It’s Thursday. Rain Ruins Everything Edition.

Beshear creating a new task force to help deal with the Fort Knox realignment. The Governor’s Task Force on Military Base Realignment will consist of only 11 members, down from Ernie Fletcher’s group of 30. [News-Enterprise]

Mitch McConnell is still serving as the chief obstructionist in the senate. And he’s still refusing individual up or down votes on nominees to fill the Federal Election Commission. Like it makes any sense to vote once for four people. You’d think a man as old as McConnell would know how to avoid childish games. [WaPo]

Greg Fischer wins an endorsement from a blogger, picks up one or two votes. We’re not sure how/why anyone thinks Greg Fischer can win a primary election, let alone the general, so we can only assume this “endorsement” is out of principle. [Swing State Project]

Another pee pee contest? Louisville Mayor Cheerleader Jerry Abramson and Gov. Steve Beshear are begging Senate President David Williams to form a conference committee from both the House and Senate to help get all kinds of cash to build some fancy bridges in Louisville. [PolWatchers]

Harry Moberly and David Williams are STILL fighting like two little girls at a Barbie birthday party. Here’s some advice to the both of them: get your lacy panties out of the twist they’re in and DO SOMETHING for a change. Get the g-d budget figured out and get it figured out NOW. If you can’t get your respective acts together long enough to resolve this budget mess, then the least you could do is act like adults. Using language like “smart ass” during the session shows just how low-class you really are. [The Arena]

The abortion bill is going nowhere. Maybe women really can make their own decisions? We’re not sure. But we still think C.J. Parrish knows what she’s talking about. [Hebert, C.J.’s Letter]

Tuesday Update. Closer to Friday than Yesterday.

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the endorsement of the year – after months of nail biting and bated breath. We totally don’t understand why someone off the street making an “endorsement” matters? Daniel Solzman has “endorsed” Bruce Lunsford for U.S. Senate. [Things that make you go hmm]

Heather French Henry gets a mention in the story about George Clooney’s shindig in Maysville but her husband doesn’t get mentioned for being the former Lt. Governor. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. [Enquirer]

The state senate approved a budget with no new taxes. Meaning we’ll never have a budget in Kentucky. Further restoring everyone’s great faith in Frankfort. Special session is on its way. [PolWatchers]

Don’t forget that former President Bill Clinton is all over Kentucky today. 10:30 rally at the Frankfort Convention Center. 12:15 veterans event at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds American Legion Building. 2:30 rally at Mason County High School. 5:45 rally at the Morehead Conference Center. Everyone go take all kinds of pictures as you fawn all over the big dog. [The Arena]

Steve Beshear is now wondering why he bothered to run for governor. His approval rating fell below 50% and more Kentuckians disapprove of him than approve. WHAS11/Survey USA polling data say 46% approve, 48% disapprove. Those same numbers were 52-38 in February, meaning there’s been a six percent drop in less than a month. Ruh ro. [Hebert, Crosstabs]

Special Session, Here We Come!

In a story about the jacked up House budget, Steve Beshear started talking about the possibility of a — wait for it — special session.

He said the options would be “a budget reduction order or — if it was bad enough — I assume we’d have to have a special session to address it.”

Can we afford a special session? Will our legislators refuse to accept payment? Will it be just like Ernest Lee’s silly Peabody session?

Are we just wasting more time than usual in Frankfort these days or what?

We thought we couldn’t get any more frustrated with the state’s capital.

Is it the weekend yet? Updates & Such.

Frankfort is playing all kinds of games with our $1,000,000,000,000,000 budget or whatever. Way too boring to write about. But if you have the intestinal fortitude to read about it? Then. Please let us know what you learn. [PolWatchers]

Ben Chandler tried to offer his 14-year-old daughter to Bill Gates. Creeeeeeeepy joke. Won’t be able to sleep after reading about it all. [Politico]

Lookit how leader-y Greg Stumbo is becoming in the State House: State Representative Greg Stumbo, (D) Prestonsburg, a former Attorney General, supports Kelly’s concept. “It’s not being soft on crime,” said Stumbo, “it’s being smart on crime.” Old orange hair’s days are numbered! [WTVQ]

Some folks (American Rights at Work) are woah fired up over Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s alleged on-the-clock campaigning for her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell. While we definitely believe Mitch & Elaine would totally whore out their marriage for zillions of dollars (hell, we’d do that! let’s get real, here), we just aren’t sure what to make of this. Go make up your own minds and tell us what you think. [Shame on Elaine]

This professor from Georgetown is a great photographer. Not sure how we found his site but we’ve been visiting every day for a while. Check it out. [Georgetown Professor]

Medicaid Cuts Save the World

Compassionate Conservativism saves Medicaid and prevents Kentucky from receiving $1 billion in federal Medicaid funds. Kentuckians everywhere are obviously cheering because the pretzeldent has decided to balance the budget with flipping Medicaid.

Screw the already bankrupted state Medicaid program! Who cares about those 722,000 people, anyway?!

Kentucky would face more than $1 billion in Medicaid cuts over the next five years under new federal rules restricting how states can use money from the federal-state health plan for the poor and disabled, a new report says.

The report, released by a congressional committee this week, said the rules cut spending on such services as school programs that assist poor children with medical needs, public universities that train physicians and help for abused and neglected children in foster care.

Yay! We’re saved! Who cares if, oh, everyone who doesn’t make $100k/year dies? And who wants to be around poor people when you go to the emergency room? Ugh.

Oh Snap Monday! LG&E Sucks Edition

Kentucky’s Democratic superdelegates can basically do whatever, whenever, because that’s how the game is played in our jacked up political system that the rest of the world scoffs at. Don’t forget to peep the photo of Yarmuth in the multimedia section. [C-J]

Sorry, but we just don’t see Mitch McConnell as vulnerable. But we get what they’re saying about Bruce’s press release last week. [Enquirer]

Bruce Lunsford plans to spend unlimited amounts of money on his campaign. So. Look out, folks. Millionaires’ Amendment will be kicking in. Greg Fischer is effectively done in this race. Ryan Alessi also touches on this issue. [Hebert, H-L]

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Hot Topic: UofL Students Fired Up

In response to Governor Steve Beshear’s wonderful educational leadership, students everywhere are standing up and fighting back.

Students at the University of Louisville, as we reported a few weeks ago, will most likely be the first to stand up and speak out. On Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M., students will walk out of classes and make their way to the circle in front of President Jim Ramsey’s office.

So, media, this is your warning. Make plans to be at UofL in March.

  • What: Students to walk out at UofL
  • When: Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M.
  • Where: Rally in front of The Thinker / President’s office