RPK Continues To Slide Back Decades

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Attorney General Andy Beshear will intervene in the lawsuits of Western Kentucky University and Kentucky State University against two student newspapers in open records cases involving sexual assault. [Linda Blackford]

The Republican bill to reform the Affordable Care Act cuts taxes on the wealthiest Americans while slashing benefits to the middle and working class. It also guts funding to states that cover low-income Americans via Medicaid ― a key sticking point for several GOP senators who represent states that expanded the program under Obamacare. [HuffPo]

Donald Trump is coming to Louisville on Saturday, a spokeswoman with the Louisville International Airport confirmed. [C-J/AKN]

A government watchdog group, Public Citizen, said on Wednesday it will ask lawmakers to investigate whether billionaire investor Carl Icahn should have been subject to lobbying disclosure laws when he advised President Donald Trump to overhaul the U.S. biofuels program. [Reuters]

Bob Stivers is as dumb and corrupt as you think. He’s also a bloated coward. Otherwise, his ass wouldn’t run quickly away when a person of color or a member of the LGBT community tries to have a conversation with him. The President of the state Senate has filed a change to a bill that would strip power from the attorney general and give the governor exclusive authority to represent the state in many legal matters. [WFPL]

Unlike appointees exposed to the scrutiny of the Senate, members of these so-called “beachhead teams” have operated largely in the shadows, with the White House declining to publicly reveal their identities. While some names have previously dribbled out in the press, we are publishing a list of more than 400 hires, providing the most complete accounting so far of who Trump has brought into the federal government. [ProPublica]

To retired coal miners of America, the thought of losing their safety net — union promised health insurance and pensions — has them on desperation’s edge with Congress. [Richmond Register]

Chuck Schumer has a blunt assessment of Donald Trump’s accusation that Barack Obama tapped his phones last fall: “The president is in trouble.” The Senate minority leader said Sunday morning that Trump’s Saturday-morning allegations about former President Obama will be damaging to Trump’s presidency whether they are true or not and that “the president makes it worse with these tweets.” [Politico]

The rumors surrounding the Morehead State Public Radio budget crisis are only half true. The radio station has been affected by the budget like other programs at Morehead State University, and it was rumored that MSPR had been defunded and had no financial support. The station still receives a grant from Corporation of Public Broadcasting but receives no support from the university for operating expenses. Those expenses include electricity, postage and work study programs. [Ashland Independent]

The broader Republican quagmire — the party’s failure so far to make significant progress toward any of its policy promises — isn’t just about Mr. Trump’s inadequacies. The whole party, it turns out, has been faking it for years. Its leaders’ rhetoric was empty; they have no idea how to turn their slogans into actual legislation, because they’ve never bothered to understand how anything important works. [NY Times]

Kentucky Republicans were strangely silent regarding the bomb threat made toward the Jewish Community Center in Louisville. [WAVE3]

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper on Sunday denied President Trump’s allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election. [The Hill]

Attorney General Andy Beshear accused Republicans of a power grab Wednesday in presenting legislation to give the governor more power in determining what lawsuits Beshear can file. [H-L]

Donald Trump’s nominee to be secretary of the Air Force has become mired in a conflict-of-interest controversy, raising the possibility that he will fail to secure any of his first three picks to run the three military departments. [HuffPo]

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