Hoover’s Trying To Play The Victim

Jeff Hoover loves to hide behind religiosity – to play the victim – and uses it for political advantage. It’s shameful and indicative of his character. [H-L]

They may not have broken any windows, set any fires, tossed any rocks or thrown any bricks. But a United States prosecutor here Monday told a jury that six defendants facing felony charges in connection with the protests and mayhem surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration in January deserve to be found guilty of several felony crimes that would expose them to potential sentences of decades in prison. [HuffPo]

Three years after an autistic teenager suffered two broken legs in a restraint at a Jefferson County public school, state officials have substantiated neglect against the teacher’s aide who restrained him. [C-J/AKN]

During World War II, the government subjected thousands of troops to mustard gas tests — and kept it a secret. More than 60 years later, an NPR reporter and researcher helped the men get justice. [ProPublica]

The state Board of Elections Tuesday voted to employ a new director and assistant director, just one month after terminating their predecessors without publicly providing a reason. [Ronnie Ellis]

Ten intolerable days after Hurricane Maria trounced Puerto Rico, Sahria Garcia finally got a call from her brother on the island. The call lasted three minutes and the news shook her: Her family had lost everything — jobs, houses, possessions, cars — and had spent days foraging for food, ice and water. [NY Times]

When she was in kindergarten, Kris Gruber had a pitcher of lemonade dumped on her. It wasn’t the first experience she had with bullying — and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. [Richmond Register]

Yes, Donald Trump – along with most (more than a simple majority) of his supporters – are unbelievably racist like this. That includes most members of the Republican Party of Kentucky and most people openly supporting him. [WaPo]

An electric rate increase proposed by Kentucky Power has led to a settlement agreement with most of the groups involved in the debate over the proposal. [Ashland Independent]

Read Trump’s words for yourself. There’s no way you can read them and walk away thinking he’s not one of the dumbest people to exist. [BuzzFeed]

After a presentation Tuesday from Barren River District Health Department representatives at a Barren County Fiscal Court meeting, Judge-Executive Micheal Hale asked District 1 Magistrate John Benningfield to look into the possibility of opening a needle exchange program in the county. [BGDN]

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday ordered a review of a government database used for background checks on gun buyers, after a man who killed 26 people in a Texas church was left off the system despite having a criminal record. [Reuters]

Amanda Hall was a promising high school student in Martin County who found herself addicted to opioids after pain from a car wreck led her to a hydrocodone prescription. By age 18, she was getting arrested for public intoxication. A few years after that, in 2010, Hall graduated to non-violent drug-related felonies and went to prison. [John Cheves]

From the outside, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression looks like the idyllic Southern home you never had. Located on a grassy hill, the white building with black shutters is surrounded by silence and crowned by rustling trees. [HuffPo]

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