Homophobic Mailer Update: Denise Bentley Blamed

Remember the homophobic mailer in Louisville that trashed Ken Herndon, the Jefferson County Judge-Executive and candidate for Metro Council?

Here’s a link to our original story. And here are the sickening images of the mailer to refresh your memory:

Infuriated? Good.

We now learn that former Metro Councilwoman Denise Bentley is likely behind the mailer.

From LEO:

Herndon said he suspects Unseld’s campaign manager, former councilwoman and political operator Denise Bentley, played some role, mostly because of what he called a history of using controversial campaign ads.

“We had nothing to do with it,” Bentley said Monday in a phone interview. She told LEO that Unseld was appalled by the mailer, which he — along with the rest of his district, which includes Old Louisville, California and South Central neighborhoods — received at his home. In a press conference a day before the election, Unseld denounced it and denied any connection.

Bentley has been a consultant on several area campaigns that used negative ads. In 2006, she was an unofficial advisor to the campaign of Sharon Dummitt, a white woman who was running against current 3rd District Councilwoman Mary Woolridge. During that campaign, an ad surfaced showing a pair of African-American hands clutching cash — an insinuation that Woolridge, who is black, shouldn’t be trusted with district dollars.

It should be noted that George Unseld didn’t decide to denounce the mailer until several days later, after receiving complaints from his supporters. He said as much during his press conference, indicating that he was speaking out because people had complained to him. Nothing about him being personally offended or outraged.

Read the rest of the juicy, juicy about Denise Bentley and the drama involving Jim King after the jump…

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Saturday Update for Fancy Elitist Weekend Readers

Louisville ranks 48th when it comes to ability to weather an oil crisis. The ranking– which is calculated based on public transportation use, telecommuniting, bike and walk rates– puts the largest city in Kentucky behind Virginia Beach, Nashville, Indianapolis and Memphis. If it’s bad in the city, imagine how it will be out in the state. Yeah, excitement. We can’t contain ourselves. Wonder when the mainstream media will start talking about the real effects of a fuel crisis instead of just the price it costs to fill up the tank? [CNN]

Basically, Morgan Wilkins wants to piss everyone on earth off. She’s encouraging Kentuckians to fly the confederate flag. Basically, just, yeah. [Morgan Wilkins]

Life is awesome. Logging begins in Robinson Forest. Everyone is outraged. [H-L]

The Fayette County Jail. Federal whistleblower. Ruh ro. Cover-ups, lies, firings, indictments, white washings. This is going to be the biggest story to rock Lexington in a decade. Mainstream media: wake up because it’s about to get crazy. [KY Progress]

NBC’s Tim Russert died while taping voice-overs for his program yesterday. Read everyone’s statement about Russert, if that’s something you care to do. And read his story on MSNBC about how vigilance is needed on campaign claims so we can deal with big issues and not smears. [The Arena, MSBNC]

Jon Draud & the Arrogance of Mr. Hot Wheels

“Hot Wheels” is the nickname radio host Francene has assigned to arrogant Board of Education chief Jon Draud.

While Draud got plenty of media attention yesterday at the state Board of Education meeting, today he granted a one-on-one to WHAS Radio’s Al Mayo.

We asked Mayo about Draud’s general mood — which you’d think might be contrite or even remorseful given the publicity given Draud’s decision to try to charge the state for a bunch of extras on his car. Draud told him that he didn’t do anything wrong, but that he was going to pay the difference in costs anyway.

What’s more, Draud said there “was no way anyone could force him to do it under state law,” and that his only regret was the way the story “blew up” in the media.

This wasn’t some ambush interview. Draud agreed to it, and had time to think about what he was going to say.

Let’s remind Mr. Hot Wheels that he’s a public servant, and let’s keep after him until we actually see him write a check for the $13,000 or so he says he’s going to pay for the GPS system and phone. Let’s remind him that regular folks, even public officials, found their way to their destinations before GPS systems were commonplace, and that they’re not a “safety” device.Mayo told us that when he asked Draud if the personal expenses were a bit extreme given the state’s budget deficit, arrogant Mr. Draud replied that the state’s budget problem wasn’t relevant to him.

Draud represents the worst example of conduct by a public official. Every time he opens his mouth, he digs a deeper ditch.

Weirdo Update: Republican Sex Pervert Going to Jail

Or the headline could have been: Expensive Blow Job!

You may remember the story last August. Glenn Murphy, Jr. was chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation, and he liked to party. At a July 28 event, he decided to perform oral sex on a fellow male party attendee while the recipient was asleep. As the story goes, the dude woke up and shooed him away.

