Thursday Afternoon Dept of Spreading Golden Poo

We’re on Day Four of the Golden B.S. Awards. Make your nominations for each category today! [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4]

Southern Political Report says Steve Henry was a failure of a lieutenant governor. [Southern Political Report]

Media may be barred from Sarah Palin’s first public appearance after sucking hard and quitting. But you know she’ll be foaming at the mouth as she arrives and departs, making sure to get as much airtime as possible. [Reuters]

There’s a greater chance that Jim Gooch could refrain from eating an entire coconut cake than there is Joni Jenkins running for mayor. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Fancy Farm is going to be boring this year. The only excitement will be when Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth show Jerry Abramson who’s boss. [Ronnie Ellis]

You know it’s bad when Don Imus says Lou Dobbs is acting like a “Grassy Knoll Nut.” [HuffPo]

Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear are pushing everyone under the sun to swallow possible $3 tolls like it’s nothing. And who wants to rubber stamp their vision of exorbitant tolls almost no one can afford or wants to pay? David Tandy. The guy who thinks he can be mayor. The guy who has squandered every opportunity to lead that we’ve kept count of. [Tyler Allen]

Jack Ditty reported raising nearly $27K for the special election. Robin Webb reported no funds. Guess that’s proof the horsey folks are set to drop a gazillion dollars at her? [Bluegrass Politics]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Covered all kinds of stuff on the teevee this morning. Jim Bunning, Jerry Abramson at Fancy Farm, the awesome Golden B.S. Awards (love love LOVED watching Candyce Clifft as she was forced to speak of golden excrement – oh, how Rick wishes this were his idea) and how to get involved, something boring about Valhalla and golf or whatever

We were wrong. WDRB didn’t learn during the intro that Rick is not just representing The ‘Ville Voice. But it’s a work in progress! Disappointing that Barry wasn’t forced to discuss poo.

Daniel Mongiardo’s Campaign is Falling Apart

And I’ve got an hilarious gift for you today, dear reader.

Over the last several days I’ve been able to interview several staffers of Daniel Mongiardo’s U.S. Senate campaign and have also spoken with a few people close to the Lt. Governor. The verdict? His campaign is a serious flustercuck. It’s in a complete and total downward spiral. His donors are jumping ship left and right. His second quarter haul was inflated. His real cash on hand is thousands upon thousands of dollars lower than reported. And there’s not a soul in Washington who isn’t pressing Lt. Dan to jump ship.

We could hash that out for days, but I’m sure you only want to hear the juicy parts. Got my hands on a copy of the Mongiardo campaign’s budget. Authored by none other than “Kim” on June 19th.

So let’s dig in.

From what we’ve been able to discern, he’s only hoping to raise $650,000 in the third quarter (he’ll raise like $250K, ha). No one in their right mind believes he can pull that kind of cash based on his second quarter performance. But it’s still a mighty low number. And throughout May 2010, they’re only planning to raise $2,355,000. And even if they could raise that? There’s a planned $135,960 shortfall. See for yourself:

That’s all fine and dandy. Because there’s some really absurd crap going down in Mongiardo land. For instance, they’re paying Geveden $5,000/mo until February when the campaign plans to hire a manager at $11K/mo.Let’s talk salaries of the rest of the staff:

  • Dick Prelopski, Field Director – $5k/mo
  • Floyd S (Seals?), Deputy Field Director – $$3k/mo
  • Western Kentucky Field (Months of Feb-May) – $2,500/mo
  • Louisville Field (Lisa?) – $2K/mo – So the big city is obviously important to them, despite protestations from Kim Geveden and a few Mongiardo supporters.
  • Nothing for field in Eastern Kentucky
  • Jeremiah, Communications – $1,600/mo
  • Kara Ratliff, Call Time Manager/Scheduler – $2K/mo
  • Christina Gilgore, Finance Director – $5K/mo
  • Jared Smith, Eastern Kentucky finance – $2,500/mo
  • Lauren Biggs, Central Kentucky finance – $2,500/mo
  • Eric (?), Northern Kentucky finance – $3K/mo
  • Andrew (?) – $1,600/mo
  • Joey Couch – $3,500/mo

Want the rest of the Mongiardo juicy, juicy? Check it out after the jump…

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Monday Afternoon Dept of News Dumping

Lawyers, Guns and Money unloads on the hypocrisy of Daniel Mongiardo hating Louisville. [Read It]

Hypocritically, Governor Steve Beshear’s office today sent out a press release declaring that Kentucky closed its 2009 fiscal year with a balanced budget without using stimulus funds. So Frankfort was screaming about the sky falling for no reason or there are some shady financial dealings going down right before our very eyes. [Press Release]

Our pal Elisabeth Smith got a major shout-out by Chris Cillizza today! Lis was a spokesperson for Bruce Lunsford’s 2007 gubernatorial campaign and built quite a positive reputation among Kentucky’s press. We’re excited to see Lis move on to such a major role in Governor Corzine’s office. [Washington Post]

We’re all gonna die of the poverty. Unemployment tops 10% in 15 states. [HuffPo]

Mitch McConnell mischaracterized the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the health care bill’s effect on the uninsured. David Gregory, who promised Mark Sanford special treatment, didn’t bother challenging him. You know an argument is weak when you have to go around making shiz up. [Media Matters]

Peep the rest after the jump…

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Tuesday Morning Dept of Foreigner Health Care

We’re giving away tickets to the Blues & Barbecue festival in Louisville this weekend. Enter to win. Lots of tickets to give away. [FREE STUFF!]

