Jeff Hoover Doesn’t Recognize Hypocrisy When It Hits Him In His Hypocritical, Bigoted Face

Jeff Hoover isn’t just a homophobic, transphobic bigot, he’s also just as racist as the rest of the New Republicans.

Note: It’s a loony Bill Kristol story about how great bombing Syria with no plan is terrific.

Republicans like Hoover opposed Syrian action when President Barack Obama wanted to intervene. But now that New Republican Racists are blocking Syrian refugees as hundreds of thousands perish? They’re cool with bombing.

Save it, Hoover staffers. You, too, can get fucked. No sense in calling me whining about me calling Hoover out. He’s a giant manbaby, I know. But I, unlike the Democrats, am not afraid to call that hot garbage what he is. I won’t couch things in religion or country niceties because there’s no time for that.