Bevin’s Latest Education Embarrassment

If you follow me on Twitter, you’re already aware… but…

Just had a conversation with a childhood friend. (For some confused Republicans: That means I’ve known her since childhood. Age 6 or 7. You don’t have to email me about it. That’s literally what it means.) She was at Eastern Kentucky University when Matt Bevin’s latest appointee to the EKU Board of Regents was there.

From a press release earlier today:

Christopher Pace, of Winchester, is an investor and attorney. Pace was a former student trustee on the EKU Board of Regents and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. He will serve for the remainder of an unexpired term ending June 30, 2021.

But there’s a bit of a problem.

From the Eastern Progress archives comes this:

Past SGA president indicted at Northern

Four years after being ousted as Eastern’s Student Government Association president, Chris Pace is now facing charges of tampering with public records at Northern Kentucky University.

Pace, 27, who served as Eastern’s SGA president in 1999 until he was removed in 2000 for not meeting the position’s requirements, held the same title at NKU last year.

In July NKU’s SGA office was broken into, according to a report from NKU police. The office was vandalized, and computer disks, office supplies and documents were stolen. Some items were later recovered from a trash bin on campus.

A warrant was issued for Pace’s arrest on Class D felony charges after interviews with witnesses were conducted by NKU police, according to the report.

Pace was released from custody on the condition he would not return to the NKU SGA office.

At the end of August, the Campbell County Grand Jury indicted Pace on the charge of tampering with public records, stating he “intentionally destroyed, mutilated, concealed, removed or otherwise impaired the availability of public records when he knew that he lacked the authority to do this,” according to a true bill from the Campbell Circuit Court.

Eastern officials ruled Pace ineligible to serve as the SGA president in 2000 because he fell below the status of a full-time student. He was also ordered to repay a $1,800 scholarship that came with the post.

You should go read it all.

There’s also this from an archived Associated Press story that appeared in the Courier-Journal on March 17, 2000:

Officials at Eastern Kentucky University say they are investigating whether Student Government President Chris Pace is qualified to be in office. At issue is whether Pace has been a full-time student during this school year. State law and university regulations require the student body president to be a full-time student. If the president fails to remain full time, an immediate election is required. In his position, Pace is one of 11 voting members on EKU’s board of regents…


The Eastern Progress, the campus newspaper, obtained Pace’s records, and staff members say the documents indicate Pace took a fall class for which he was not properly registered, dropping him below full-time status. The Progress, which in editorials called for Pace’s impeachment, also reported that Pace was not fully enrolled at the beginning of the spring semester. University officials say federal law prohibits them from discussing or releasing any of Pace’s records without his permission. “It kind of puts us in an awkward position,” Coleman said. “The student regent is required to be a full-time student, but we never know if he is properly enrolled until the end of the semester.” Progress staff members declined to discuss how they obtained Pace’s records and declined to allow the Lexington Herald-Leader to inspect the documents.

Pace has offered a $1,000 reward for anyone who can tell him how the Progress obtained his records.

We’re all about second chances but come on.

You can’t tell me there aren’t more qualified people to serve on EKU’s board and the Council for Postsecondary Education. You know, folks without previous indictments (regardless of guilt or innocence) related to their higher education. Folks without impeachments from student government associations in their pasts.

UPDATE – Oh, this is ripe.

From his Facebook page on June 14:

Over the past few weeks, we have seen hate speech go mainstream. Today, we saw its end result.

Steve Colbert took over the top spot in late night ratings based mostly on nightly monologues mocking and demeaning the President in a manner unprecedented in US television history. Nevermind politics, out of respect for the office, how does the most popular television channel in the country sign off on a late night host making sexually crude (and ironically homophobic) remarks about the US president in a manner I wouldn’t begin to feel comfortable allowing my kid to watch, without so much as a suspension? I’m not going to repeat it, but you can probably find a way to google Colbert/Trump/Putin if you want to be disgusted by the lack of class we demand these days. Johnny Carson must be rolling over in his grave. Don’t even get me started on Bill Maher, but at least he is on a pay per view channel.

CNN (the allegedly unbiased “news” channel) had the good sense to fire its New Year’s eve host for posting pictures holding a prop of the bloody, decapitated head of the Commander in Chief, albeit after taking a little time to read reaction.

Is it any wonder someone, who I am going to guess was a little mentally unhinged, took matters into his own hands in an extreme fashion by opening fire upon Republican Congressmen this morning? Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, and should be protected to the full extent of the law. However, when those in the mainstream use their bully pulpits in an irresponsible manner, that tends to incite hate and violence, I expect the public to hold them accountable to at least a fragment of what they generally reserve for cable network conservatives, who I don’t recall mock beheading President Obama, no matter how sore they were about losing an election. Not to say there aren’t people out there who said or did those things, just that they wouldn’t have survived ten seconds on CBS had they done it. Naturally there are going to be extremists on both sides, but generally they don’t get air on the big four networks.

“Hate speech” doesn’t have a political party. I’m conservative. I reserve the right to passionately defend smaller government, traditional values, the right to bear arms, etc. However, this passion doesn’t mean hating someone simply because they disagree, even though I have been unfriended and commented on by what seem to be some pretty hateful liberals. It doesn’t include crude, immature language that would get my kid sent to timeout for eternity. Last, it certainly doesn’t include threats of violence, whether or not they are veiled in comedy.

The next time you laugh at Steve Colbert, etc, remember…somewhere a kid is watching. And if you find yourself a little too comfortable with mock beheadings, mock lynchings, mock shootings of ANYONE (no matter their beliefs) remember, someone a little less stable than you may take it literally.

Prayers for those injured. Prayers for the nation.

This snowflake blamed a comedian for what amounts to a terrorist attack. Then had the audacity (read the comments) to suggest President Barack Obama never endured attacks or criticism like Donald Trump.

This is him:


I think he might be an idiot. Or, really, I know he’s an idiot – and not just because he’s publicly supportive of a Russian turncoat. An idiot with a prime seat making important education decisions for Kentucky. An idiot is making education decisions. With your tax dollars.

Where is the Kentucky Democratic Party? Literally dead and getting more dead every day? They’re just sitting on their hands as this shit plays out.