Thanksgiving Update: Our Belts Aren’t Tight Yet Edition

Fair hiring practices on the way. Steve Beshear made public his plans to ensure fair hiring practices when unveiling a website created to accept applications for non-merit positions. The governor-elect said during a press conference that he’s prepping his staff to be well-acquainted with hiring laws and made it clear there won’t be any Fletcheresque scandals. He’s probably telling the truth unless he hires Heather French Henry. [H-L]

MACED! The Mountain Association of Community Economic Developers has responded to insane-o Rep. Jim Gooch. Gooch, you’ll recall, toted out some British kook with tired arguments denying global warming and then had the nerve to embarrass Kentucky on Good Morning America last weekend. Preach on, MACED, we’re with you. Responsibility is key and muddying the waters of reality like Gooch has attempted is, well, outrageous. [Cyberhillbilly]

Panhandlers are the devil and homeless people are scary. Rich white folks are afraid of downtown. Any downtown in the country. That’s especially true in Louisville where white flight is as apparent as it is in any other city. Some elected city hacks of Metro Louisville are suffering “cash-guilt” and have a serious problem with honesty. No surprises there. [LEO]

Guess who. It’s all about Crit. Never about people actually considering a run for office. Always about the woman who drags her feet. We’re not picking sides here but come on. We reported her desire to face McConnell months ago and she still hasn’t done anything. Time to piss or get off the pot. Playing games this late in the year is childish. We hear from our source in Schumerland that money for Crit is no longer guaranteed and no sides will be taken because there’s a serious candidate on the horizon. [CNN]

Open Records Whining. Mark Hebert has a great rant about state employee email and open records requests: “Now before you state employees start howling about privacy concerns, remember that you signed a legal form saying you would only do state business on your state computer and any other activity would be a violation of policy. In other words, if you’re sending nasty e-mails to a co-worker, or writing long letters to Aunt Betty on your state computer, you’re violating state policy.” P.S. We have a great photo of Hebert from his college days at Western. [Mark Hebert]

Stupidity: Conquering Louisville Today, Tomorrow the World!

Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw’s office has known for three years that social security numbers and other sensitive information is readily available via her website. Ready for the picking by everyone (okay, by every thief) on these internets. And she’s done nothing about it.

That’s kind of a big deal.

LEO’s Stephen George takes Holsclaw, a Republican, to task for doing little to remedy the security nightmare on her hands. And we hear from our own sources that Holsclaw has repeatedly said that it’s not a big deal, that it’s already been hashed out, it’s old news, etc. Hoo boy. Wonder if she smells like turnips since she obviously just fell off the truck.

Anyway. Have a read of Stephen’s story this week.

It is at least curious, if not downright alarming, that there are thousands upon thousands of Social Security numbers available for free, through the unsecured Web site of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. They are there among scads of notarized documents viewable in handy PDF format, things you’d probably be surprised to learn are actually public record: Your will might be there, for instance, or a mortgage agreement or the deed to your house. Your signature could appear in multiple formats.

Perhaps even more disconcerting, however, is the fact that thousands of perfectly valid Social Security numbers currently being used by actual people show up on pages of search results — there is no need to download an actual document. The numbers are right there, along with names and addresses. They show up only when certain search criteria are selected; however, it is not difficult to imagine a would-be identity thief with a few drops of Internet savvy figuring out how to piece together a name, date of birth, Social Security number, home address and signature.

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Loosen Your Belt in Preparation for Tomorrow Update Dept

Happy early Thanksgiving, readers. We appreciate you. That’s why we’ll always make it clear when we have biases and will never sell out. Now’s a good time to remind everyone that our editorial team is not influenced by advertisers. The two are separate like church and state and we feel it’s absolutely essential for maintaining integrity. So if you ever see an ad for 9udy 11iuliani? Don’t get any hare-brained ideas.

We’re here to be critical of Republicans and Democrats alike. That seems to be paying off. So far we have received more than 200 tips via confidential e-mail and we’re thankful for that. Keep sending the dirt!

To our blogger friend recycling our story ideas every few days without attribution: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Imitation is flattering.

Shortsighted corruption and updates after the jump!

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The Day After Monday: Medicaid Lies Update Dept

Beshear picks the right person. Selecting Jennifer Moore to lead the Democratic Party is the right thing to do. We don’t know anyone who works harder or who is more determined to get the job done. Jennifer is a force to be reckoned with and will lead the KDP in a manner that will finally bring women to the table. Kudos to Jennifer. [PolWatchers]

Primary mega bucks after the primary. Steve Beshear’s camp raised $579,010 in primary campaign dollars after the primary and put them to use for the general election thanks to a 2004 federal court ruling. Ernie Fletcher, by comparison, raised only $33,150 in primary dollars after the May election. Complete lack of strategy. [C-J]

McConnell the Grim Reaper. For real. He told the Federalist Society on Friday that not only is the Senate where legislation goes to die (finally– he admits it) but he called himself the Grim Reaper. We’re not making this up. All right for hilarious campaign and commercial material. [CNS]

