So Much For Obamacare Being The Scary Devil

Fact-checkers find fault with several claims made in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Obama administration on Thursday finally revealed how many people paid for Obamacare on the national and state health insurance exchanges: 7.3 million. [HuffPo]

The U.S. Census Bureau reported this week that the nation’s poverty rate has declined slightly, which might seem good news for the country. [C-J/AKN]

Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin to monitor climate change. [BBC]

A former eastern Kentucky judge who pleaded guilty to charges alleging wide spread vote fraud has been permanently disbarred. [WKYT]

Leave it to Rand Paul to literally (we’re using that correctly) be too stupid to catch on. He’s eating up the hoax that John McCain met with ISIS. One of the many head-scratching (aka stupid) things about Syria he’s had to say. [TDB]

Louisville Metro Police have filled in the details of an arrest that came more than 40 years after the crime. [WAVE3]

Emails sent by liberal activists and obtained by The Hill reveal significant dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. [The Hill]

Alison Lundergan Grimes is again turning to her grandmother, Elsie Case, for help in her bid to oust Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, this time going after McConnell on the issue of Medicare. [Ronnie Ellis]

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing Corinthian Colleges, one of the largest operators of for-profit colleges in the U.S., on grounds that it deceived students and harassed them to collect on student loan debts. [Businessweek]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Ronnie Ellis, Sam Youngman, the girl from CN|2. Should be a fun conversation about Jamie Comer scoring the endorsement of Anne Northup in Louisville… which means that Hal Heiner will have an impossible mountain to climb in his home city. [KET]

Way to go, Alison, for embarrassing the living crap out of Kentucky. What snowmobiles are to Alaska’s Senate race, rifles are to Kentucky’s. [Salon]

The Affordable Care Act allowed Robin Evans, an eBay warehouse packer earning $9 an hour, to sign up for Medicaid this year. She is being treated for high blood pressure and Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder, after years of going uninsured and rarely seeing doctors. [H-L]

The failed Scottish vote to pull out from the United Kingdom stirred secessionist hopes for some in the United States, where almost a quarter of people are open to their states leaving the union, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found. [HuffPo]

Boom. Hell Has Officially Frozen Over In Kentucky.

Just look:


Anne Northup may be the devil (there’s evidence suggesting that she is) but this is a significant moment in gubernatorial politics. Here’s why:

  • Her former political team is working for Heiner and couldn’t secure her endorsement. Heiner’s team has long claimed they’d receive her support. They now claim Northup’s a has-been living in the past but they worked furiously to get her to sign on. They’ve built their entire careers on this woman’s coattails.
  • This makes Louisville competitive for Comer, it’s not locked up for Heiner, despite it being his hometown
  • Northup’s endorsement now means both wings of the Republican Party of Kentucky are involved in Comer’s camp
  • Comer’s laying the groundwork for a general election campaign. Northup once beat Jack Conway (2002) in a heated congressional race that pushed Conway into what most would consider a serious political depression. Seems like a warning shot of sorts.
  • Northup praised hemp during today’s endorsement presser. She’s a hyper-conservative witch and she praised hemp. That’s kind of a big deal.

Like it or not, the 2015 gubernatorial election is under way.

Let’s all try to hold our collective breath and pray that the political ads don’t start any time soon.

Anne Northup Playing Pat-A-Cake With Your Safety

Comparing Frankfort, Kentucky and Jackson, Mississippi doesn’t make much sense when it comes to discussing President Barack Obama’s hunt for votes in the south. Since Kentucky isn’t really the south. [The Economist]

The wife of DeWayne Bunch will replace her husband in the December 20 special election. Democrats say they’re not picking a candidate because they can’t beat Bunch. [H-L]

Arresting anti-Wall Street protesters is just going to send this country further into turmoil. Eventually, people will get a grip. Silencing legitimate concerns will get this country nowhere. [Reuters]

Students at the University of Louisville are protesting rising tuition costs. A 77% increase from 2004 is insane. Meanwhile, Jim Ramsey continues to make ten billion dollars a year. [C-J/AKN]

Of course the government subsidizes the lifestyles of the mega-wealthy. That’s how this country works. [HuffPo]

Sexytime Herman Cain apparently has no clue what Barack Obama has done with Libya. Further proves that he may, indeed, be one of those gross pizzas he was responsible for. [Wonkette]

Northern Kentucky leaders probably shouldn’t be listening much to what Greg Fischer has to say about Louisville’s Waterfront Park. [Amanda Van Benschoten’s Replacement]

Jerry Abramson promises to be an “active” lieutenant governor. Which is 99% of the problem in Louisville: his actions. Until he tries to run for the U.S. Senate, of course. [FOX41]

The Personnel Board is holding off on the expansion of an investigation against adult baby Richie Farmer. Why? Because it was all politically motivated. Just like everything the Beshear crew has done for the past few years. [H-L]

A recession in Europe could hit Appalachian states the hardest. While Kentucky isn’t mentioned, West Virginia certain is. And you know what that means. [HuffPo]

Lexington should learn from Louisville’s history of trying to mess around with take-home police cruisers. [WKYT]

