Republican Whitney Westerfield On Castration & Being A Wuss

Why is Whitney Westerfield, a Republican state senator who wishes he were attorney general, so fixated on manhood, manliness and being able to perform as a man?

What deep, personal issue is driving him to constantly obsess over his manhood and that of other men?

And why is he allowing his deep-seated personal issues and insecurities to directly impact or harm others with whom he disagrees?

Because he’s the typical “conservative” focused solely on overcompensating for what he feels he’s lacking, I’m guessing. You’ll have to be your own judge instead of allowing someone else to form your opinions for you. (You already know the answer, though, so let’s get real.)

During an IJC Judiciary discussion with turncoat John Tilley (Really an R-Friends with all kinds of scandalous campaign felons like Jeff Smith) about drug policy and DNA collection, Westerfield had a bit of a slip/meltdown.

Check it out:

That’s right. Whitney Westerfield says men refusing to be placed on a registry of folks who believe they may be fathers should be castrated. Trying to preach responsibility in his best Scott-Jennings-Thinks-He’s-A-Creepy-Baptist-Minister voice.

Party of individual freedom? Not so much.

That’s gonna make for good campaign ads.

But so is this:


Note: Original available from KET here – July 7, 2017.