Teresa Isaac. Just… No. No. No. No. No.

Just… no. A former Lexington mayor and a former police chief filed Tuesday to run for the city’s top job, turning the contest for mayor of Kentucky’s second-largest city into a seven-way race. Former Mayor Teresa Isaac, who was mayor from 2003 to 2007, filed to run for the office Tuesday just 10 minutes before the 4 p.m. deadline. [H-L]

One speech does not erase Donald Trump’s record. This is the president, recall, who rose to political power on the racist lie that his predecessor was born in Kenya, and he ran for president while calling to ban all Muslims from the country and deriding Mexican immigrants as rapists. [HuffPo]

Jan Taylor strolled into a classroom in Trimble County in her mid-20s and discovered she’d found her calling. Working with young children to get them ready to start school challenged and inspired her, and she loved every minute. [C-J/AKN]

The firing of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has long been a red line for most Republicans in Congress who are trying to work with their president. But it’s a red line they’d rather not act on — and now, with news that [Donald] Trump actually made moves to do it, they may be forced to. [WaPo]

In a year when women candidates are expected to play an important role, 89 women filed to run for the Kentucky General Assembly.[Ronnie Ellis]

The kickback scheme was allegedly hashed out over weeknight drinks at a steakhouse in a border county in south Texas. Amid surf and turf and expensive scotch, a Hidalgo County official said he would meet with contractors in the clubby confines of the restaurant in a strip mall in McAllen. [ProPublica]

State Rep. Kevin Sinnette, D-Ashland, will not seek a sixth term in the state House of Representatives, and is instead running for a spot on the Kentucky Court of Appeals. [Ashland Independent]

That’s modern Republicanism for you – racist as can be. Standing outside in the freezing cold, dressed in a new navy blue suit and red tie, Leonardo Reyes was feeling a little overwhelmed Tuesday afternoon as he headed to Capitol Hill for Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. He was the guest of his home-state senator, Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon. [NY Times]

Maysville Community and Technical College held a ceremonial ribbon cutting for the new Rowan campus in the John Will Stacy MMRC Regional Business Park on Friday. [The Morehead News]

The ailing U.S. coal industry is ramping up its political and legal offensive to win approval for West Coast export terminals that could provide a lifeline to lucrative Asia markets. [Reuters]

Last Wednesday, a bill was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives that would consolidate independent and county school districts. [Glasgow Daily Times]

At his 2018 State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Donald Trump declared that he has “ended the war on energy” and “ended the war on clean coal.” He referred to clean coal as “beautiful.” It’s not clear what exactly Trump is taking credit for here, as neither war is rooted in reality. [ThinkProgress]

Three hundred Kentuckians filed to run for a seat in the Republican-dominated Kentucky General Assembly this year, with Democrats slightly outpacing their GOP counterparts in an election year that promises dozens of intense political battles. [H-L]

A mix of raw sewage and mud pools under the rusting mobile home perched on a wooded hillside. The trailer, like so many in this small neighborhood on the outskirts of town, has no septic tank and is too remote to connect to a municipal sewage network. The owner has hooked PVC tubing up to the bathroom pipes and flushes her waste out onto the topsoil. [HuffPo]

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