Walker Nullifies The Grimes Campaign Platform

For the past couple months Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has been campaigning on a simple issue of turning the office – should she win – into a “one-stop shop” for business. In fact, the press release announcing her candidacy on January 20 included the following:

Grimes says that as an attorney she has worked with the Secretary of State’s office regularly and has the “know-how” to make it work better. She pledged to make the office a one-stop shop for economic development and create an environment that encourages businesses to come to Kentucky. Gimes says, this “means more jobs and a brighter future for Kentucky and its citizens. Kentucky’s next Secretary of State must be an ambassador to business.”

It’s been mentioned during every campaign stop and in every piece of electronic communication from the Grimes campaign. It’s been a big deal to her.

But that may soon have to change.

With little fanfare, the State House unanimously approved Senate Bill 8 last Thursday. And, as you might expect, (Grimes’ opponent) Elaine Nogay Walker issued a press release touting SB8 as her “top legislative priority.” Below is an excerpt:

Secretary of State Elaine Walker applauds the unanimous House passage of Senate Bill 8, which will lead to the creation of a One Stop Business Portal for Kentucky. A One Stop electronic portal will give businesses a direct link to all state agencies within the Commonwealth in one, simple to use online location. Walker made this legislation a cornerstone of her legislative agenda as Secretary of State in her efforts improve the state’s business climate and promote economic development.

“As a small business owner, I understand the benefits that a completed One Stop will provide for small and medium sized businesses. Kentucky’s One Stop will lower the cost for businesses and government alike and make it easier for businesses to relocate, expand and create more jobs in Kentucky,” Secretary Walker stated. Walker added, “this is what we’re able to do when we can come together to work for the commonwealth. We crafted strong legislation and will implement a world-class One Stop Business Portal that will create jobs here in the Commonwealth.”

The successful passage of Senate Bill 8 will require a comprehensive assessment of the processes, potential efficiencies, scope, and cost of a One Stop program. Through a One Stop web portal, businesses will be able to log onto the State’s site, register their business or file their annual report, register with the Finance cabinet, pay their taxes, sign up for unemployment insurance and ultimately acquire their professional board’s license. Entrepreneurs using the new portal will fill in vital information once rather than multiple times on myriad forms thereby streamlining the process allowing businesses to spend time less time filling out paperwork with the commonwealth and more time creating jobs.

While Walker is wrongly claiming credit for the legislation by saying “we crafted” – she had nothing to do with it, it was first introduced to the State Senate on January 4, long before she was appointed to the office – this serves as a bit of a blow to the Grimes campaign platform.

Now that the bill has passed and the Secretary of State’s office will officially be a “one-stop shop,” doesn’t that mean Walker has accomplished (without doing anything) the very thing Grimes wants to do in 2012?

Elaine Walker Is Shaking Up The SoS Race

I hear through the grapevine that Elaine Walker is shaking things up in the race to be the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State.

Word on the street is Larry O’Bryan and Kim Geveden have been hired on as consultants/strategists.

Like them or not, their take-no-prisoners style and contacts throughout the state is going to give Alison Grimes’ campaign a run for its money. These hires open up doors the standard crew behind Steve Beshear are unable to access on their own. And it now draws a line in the sand for Democratic primary voters. Primarily because this means labor, educational groups and such are likely to trend Walker’s way.

To me, this says that Walker plans to take the media and messaging very seriously. If the races O’Bryan and Geveden have worked in the last few cycles are any indication, that’s gonna be tough to battle. Walker definitely won’t be able to compete with Grimes’ financial prowess but this says to me that she’s most certainly beginning to listen to folks outside the Beshear world.

Can’t wait for this race to heat up.

Oh Snap Monday! Flushing Money Down The Drain

I’m baaaaaack. What kind of debauchery is in store this week?

