News That Slipped By Us

Democrat Mike Lawrence, McCracken County Circuit Clerk, is stepping into Kentucky’s house race for the 1st District. Lawrence has been Circuit Clerk in McCracken County for 13 years. He filed a couple days ago.

Lawrence said in a press release when he filed, “A District the size of the First Legislative District needs a full time accessible Legislator.”

Yes. Slow. News. Day. And that Fischer rumor must just be rumor.

Overly is Impressive

You won’t hear us say those words very often about candidates or elected officials in the central agricultural areas of Kentucky. We don’t use them lightly.

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Sannie Overly is the Democratic Nominee for the 72nd House District for a special election that will be held on January 8.

Overly certainly has an impressive resume and work ethic. She’s dedicated to her community and her love for those around her is apparent. But what’s most impressive is her personality and public speaking ability. Sannie may just be the most well put together Democratic candidate the 72nd has seen in decades. And that means something when talking about the Kentucky House.

See Overly’s video from her December 8th nomination at the Bourbon County Courthouse after the jump.

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Geoff Davis Legislates Religion, Ignores Everything Else

Not to demonize religion or offend anybody, but doesn’t Geoff Davis have anything better to do?

One would think a sitting Congressman may have important work to accomplish. Like helping the country’s thousands of new veterans pouring out of Iraq or providing children with health care. But not Geoff Davis. Nope.

The only thing he has to do is try to legislate Christmas and Christianity as more important than all else. He’s a co-sponsor of House Resolution 847 that is for “Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.” The dirty liberal war on Christmas must have gotten to him. Read the resolution and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

What’s next? A resolution supporting our favorite puppies and rainbows? Maybe small children?

And can you even imagine what would happen if someone tried to pass a resolution recognizing the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world?

We’re all for expressing one’s beliefs. But come on. Legislating them? Kind of short-sighted.

Michael Kelley Makes the Rounds

Michael Kelley has been making the rounds in northern Kentucky. Kelley, we reported in August, is the Oldham Co physician taking Geoff Davis on in Kentucky’s 4th U.S. Congressional District.

Getting such a great response from the Democratic elite of the north is a good sign for Kelley.

From Crowley’s column:

“The last seven years (of the Bush administration) have shown me what poor quality leadership and bad ideas can do to damage our country,” Kelley said at the Kenton County gathering, at Walt’s Hitching Post in Fort Wright.

“And because of that, I felt I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore,” he said. “I need to stand up and try to make a difference.”

Kelley said he favors a quick withdrawal of the American military from Iraq, an expansion of the children’s health-care program known as SCHIP and a reduction of the influence of money and campaign contributions in politics.

McConnell Calls Himself “Grim Reaper”

Mitch McConnell gave an address to the Federalist Society at its National Lawyers Convention on November 16. It was a typical McConnell speech about interpreting law, not making law… about doing everything to keep the Democratic legislature down and the rest of the country from edging toward progress.

As reported last week by BlueGrassRoots, McConnell generated a spectacular soundbite by referring to himself as the “grim reaper.” Just couldn’t get any better.

Here’s the full audio:


And here’s the clip of Mitch calling himself the grim reaper:


Video soon to come.

The campaign material just writes itself.

Yarmuth: Wanted by Button Police

You read it correctly. Representative John Yarmuth (KY-3/Louisville) had his button taken away! Just when you thought our weak, incompetent Congress couldn’t get any more retarded? This happens.

Recall that he distributed lapel buttons last month reading “Article 1” – a reminder to Congress that they’re the head honchos under the Constitution– not the President.

The House parliamentarian has told Yarmuth and his button battalion that they may no longer wear their Article 1 buttons during speeches on the House floor. People will just have to learn some other way that the Founding Fathers intended the elected officials under the dome, not inside the White House, to run the country.

According to the parliamentarian’s office, the pins violate House rules that forbid the “wearing of badges by members to communicate a message.” In other words, the buttons must come off.

And with the buttons, so come the gloves. A ticked-off Yarmuth whipped off a letter this week to House Parliamentarian John Sullivan challenging the ruling and asking close to (but maybe not quite) a million questions as to why his button has been banned.

Yup. It’s the end of the world if our elected officials attempt to educate themselves and the five people who watch C-SPAN in a non-partisan, good-for-everyone kind of way.

We’ll leave you with a question from Yarmie, “If a simple mention of the founding document of the country constitutes a message, how does it differ from the wearing of the American flag?”