Republican spin? Apparently that’s the case in Hardin County. Little white lies were told by Republican Judge-Executive Harry Barry about Ernest Lee allegedly bringing a billion dollars to Hardin county. The only trouble with that story is that it was the legislature who delivered the definitely not a billion bucks to the county– not Fletcher. [News-Enterprise]

More drama in Lexington. The city’s jail troubles just keep on keepin’ on. This time it’s jail employee Ronald Gaunce who was arrested for impersonating a police officer. Gaunce used lights and a siren to stop a driver on I-64. Is this the best the jail can do? Is every employee an absolute embarrassment? Come on! [H-L]

Medicaid shortfall is huge. Ernie Fletcher lied. After all the tales the braggart had to tell it turns out Ernest Lee didn’t get the Medicaid budget under control. Health & Family Services submitted a budget request on November 15 requesting $389 million to cover a shortfall for this fiscal year. $389 million. [Mark Hebert]

McConnell Bribed by BAE?

Hate to beat a dead horse but we have a question or two. For reference, Mitch McConnell is being criticized for pushing $25 million in earmarks for corrupt BAE, the British company under investigation for big-time bribery.

Mitch McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee (PAC) just this year pulled in $2,000 from BAE Systems.

1300 17th St. N
Arlington, Virginia 222093803

Think that $25 million could be payback? Just wondering.

Or what about the tons of money BAE has given Mitch’s 2008 Senate Campaign?

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The McConnell Smear Machine

BlueGrassRoots has a great story on Mitch McConnell’s shameless attempt to smear journalist John Cheves with typical right-wing spin.

Since Cheves’ exposé last year about McConnell’s connection to Red China and the overall downfall of society, “Team Mitch” has been up in arms. They’ve been unsuccessful at changing the subject but they haven’t stopped trying.

Here is their basic argument: John Cheves was paid by a bunch of Commie liberals last year to spread lies (lies, damnit!) about Mitch McConnell in the Herald-Leader. After the LHL was caught red-handed, they were shamed into handing the Commie money back to the Reds. Fast forward to this year: John Cheves has returned to Lexington to spread more lies about McConnell. And where has he been? Why he’s been working for Sen. Ron Wyden (Communist-OR), busy plotting how to take down the Republicans with liberal propaganda.

Some of Mitch’s mindless minions use this argument: “if they’re so non-partisan, where is the research showing a corrupt Democrat”?!? Well, Billy, sit down and let me actually show you that. From CIR’s own website, we see CIR’s Will Simon ripping the Democratic leadership in the Senate to shreds in the pages of the LA Times. He scours Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Herb Kohl and Jack Reed for hypocrisy on earmarks, as they publicly denounced them but filled legislation with pork to go back to their district. How’s that for ya?

Spin aside, there’s no way for McConnell to escape the dead weight that is China. It’s his Achilles heel. And we don’t know anyone who would want to be associated with the recent flood of dangerous products flowing from his inlaws’ shipping operations in China.

Rumors on the Internets: Cold Again Version

Light posting today. Chasing a story.

Doing the right thing can be inconvenient. Ashley Cecil (the Painting Activist) battles her conscience as she explores the implications of her actions in today’s world. From dining out on sushi that isn’t factory farmed to avoiding waste at the grocery store, it can be a tough mindset to adopt. But it’s a mindset worth considering and as we edge closer and closer to reality it’s nearly become a necessary fact of life. Check Ashley’s site out– it’s one of our favorite reads. [Ashley Cecil]

Strange bedfellows: egotist and governor-elect. Heather French Henry will serve as part of Steve Beshear’s Governor’s Office Transition Team. Excuse us, but, what on earth does she know about government and the governor’s office? Thought she was off somewhere making dresses and defrauding publishing companies while her husband breaks every law known to man. We predict lots of drama. What’s this appointment payback for? [PolWatchers]

McConnell plays disruptor on Iraq. Mitch, as usual, has to try to make the rules up as he goes along. Always offering his own versions of bills. Almost always uniquely pork-laden. Democrats cave and will continue to be ineffective. Eye-rack forever! [Guardian – UK]

End of an era. Tonight is the Al Smith’s final appearance as host of Comment on Kentucky. KET @ 8:00 P.M. Eastern. 1 hour. Watch it. Al Smith knows everything about everything. We’ll miss this hilarious old codger and look forward to his memoirs. [H-L]

Ashland: chock full o’ nuts. First it was the duct tape bandit. Now it’s the dude who robbed an ice cream parlor with a stapler. For real. A chrome-plated stapler. Hoo boy. Can’t get any better than that. [Daily Independent]

Hebert has the tape. The Sam Beverage tape. Highlights include alleged Stumbo road work scandals, Ernie ordered all highway dollars to be spent in counties of his supporters, discretionary funds are like candy and there’s corruption in government. Surprised? Of course not. [Mark Hebert]