Republicans Are Now Killing NASA

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s interest in former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort stemmed in part from his suspected role as a “back channel” between the campaign and Russians intent on meddling in the election, a Justice Department lawyer told a judge. [Bloomberg]

Ann Oldfather will own their asses before this is over. Kentucky Retirement Systems lost public money on more than $1.5 billion in hedge fund investments in recent years, although its own advisers privately urged the agency to stay away from such “unacceptable risks,” according to new claims in a lawsuit brought by eight public employees. [H-L]

Modern Republicans are garbage humans. The Senate on Thursday confirmed Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), a former Navy pilot with no scientific credentials and who doesn’t believe humans are primarily to blame for the global climate crisis, to lead NASA. [HuffPo]

A member of the Jefferson County Public Schools board said Monday night that members have been told that a state audit will recommend that the district receive state assistance, stopping short of a full state takeover. [C-J/AKN]

The parents of two children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre have sued conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for defamation, accusing him and his website InfoWars of engaging in a campaign of “false, cruel, and dangerous assertions.” [Reuters]

The Hep A panic isn’t just paralyzing Louisville. [Ashland Independent]

Early one winter morning last year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were scouting the last-known address of a fugitive they had labeled Target #147 when they happened upon Isabel Karina Ruiz-Roque. [ProPublica]

The air around Louisville is among the most polluted in the country according to a new study. The American Lung Association ranked the region around Louisville 21st out of the nation’s 25 most polluted cities for year-round particle pollution. [WFPL]

For people living in flood-prone areas, there is a large income gap between those who hold insurance policies and those that don’t. [ThinkProgress]

With county employees lining half of the perimeter of the Barren County Fiscal Courtroom, the county’s governing body – with all members present – unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday honoring the memory of Rusty Anderson, a Barren County Sheriff’s Office detective who had turned 47 exactly a week before he died March 18. Anderson suffered a heart attack as he was leaving his home that Sunday to assist with an investigation. [Glasgow Daily Times]

PEE ALERT! A lawyer for Michael D. Cohen said in court on Monday that one of Mr. Cohen’s clients was Sean Hannity, the Fox News personality and an ardent defender of Donald Trump. [NY Times]

After spending nearly two days helping lay out the prosecution’s case against former Dr. Roy Reynolds, the government’s expert witness withstood a cross-examination by Reynolds’ attorney. Reynolds, a former Franklin family physician, is on trial in U.S. District Court in Bowling Green on 19 counts of illegal distribution of controlled substances, including a count alleging he is responsible for the 2011 overdose death of patient Jackie Hughes. [BGDN]

David Hardy has been treating HIV-infected patients since the early 1980s, when the epidemic began. In those days, people newly diagnosed with AIDS lived for only about six months. Hardy, an infectious-disease specialist and internist, was ecstatic when powerful new drug combinations came into widespread use in 1996, enabling HIV-infected people to measure their lives in decades rather than months. But in recent years, his euphoria has turned bittersweet. [WaPo]

Matt Bevin chose Regina Stivers, the wife of Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers, to lead the state’s Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet Tuesday after announcing that current tourism Secretary Don Parkinson will take the top spot at the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet. [H-L]

Growing up, Ashley Hernandez knew that there were problems in her community of Wilmington in South Los Angeles. She remembers staying indoors when explosions rocked the city’s oil refineries, being warned by adults not to drink tap water, and having her school soccer field roped off by yellow tape because of soil contamination. [HuffPo]

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