BGR Sets Sights on KDP, DSCC, Others

And by sets sights we mean completely excoriates everyone.

Exactly what we’ve been thinking lately.

Here’s a taste:

It does the progressive movement in KY NO GOOD to sugarcoat the situation and live in a positive fantasy world. What we need is a healthy dose of reality to let KY progressives know where we are, what we’re up against, and be able to form a coherent strategy for how we’re going to take the KDP and our state government back.

What I refuse to do is give people false hope. (sorry Barack, there is such a thing). And telling people that Bruce Lunsford can beat Mitch McConnell in a November election, in my opinion, would be doing just that. People’s time and money are quite valuable, and telling people that Lunsford has a chance, in my opinion, would be irresponsible on my part. Especially when that hopeless fight is for the aforementioned slimy DINO gov’t defrauding nursing home slumlord and Achim Bergmann, who has no interest in moving KY in a progressive direction and is laughing his way to the bank right now.

First of all, let’s get this fact out of the way. Chuck Schumer has no intention of competing against Mitch McConnell, and has no intention of spending a single dime on KY.

Steve Beshear has made a conscious decision not to challenge Mitch McConnell this Fall. Beshear’s first intent is to please his big $$$ donors who put him into office, particularly Bluegrass Freedom Fund/Achim Bergman, and the horse and gambling interests which have been well documented.

Read the entire thing. Go. Read. It.

Dissension in the Ranks of KDP

We have learned from a leader at the Kentucky Democratic Party of serious unrest and disagreement among Party leaders over the KDP’s three nominees to the State Board of Elections.

Tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee will hold a conference call organized by Chair Jennifer Moore in which there are plans to discuss the three nominees. However– big however– several SCEC members are unhappy and feeling pressured because they’re unable to get information about the nominees prior to the call in order to be prepared, as they should.

See what one SCEC member had to say in a confidential email to KDP officials along with our reaction after the jump…

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Andrew Horne Forced Out – A Round-Up

Burned that the Democratic establishment pushed Andrew Horne out of the U.S. Senate race in favor of Bruce Lunsford? Ticked that Steve Beshear & Crew, Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith, the rest of the KDP, Chuck Schumer , J.B. Poersch, Martha McKenna, Matthew Miller and the rest of the DSCC including Harry Reid, Ben Chandler (to an extent/he played both sides of the fence), et al forced Andrew to leave a race he was steadfast in saying he wouldn’t leave? Pissed that John Yarmuth didn’t have the cajones to publicly admit he was supporting Andrew? Incensed that what happened in the 30th Senate District is happening on a statewide level?

The power brokers of Kentucky and Washington, D.C. just made a decision for you, Kentucky, and that decision is one which says you’re too stupid to select your own candidate.

Read up. Get fired up. Don’t settle for strongarming.

Tons more after the jump from the Mainstream media, Democrats, Republicans. Shiz hits the fan, boys & girls. Juicy, juicy…

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Party Registration Change Good or Bad Idea?

We’re tired of the Democratic Party and are pondering a change of voter registration.

Good or bad idea?

Is it better to stick around the jacked up Kentucky Democratic Party or change to ‘Other’ ?

Would leaving the corruption and hypocrisy behind be worth giving up the ability to vote in primary elections in the Bluegrass State?

Anyone else out there tired of the absolute horse shit (sorry if your 12-year-old is reading this– tell them we’re bad people with potty mouths) being pedaled by Steve Beshear & crew, Jennifer Moore, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Ben Chandler (to an extent) and the rest of the out-of-touch deal makers who continue to trample this state into the hinterlands? We get rid of the corruption in the administration of Ernie Fletcher only to dive right into this and we’re supposed to be happy? Riiight.

It’s Friday!!! Updates and Stuff.

Mitch endorsed Walnuts. “There’s widespread pride amongst our (Republican) Conference that one of our own is going to be our nominee,” McConnell was quoted as saying. What happened to all the Coulterites who said they’d support Hillary over him? [The Arena]

Beshear & crew are really botching the firing scandal they have created. Firing a a guardsman is about as low as you can possibly get. But then they rescind the without cause firing and announce he’s fired with cause for allegedly not taking advantage of job offers and not making an effort to regain his employment. WHAT?! Could we please get somebody to Frankfort (STAT!) who won’t admit to breaking federal hiring laws? [Hebert]

“Hi, my name is Reid Haire, Democrat for Kentucky’s 2nd District Congressional race and I gave $200 to Mitch McConnell in 2005 for his 2008 re-election bid. Meaning David Boswell totally wins.” What a tool! Come on, Democrats, are you getting dumber by the day? It’s not okay to contribute to McConnell’s campaign just because Bruce Lunsford did the same thing. [BGR]

The right has a great take on who the real loser was/is in the 30th senate district. Governor Steve Beshear made a major misstep in that election, caused controversy and made it clear to thousands of Democrats across that state that his decision(s) to hand pick candidates is one of the worst things we can allow him to do. The 30th district race also proves that the 2007 gubernatorial election wasn’t about love for Beshear but disdain for Ernie Fletcher. [Heffalumps]

Joan Gregory, AKA kentuckywoman on the blogs (mostly Bluegrass Report), has been appointed to the Kentucky Commission on Women. Congratulations to Gregory. Hopefully she’ll remember to be less nasty and spiteful when representing women than she is on the blogs castigating anyone with an opinion that differs from her own. [Hebert]