RPK Presser @ 2:30 – Governor’s Mansion

The Republican Party of Kentucky just announced that RPK Chairman Steve Robertson will hold a press conference at 2:30 P.M. in front of the Governor’s mansion to discuss political fundraising that takes place inside the mansion.

Wonder if Robertson will bring up all the fundraising Ernie Fletcher did inside the mansion?

Yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.

If any media types attend, let us know what goes down.

UPDATE @ 2:04:

Just learned that a “Capitol Club” Democratic fundraiser will be held in the Governor’s Mansion on June 24 from 5-7 P.M.. Looks like every Democratic elected official is on the host list. The minimum “annual membership” is $300.

Here’s the host list: Steve & Jane Beshear, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Jack Conway, Crit Luallen, Todd Hollenbach (D-Friend of Frank Simon), Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith.

The “Founding Committee,” which is just an extended host list includes names like: Joe Graviss; Tim Longmeyer, Louisville-JeffCo Dem Party Chair; Jeff Derouen, Mongiardo’s spokesperson; Adam Edelen, Homeland Security Director.

Take a look for yourself:


The event is paid for by the Kentucky Democratic Party. According to Thom Karmik, the Party’s spokesperson, the fee paid to the state for use of the mansion during the fundraiser is $300.00, as it would be for anyone using the mansion. Food and everything else will also be paid for by the KDP.

New Beshear Hire Lacking Experience?

F. Ryan Keith, 33, is rumored to be Governor Steve Beshear’s pick to serve as general counsel for the state Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet.

The EPPC is the regulatory agency responsible for oversight of environmental law including mining, forestry, utilities, horse racing, some construction, alcoholic beverage control, et al. But Mr. Keith doesn’t seem to have any experience in that realm of legal service beyond a bit of work against government and regulatory agencies. His experience seems to be 100% political.

Keith’s bio on Stoll keenon Ogden’s website indicates his experience includes four years of practice in Washington, D.C. along with a clerkship with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

We’re not questioning his ability as an attorney or his credibility. But is he experienced enough for the job? Is there anyone more experienced who could be considered for the job?

Just wondering. Because, like most of the security community, we still can’t believe Adam Edelen is head of Homeland Security.

Let us know if we’re way off base here.

There’s a Special Election on Tuesday

Three races will be decided: The 30th District Senate seat vacated by Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, the 95th District House seat formerly held by Greg Stumbo and the 6th District House seat in the far western reaches of the state.

Guess that’s not really our story. Our story is about the poo that’s hitting the fan in the 30th District among Republican Brandon Smith and Democratic candidate Scott Alexander. Hoo boy!

From Alessi:

Republicans have tagged Beshear and Mongiardo — whose former Senate seat is the prize in Tuesday’s election — as Democratic “political bosses” in radio ads. The commercials complain that the Democrats picked Alexander as the nominee through “backroom deals.”

A new ad describes Alexander as an easy “Yes” vote for Beshear’s forthcoming proposal to allow casino gambling.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s campaign’s most recent TV spot needles Republican Senate President David Williams for misspeaking on camera when he said Beshear was taking his first trip “out of the state to Bell and Harlan counties.”

“That’s right. To David Williams, we don’t even exist,” the ad’s announcer says, adding that Williams is “desperately clinging to power.

Excited yet? Tuesday will be absolutely insane.

Peep the Kim Geveden (He’s Greg Fischer’s campaign guy) and Adam Edelen (Beshear’s Homeland Security guy and KET chairman) produced commercials starring Alexander and Dan Mongiardo after the jump…

Read moreThere’s a Special Election on Tuesday

Actual Competence from Fletcher Appointee & More

It’s a hidden gem in a story today by Ryan Alessi about doling out the political cash.

Colleen Chaney, the recently canned commissioner for the Governor’s Office for Local Development, had a lot to say about Steve Beshear’s handling of GOLD:

“So, in actuality, people were stunned two weeks after Inauguration Day that we were still there,” Chaney said, adding that the delay was most likely caused by Beshear’s difficulty in finding a full-time commissioner. “They had a lot of people fighting for the commissioner position, and I guess they still do.”

“A lot of people want the job. There’s a lot of money (to give out). It’s a lot of power that you could wield, if you wanted,” she said. “I’d want to make sure I had a responsible person in that spot.”

I know. Funny how losing an election will make Fletcher appointees speak in truths. Chaney didn’t even sound bitter about hearing of her termination via press release.

Alessi never lets us down when it comes to hiding a sense of humor in his writing. For example, check the interesting manner in which he suggests our new Gubnuh appoints campaign financiers to important positions traditionally used for political payback. He doesn’t even have to stretch the facts to keep Democrats on their toes.

The governor installed Jonathan Miller, the former state treasurer and Democratic Party chairman who helped Beshear raise national money during the campaign, as secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, which approves state contracts.

And Adam Edelen, who set up several fund-raisers for Beshear, heads the state Office of Homeland Security, which also distributes millions in grant dollars to communities.

Playing politics with those kind of positions has gotten past administrations in hot water, sparking allegations of trading favors for support or giving hiring preference of state workers to backers.

We’re giggling like Greg Stumbo as he takes Jody Richards’ job. Great way to start a Monday.