Friday Afternoon Update Dept of Slowness

You thought Kentucky politicians were corrupt? Hoo boy! Charlie Rangel in New York is taking the cake these days. Naturally, corrupt Rangel is defending his corrupt and illegal activity. So fancy. [NY Times, City Room]

Who are the college students John McCain and Barack Obama will target? Marcus Carey actually hits the nail on the head with this one and it’s hilarious. [Bluegrass Bulletin]

The judicial and penal systems in Kentucky are broken and we’re all gonna die! [PolWatchers]

John McCain, Viagra, birth control, long, awkward pauses. Video! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Frankfort’s city manager said a $30,000 theft is a minor thing. Culture of corruption much? I’ve got a $30,000 VCR (with no remote) this asshat can buy. It’s a minor cost. [What’s Required]

Jesse Helms may be dead. But he’s so awful that he’s still ruining the whole world. [The Guardian]

Courier-Journal: Dropping the Ball on Felner Scandal in the Most Obvious Manner Possible

We cannot in good conscience hold back any longer. We have waited more than three weeks. The time to wake up is now.

Where is the Courier-Journal on the Robert Felner scandal at the University of Louisville? Why is the newspaper of record and the largest publication in the Commonwealth of Kentucky ignoring this huge, multi-million dollar scandal? I mean, we’ve literally been hand-feeding the paper. Doing the leg work for the C-J day in and day out. And nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Deadening, suspicious silence.

After yesterday’s revelation by WHAS11’s Adam Walser, Kenosha News’ Gary Kunich and this website the Courier-Journal’s education reporter is still silent on the issue. We have no reason to believe the C-J is in collusion with UofL on this matter and we have no reason to believe the paper has been silenced.

But it’s a good idea to mention this: After the CW Louisville was afraid to let us discuss the Felner scandal on television because the station management had gotten its feathers ruffled, we called every news room and reporter in Louisville (except WAVE3– the news director has way too much of an attitude with us) to find out if Felner’s attorney (now attorneys, plural) or anyone else had attempted to silence the story.

Everyone we spoke with assured us they had not been pressured and no one had expressed concern to them about reporting on or investigating the Felner scandal. The only red flag was Nancy Rodriguez of the C-J, who did, it must be noted, tell us that she had not been pressured. But she was very nervous about receiving a call re: Felner. It could have been because Rick is a big, bad, terrifying media critic but let’s get real. It’s likely because she didn’t want to put her tight relationships with UofL’s administration at risk and it doesn’t take much for people from all walks of life to assume as much. Nancy’s a good person and a great journalist, but enough is enough.

What’s Nancy writing about that keeps her too busy to focus on Felner? Why, writing fluff pieces about President Jim Ramsey’s decision to turn down his $113,000+ bonus for the year. It’s mighty admirable of Ramsey to turn down the giant bonus (Lee Todd at UK certainly didn’t), but he’s already making a $331,918 base salary in addition to at least $124,213 he receives from the university foundation. So we’re pretty sure a paltry $100K is chump change to him.

From Nancy’s story today:

At his own request, University of Louisville President James Ramsey won’t receive a raise or a bonus this year under a recommendation expected to be approved today by the university’s Board of Trustees.

Ramsey — who asked trustees not to give him additional money in light of tight budget constraints at the state and university level — will instead receive a lump-sum payment of $700, which other full-time faculty and staff members are receiving under this year’s university budget.


“I don’t want this to be about me,” Ramsey added. “I don’t want this to be about what I get paid. I want this to be about the Univer- sity of Louisville and being what people expect it to be.”

We’re becoming more and more disappointed in the Courier-Journal each and every day. And there’s no reason to believe the same thing isn’t happening with the general public because subscriber rates are dropping like crazy and staff cuts are happening all over the place.

Where is the journalism our major newspaper is supposed to produce? Where is the investigation? Where is the openness and honesty about what is happening right before our very eyes? What is with this complacency?

