Bevin Claims He’s Pushing Prison Reform But He’s Really Doing The Opposite. Source: The Facts

Senate Republicans on Tuesday filed their long-awaited bill to overhaul Kentucky’s ailing public pension systems. Here are highlights of the plan that have a direct affect on Kentucky’s current and retired school teachers. [H-L]

Kentucky is mentioned at least 55 times but no one in Frankfort will notice. Because the private probation and private prison industries fund many campaigns. [Human Rights Watch]

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell is once again locking horns with Metro Councilman David Yates by claiming he has a conflict of interest in a court case. [C-J/AKN]

It’s going to take something more pronounced than a postcard to get right with campaign finance law, Facebook. Start by hiring people well-versed in campaign finance law in all states and on the federal level. [Reuters]

The Boyd Fiscal Court may look to fortify a county jail plagued by security breaches, based on recommendations from a new security audit by a private firm. [Ashland Independent]

Just months before Donald Trump announced his bid for president in 2015, federal regulators announced they were slapping one of his longtime Atlantic City casinos with a record-setting $10 million fine for lack of controls around money laundering. The problems went back years. The penalty was actually the second record-setting fine for the Trump Taj Mahal involving money-laundering oversight. [ProPublica]

Ronnie Tackett probably doesn’t fit your image of an environmentalist or crusader against carbon pollution. [Ronnie Ellis]

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has told a federal judge it has found evidence that Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, committed bank fraud not addressed by the indictment last October in which he was charged with money laundering and failure to register as a foreign agent. As legal wrangling continues over a $10 million bail package for Manafort, prosecutors this week accused him of submitting false information to a bank in connection with one of his mortgages. [Politico]

Due to the recent school shootings in southwestern Kentucky and Florida, administration at Rowan County Senior High School and Rowan County Middle School are taking a proactive approach to deter such incidents from happening in their schools. [The Morehead News ]

The White House has refused to release a photo of Donald Trump signing a law making it easier for some people with mental illness to buy guns. [BBC]

The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General released an opinion Monday stating that the Glasgow Electric Plant Board does not have to abide by the state’s Model Procurement Code unless it actually adopted it. [Glasgow Daily Times]

The indictment by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III of 13 Russians associated with a St. Petersburg online “troll factory” that allegedly interfered with the U.S. election has brought a sense of vindication to the handful of former employees who have already been speaking out about what they witnessed. [WaPo]

Way to go, mouth-breathers, you’ve done it again. Yep, I’m happy to call anyone open in their ignorance a mouth-breather. A fundraiser for a central Kentucky girls softball team has gotten some attention, both positive and negative, for plans to raffle off both an AR-15 and a semi-automatic pistol to help cover costs of tournaments, uniforms and other equipment. [H-L]

Maybe if “conservatives” focused on the life of children after they’re born, this kind of statistic wouldn’t be a nightmarish reality. Newborn survival rates in the United States are only marginally better than in Sri Lanka. [The Guardian]

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