Friday Afternoon Is Filled With… Rain? Nice.

Happy weekend! It’s cool, rainy and Frankfort is eerily quiet.

Oh, we hear LEO is finally getting those documents from the Mayor’s office. Funny what shining a bit of light on corrupt practice will do, isn’t it?

Mark Hebert just chased Billy Gillispie down a hallway. Absolutely priceless. Anyone else see it?

WHAS11’s Mark Hebert points out that everything we’ve printed about Kelly Flood’s illegal alcohol party at the capitol was true. Though some legislators tell Hebert there were only a few bottles of wine, and that’s not accurate. We spoke with several legislators in attendance who independently confirm there were bottles of bourbon, gin, vodka and several cases of beer. It’s not a big deal in everyday life but it’s still illegal at the capitol. And Hebert is right, it’s not the first or last time our state legislators will break the law or waste our tax dollars. [Mark Hebert]

Never thought we’d see Martin Cothran condoning men and women who aren’t married to each other having alcohol– illegally– together. At least Cockring is reading us. Guess Marty hasn’t been reading for long, though, or he’d know we always point out hypocrisy– even among our friends. [PURE HILARITY]

Human remains were discovered at the Kentucky Horse Park while digging with a backhoe at the location for a new outdoor stadium. We must’ve missed this story, but 35 skeletons were discovered in November. Turns out it’s an old cemetery that’s been around since the mid 1800s. The horse park plans to release further details as they’re discovered and warranted. [Press Release]

What the heck is up with this Maricle guy who was indicted this month? Murder charges dropped against him on New Year’s Day when the courts were closed? What? [U.S. Justice Watch]

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Thursday Evening Horse Hockey Spreader Thingy

What a beautiful day in the Commonwealth. Hope you’re out enjoying this perfect weather. We’ve been in meetings all day and are just now venturing out to enjoy it.

We’ve got a bunch of press releases for you today. So. Here ya go.

What’s Jerry Abramson got to hide? LEO wants to know. [LEO Weekly]

Brackets from Trey Grayson, John Yarmuth, Mitch McConnell and more. [Red N Blue Fans]

Bluegrass Institute’s proclamations are total horse hockey? Who knew! Kentucky School News and Commentary takes on Jim Waters, much as we’ve done in the past, and exposes BIPPS for what it is. “I’m Jim Waters for Bluegrass institute; trafficking in hyperbole; spewing propaganda based on misinformation; and promoting the free-market principles that have made the nation’s economy what it is today at BIPPS,” [The Principal]

Governor Steve Beshear announced that the Owensboro-area Green River Intra-County Transit System (GRITS– I’m not kidding) will receive $4 million as part of federal stimulus funding. The award will fund expansion of the system’s bus garage $3.4 million) and the purchase of hybrid buses ($665,000 toward the purchase of 7 of them) to replace older models. “This grant is a timely investment in public services that are indispensable for many of our residents,” Gov. Beshear said. “It is an example of how the President’s plan and our Kentucky At Work initiative will help us get through this very challenging time.” [Press Release]

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Oh Snap Monday! Crazy Action in Frankfort

Can you believe it? Paul Harvey finally died. [Ken Layne]

Self-loather Martin Cothran tries to spin again. Now he’s saying that we are obsessed with “gay pedophilia” – despite the statements he’s made to the press where he is obsessed with said issue. Nice. Oh, Marty, who has the bigger audience? The known, not-afraid-to-admit-it homosexual wins this battle, sweet cheeks. [Very Interesting]

Greg Stumbo is still touting his super-secret-CIA-legislative-hot-mess and poffers some mysterious “changes” to alleviate concerns of a lack of transparency. Guess he doesn’t see the irony in refusing to detail those changes in the interests of transparency. [Tom Loftus]

Woops. Asking questions gets mainstreamers to pay attention. [Mark Hebert]

The Chicago Tribune names Jim Bunning the GOP’s Roland Burris. Only Jim Bunning is way more hilarious and awesome. [Chicago Tribune]

Heather French Henry’s alleged veterans “foundation” finally does something. It’s donating 55 boxes (yes, boxes, not cases) of Girl Scout cookies to soldiers. That’s good news. [C-J]

Red State citizens consume the most online porn in the USA. Come on! You know you do your part. [Jezebel]

Are we the only ones living in the reality-based community? Losing race after race, special election after special election, shutting people out of the Party, hemorrhaging money, never really raising anything, never paying staff members the thousands upon thousands that they’re owed. Hrm. Yeah, articulate and classy. That’s how WE’D choose to describe her. She totally rebuilt the Party and did her best. Ahh, revisionist history. [Delusions of Grandeur]

Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s Twitter feed got picked up by the New York Times. “Maybe AJ Stewart should consider quitting again if he is going to leave his man wide open for a game winning shot.”> We love it. [NY Times]

Your gas tax is scheduled to drop four cents. Republican heads are spinning. [WHAS11]

Abominable Invisible Toilet Paper Seam Update

Okay, ladies and dudes, are Tom Jurich and Rod Blagojevich separated at birth or what? Similar hair, similar wardrobe, similar swagger. They both love having a huge ego. Both love playing dirty. Both get people fired if they don’t like what they have to say. Creeped out?

We hear through the terrible, America-hating rumor circuit here in Kentucky that DSCC folks are heavily researching Jack Conway (and everyone else) for 2010. Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure no Democrat will be able to beat Trey Grayson. What a race this is shaping up to be.

Best line all day: No wonder we rely on touch rather than vision when confronted by a new roll of toilet paper and its Abominable Invisible Seam. [NYT]

You mean Ben Chandler is going to give up his cushy, easy job in order to run against Trey Grayson for the U.S. Senate? [Some Dude]

Poor Jesse Jackson, Jr. trying to buy a U.S. Senate seat. The crazy apple apparently doesn’t fall too far from the crazy tree. [ABC News]

If Ford didn’t need the money from the auto bailout, why’d it ask for it? [Huffington Post]

Got money burning a hole in your pocket? You’ll probably want to snatch up one of these Barry books. [Page One]

Oh, guess what, everyone has their panties in a twist because we’re bothered by the auto bailout and have the audacity to crack a joke or two. [The Bitters]

Jim King and David Tandy are going to fight each other until the bloody end. The King Mafia will probably try to print “Dr. King” signs for the west end again, he’ll figure out a way to get his daughter to, oh, who knows?, he’ll take all of your money and starve you to death and David will continue not being corrupt. And in other news, both want to be mayor. One will use the office for personal gain and for getting revenge. One won’t. [LEO Weekly]

Source: Obama at UK Tuesday

We hear from reliable sources that Senator Barack Obama will be at the University of Kentucky on Tuesday to campaign for the U.S. Presidency.

Obama staffers visited the school today in preparation.

We also hear that Obama will be playing basketball in an attempt to one-up his game at UNC.

How much fun will that be? The RPK will no doubt put out a press release to prove how elitist and unpatriotic basketball is. But it won’t be able to drown out the free media Obama is set to score.