlling the delegates (and interfering) being selected tomorrow. Which is completely sickening. Governor Beshear needs to stop this awful brand of horse shit politicking right now. It’s time to stop firing people in order to give pay backs. It’s time to stop saying one thing and doing another. It’s time to stop acting like he’s a deer caught in headlights. It’s time to stop his staff from threatening US on a regular basis (lest we start posting voicemails and recording telephone calls we receive). It’s time to fire his handlers and horrible communications staff. And, for goodness’ sake, it’s time to stop screwing lifelong and LOYAL DEMOCRATS just because they’ve disagreed with him or his underlings.

It’s official. Steve Beshear is trying hard to emulate Ernie Fletcher’s administration.

Oh, oh– we almost forgot. Tom & Claudia Riner were selected as alternates to go to tomorrow’s shindig and they didn’t even run to be delegates. And that there’s a concerted effort stemming directly from KDP to oust Jeff Noble, the state’s most loyal Democrat… which is an absolute shame and outrage.

This is on top of a couple people in Louisville being named delegates for a district they don’t reside in. One is a dear friend of ours, so we won’t name names. (We hear the Jefferson Co Dems were trying to appease a certain former Obama campaign director for whatever reason and wife of a councilcritter and can’t find evidence to the contrary.)

We really wanted to love and believe in our state party once we got word a young woman we like and admire would be the person in charge. But. We’re so over this dog and pony show. It’s not Jennifer’s fault, though, so nobody get pissy over our bitterness. It’s all on the Governor.

UPDATE @ Midnight: So… we just spoke with those two folks selected from a district they don’t live in. Neither of them had any idea how they’d gotten involve and didn’t authorize anything. One has been out of Kentucky for an extended period and the other isn’t even a political player.

Imagine that. Something shady is afoot in the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party.

Thursday Updates. It’s 94 Degrees and that Sucks.

Greg Stumbo may be yet again stepping into muddy waters on the topic of race in the presidential race. We’re not suggesting he’s racist by any means, but comparing the discrimination people in Appalachia are victim of is hardly the same as racial discrimination and prejudice. Tricky territory. [WLEX18]

Mitch McConnell was on his friend Rush Limbaugh’s hate show yesterday talking about killing the environment and the entire world. Limbaugh discussed his retarded-ass “Operation Chaos” plan and then begged his ditto-head listeners to urge Hillary Clinton to stay in the presidential race. Pill heads never disappear, do they? [Here, Here and Here]

Woops. Looks like members of the Hollywood-controlled librul media want to know when someone is abusing their state vehicle. Hell must have frozen over because the media wants to stop corruption in government. Everybody run for cover! [Mark Hebert]

And more from Hebert. How afraid is Mike Duncan of the RNC? Go read his latest fundraising message and you’ll get a sense that he’s terrified of Barack Obama. [Hebert]

The Fairness Campaign wrote a letter to the Courier-Journal in response to probably homosexual Davd Edmund’s insecure op-ed from a couple days ago. The writer brings up some nasty mailings that affected a Louisville Metro Council candidate and we can’t wait to tell you more about that story. So stay tuned for it. [C-J]

Ryan Alessi has the break down of David Williams’ decision to stop the wasteful Annex renovation in Frankfort. Interesting time lines. And State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach just appeared in a news story for the first time, maybe! But it was only about him not commenting on the of some of his office space. Being a friend of Frank Simon has damaged him politically. [H-L]

See? It’s way too hot. [C-J]

Put an End to State Vehicle Abuse – Speak Up

Thanks to a wonderful reader comment on a thread about state vehicle usage, we’ve got an idea.

I’ve read posts where people are complaining about state employees being parked at Wal-Mart or a restaurant during off hours or with speeding state vehicles flying down the interstate.

Could you create a post or link where people could send in photos or plate numbers of the offenders?

Maybe with the attention paid to this problem, this will lead to some solutions, just like everyone complaining about the office Senate office renovations has forced Williams to cave.

So… let’s do that very thing. Feel free to comment on this post with information, links to photos, etc. But don’t stretch the truth or play loose with the facts. We’ll find out if you do (and you’ll likely be outed if you’re douchey enough).

If you don’t want to leave a comment, you may contact me by using THIS LINK (click it) or by using this email address:

This level of transparency is exactly what’s needed across the Bluegrass and it’s time we all started taking responsibility.

Mid-Afternoon Reminder & Caption Contest-y Thing

We have all kinds of important stuff to do for an hour or whatever. AKA our primary laptop is officially dead and we have to go refi our condo or something so we can get a new MacBook Pro. Since none of you richfolk will permanently “loan” us the $3K. (No, we can’t do a fund drive because we felt dirty enough begging for cash to go to the DNC– which we couldn’t even end up doing in good conscious. Plus there are starving kids all over.)

So we’d like to remind you of what’s wrong with Kentucky:

And what would an empty post be without a reminder of this:

And a funny caption contest to accompany everything?

Back in a bit.

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Hot Outside. Too Hot.

A tribute to David Edmunds. Not suitable for John McCain, the vapors brigade, Jody Richards, children or people who are awful prudes. Probably not entirely safe for work. You’ll love this junk, though. Yes, David and I are getting married in gay New York this weekend. [YouTube]

The reaction to probably homosexual David Edmunds is getting heated and entertaining. The Chair of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville makes him sound quite ignorant and the co-chair of the Lambda Law Caucus at UofL says he’s trying to send us back into the Stone Age. Poor David. [C-J, C-J]

Ruh ro. Reaction to John McCain last night wasn’t the greatest. His handlers didn’t plan very well. Go watch the video at some other dirty liberal website. [DMKY]

Wait for this. It’s a good one. Jon Draud knew about the extra cost of his state vehicle and declined the opportunity to cut costs when he was given that option. We find all this out after his lying ass said he didn’t know anything about the cost of his huge, gas hog of a vehicle (Chrysler 300). What a tired, old hack. [C-J]

Way more fancy pants stuff after the jump…

Read moreIt’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Hot Outside. Too Hot.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Anti-Christ is a Gay Jew?

Joe Lieberman is crazy for supporting this nutbag:

On March 16, 2003, on the eve of the United States’ invasion of Iraq, Pastor John Hagee took to the pulpit to warn of the coming Antichrist. In his sermon, “The Final Dictator,” Hagee described the Antichrist as a seductive figure with “fierce features.” He will be “a blasphemer and a homosexual,” the pastor announced. Then, Hagee boomed, “There’s a phrase in Scripture used solely to identify the Jewish people. It suggests that this man [the Antichrist] is at least going to be partially Jewish, as was Adolph Hitler, as was Karl Marx.”

Anyone else just throw up in their mouth a little?