Murphy apparently pleaded with the dude to keep quiet. But you know how “GOP Official Blows Sleeping Man at Party” stories are — word gets out. A blogger, who happened to be an Indiana Democratic Party spokesperson (Jennifer Wagner) got wind of the blown job and wrote about it.

That triggered his arrest, and the police got a confession on tape when Murphy asked the guy to keep it quiet two days later. Murphy was also president of the Clark County Republicans. He quickly resigned both titles.

Today Murphy pleaded guilty, and got SIX years, two of which he’ll likely have to serve. Murhpy is free on a $25,000 bond, which is way more expensive than that hooker addiction the former governor of New York has.

Moral of the story: You come up with it. Tell us in the comments. This is just too priceless to ignore. Wonderful and deliciously sick humor without any conjecture from us.  This is what happens when you live life in the closet, kids.

Yarmuth Amendment Requires Global Warming Info

Rep. John Yarmuth will offer an amendment this afternoon to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2008 that will require NASA to make critical information and scientific research available to the public.

This is in response to a series of Oversight & Government reform hearings last year where House members uncovered evidence that information was suppressed in order to hide the causes and effects of global warming. My, how very Jim Gooch of NASA and the Bush Misadministration.

The amendment will make sure that NASA takes into consideration recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office and National Academy of Sciences to help prevent future manipulation of science.

The GAO and NAS recommend:

  • Information supporting major published results should be made available to other researchers.
  • An infrastructure must be put in place to make data accessible through unrestricted archives.
  • Data should be made available without delay to allow for analysis and publication of results.
  • Prices of accessing date should not exceed the marginal cost of reproduction and distribution.

All right for Yarmie standing up in the name of government transparency.

UPDATE @ 4:42: Postponed til tomorrow. Everything in the House always gets postponed. Always. Forever. No matter what. Never fails.

Ruh Ro: Louisville Arena Authority Scandal Brewing

Loosely mentioned it earlier, but Rick’s just published his piece about Jim Host and the Arena Authority.

You didn’t really think someone other than Jim Host’s hand-picked contractor had a shot during the second round of bidding on the arena demolition contract, did you?

If you read the C-J story by Marcus Green, one thing is obvious — somebody’s lying. The contract was awarded to O’Rourke and Company for a second time, this time at a price of $2.3 million, which is less than the $2.8 million contract that was awarded earlier this year. So, did the Authority save a half-mil by re-bidding, or has it already spent that much with the work O’Rourke’s already done?

Both the competitive companies, CRS Demolition of Louisville and Dore & Associates of Michigan, claim they weren’t allowed access to the construction site and couldn’t make an accurate bid. Host persuaded Rick Godsey, of the local architectural firm, to say that no one from the companies involved asked to see the whole site. Dore’s chief executive saw how it was being handled and dropped out. CRS simply filed a protest instead of a bid.

But there’s more to the story, of course.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the juicy, juicy…

Tuesday Updates. Everyone Is Hateful Edition.

Yesterday we told you about Paultards interrupting the Republican Convention over the weekend. We hear there was a crazy lady who ran up to the stage to scream, “NEW WORLD ORDER!” and we’d absolutely love to hear that on audio or see it on video. If you know where we can get it, let us know. We just heard some Paultards screaming at John McCain’s old butt on CNN and we were reminded of our desire to see them go crazy on the locals. [Page One]

Infamous Joe Lambert is going to be appointed to the senior judge program by Justice John D. Minton. AKA he’ll work part-time for five years to help clear backlogged cases in exchange for a huge bump in retirement pay. It seems like everyone from Irv Maze to Lambert are making their decisions based on money. Gives us a lot of faith in folks with so much responsibility and power. [H-L]

Rick has written extensively about Jim Host and his screwed up handling of the Louisville Arena Authority and now the mainstream media is taking notice. Like Hebert says, Host says that giving the demolition contract to his friends in Cincinnati was okay despite a ruling from his current bosses at the Finance Cabinet that it’s not legal. Look for a story from Rick later today about this very issue. [Mark Hebert]

Did you know? GOLD/Governor’s Office for Local Development is being renamed the Department for Local Government. Which, if you’re us, just sounds like a fancy way to make the agency seem like less of a cash dispensing office and more like something that helps local governments. Hrm. [The Arena]

If you’re coming to Page One for the first time after hearing about us on the radio, you’re probably interested in reading about government transparency. You may do so by hitting these two read links. And thanks to Leland and Trey for talking us up. [Page One here, here]