Random Stuff of Note

Kentucky foreclosures up 23.5% in 2007

Barbaro will be buried at Churchill Downs

An individual from organized labor signed Bruce Lunsford’s candidacy papers Achim Bergmann’s wife, Emily Aronstamm Bergmann, is currently serving as Bruce Lunsford’s campaign spokesperson. Bergmann is head of 527 Bluegrass Freedom Fund, as we’ve often discussed.

The budget is jacked up and Steve Beshear talked about it last night.

Ron Lewis is “spending more time with his family” because he’s tired of being in the minority.

Tonight: Beshear’s Budget Address

Don’t forget that Governor Steve Beshear will deliver his budget address this evening. He’ll outline his fiscal plan for the next two years before both houses of of the legislature in Frankfort.

What’s to come for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as we struggle through financial crises galore?

Watch it live at 7:00 P.M. Eastern on KET1


Stream it live from KET’s wonderful website as it happens.

Weekend Roundup for Losers in Coffee Shops

Governor Steve Beshear received strategy proposals for farms in Kentucky. The proposals push for better animal health, veterinary services and increased use of bio fuels. But the gubnuh says it all sucks because the budget is bad, mmkay. Recall the cartoon from the primary, “…from on high came a voice…” [C-J]

A democrat once (gasp) worked for the Courier-Journal as a political reporter. Oh no! That must mean they had no objective ability to report the news. Librul media conspiracy to take over the world. Remember, fair doesn’t necessarily mean balanced and balanced doesn’t necessarily mean accurate. [KPac2]

House passes university bond bill, schools could issue their own for projects. Bonds will no longer be considered debts of the state thanks to House Bill 11. Not everyone in Frankfort is happy about it and will do their hardcore best to kill it along with prevailing wage law and anything else that strives to keep the lazy off the gubmint teat. [C-J]

Us awful alleged librulz here are silly for suggesting Brett Hall’s making shit up. Comparing a legitimate (though hideously awful) movie to a high-ranking Republican aide who deliberately tried to ruin an honest family in Maryland is borderline absurd. Though, we’re pleased Heffalumps is keen on reading us and keen on making the blogosphere in Kentucky a better place. [Heffalumps]

Anne Northup will announce her candidacy for the republican nomination in the third district congressional race on Tuesday, according to Mark Hebert. Northup, a two-time recent election loser who said she didn’t want to be a congressperson anymore will make her intentions known in Frankfort as she files for elected office with the Secretary of State. Who thinks she’ll be able to oust John Yarmuth? [Hebert]

More drama about Kathy Groob, Roger Noe, Democratic Scandal, and all-around Tom Foolery after the jump…

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Beshear Nixes State Park $$ for Horse Park Stadium

While we understand Steve Beshear’s move to fund the $30 million stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park in preparation for the World Equestrian Games in 2010, it’s still disappointing. So many wonderful state parks will miss out on much needed improvements that have been in the works for years. The state parks impacted by his move may not be as high-profile as the horse park but Governor Beshear should work to obtain funding for the projects he killed. They’re just as important to our image.

Among the park projects canceled by Beshear:

  • Lake Cumberland, conference center, $5.83 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, lodge room addition, $5.5 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, cottage development, $5.08 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, Dale Hollow Pool, $4.68 million
  • Greenbo Lake, general improvements, $1.43 million
  • E.P. “Tom” Sawyer, general improvements, $1.25 million
  • Marina upgrades at various parks, $1.25 million
  • Kenlake, Cherokee Park, $1.14 million
  • My Old Kentucky Home, general improvements, $1.1 million
  • Land acquisition at various parks, $916,000
  • J.J. Audubon, museum security system, $250,000
  • Jenny Wiley, general improvements, $130,000
  • AAA upgrades at resort parks, $32,779

OMG! Jody Richards Almost Takes a Position!

The dirty liberal media is reporting that Jody Richards has changed his position on cigarette tax increases and will now push for a hike on cancer sticks in order to avoid budgetary cuts for education.

Is this a sign Kentucky could finally join the rest of the country in– if not the 21st Century– then the 20th?


Richards said there is growing support in his Democratic-controlled chamber for boosting the cigarette tax, which now stands at 30 cents a pack, one of the lowest rates in the nation.

Nationally, cigarette taxes average $1.11 a pack. The states bordering Kentucky have an average tax of 70 cents.

Raising the tax on cigarettes 75 cents would give Kentucky $307.6 million in additional revenue a year, according to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Raising this tax is good policy. Smoking is voluntary. Hiking rates would generate revenue. It’d deter people from killing themselves, as Ernie Fletcher admitted. What’s not to love? It’s not like the taxation system in Kentucky will ever be fair, so, let’s at least try to get with the program.

Rumors on the Internets: The budget & stuff

Kentucky’s Al Mohler wants to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Mohler, head of the Souther Baptist Seminary in Louisville is behind the Christian “exit” from public schools and has speculated for a while– publicly– about “fixing” the gays. [H-L]

Boptrot is back. Bob Foster, an FBI investigator from the O.B. days has been hired by Jack Conway to head the Attorney General’s investigations unit in Frankfort. He’s a former head of the FBI’s Eastern District Office and was most recently head of the Transportation Security Administration in Louisville. [Hebert]

The state senate is trying yet again to improve math and science. Along with providing incentive pay for teachers to work in those fields. Ken Winters is pushing for it. Even though the KEA says pay increases are whack. Looks like more counting on their fingers ahead. [H-L]

Andy Alcock had an exclusive story last night about a middle school boy who wanted to join East Hardin Middle School’s cheerleading squad. The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, responding to a lawsuit, ordered the school to pay the parents $3,000. The settlement includes an order for the school to undergo training sessions and produce reports on its progress. The coach who cut the kid from the team is no longer there. Maybe she should have found a spot for him. [WLKY]

Bucks for Brains is screwed until the budget ordeal is over. King David Williams says so. Maybe Steve Henry could donate his salary to the program for a while like… oh, right, turns out that never happened. [C-J]

Steve Beshear still afraid to raise the cigarette tax to be in line with other states. Even though Ernie Fletcher said the current tax rate has worked well for reducing teen smoking. And even after the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids announced an increase would provide Kentucky with over $300 million per year in additional revenue. [PolWatchers]