Press Conference Update: KDP Mostly Blew It

The presser, as we have been corrected, was not part of the Lunsford camp. The Kentucky Democratic Party put it on. And boy, was it a total waste of time.

The Lunsford camp should be ashamed that KDP Communications Director Thom Karmik was permitted to run the show. What an embarrassment. You’ll recall that Karmik, under the moniker “Dillweed Detector,” attacked Bruce Lunsford and other Democrats on the Bluegrass Report. And the Party allowed him to stick around.

How semi-worthless is it to hold a press conference attacking Mitch McConnell’s military voting record when McConnell’s opponent isn’t even present for the cameras? The KDP couldn’t even get that right.

Mike Weaver was there, which was good, even though he only plays well in the 2nd District– which will never even hear about this press conference. Harold & Carol Trainer, two honorable veterans whom we will forgive for openly trashing Bruce Lunsford for months and months (search this site for reference). Abe Piña and another veteran were also present. We have no idea what the other guy’s name is because KDP did a shitty job preparing press.

The only press who showed up? Joe Gerth from the C-J and Andy Alcock (he has a Bush sticker on his car– but we still like him) from WLKY. And a McConnell tracker. Which was probably a waste of time– since Mitch was barely attacked.

Granted, having a veteran and American hero say he took a bullet for his country while McConnell wouldn’t even take a meeting with him is a powerful statement. But this should have been heavily hyped.

KDP blew a great opportunity to talk about McConnell’s history of harming veterans with his terrible voting record. And for being a chickenhawk. Total blown opportunity.

Here are some photos from the poorly-lit City Hall Rotunda (great place, go check it out sometime).

Here’s Thom trying desperately to avoid us:

Some shots of Mike Weaver, Harold Trainer and the others:

And here’s the almost non-existent group of press, made up of Andy, Joe, a McConnell tracker and a KDP camera:

P.S. This isn’t an attack on the media, but an attack on the embarrassing Kentucky Democratic Party. Thom didn’t even have the wherewithal to send a press release to any media outlets other than the C-J and a couple TV folks.

Felner-Deasy Update – Petrosko Off & More

We hear through the grapevine that Joseph Petrosko, chair of the Department of Leadership, Foundations and Human Resource Education at the University of Louisville, has decided to step down from the committee to review John Deasy’s doctorate.

Petrosko originally served on Deasy’s dissertation committee. Stepping down is a great move on his part and removes any conflict of interest.

Just unfortunate that Jim Ramsey didn’t have the sense about him to avoid a conflict of interest to begin with.

In related news, the University of Louisville Board of Trustees met yesterday and decided to back Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz in their “investigation” 100%.

The review was requested by the faculty senate in the wake of the ongoing federal investigation of former education dean Robert Felner, who is accused of misappropriating grant money.

The investigation, which became public in June, also has resulted in allegations involving Felner’s management of the college, including hiring and promotion practices and the awarding of at least one doctorate.


The review, which the trustees discussed during a closed-door meeting before voting on it in open session, is scheduled to be completed in November.

The board asked that its staff, faculty and student members work with Ramsey and Provost Shirley Willihnganz to determine how the review will be conducted.


“The board of trustees has the fullest faith in Jim and Shirley,” Porter said. “I’ve known these people now for several years, and they have the very best intent for this university.”

The letter sent by members of both senates agreed with Porter’s “assertion that the President and Provost care deeply about the welfare of the university’s faculty, staff and students.”

“Both the Faculty and Staff Senates have worked collegially and collaboratively with Jim and Shirley over the past five years, and we know that they are responsive to faculty and staff concerns,” it said.

We’ll leave it to you to point out the ironies here. Err… Okay, maybe we’ll point out one. If Jim and Shirley were worried about or the least bit responsive to faculty and staff concerns, then why on earth has this situation turned into a national embarrassment and all-around clusterfuck of epic proportions? It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest such a thing.

Want more proof that it’s crazy to think Jim Ramsey or Shirley Willihnganz give two flips about what really happens to people at the University of Louisville?

Read about it in our next story coming up in a little more than an hour.