Wondering what Anne Northup is up to these days? She’s involved in the partisan gridlock threatening the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that’s what. [WaPo]

We told you Bill Johnson’s ignorant push for voter ID legislation was part of a broader mouth-breather effort to institute poll taxes and stifle the democratic process. [The Hill]

Abramson Wasted More Than Originally Thought

Jerry Abramson didn’t spend $180,000 out of his fancy discretionary fund. Turns out he spent some $214,000. And you know what? Receipts for what the money was spent on are essentially non-existent. So no wonder Matt Erwin at the KDP lost his shiz last week. [C-J/AKN]

Activists are calling for stronger enforcement of the Clean Water Act in Kentucky but that’s never going to happen. [H-L]

Today at 10:00 A.M. Papaw Beshear, Meemaw, Lexington’s own Uncle Jimmy and some other dudes and a lady will make a fancy and “important tourism and economic development announcement” at the Kentucky Horse Park. [Press Release]

New York state doesn’t hate the gays. So why are Kentucky Democrats – including Steve Beshear – so afraid of them? Check out all the front pages in New York from Saturday. [NY Times & Poynter]

Passage of gay marriage in New York marks the first time a Republican-controlled chamber has approved such a measure. And before you say New York Republicans are really liberal, uh, think again. [WaPo]

Check out what the experts believe could be the national impact of gay marriage in New York. [Reuters]

You bet your rear end Republicans are trying to kill the entire economy again. [San Francisco Chronicle]

And here’s a fancy question and answer session with one of those people working hard to kill the entire economy – Mitch McConnell. [Christian Science Monitor]

Habitat for Humanity donated its first “green” home in Lexington recently. [WKYT]

Wait, are we still supposed to pretend this “organization” matters, despite the female leaders with brains and sense ditching it long ago? [H-L]

Anybody wanna bet Anne Northup has something to do with this decision to gut a safe products database operated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? [Consumerist]

The City of Carrollton violated Kentucky’s Open Records Act and Jack Conway actually admitted it. Can you believe he’s actually doing the right thing for open records issues? Tough to believe. [Madison Courier]

Will the Sprint Cup at the Kentucky Speedway really have a $150 million impact on the area? [Kentucky Enquirer]

Is a bipartisan vote to end ethanol subsidies a small but heartening sign? Is it really fiscal sobriety? [The Economist]

U.S. Economic growth has been revised up. Our economy grew at an annualized rate of 1.9% during the first quarter of the year, which was slightly faster than previously thought. [BBC]

On Watching Teabaggers Try To Be Tea Partiers

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

HAHAHA, oh, my. “Phil Harmon” got an endorsement instead of Phil Moffett. Guess those Take Back Kentucky folks really know a lot about what they’re doing. Getting their candidate’s name incorrect and all at a press conference they billed as “major.” [John Cheves]

The Herald-Leader editorial IS sorely lacking. Because no real audit of the Kentucky Retirement Systems has been conducted in decades. [Ralph Long]

Glad to see the meth bill effectively dead in the water. What wasteful, though originally well-intentioned, legislation. [Bluegrass Politics]

Watching the teabagger complain about Rand Paul is hilarity. Watching him get fewer votes than Bobbie Holsclaw is even more hilarity. Particularly now that he’s attacking Rand Paul. You know what they say about glass teabagger houses. [Joe Arnold]

Foreigner Ken Ham and the Creation Museum lunatics don’t just hate gay people – they hate heterosexuals who don’t hate gay people. [FOX 41]

Watching the mormon cult hypocrite wing of the teabaggers turn on Rand Paul is highly entertaining. Further proof that the real Tea Party is not behind Phil Moffett. [B&P]

The House Education Committee yesterday passed a bill that would ban the bullying of gay students. Naturally, it’s going to die in two or three seconds flat. [Deep Frustration]

According to the U.S. Census, one in four counties are dying. A record number of communities are experiencing more deaths than births in the United States. [Salon]

In Frankfort yesterday, U.S. Senator Rand Paul urged the passes of a balanced budget amendment. And you know how that turned out. [Bluegrass Politics]

How will Anne Northup handle this mess with child-product makers trying to soften rules? Will she and the Consumer Product Safety Commission stand up for kids? [NY Times]

Aww, curbstomper Tim Proffitt wants the charges against him dismissed. Cute how he’s still blaming the waif of a girl he stomped. [Joe Arnold]

Update On Greer Money Laundering Story

Earlier this morning I questioned the Elmo Greer campaign finance scandal involving Steve Henry, Ernie Fletcher and Anne Northup.

Tom Loftus had a great story about it all. Unfortunately, I’m hearing that Loftus hasn’t heard the full story from the money launderers and their attorneys.

Turns out – according to sources in both state and federal government – Greer and crew did, indeed, have to do an interview or two over this mess. I hear that as a result of another corruption and campaign finance investigation (*wink, wink*) that they had to sit down with the feds as part of an investigation that may or may not be ongoing.

So that bit about investigators not doing their part? That’s not exactly the full story.