TGIF! Kentucky Derby Festival In Full Swing

We’ve got a ton of meetings scheduled through lunch, so it may be a little slow until then. All right for jam-packed Fridays! Hope everyone is out enjoying our beautiful Commonwealth today. The high today in the River City is allegedly going to be 82!

Here’s a picture of Steven Megerle, one of the alleged homophobes behind the anonymous attack mailer in Kenton County. While innocent until proven guilty, he’s been indicted on one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance law and one count of conspiracy to fail to identify campaign campaign contributors. It’s nice to see the Commonwealth of Kentucky take campaign finance seriously for a change. [Bluegrass Politics]

Joe Elliott interviewed Mark Hebert bout the big stories he’s covered, Kentucky politics and why he thinks the University of Louisville decided to hire him away from the news business. [Mark Hebert & Joe Elliott]

The Lexington political scene needs to shed itself of this asshat in 2010. And Mark Riddle needs to distance himself from him. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Karen Sypher talks and talks and talks to Pat Forde. Rick has some highlights. Very interesting shiz. Or should I say CRAZY SHIZ? Holy crap! You’ve gotta read that mess. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman still has a lot of explaining today. Funny how his office has been totally silent on our latest discovery. Guess he can’t pressure his assistant to lie for him any longer. [Page One]

Why does Barack Obama think a truth commission would be a mistake? Does he think Mitch McConnell wouldn’t drag him before a similar commission if necessary? [Politico]

Ron Eller, a Pulitzer-nominated author and former head of the University of Kentucky’s Appalachian Center has called for an end to surface mining– specifically mountaintop removal. And Greg Stumbo continues his ignorance started in 2007 about how awesome flattened mountains are. [H-L]

Which reminds me of a Greg Stumbo story from 2007. As he rode in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban on the campaign trail… he had an open can of beer in his hand. A campaign staffer asked him why he was breaking the law. Stumbo answered, “It’s only a little bit illegal. I’m the Attorney General.” But it’s not as great as the time Greg referred to African Americans as “African American Blacks.” [2007 Flashbacks]

What is it with education officials at schools connected to Robert Felner? The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point chancellor has resigned. Linda Bunnell leaves amid controversy over an alleged drunk driving accident in her state vehicle and questions about money. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Tuesday Morning of Absolutely Nothing Has Changed

Greg Stumbo and David Williams are signaling that they’re ready to further cut state retirement benefits. Wait. We thought everything was puppies & rainbows with the budget? [Stephenie Steitzer]

Are Republicans really targeting Ben Chandler with robo-calls? [The Hill]

No, David Adams, Jack Conway isn’t just not jumping on the press release bandwagon. His office has been sending press releases every single day since he was sworn in. The issue with Daniel Mongiardo flooding everyone with press releases is that he just started and they’re all about whether or not he’s taking a leak. But nice spin, as usual. [David Adams]

Captain Alexander Lawrence Alpers of Louisville, who served during World War II and Korea, is the 800th interment at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Central in Radcliff. [Press Release]

While Dick Cheney is busy going crazy on Fox News about how much Barack Obama loves Hugo Chavez, video is being released that reveals Obama and Chavez had a pretty testy exchange. Not so lovey-dovey, eh? [Huffington Post]

The Plain White T’s will be at Headliner’s in Louisville the Thursday after Derby. May 7th, 7:00 P.M. $20 day of show, also available online at or in store at Ear X-tacy. [Press Release]

Rick Pitino’s alleged extortionist did a television interview and said she’s “scared.” Her mother says she’s not able to tell the truth about “what happened” but, uh. What? Everyone always has the opportunity to tell the truth. [C-J]

Rick has additional Sypher details and links to the television interview. Did you know she failed a polygraph? Oh, wait, maybe a Courier-Journal staffer will complain about how we’re late to this story. Oh noes! [The ‘Ville Voice]

If you haven’t seen Gill Holland’s Green Building, you’re missing out. And now there’s a great restaurant on the street level which will blow your mind. [H-L]

Wait, wait – Dubya and Bill Clinton will “debate” in Toronto. [Globe & Mail]

Oh Snap Monday! Enjoy Thunder Over Louisville?

The weekend is over. Hope you enjoyed Thunder Over Louisville this year and are ready for the next two weeks of the intoxicating Kentucky Derby Festival.

Jim Newberry has a total mess on his hands with CentrePoint in Lexington. Our minds are blown again and again each and every day. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Kentucky Supreme Court is set to decide if the University of the Cumberlands can use $11 million in government funds. The University, you’ll recall, is a religious institution which has a record of expelling gay students. [WHAS11]

Did you know that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is from Tennessee? No? Somebody should probably tell the Idaho Statesman he’s from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Or teach the well-known paper to use the Google Machine. [Idaho Statesman]

Will Bill Turner become the first black co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission? [H-L]

And you thought Republicans stood against casino gambling in Kentucky. Damon Thayer is sure to take heat for this. [C-J]

The outside world is just now figuring out that Hal Rogers’ political contributors are directly benefiting from his millions and millions in federal earmarks. Obviously, it’s just a coincidence that Rogers’ campaign contributors receive kickbacks. We can’t figure out why these librul reporters hate poor Hal Rogers so much. [Bluegrass Politics]