And in other news, the University of Louisville could be in trouble with its accrediting agencies, the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. (Kudos to Andy Wolfson for giving credit where it was due to WHAS11!)

Thursday Afternoon Blah Relaxed 9/11 Stuff

Okay. So we’re kinda overwhelmed with stuff today. Four television appearances and all kinds of crap. No time to do what we love: blog like drunken losers. So, for that, we apologize. But in our defense, no one has sent us any fancy Orbit chewing gum as requested many days ago.

Greg Stumbo formally announced he’s running for Speaker of the House. He says he’s got 40 votes but in reality it’s only 16. Greg & Mary Karen: Don’t bullshit people, I can prove you wrong. I love you both but let’s get real here. Alessi: You know he doesn’t have th votes, so force these people to go on-the-record. [PolWatchers]

Hillary Clinton is coming to eastern Kentucky to help Bruce Lunsford on September 20. Bet Barry Obama won’t be mentioned at all for any reason, ever. Which is fine and dandy because this is Kentucky. [Joe Arnold]

Slutty Sarah Palin dolls? God. We almost threw up. And it’s not because we had got tipsy at lunch with a bunch of fancy Republicans on this most holy of holy days. [The Arena]

And more from The Arena’s Joe Gerth: WTF? Why are you jumping on Mitch McConnell’s talking points? You’re better than that, holmes. [The Arena]

U.S. Senate debate will be streamed live on at 9:10 A.M. Eastern this Saturday. So wake up early or whatever. We may liveblog it or comment on it or something. Maybe. [KY Post]

David Boswell was just named to the top list of United States Congressional races by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCC has added Boswell to their ‘Red to Blue’ progra that will help fund the race and make things much more competitive come November. [Press Release]

Hot rumor: We hear something is coming down the pike at the University of Louisville tomorrow that will make a lot of people happy. Particularly involves the fancy little committee that Jim Ramsey announced yesterday. Developing. [Fancy Reports]

Happy Tuesday Morning With A Big Gay Cherry On Top

Don’t you love it when Republicans just make stuff up? [KY Progress]

Finally! The charges against Otis Hensley were dropped! [PolWatchers]

Readers reacted to the Courier-Journal feature on Robert Felner. Naturally, the paper published a letter praising it for its background on Felner, never noting that the paper wasn’t the first to have that information. [C-J]

Steve Beshear says he will try to convince the Obama campaign to come to Kentucky. Everyone, please, try to hold your laughter. [PolWatchers]

Forgot to mention this to you yesterday, but if you want a totally puppies & rainbows take on the DNC? E.g., all flowery, all the time? Jennifer Moore’s favorite blogger and the dude who slighted Joe Sonka is in Denver. [BlueGrassRoots]

Meanwhile, Jennifer Moore gave some bullshiz excuse for not appearing on Francene yesterday to update listeners on the DNC. Instead, Carolyn Tandy appeared in Moore’s absence. And she could do nothing but spin spin spin about how perfect the party is, how there’s no rift, how no one is being slighted. All this after being given the directive NOT TO SPIN. Haha. We love it. [Various Reports]

8664 embarrassed the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet yesterday. After the group released documents proving the KTC ended a traffic study with no explanation– and after wasting $50,000– the KTC caved and realized it was caught red-handed. How embarrassing. [C-J]

Afternoon Shenanigans – Why We’re Not At DNC

Need to answer a question we’ve been plagued with lately: We’re not at the DNC because we don’t want to be. More than $11,000 was pledged to pay our way. Since we’re not there, we’re obviously not collecting.

After Jennifer Moore ignorantly had our credentials revoked (she had the nerve to LIE about doing so) we were able to obtain them through the Clinton campaign. But after all the hoopla and horse shiz the Kentucky Democratic Party has pulled over the past two months? We decided we were burned out and couldn’t give two flips now that the nominee has been selected.

So we’ll leave the DNC coverage up to others.