Who on earth sends a letter to dozens of people claiming to contain anthrax? Definitely no one sane. Love that the C-J only reports on the Republicans receiving it, though. [C-J]

Cause the Herald-Leader has the full-on story about some nutbag in Big Sandy sending the letters to dozens of offices. [H-L]

What happens when you don’t own the land? Kentucky Democrats are so far behind it’s ridiculous and embarrassing. Pretty sure you’ll want to read this article involving Appalachia. [Keep It Rural]

One of our most favorite people, Mason Rudd, died over the weekend. Sad. [C-J]

Just in case you need another reason not to use your social security number. [Washington Post]

The state school board is interviewing four people for the job of education commissioner. Catherine Cross Maple, Michael Sentance, Dennis Cheek and Terry Holliday. Never, ever a Kentuckian. Ever. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell sure is right about those damn foreigners and their scary health care, isn’t he? [Yglesias]

Who knew? The bid rigging trial will go on. A judge refused to dismiss it. Everyone is so surprised. [Bluegrass Politics]

Pee alert: Glenn “Daniel Mongiardo’s Best Friend” Beck in a nutshell. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Tuesday Morning of SHOO It Is Hot Outside

The State House adjourned yesterday in honor of Matthew Barzun, who was recently nominated by President Barack Obama to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Sweden.

Check last night’s coverage of the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee meeting where the gambling bill was put to death. [Page One]

The House passed the budget bill but not without criticism. Even the liberals are fed up with it. It’s now clear there really was vote buying going on with the gambling bill. If you voted against it, you didn’t get a school in your district. [Ronnie Ellis]

What will Governor Steve Beshear be known for? Will energy issues be his legacy? In a bad way? Lots of environmentalists seem to think so. Even Brereton Jones thinks he’s walking on thin ice by ignoring tax reform. [Stephenie Steitzer]

The City of Prospect fined that gardening couple again! What an embarrassment. Mayor Todd Eberle and the city council (Loretta Ertel, Stuart Miles, Sandra Leonard, Alan Simon, Sandy Tucci, Mike Scott) should be 100% ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. You should contact them all to let them know what meddling butt cramps they are. What a waste of tax dollars. [WHAS11 & Prospect Contact Info]

Read the rest of this mess after the jump…

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Oh Snap Monday! Still Traveling Cross-Country

We’re making our way from San Diego to the Bluegrass today. So. Stuff from Jake will be intermittent. Rick will probably have several stories throughout the day, though, so stick with us.

300+ people showed up for the Kentucky Young Democrats convention. Check out the photographs. KYD folks tell us Daniel Mongiardo’s speech wasn’t just embarrassing– he dropped some weird scenario about Louisville getting hit with a nuclear bomb. The story was apparently so ludicrous that people were cringing. Can’t wait to see the video of that mess. Anyone have details? [KYD’s Flickr]

Ronnie Ellis has the skinny on the 2010 U.S. Senate race and political corruption in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

Senile(?) Jim Bunning is the hold-out on the confirmation of Kathleen Sebelius. [CQ]

The 51 deficit hawks who want to hand $442,000,000,000 to rich people. [Blue in the Bluegrass]

Jim Bunning wants unity to bring success in elections? [C-J]

Hebert is back from vacation! We missed him. [Mark Hebert]

Media will cover the return of war dead for the first time in 18 years. After dropping a dear friend off at Point Loma yesterday, this seems all the more important. And I’m nervous. [Huffington Post]

And on a similar note, Corporal Lloyd D. Stidham’s (of Beattyville) remains were identified. He was a soldier missing from the Korean War. He’ll be buried April 13th at Camp Nelson National Cemetery in Nicholasville. He was assigned to Company C, 65th Combat Engineer Battalion, 25th Infantry Division. On November 25, 1950, Company C came under enemy attack when it was occupying a position near Hill 222 south of the Kuryong River, east of the “Camel’s Head” bend, North Korea. He was reported missing on November 27th. [Press Release]

These Mongiardo supporters who spend their days attempting to obfuscate and deny are rather interesting. They refuse to answer questions or deal with facts. Imagine that. Go read the comments. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Andy Hightower of the Kentucky Club for Growth says the legislative session in Frankfort was a total disaster. [C-J]