Julie Denton isn’t afraid to tell people to stick their corrupt campaign contributions where the sun doesn’t shine. Should be a lesson to everyone in Frankfort. Too bad that’ll never happen. [Ralph Long]

Gay marriage has waned as a mouth-breather wedge issue, kinda. Maybe it’s because even Republicans (outside Kentucky) recognize that the gays should be allowed to legally torture themselves and lose everything to a vindictive c-word, too. [NY Times]

The federal government is prepared for a complete shutdown. But none of the rest of us are. Because, well, uh, that’s going to be a nightmare. [NPR]

First the gays took over Lexington. Now they’re just cold gonna redecorate the White House. [WaPo]

A Morehead State University professor took part in the sit-in at the Capitol over mountaintop removal. Here’s the local paper’s story about it. [The Morehead News]

Dunno about y’all, but I’m never voting for Steve Beshear. He doesn’t want anybody’s vote. I will vote for his opponent – no matter who it is – just because. Tons of people are following suit. And then some will vote for Gatewood, who could really shake this election up. [B&P]

For a while, Al Mohler wasn’t an anti-gay bigot. But he’s back to his old ways of gay-panicking and foaming at the mouth. It’s a real shame because a lot of folks at his seminary aren’t bigots and recognize that homosexuality isn’t a choice. He gives them all a bad name. [FatLip]

The state spent a million bucks to move a road at the request of James River Coal Company. Repeat, the state spent a million of YOUR tax dollars to move a road because a coal company said to do so. Both Fletcher and Beshear officials are culpable. [John Cheves]

The Obama Administration needs to decide whether it hates the gays or loves them. No one is this indecisive. [HuffPo]

Alison Grimes went to Bowling Green last week and apparently cleaned up. We’ve heard from all kinds of now-former Walker supporters who are suddenly on her team. [BGDN & WBKO]

Of course administrative positions at the University of Kentucky grow faster than faculty. Would you expect anything less in Kentucky? [Linda Blackford]

Really? We can waste tons of time and money debating whether or not to repeal a ban on fireworks? But we can’t do crap to protect the elderly or remotely consider comprehensive tax reform? This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things. [WKYT]

Gayest Morning Round-Up In History Of Round-Ups

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

Here’s a fancy story all about the book. So you can get a bit deeper into it before getting the chance to read it. [H-L]

The mouth-breathing birthers are still trying to invalidate every action taken by President Barack Obama because they think he’s Kenyan. Really, when will these people just admit they’re askeerd of a black man and get it over with? Goodness. [The Economist]

Was Richard Simmons born this way? Is this the scariest thing you have ever seen? This is the scariest thing Jake has ever seen and he demanded that we write about it today because it is, “[t]he stuff nightmares are made of.” [The Advocate]

It’s truly amazing what a phenomenally bad idea can do. Especially in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Ralph Long]

A former Blue Grass Airport executive who was convicted of being awful and corrupt has gotten a job an airport management job in Anderson, Indiana. Guess some people are cool with thieves running their important operations. [H-L]

Dear Elaine “Nogay” Walker and crew: Ready for us to start talking about how tightly aligned you are with Mark Riddle and that bunch? We’re totally ready. Alison Grimes may have an embarrassingly bad campaign but it’s tough not to outperform your corrupt team just by waking up. [We Get Concern Troll Comments]

Republican Ben Chandler can’t catch a break from his Republican friend Karl Rove. Such a shame. [WaPo]

The U.S. and A. will no longer defend the Defense Of Marriage Act. Not holding our breath that the gays may some day be something other than second-class citizens on the marriage front. But this is a seriously solid step on the part of President Barack Obama. Better late than never. [NPR]

Why not? Sounds like a good idea to us! A psychotic legislator in Georgia wants to make miscarriages criminal. [HuffPo]

Yet another Republican has come out in support of David Williams. No surprise here, really, with Gail Russell. [Ryan Alessi]

Gay-panicker Frank Simon is hosting some sort of “forum” for candidates at his crazy church. If you are a huge homosexual? You should definitely go. Just for you-know-whats and giggles. [Facebook]