Looking for fancy Democratic National Convention coverage in the mainstream media? Hit up the Courier-Journal’s blog that’s currently being populated by Joe Gerth and Jim Carroll. We hear Carolyn Tandy will also be blogging from the convention. [C-J’s Convention Blog]

A report from the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development recommends great state support for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Kentucky. Well, duh, we definitely need it. [Press Release]

The Obama campaign has announced its Kentucky director. Her name is Kenya McGruder. Metro Council Caucus Director. [Trey Pollard]

Mark Hebert ruined Joe Sonka’s entire life. He ruined it. Because he bought into a Republican meme. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Anne Northup is still pretending she’s the Jesus of low gas prices. Her campaign is spaming this video of some dude yammering on about drilling in ANWR. [The Tubes]

And in other very important news, Governor Steve Beshear designated September Kentucky Bourbon Heritage Month. We produced 937,865 barrels last year. The fancy alcohol is responsible for more than $3 billion in gross state product, 3,000 jobs and nearly $115 million in state and local taxes. [Press Release]

Kentucky Democratic Party Convention Update

I told you last night that Jeff Noble was being singled out and targeted by the powers that be. Whattya know? He was ousted from the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee. Read all about it HERE.

Here’s but an excerpt:

Jeff Noble // Jun 7, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Thanks for your entry.

I was defeated, but it took some work. The original ballot count for the 3rd District Committeeman was 79 Noble, 78 Longmeyer, and 74 Tandy. The ballots were tabulated and those results were entered on the official tally sheet and that tally was signed by John Sommers, the 46th LD Chair, who had been appointed as a teller. No other signatures appeared on the official tally sheet. The ballots were then sealed. Sommers reported the results as me having won. On the front of the folder in large letters was written Noble – Tim Longmeyer. Inside that folder was the tally sheet with Noble 79, Longmeyer 78, Tandy 74.

At some later point, Walker, who is an IT guy and young KDP staffer working in the tabulation room (and who is not really involved in this at all) was asked to turn the closed and sealed envelope of ballots and tally sheet over to Kerry Morgan, the KDP attorney appointed by KDP Chair Jennifer Moore, because it was believed the “scanner” had misread the results, which had showed me winning. Unbeknownst to me, attorney Morgan took the ballots to another room, opened them and “recounted” the ballots – three times according to her. No one to my knowledge other than attorney Morgan has any idea if the ballots she “recounted” were all of those originally reported or not. Sommers had already left knowing the results had been tabulated, ballots envelope and tally sheet sealed, and he had signed off on that tabulation and reported those sealed results, which again showed Tim Longmeyer and I as having the most votes, 78 and 79 respectively.

In attorney Morgan’s “recount” of the ballots, with no one there from my campaign or apparently anyone else’s to oversee or scrutinise the security of the ballots, the results – take a guess – changed dramatically. The new vote count showed 80 Tandy, 76 Longmeyer, and 74 Noble. At some point from the time John Sommers and Walker the IT guy sealed the ballots and the tally sheet showing my win and Longmeyer’s 2nd place finish to the point of Walker being told to turn the sealed ballots and tally sheet over to attorney Morgan, not only did I lose five votes, but Tandy picked up six, while Longmeyer lost 3.


Make sure you hit the link above to read Jeff’s full account of what took place.

And from another reader who was there for the embarrassing shenanigans:

The KDP conventioneers wrapped up the day with roll calls, affirmations, elections and sundry other tasks involved in making the political sausage. I am NOT saying it was a sausage festival….

Relatively unknown, but soon to be reckoned with, First Congressional District candidate Heather Ryan gave a passionate speech about her fight to unseat “Exxon” Eddie Whitfield (R-Florida) this November. She remarked that at a time of record gasoline prices, Whitfield’s half a million dollars in stock in Exxon and Chevron provide him with a handsome profit each time you fill your tank. She is definitely one to watch.

Bruce Lunsford followed Ryan to the podium, tripping up the stairs but preserving his dignity and laying out his case against Mitch McConnell. He took some of the air out of the room by telling Tales from the Crypt about a young woman who died of head trauma due to lack of health insurance and a couple who committed suicide after losing their home to foreclosure. New campaign slogan? “I see dead people?”

