Michael Kelley Makes the Rounds

Michael Kelley has been making the rounds in northern Kentucky. Kelley, we reported in August, is the Oldham Co physician taking Geoff Davis on in Kentucky’s 4th U.S. Congressional District.

Getting such a great response from the Democratic elite of the north is a good sign for Kelley.

From Crowley’s column:

“The last seven years (of the Bush administration) have shown me what poor quality leadership and bad ideas can do to damage our country,” Kelley said at the Kenton County gathering, at Walt’s Hitching Post in Fort Wright.

“And because of that, I felt I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore,” he said. “I need to stand up and try to make a difference.”

Kelley said he favors a quick withdrawal of the American military from Iraq, an expansion of the children’s health-care program known as SCHIP and a reduction of the influence of money and campaign contributions in politics.

McConnell Calls Himself “Grim Reaper”

Mitch McConnell gave an address to the Federalist Society at its National Lawyers Convention on November 16. It was a typical McConnell speech about interpreting law, not making law… about doing everything to keep the Democratic legislature down and the rest of the country from edging toward progress.

As reported last week by BlueGrassRoots, McConnell generated a spectacular soundbite by referring to himself as the “grim reaper.” Just couldn’t get any better.

Here’s the full audio:


And here’s the clip of Mitch calling himself the grim reaper:


Video soon to come.

The campaign material just writes itself.

Yarmuth: Wanted by Button Police

You read it correctly. Representative John Yarmuth (KY-3/Louisville) had his button taken away! Just when you thought our weak, incompetent Congress couldn’t get any more retarded? This happens.

Recall that he distributed lapel buttons last month reading “Article 1” – a reminder to Congress that they’re the head honchos under the Constitution– not the President.

The House parliamentarian has told Yarmuth and his button battalion that they may no longer wear their Article 1 buttons during speeches on the House floor. People will just have to learn some other way that the Founding Fathers intended the elected officials under the dome, not inside the White House, to run the country.

According to the parliamentarian’s office, the pins violate House rules that forbid the “wearing of badges by members to communicate a message.” In other words, the buttons must come off.

And with the buttons, so come the gloves. A ticked-off Yarmuth whipped off a letter this week to House Parliamentarian John Sullivan challenging the ruling and asking close to (but maybe not quite) a million questions as to why his button has been banned.

Yup. It’s the end of the world if our elected officials attempt to educate themselves and the five people who watch C-SPAN in a non-partisan, good-for-everyone kind of way.

We’ll leave you with a question from Yarmie, “If a simple mention of the founding document of the country constitutes a message, how does it differ from the wearing of the American flag?”

Yarmuth Turns up the Heat

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Louisville) gave Condi Rice the what for during today’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee meeting.

According to The Arena, Yarmuth accused Rice and the Bush Administration of what amounts to b-s-filled lies.

“…Isn’t it fairly obvious that you’re afraid of concealing negative information, and that any person with half a brain would understand that the situation is not good, or else you’d want to talk about it?” Yarmuth asked Rice.

Yarmuth told her that he and others were elected to Congress last fall because the American people were convinced “that they weren’t leveled with about the conduct of this war, and that…if the administration had been more candid, then maybe the approval rating for what we’re doing over there would be of reasonable levels.”

“And, unfortunately, this total stonewalling and lack of candor is what’s contributing to a lack of confidence in the American people,” the Louisville lawmaker said.

Nice to see a Democrat holding someone accountable, isn’t it? Strange in this day and age, that’s for sure, because most Democrats in D.C. are an absolute waste of a vote. Yarmuth is one of only a few who aren’t raging cowards like Nancy Pelosi and Ben Chandler.

Source: Davis Under Investigation

It’s no secret that Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY4) has strong ties to disgraced Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney and Tom DeLay. He has taken $30,000 from DeLay’s ARMPAC, $4,000 from Ney and $11,000 from Duke Cunningham. It’s also no surprise that he’s been a strong supporter of weakened House ethics rules.

So is it surprising to learn that Davis is currently involved in an investigation for possibly accepting laundered campaign contributions?

An impeccable source close to the federal investigation tells us that while Rep. Davis hasn’t officially been accused of any wrongdoing, it “doesn’t look pretty.”

We haven’t been able to get anyone to speak on the record. What we did get, however, is a big fat “there’s no way we’ll discuss an ongoing investigation.”

Cold Weekend Briefing Dept

Sliming Graeme Frost. Paul Krugman chimes in on Mitch McConnell’s role in trashing a 12-year-old boy as the downfall of health care. How is $45,000 in combined income a lot of money? McConnell’s wife and her tight family ties to Chinese shipping probably makes more than that each week. [NYT]

Too little too late? McConnell comes out of hiding to appear with Ernie. Everyone blinks. [H-L]

Seeking injunction. Greg Stumbo’s office seeks an injunction to block a Fletcher-appointed “ethics” panel from investigating the merit hiring scandal. Who in their right mind would let something like that go on, anyway? The “complaint” was filed by an anonymous “concerned citizen.” [PolWatchers]

Congressional Fashion Statement. Rep. John Yarmuth tries to get the Congress to, you know, understand who the heck they are and what they do. We’re shocked (shocked!) that several members of the House have no idea what Article 1 is. Not as shocked that Nancy Pelosi was afraid to wear a button. [NYT The Caucus]

New taxes. City employees campaigned on city time for the new Louisville library tax. Heads explode, library director Craig Buthod afraid to come out of hiding. Still, no one knows where their money will go. We just want to know where Beavis is. [C-J]

Need a paranormal break? The Applegate Landing bed & breakfast in West Point is apparently just the place to unwind. And it’s haunted. Should be an interesting place to check out in a neat little town. [News-Enterprise]