Woah – Rick Pitino alleges he’s the victim of extortion attempts by— according to Fox 41 in Louisville– Karen Sypher, estranged wife of University of Louisville basketball equipment manager Tim Sypher. Pitino is being represented by former Lt. Governor Steve Pence. Stay tuned. [C-J, Eric Crawford’s Blog & Dan Klepal]

Friday Afternoon Time Wasters Galore

What’s that? You mean Mongiardo’s fundraising lead won’t help him in the race against Jack Conway? Also, here’s a hint: The DSCC already has its candidate. [H-L]

Heard about this movie? Exploring hypocrisy at its finest. Outrage aims to expose closeted politicians. [indieWIRE]

The state’s tax receipts fell flat in March. Everything is puppies and rainbows, nothing to see here, move along. Get ready for a casino gambling special session. [Bluegrass Politics]

Daniel Mongiardo thinks HE is the “values” candidate in the U.S. Senate race? Really? And Mongiardo is the only one with a record for fighting? We can’t find proof of any successes. And we don’t think he knows what he’s got in store for him when it comes to facing his opponent. [Barefoot & Progressive]

An 11-year-old has hanged himself after enduring daily anti-gay bullying. But Daniel Mongiardo thinks it’s important to legislation discrimination to keep this part of the norm. [GLSEN]

When all else fails with hating the gays, bring on the Weather Girls and blame it on the rain! [Feministing]

MSNBC’s First Read has noticed Jack Conway and linked to his announcement video. [MSNBC’s First Read]

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Cold Afternoon of State Parks & Press Releases

Man, what a slow news day. Let’s just go over some random stories for a little bit.

Much to the chagrin of of known self-important individual Anne Northup, the Louisville GOP is bringing crazed moonbat John Ziegler (Darcy Davita’s you-know-what!) back to town for a screening of his film Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted. Thursday, April 16th, Grand Convention Center in New Albany, Indiana (because no Kentuckian worth their weight would show that mess), 138 E. Market in Nawbny. 7:00 P.M. After the event ($20 advance, $25 at the door), Ziegler will be present for a wingnut reception. Get tickets by calling 502.584.7111 or emailing Wade Hurt at or DeAnna Brangers at Thanks to Brad Cummings, a known terrorist and America-hater, for bringing Johnboy back to town. [Press Release]

Attorney General Jack Conway today announced that the Department of Criminal Investigations secured the indictment of William John Miller of Bullitt County. Miller was indicted on five counts of possession and distribution of child pornography, all class D felony charges. From January 2008 through March 5, 2009, Miller allegedly committed the offense of Possession of Matter Portraying Sexual Performance by a Minor for receiving a number of pictures and videos containing kids performing sexually explicit acts. He’s also alleged, by means of a computer, to have intended to distribute the pictures. If he’s guilty, hopefully he gets the help he needs. [Attorney General]

You’ve gotta read this story about Dubai. It’s all about Dubai’s dark side – a reality we never really hear about outside of the middle east. [Johann Hari]

Congressman John Yarmuth is getting in on the stupid UConn-UofL wagering bandwagon. He and Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut announced a “friendly wager” on tonight’s NCAA Championship game between the UConn Huskies and the University of Louisville Cardinals women’s basketball teams. If Louisville wins, Courtney will send a gift basket of salami from Rein’s Deli in Vernon, lemonade from Farmer’s Cow, wine from a Colchester Vineyard, maple syrup from Hebron, Munson’s Chocolate UConn Husky chocolate bars, locally farmed honey and cigars from Jarmoc Farms in Enfield. If UConn wins, Yarmuth will send a gift basket of Louisville treasure complete with a Louisville slugger, a bottle of Woodford Reserve and a bucket (VOMIT) of KFC. [Just Plain Weeeeird and Embarrassing]

Punch-Out 2010!!! Hahaha. “The Courier-Journal reports that Lt. Gov/noted homophobe/FEC-violating Daniel Mongiardo has successfully bested incumbent Jim Bunning(!) in the first preliminary game of Money-Tag…” [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Fort Boonesborough State Park (our personal favorite) will launch its “Boone at Noon” program this Saturday, April 11th to commemorate the 275th anniversary of explorer Daniel Boone’s birth. Once a month through September, there’ll be a 45-minute presentation on Boone or a topic related to his family and the exploration of our great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Programs are included in the fort admission price. April 11: Jerry Raisor, park curator, will discuss “Daniel Boone and Land Acquisition”; May 2: Pam Eddy, park ranger-historian from Cumberland Gap National Park, “Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap”; June 27: Jim Caudill, historian, “A Boone Related Flintlock Rifle”; July 11: Paul Tierney, park naturalist at Blue Licks Battlefield, “Daniel Boone at Blue Licks”; August 8: Bill Farmer, Fort Manager, “Boone – The Natural Man”; September 5: Jessie Mains, 18th Century longhunter re-enactor, “Daniel Boone and the Longhunters.” Make sure you go! [Kentucky State Parks]

Vermont has legalized gay marriage, overriding the governor’s veto. Hide the children and never go to pinko commie hippy Vermont– which will leave more room for us. VT is the first state to allow the gays to marry without judicial action. Yay progress. [Huffington Post]

Record set on the first day of the Keeneland April sale. [Business First]