Hump Day Update Dept of Lexington is Ruined

McConnell slips out the bathroom window? First Mitch McConnell says he’s a lot bigger than he used to be. Then we discover this gem buried in Stephenie Steitzer’s piece about Kentucky’s Senior Senator: McConnell indicated to a group of reporters at the end of the luncheon that he would grant interviews after he used the restroom. He slipped out another door instead. [The Arena]

Harry Reid is in a peepee contest with Mitch McConell over the AMT fix. Yeah. Those two. In a peepee contest. Never could have imagined that one, could we? We’re just glad they’re not afraid to fight it out in public. [The Hill]

All of Lexington is being bulldozed to the ground and the Webb family is ruining the lives of everybody. So. Everyone is moving to Louisville. And if you haven’t kept with with this retarded Centre Point project in Lexington, then you need to start reading what Joe Sonka has had to say. Because that project is effed up. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Democrats called for change at the Calloway County (Murray) Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Heather Ryan and Bruce Lunsford were the big dog speakers of the evening, discussing just how out of touch Ed Whitfield and Mitch McConnell happen to be. Oh, and Jennifer Moore said the presidential primary was “contentious.” [Murray Ledger & Times]

The Courier-Journal stands up against critics, pointing out that the paper started its years-long investigation of no-bid transportation contractrs during the years of Governor Jones. Apparently (who knew?) everybody accuses the C-J of being against whatever, whenever. [C-J]

Hebert reports that Bill Cox is going to work for David Boswell’s congressional campaign and will serve as campaign manager. He also heard the same rumors we heard. [Mark Hebert]

Saturday Update For Lazy Bums Everywhere

Another Knott County Judge-Executive could be going to prison for vote buying! Second in a row! The best part is the dude could actually remain Judge-Executive WHILE IN PRISON so long as he is appealing. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell cast the deciding vote against legislation that would have prevented major Medicare cuts and reimbursement rates to physicians. Now everyone is going to die and it’s all McConnell’s fault. Not surprising, really, since he’s voted against Medicare funding at least 16 times and has taken more than $800,000 in contributions from the mega-insurance industry. So much for that $190 million Kentucky will lose in the first year alone. [DSCC]

The pig pit is stinky. And you know how Republicans love love love love pork. Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers are all up on it and will never give pork up. So it looks like Boss Hog is going to be at odds with McCain for a while. Since it’s the weekend and you obviously have nothing better to do, you can search through the 2008 McConnell-Rogers earmarks database. [PolWatchers, Earmarks Database]

In case you missed it, Rasmussen says McConnell is ahead of Lunsford by 7 points. With a margin of error of 4.5 percent, we’re pretty sure it’s saying the same thing all the other polls are showing– this is a real race. And McConnell is STILL under 50. [The Arena]

Morgan Wilkins was at one point Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World for her racist and bigoted behavior at the University of Michigan. That was while she was leaving her kid behind, of course. Now she says she’s using her military sign-on bonus to start a satirical newspaper or whatever instead of taking care of her kid with it. Anyway, we’ll never forget the photo of Morgan holding a sign that reads, “Isn’t the front of the front of the bus enough??” [Racist Photo]

Evening Update Dept of Republican Sex Perverts

The Senate approved the pension bill and the special session is over. Future state employees will be required to contribute 1% of their salary for retirement health care and there’s a 1.5% cost of living increase for pensions instead of the current 5%. [PolWatchers]

Republican sex perverts Larry Craig and David Vitter are co-sponsoring a bill to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Seriously! Craig likes to have sex with hot MALE cops in the bathroom at the airport and David Vitter has a diaper sex fetish! AHH!!!! We just peed a little bit! How awesome is this? [Huffington Post]

Tan in a Can Doug Hawkins admits he votes against the best interests of the city of Louisville because he hates the mayor. He says he casts his votes in protest. How is that representing the people who elected his Mexican-hating, tan in a can butt? [The Arena]

We’re too lazy to summarize this story about Bruce Lunsford, Mitch McConnell and the millionaires’ amendment so go read it. [The Hill]

National Corvette Day legislation? Really? Is this what the effing House of Representatives should be focusing one? Who can even afford a damn Corvette? Who could afford gas for one? [Politico]

A Special Thank-You

Need to take a moment to thank our always growing readership, so, thank you.

Thank you for believing in this site and for giving us the opportunity to do what we love to do. Yesterday and today have been the largest single days for site traffic and I/we couldn’t be happier. So give us all your money or else!

I personally couldn’t have imagined having this much success with a dinky little website. Thanks to the help of people like you, though, we have been able to turn this into a full-fledged media operation that journalists, politicos, elected officials and everyday folks on the street rely on for interesting and often scandalous news.

You have proved to me (for the millionth time) that Kentucky is a remarkable place with remarkable people. People from across the political spectrum I have come to rely on and admire as friends and colleagues.

You have also made me, a young and often controversial guy, feel welcomed in a way I wish everyone could know. For that I am grateful.