Your Governor: Askeerd Of Tax Reform & Smokers

Americans have withdrawn $311 billion from savings and investment accounts over the past two years. Who thinks that number isn’t going to increase? [WSJ]

What? You though the havoc wreaked by Robert Felner was over? His protégé, John Deasy, is already terrifying folks in Los Angeles. [Yeah, Still A Nightmare]

Democrat John Lackey, of Richmond, filed to run for Commissioner of Agriculture today. [SoS]

Teabagger David Adams says that David Williams called him repeatedly last year to “stop Rand from talking about spending cuts and term limits.” We call on Adams to prove it. Because Rand’s people say that’s a far-fetched claim to be making. [Amanda Van Benschoten]

Tell me, again, why Steve Beshear refuses to address comprehensive tax reform in Kentucky? How is it the sitting Democratic governor can get away with that? At least this guy is calling Frankfort out. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Republican Hilda Legg filed to run for Secretary of State today. Meaning Alison Lundergan Grimes is going to be your new SoS, Kentucky. [SoS]

No, House Republicans cannot put big spending cuts into action. Because they’re just like House Democrats. They get into power and then they go insane. [CNN]

Kentuckians can now vote on the 2011 election slogan. [SoS]

Don’t you love it when Louisville television stations are accidentally Anti-Semitic? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jack Conway’s regretful U.S. Senate campaign and his admission of effing things up is apparently national news. Again. But maybe in a good-ish way. [TIME]

You know how the teabaggers say they aren’t racist obese people on Rascals? Well, guess where some of the teabaggers are holding their national conference. In Arizona. [Wonkette]

It’s crazy that it’s cheaper to buy home than to rent in most of the United States in this day and age. Even in Kentucky. [HuffPo]

It’ll Be A Pretty Bad Day For Papaw Steve Beshear

It’s not really news that Mitch McConnell skipped last evening’s state dinner at the White House. Primarily because his wife was still there with all of her family that work inside the Chinese government. [The Hill]

I’m not entirely sure Jim Gray understands that appointing someone who has sent overtly racist emails from state government email accounts should not be appointed Commissioner of Social Services. [H-L]

I’d say Alison Lundergan Grimes could be Steve Beshear’s worst nightmare. That is, if she weren’t relying on bad advice from a couple of her dad’s friends. While likely to beat Beshear’s handpicked candidate for Secretary of State (come on, quit floating some announcement without admitting what you’re filing for) in the primary, it won’t be totally easy for her. Though, her “Ready to Listen, Ready to Lead” tour is a good idea. [Facebook]

Several Democratic governors released statements with the White House last night in support of health care reform. Guess which governor didn’t participate? [Press Release]

You’ll definitely want to check out this video of Rick Santorum saying he finds it “almost remarkable for a black man to decide who are people” in reference to Barack Obama. [TPM]

There’s almost nothing more fun than watching David Williams and Steve Beshear fight over Medicaid cash shuffling. What’s that? You’re offering to yank my fingernails out with needle nose pliers, one-by-one? You’re right – that DOES sound more fun. [Ronnie Ellis]

Don’t forget that Republican Ben Chandler supports a repeal of health care reform. [B&P]

What was that, again, about Pork Princess Hal Rogers cutting all kinds of pork from the budget? That’s what I thought. [Politico]

A judge found evidence of vote buying in Magoffin County but allowed an election to stand. Because that’s a good way to deal with Eastern Kentucky corruption. Oh, the guy’s attorney? Jim Deckard, former counsel to Ernie Fletcher and former head of the Kentucky Bar Association. [H-L]

That’s right, kids, Cyborg Unka Dick Cheney is okay with limiting the capacity of civilian ammunition magazines. Gun nuts will freak out in 3, 2… [Wonkette]

Now that the House has uselessly voted to repeal health care reform, what comes next? I mean, between now and the time when Obama vetoes everything. [HuffPo]

A smoking ban has advanced in Bowling Green and people are completely freaking out. Apparently, it is a right – guaranteed in the Jesus Constitution – for every fat white guy to give you the death cancer. [BGDN]