All in all, votes were cast, things were said, stuff was done and this spectator’s eyes glazed over at most of it.

Jennifer Moore needs to stand up on her own and distance herself from our corrupt governor ASAP. Every other Democrat in Kentucky needs offer Jennifer support and encourage her to do so. You should call the KDP in Frankfort at (502) 695-4828. While you’re on the phone, maybe you could ask the party’s executive director Jeremy Horton why he has a problem with Jeff Noble and the rest of us solid Democrats. (Also ask him why he’s had disparaging things to say about us, as well.)

Proud to be a Democrat yet? Who knew there would come a day when Kentucky would be wishing for Jerry Lundergan to once again be party chair while at the same time wishing for Ernie Fletcher to be governor again? (Interesting note: Lundergan once bailed the current governor’s political director out of personal bankruptcy only to have said political director turn on him not long after. The political director went on a witch hunt with the aid of Mark Nickolas and worked tirelessly to trash Lundergan. He succeeded. Scary when the truth comes out, eh?)

Wake up. We’ve got to save our Commonwealth from itself.

Update: We have spent (literally) the entire afternoon speaking to more than a dozen people involved in yesterday’s convention process and have determined that the ballots were never left alone with one singular person at any time and that Kerry Morgan was never alone with the ballots in question.

Those dozen or so people included folks involved in all aspects of the process. Many of them aren’t familiar with each other outside of convention and, well, aren’t friends. But they all gave us similar answers and responses that lead us to believe everything was sound and honest. (Trust me: We wanted to believe otherwise.)

In order to put this issue to rest, we think Jeff should quietly file an appeal. All ballots were initially scanned by computer (including ballots that have since been invalidated by hand recount) and may be reviewed. We’re not sure what the Party’s specific process is, but we’re confident Jeff Noble knows it by the book and will use his knowledge to help get answers.

Regardless of outcome, an appeal would resolve any concern anyone may have.

Yay politics!

Update Sunday Evening: Jeff just posted his take on things. Looks like he’ll appeal to settle things once and for all. Always a stickler for the process, he’s doing the right thing by saying he’ll be happy no matter the outcome. Good move on Jeff’s part.

Tuesday Updates. Day After Obama Edition.

We were poisoned by Terry McBrayer or whatever so posting may be a little light today. We have contracted some sort of ebola-like (okay, just a serious headcold and sinus infection) disease that is forcing us to fall asleep every five seconds. Word of advice: make sure you stockpile sugar-free Ricola the next time you get the crud. They’re magical little things.

Don’t miss our Obama live blogging from last night along with the photos we took. [Page One, Page One again]

McConnell’s job-approval rating remains below 50 percent but he’d still beat both Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer (by more than Lunsford, even) by double digits in the fall. Should be noted that it’s just 12-13 percent, even with an unknown, so that should send chills up Mitch’s spine. He’s officially quite vulnerable. Especially after having spent $6 million on the race so far and having such a terrible job-approval rating. [PolWatchers]

Note: Even the liberal media says McConnell is vulnerable.

The senate debate last night was apparently an unpleasant sight to behold. We’ll have more on that later today, along with video highlights and such. In the meantime, however, check out Deborah Yetter’s story on last night’s shenanigans. Along with a photo gallery from the debate. [C-J, C-J Photos]

Andy Barr of The Hill wrote that Greg Fischer has found his niche as the candidate of progressives and the liberal blogosphere. So. We have to ask: what liberal blogosphere? Only BlueGrassRoots has been all-out for Fischer and it’s just a couple people who occasionally post there who post on sites like Swing State Project and DailyKos, so it’s not like it’s widespread. We suggest national press types actually pay attention to the blogosphere before publishing information that is, you know, woah inaccurate. [The Hill]

Mark Hebert has the story on Republicans who are upset at Steve Beshear. Apparently they’re all pissed because Beshear said Dick Cheney should take Dubya on a hunting trip. And then Brett Hall gets all self-righteous, claiming that the Secret Service has even called Beshear’s office to investigate– which we hear isn’t true, after making some calls of our own. [Hebert, Brett Hall]