Another Comer Apologist Is In Trouble

Rebecca Johnson isn’t just a fucking lunatic by claiming voter fraud is the reason she got her butt handed to her. She’s also the woman who “counseled” her husband’s alleged victim – meaning she groomed that girl and conned her into shutting up. And she’s a Moonie. The Johnsons were literal members of the damn Moonies! You can see the videos on my Twitter feed. There’s a lot more where that came from. [C-J/AKN]

Charter schools might not come to Kentucky this year after all. [H-L]

As stunned Americans mourned Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Russian propaganda designed to inflame discord flooded social media, according to a tracking network operated by the bipartisan trans-Atlantic Alliance for Securing Democracy. [HuffPo]

Another senseless mass killing at another school and Matt Bevin is back on the radio and back on Facebook refusing to accept that guns had anything to do with this. [C-J/AKN]

Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting people from six Muslim-majority countries violates the U.S. Constitution by discriminating on the basis of religion, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday in another legal setback for the policy. [Reuters]

Bad news for another Jamie Comer apologist/enabler. The U.S. Department of Justice dropped Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders and his office from its national seizure and asset forfeiture program in March, citing a lack of “reliability of financial reporting” and possible violations of federal laws and regulations. [Cincinnasti]

Even before a searing report put the job of Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin at risk, some White House staffers were pushing a health care agenda at odds with his. The infighting has left vets frustrated, Congress confused — and a key piece of legislation stalemated. [ProPublica]

Fairview Middle School still has its new-school shine a year and a half after opening. [Ashland Independent]

In September, as the first detailed evidence surfaced of Russia’s hijacking of social media in the 2016 election, Irina V. Kaverzina, one of about 80 Russians working on the project in St. Petersburg, emailed a family member with some news. [NY Times]

Kentucky’s attorney general filed a lawsuit Monday against another pharmaceutical distributor linked to a pipeline inundating the state with dangerously addictive opioid painkillers. [Richmond Register]

The Trump administration is proposing to dramatically cut funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a move critics say is an ongoing assault on the 7-year-old agency. [NPR]

It was nearly 10 months ago that Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins submitted a request for an advisory opinion from state Attorney General Andy Beshear regarding the Rowan County Extension District Board’s authority to levy a tax against county citizens. [The Morehead News]

Diplomats serving at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba “appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks” there, according to physicians who evaluated them for the State Department. But the physicians could find no definitive cause for their ailments, they said in an article in Thursday’s edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). [WaPo]

An organization of atheists and agnostics has taken issue with a prayer circle held after a high school basketball game in northeastern Kentucky recently. [H-L]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced Friday that she is introducing legislation to raise the minimum age to purchase rifles — including military-style assault weapons — from 18 to 21. Under federal law, handguns cannot be sold to anyone under age 21. But licensed gun dealers are permitted to sell assault-style rifles and other “long guns” to buyers 18 and older. [HuffPo]

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