Jerry Abramson Is Taking Your First Born

Oh, look, the Mayor for Life just held a fancy press conference where he said all kinds of fancy things:

  • He won’t raise taxes or fees and won’t dip into the city’s reserve. Because he just cold wants you to starve to death.
  • No cuts that focus on social service agencies
  • Lieberries closed on Sunday, all children and old people who show up will be sold to raise revenues
  • Expanding the number of furlough days to four days closed, which saves eleventy billion dollars over the next six months. New day is Friday April 3rd. It’s during spring break.
  • Delaying $3.6million worth of capital projects – purchasing signs, building parking lots, adding golf course nets – major guideline used: if no contract let, no construction started? Delaying to save money.
  • Fire Department will save $900K in overtime by redeploying firefighters and closing the house at 6th & York. Closing it immediately.
  • Will save $1.4million by switching from 10-hour days at EMS to 12-hour days.
  • Folks who have take-home cars will be charged more. $100/month, up from $30. $160/month if you use it for second jobs.
  • Also, you are all going to die of the poverty and the starvation. I.E., we stopped paying attention once the fire chief took the podium.

Rick will probably have more on this later.

Big, Fancy Cuts In Beshear Administration

The Beshear Administration is cutting payroll of key officials by 10%.

This symbolic stuff is fine and dandy or whatever, but… when will we begin to see actual cuts anywhere that matters?

Here’s the latest press release:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 8, 2008) – Gov. Steve Beshear and Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo today announced that they would each take a 10 percent reduction in pay for calendar year 2009.

Several senior members of the Beshear administration – Executive Cabinet Secretary Larry Hayes, Chief of Staff Adam Edelen, Deputy Chief of Staff Vince Gabbert, General Counsel Ellen Hesen and Communications Director Jay Blanton – will also take 10 percent cuts in pay for 2009.

“The lieutenant governor and I feel strongly – as the top two elected officials in the state – that we have an obligation to make tough decisions. If we are to cut and reduce state government, the two of us – and our senior team – must signal that we are willing to share in the sacrifices that will and must be made,” Gov. Beshear said.

Peep the rest after the jump…

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Governor Beshear Eighty-Sixes East End Bridge

According to a press release from 8664, Governor Steve Beshear has shifted funding away from an East End Louisville bridge. From 62% of 2008-2010 road funds to 27%. So much for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The governor’s road plan reduced the state’s commitment to the ORBP by $236 million. Of that $236 million, $231 million (98%!) was nixed from the East End Bridge.

Tyler Allen had a lot to say in the release: “It’s shocking to me that the one bridge this community fully supports and has been trying to build for over four decades isn’t the clear funding priority. The citizens of this region need to speak up before our elected leaders make a monumental mistake.”

This isn’t going to go over so well.  Both John Yarmuth and Anne Northup are going to flip their lids.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE (PDF) for a copy of the 8664 press release.

8664 was referring to the initial January plan, which you can read by clicking here.

Wednesday. Everyone Buy Us New Laptops Edition.

Governor Steve Beshear called for a special session on pension reform to begin June 23. Beshear says reform legislation could save $500 million per year. [PolWatchers]

Congressman John Yarmuth attacked Anne Northup’s position on big oil in a release: “Anne Northup needs to come clean on her energy position. Today, she announced that she will continue to support the Bush policies that got us in this mess in the first place,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “She has over a half a million dollars in gas, oil and energy company stocks and continues to make a fortune off the high gas prices Louisville families are paying at the pump. She has funded her campaigns with over $300,000 from big oil. I answer only to the people of Louisville, and I will continue to put the needs of our families first. We have already enacted the most comprehensive energy reform policy in 30 years, and we will continue to advance innovative legislation that combats high energy costs and shifts to a more energy efficient economy.”

Thankfully, even Jim Bunning recognizes that Dr. James Holsinger’s chances at being the next U.S. Surgeon General are zero. Everyone thank jeebus or whatever! It’s over. No more Holsinger sexism and homophobia. [H-L]

That Mark Nickolas settlement with the state? Yeah, his attorneys got $10,000 out of it. We seem to remember all of this was being done for free since it was Public Citizen representing him. $10,000. For that. Outraged yet? And no, David Adams, the case against the state wasn’t “lost” – recall a few months ago when the ban was lifted. The suit was rendered useless at that point. Oh, guess who was in charge of giving Nickolas the $10K. [C-J, Settlement Document]

Mainstream media is on the Cauley-Edelen thing. Hebert’s got the story and it’s not so positive for Steve Beshear. It’s short, but you’ve gotta read it. [Mark Hebert]

TGIF. Everyone is Still Bitter and Hateful.

“Jake” can “cackle with the best of hens” – meaning he’s a huge flaming fruit, right? Guess there are some folks who haven’t heard his voice or met him. And for the record: Jack Westwood *does* have a screw loose. Otherwise he wouldn’t have attacked Diane Brumback for having had an abortion. He wouldn’t have said her abortion caused her breast cancer. Seriously, some people are just sick. And anyone who can apologize for that sick mess? Well… [Haha]

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo and his fiancée, Allison Patrick, are getting married in June. They’re not releasing the date because they’re such huge celebrities who need all kinds of privacy, you know. Or maybe it’s because they don’t want the perception that their wedding was paid for by the state, like that of Steve & Heather Henry. [H-L]

Some woman still thinks Kentuckians were labeled as racist because they voted for Hillary Clinton. Not because, oh, 21% of Democrats in Kentucky admitted on an exit poll that they voted on the basis of race. Hello? The primary is over. In the past. We know you’re pissed that your candidate lost. Time to move on. Oh, and some woman named Kathryn Mudd is screaming reverse racism. SERIOUSLY! Everyone roll your eyes at these nutbags. [C-J]

Greg Stumbo, who waited until everyone he’s talking about is out of town, is talking about pre-filing a bill to allow slot machines at race tracks for a trial period of one year. Who wants to take bets that this won’t pass? [H-L]

The Kentucky Retirement System and Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System suck worse than the programs in 22 similar systems around the country. The average rate of return on Kentucky’s investments mean we’re all going to die broke, hungry and alone. [WHAS11]